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Q team is not Christian. #SorryNotSorry.

Belief in God -- Affirmative!

Confused AFites


God is fair & just or it's not God—it's bunk.

Those tripcode books are something else, 'eh?
If we're going to have a contest, the Mormons will kick your ass. They have the most creative doctrine by far.

💕❤️ Trey Parker & Matt Stone. 😂😂
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@buffalopundit 1. Okay, so, I’ve picked at this off and on since yesterday and here’s a summary of what I’ve been able to turn up. I’m going to explain in detail, because there are some gaps that we can speculate about but, based on what I’ve located, cannot solve definitively.
@buffalopundit 2. I want to be fair and factual in laying it all out. So this is going to be a long thread. #sorrynotsorry

First—what I started with. Stef Jr has told his family story repeatedly, so I didn’t have to look hard to find a ton of leads the start researching from.
@buffalopundit 3. I referred to his recent “Another Voice” letter, his social media postings, an early-aughts profile in Buffalo Rising, among other digital findings. E.g., I found Stef Sr’s date of birth because Stef Jr. posted a video on YouTube commemorating his father’s 79th bday.
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Hang on!

If memory serves, right before Hubby and I went exploring, I was gonna bitchsl...


Deconstruct... Alyssa's tweet...


For those not familiar with #Globalese, here's a crash course.


So, let's see how Alyssa's statement hold up.

Step One ... ✔️

Everything that comes out of @Alyssa_Milano's mouth is, ultimately, about Alyssa.

She went from witch to bitch. Trust and believe, she's gone all-in on this role. She needs #sorrynotsorry to be a hit.
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Just perusing the Facebook pages of the guy in the Daily Beast piece. It's not like he was just posting political memes on his personal Facebook wall, these pages are larping as "news sources" and posting right wing agitprop. They've got 53K fans combined, it's a sizable reach.
I keep thinking about how just a few years ago everyone was all about empowering citizen media (me too, still am a fan). Well citizens can easily "be the media now" but this is probably not what anyone had in mind.
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I'd like to give some advice about presentation slides. I'm not as experienced as some of us on #EconTwitter in the conference and seminar circuits, but I've been doing this for more than a decade now, so I've been around.
I'm at the Canadian Economic Association (@CanEconomics) annual conference in @banffcentre hosted by @EconCalgary. The beauty of this national park (@BanffNP) is marred by some of the slides I've seen thus far. Sorry! ✌️🏽 But I'd like to help. #CEA2019 #ACEA2019 #CEA19 #ACEA19
Here are some random suggestions (in no particular order). Most relate to the Beamer document class in LaTeX. So far, I only saw one person who didn't use Beamer, anyway.
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Happy 492nd birthday to my main man, Philip II. 🎉

(Prepare yourselves for a *long* thread, all...)

Leone Leoni, medal of Philip II & Hercules, Virtue, & Pleasure, 1548-49, @gardnermuseum. #Habsburgs4life #earlymoderntwitter #earlymodernart #numismatics4life #numismatics
Portraits & copies of portraits & multiples of portraits, all of Philip II.
Get excited.

After a lost 1549 original by Titian: studio of Titian, 1549-50, @museodelprado & unrecorded artist, ca. 1560-1699 (a real specific period for that one), @RCT. #earlymodernart #portraiture
Portraits of Philip II were made by some of the best of the best of the 16th century.

Like this full-length portrait in armor by Titian (1551) in the @museodelprado. #earlymodernart #portraiture #legsfordays
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My face after last night's GoT ;) Yes I know it's "just a show." No, I wouldn't "be upset no matter how it ended." For (my) fun, here's an abbreviated list of the countless dumb things from last night's Season Finale.


1. How did Tyrion know what Danerys said in her speech? They just established last Ep he barely spoke the language.
2. Really nice for Brianne to write nice things about Jamie, then CLOSE THE BOOK ON WET INK.
3. The Dothrakis must have one hell of a mass re-breeding program, from zero to thousands since they were just wiped out by the White Walkers.
4. Jon Snow excusing genocide because he'd briefly had an incestuous relationship w/Danerys? And I thought Jamie was morally bankrupt.
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The #SexStrike tweet has reminded people of the Republican war against women.


These oppressive, regressive, forced-pregnancy bills are now being discussed in a serious manner on our national news cycle.


Please read on and share if it resonates.

2)GA will be the 4th state to pass a 6 week ban. 15 states have introduced legislation.

Alabama is set to pass a 2 week ban.

Elections matter. Think about this moment in time when you’re trying to figure out if it’s worth making the effort to vote. Please vote.

3)Texas had hearings on a bill to execute women who have had an abortion.

The Ohio bill suggests that an ectopic pregnancy should not be terminated but instead, re-implanted into the uterus, a procedure that doesn’t even exist.

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“All warfare is based on deception.” ― Sun tzu, The Art of War

When did we learn RR was our guy? Q doubled down on RR🎩 right before Mueller Report released.

Will Comey Report reveal St. James is our guy too?

When you take things at face value, you're missing the genius of Trump, Q and Team. The Sting is glorious.

I've run all the dates on Comey. Trust me, he's our guy. He's on CNN delivering more Barium Meals, ridiculous lies to keep them chewing their cud.

Vince Foster Special, unless he keeps up the act. OF COURSE we've infiltrated the Resistance. Don't be simplistic.

"All Rise" - Amy Coney Barrett's nomination put on hold. We could out RGB fake any time. Too costly right now.
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@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus So, apparently this is happening, whether it's a good idea or not (it's not), whether or not it violates refugees rights (it does), and whether or not it's a good use of DHS resources (it isn't.)

CBP Agents have no business doing Credible Fear Interviews.
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus Starting next week, 10 CBP Agents will start receiving training to conduct CFIs in Los Angeles. They're gonna gets weeks of training, says the Director of USCIS, whose agency *should* be performing these CFIs.

And why aren't they? Why don't they just hire more Asylum Officers?
@SecNielsen @ACLU @ifindkarma @axidentaliberal @SirineShebaya @mle_goldman @ImmJusticeNOW @DemocracyStorm @jomareewade @Norberta36 @lfkraus Ohhh, it's Stephen Miller's brainchild. It all makes sense now.

Even one of the Senior Border Patrol Officials rightfully protested, "I don't want to be Judge Dredd."…
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Trump-Russia 2.0: The Firm That Is Tied to the Steele Dossier - Thread for 5.9.19

1) Now that the Mueller report has been published, more information is coming to light about individuals and organizations involved in this elaborate hoax to destroy the Trump administration.
2) Real Clear Investigations did an extensive examination and found that
The Democracy Integrity Project (TDIP). They are a left-leaning 501(c)(4) nonprofit created in 2017 by former U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee staffer Daniel J. Jones.
3) Jones' career history includes being a Senate Intelligent Committee staffer for CA Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, a former FBI Investigator and a Clinton administration volunteer.
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Just got (nicely) scolded by the tree guy.
Tree guy would like us all to know that to ensure a healthy canopy, one can’t just hack back beaches, which, fair.
The truth about tree trimming seems to be if you do it right, it kind of looks like shit for a year, but the tree comes back healthier. 🤞
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I just want to show you what YouTube ALLOWS on their platform, while deplatforming independent conservative media channels and pro-life videos.
The reason why I have her on the brain is because she recently did a naked Instagram video - it’s disgusting - and the Democrats have all held her up as a fine role model for kids.
But think about it - my coverage of the Barr hearings is not “advertiser friendly” but these videos all run ads before them. It’s absolutely sick and given the censorship we are seeing it needs to be called out. #SorryNotSorry
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Just got dinged by yet another org who told us they love what we do but we need to impact more farmers. The target is always 10,000. Why? Who put that magic number in their heads? Have any of them MET one of these farmers that we are talking about? Let me tell you a short story.
This year, we worked with 58 “lead farmers” (people who got direct loans from us) and each of those farmers employed about 3-4 additional people to help them cultivate. Tomatoes require a lot of work. We don’t broadcast our fertilizer, we require weed-free fields, etc.
So our total farmer reach was about 259 farmers. And yes, our farmers actually employ people and don’t just use their kids or family members because again, the work is technical and laborious. We have 3 extension officers managing these 58 lead farmers and ~200 secondary farmers.
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Did I miss the part where #JaredKushner has any qualifications for building an immigration policy?

Silly me. Forgot that "qualifications" don't matter.…
Let's see: border security and legal immigration, defined as merit based ("skilled") and less family based/asylum.

And this is "neutral?"
This is a "compromise?"

Dems, don't fall for this nonsense. It's the RAISE Act all over again.
Just broken down and rebuilt, with the same right wing building blocks.

Tying immigration reform to "border security" is the hallmark of the anti-immigrant movement. That alone is enough to dismiss this proposal.

"Border security" means border militarization, nothing less.
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Okay, baby’s napping (on me, of course). Let’s do this. #MuellerReport. (Thread.)
Okay so perhaps the redactors could have used a style guide for consistency:
The first em dash appears in the second paragraph, so you know the document was written by lawyers. Also A+ for following the Bluebook rules on indicating alterations/omissions from quotations.
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Yesterday, I mentioned the compounding effect of a young median age (23) on the capacity of ATSI people to be “heard” in electoral politics. I want to come back to that here (another thread, #sorrynotsorry)
There is a specific problem at the heart of majoritarian/aggregative based (ie counting/election) decision-making for Indigenous Australians. One that having a First Nations party, or more candidates standing for election, or increased voter participation just cannot help.
In late 2016, more than 16 million Australians are enrolled to vote, about 95% of all eligible voters:
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If in 6 months there is no referendum (or an election in which Labour *clearly* backs a referendum with the option to Remain), chances are that we will be headed back again, cap in hand, on the eve of Halloween.
Despite the warm words of Merkel & even Tusk, the question of any further extension may be dead in the water if Britain has simply kicked the can down the road some more with an extended bout of navel gazing/Tory leadership charades/ ostrich like behaviour/poetry. #TrickOrTreat
Meanwhile, prepare for Britain to be battered by the Tory party once more as letters of fury, Latin and even poetry come to be hurled at the Prime Minister by the open extremists within their ranks.

Ignoring the growing voting population of those who don’t want to leave.
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A thread just for trolls who seem to love to say things to me like:

“You’re a has been.”

“You have no career.”

“You’re just trying to stay relevant.”

Want to know the facts about my career right now? Read on...
I’m currently shooting the 2nd season of my wildly successful Netflix show called #Insatiable. Season 1 was one of the most binge watched shows of 2018. It’s available to stream now. Enjoy!…
On Wednesdays you can catch me hosting Project Runway All Stars on Lifetime. Enjoy!…
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It's not an option in this house.

Meaning, we treat a bachelor's degree as a high school diploma.

Our child is a decade away from college and more high schools are already doing an associate's with your diploma.

He can study *whatever* he chooses. Total freedom in that.
I don't consider it pushing. I consider it setting norms, just as we've normalized acquiring a high school diploma. Is that optional?

Besides, I'm not financially supporting anyone over the age of 18 who's not a full-time college student.

*Not happening*
So if you choose not to attend college full-time while in my home, I can't force it.

But you'd better have a plan because I sure in the hell do.

In 10 years, I'll be 52, downsizing, traveling, reclaiming ALL of my time.

I'm planning my next decade now.🤣

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This the last tweet I’m going to engage with specific #DezNat things. I’ll still call out hateful individuals, but really this is shite behavior. Don’t try and deny it.Most of y’all are homophobic, misogynistic, transphobic, racist individuals — whether you “think” you are or not
Feel free if you’ve received hate from #Deznat to post it here. I figure we need a thread about it. #callthemout
Jus because someone calls out your shitty behavior doesn’t make them hateful. @lennie_mennie And see how deftly he dismisses the harassment of feminists and the meme that was made? #misogyny
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Trying to keep track of the Democratic candidates like
We need a @darth photoshop to keep track
Hickenlooper? I hardly knew her. #SorryNotSorry
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1. THREAD: Many of you are familiar with the "List of 200". It is a listing of 200 accounts that some people who did a "study" said were either wittingly or unwittingly involved in some sort of disinformation campaign regarding election fraud.…
2. This report was used in a broader article from Politico about foreign influence campaigns in social media, because the same company did both "studies". This article was tweeted by Hillary Clinton. .…
3. The group, is stating that the 200 accounts they identified as part of a huge campaign to spread FakeNews about election fraud, is also participating in disinformation against 2020 dem presidential candidates.
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