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20 Feb
Bad Lieutenant (1992) & Uncut Gems (2019) - treat them as one cinematic universe of degenerate gamblers.
You can make it a triple feature if you want to add in The Gambler (1974).
But Bad Lieutenant and Uncut Gems pair particularly well together. One has Mad Dog. The other has Francesca. Same themes. Bad Lieutenant is the Catholic version. Uncut Gems is the Jewish version.
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2 Feb
The holdup in passing the Senate organizing resolution doesn't just delay the handoff of cmte chairs from R's to D's. It also means new members, including Kansas freshman @RogerMarshallMD, don't have any cmte assignments yet.
Marshall tweeted about a Zoom meeting with Vilsack and has clearly been operating under the assumption that he'll get a seat on Senate Ag (a big part of his campaign). But we don't actually know that until the organizing resolution passes.
I made a reference to the fact that Marshall is currently in cmte limbo in this story about Blunt and Moran handing over their chairmanships.…
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2 Feb
Buried at the bottom of ⁦@TeamHawley⁩ email that went out earlier is January fundraising figures. These contributions will be in the April report. But the crux is that as corporate PACs ask for refunds after Jan. 6, Hawley’s campaign is reporting increase in small dollars
This dovetails with the polling data that showed Hawley’s favorability drop in Missouri, but increase among Republicans nationally after the riot…
Regarding the corporate requests for refunds…
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27 Jan
Cory Bliss, who ran Pat Roberts' 2014 campaign, quoted here: “If you want to spend all your time going on Fox and be[ing] an asshole, there’s never been a better time to serve.“
Bliss continues: “But if you want to spend all your time being thoughtful and getting shit done, there’s never been a worse time to serve.”
Both Blunt and Moran, who are generally known for being thoughtful and getting stuff done but are also up in 2022, voted to table Trump's impeachment today.…
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26 Jan
Hawley in April of 2017: I am working very hard at the job people elected me to do. It is far too early to be thinking about any future election with so much pressing work to do.” He formed an exploratory cmte in August of 2017 and announced in October…
In other words, maybe a story about a politician saying they're not running for X position doesn't warrant siren symbols when it's almost four years out. All due respect to the good people at @businessinsider. Some of us have just been thru a round of this before.
And I wrote some of those will he/won't he stories in 2017. I often reflect on how I should have been more skeptical of the reluctant politician storyline…
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26 Jan
I mentioned on here the other week that before the Capitol riot I was working on a story about what the loss of chairmanships would mean for KC. This is that story. First spoke to @RoyBlunt and @JerryMoran's staffs about it that morning.…
That morning feels like a different universe. Story was conceived after the GA runoff results, but the Capitol attack has given new emphasis on the importance of cross-aisle cooperation.
With that in mind, here's a @RoyBlunt story that didn't make into this story. But which I find pretty interesting. Blunt was one of the people pushing for Congress to resume voting that night after the riot.
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26 Jan
ICYMI former Sen. John Danforth, who mentored Hawley, continues his media penance tour where he voices regret for his role in clearing Hawley's path to the Senate…
Danforth has previously spoken about this to @tonymess… And me…
The cracks in this relationship had started to show in late 2018 when Hawley was touring the state with Trump. Danforth, who was a Trump critics, at the time chalked it up to political expediency on Hawley's part and still maintained that Hawley would be an excellent senator.
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12 Jan
Hey @MattLaslo, looks Hawley found someone whose questions he was willing to take this week.
.@HawleyMO's team has repeatedly ignored requests for comment since Wednesday as his political mentor and donors disavow him and his colleagues call for his resignation. But he's happy to go on Tucker.
Tucker's analysis that publishers rather than lawmakers are the guardians of the First Amendment also may set some First Amendment lawyers' heads to spin. Publishers are protected by the First Amendment. It doesn't require them to publish a senator's words.
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12 Jan
My one reflection on the Bill Belichick news: The man who beat him in Super Bowl LII lost his job today.
Not excusing the Eagles' post-Super Bowl decline, but I'm one of a handful of Eagles fans who is thankful enough for 2017/2018 that I still like Doug as a dude.
The fact that I spent a couple years living on the West Coast and then the Midwest probably softened me a bit compared to most Philadelphians.
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11 Jan
.@GovParsonMO (R) was asked about the widespread calls for one of the state's two senators to resign. He changed the subject back to his inauguration: “This is a special day for me and for my family. It’s a special day for our state"… #moleg
This is a day after "Resign Hawley" was written in the street in St. Louis.
This is giving me flashbacks to when Brownback’s staff told me I ruined his second Inauguration Day in 2015 by asking about the federal probe of his lieutenant governor (never resulted in charges). @APjdhanna ruined Kansas Day a few days later by doing the same thing.
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11 Jan
KC area Dems @repcleaver and @RepDavids both signed on as co-sponsors to impeachment resolution. Cleaver told me last week that "if it comes to the floor, I’ll push my card down as hard as I can push it"…
Waiting on more R's from the region to issue statements. Wichita's @RepRonEstes confirmed he opposes. Estes says he supports a full investigation of what happened Jan. 6, but contends "impeachment will only sow more division and chaos in an already precarious situation"
Will be posting a story when I get more members' statements, but for KS & MO the vote breakdown is likely to look similar to the previous impeachment vote-- with D's from KC & STL voting yes and R's voting no.
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11 Jan
It's been less than a week since Confederate-clad rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol after weeks of conspiracy-mongering by the president and his allies about plurality Black cities. Missouri's Black leaders on what this moment means…
It's worth remembering that in the days leading up to the bloody Capitol siege the president's son spent days verbally attacking a Black minister who is a member of Congress…
.@repcleaver and other lawmakers sheltered in place as the pro-Trump mob ransacked the building. Here's his description of that experience.…
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9 Jan
Hawley’s first day in Senate he refused to take questions from @lindsaywise, @craasch or myself, the three reporters writing for his constituents. A few days later, he told me he wouldn’t play “hallway roulette” when I asked about furloughed fed workers…
A lot of reporters in DC covered him past two years as the next big thing and only viewed things through the lens of whether it would help propel him forward, but both @KCStar & @stltoday covered him with a more skeptical eye about what these moves meant for MO’s biggest cities.
Sometimes it meant a loss of access. Hawley was one of the only lawmakers from the region who wouldn’t do a phone interview with me throughout the pandemic. Other lawmakers from the region—Blunt, Cleaver, Davids, Moran, Roberts, Davids, Marshall— called regularly.
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8 Jan
.@KCStar has been closely following @HawleyMO, now a national figure, for years going back to his days as Missouri AG. Here are some examples. Starting with this one from @lindsaywise, @J_Hancock and @SteveVockrodt during the 2018 race.…
During the campaign, Hawley tied human trafficking to the sexual revolution of the 1960s…
Even after Hawley left for the Senate, reporters in KC and Jeff City continued to lock into how he ran the attorney general's office…
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8 Jan
A police officer died to ensure that the votes of the 81 million Americans who voted for the other candidate would still matter. Officer Sicknick stood up for democracy.
As has been noted by others, Hawley who excoriated Simon & Schuster tonight for the cancellation of his book deal hasn't said anything on what are now five deaths at the Capitol. He's made general comments condemning the violence, but hasn't addressed the loss of lives.
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7 Jan
I'm going to some up the KC area congressional news from an awful 24 hours. As the Capitol descended into chaos, @HawleyMO sent a fundraising plea based on his election objection…
.@repcleaver, Missouri's senior Dem, describes his experience sheltering in place and decries the attacks on Black voters that led up to yesterday's riot…
.@CoriBush and @RepDavids are calling for Trump's immediate removal office with days left in his presidency for inciting the riot…
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7 Jan
.@HawleyMO speaking now. His voice shaking, says he wants to thank Capitol Police and law enforcement all throughout the country.
Hawley still defending his plan to object. "This is the place where those objections are to be heard.... without violence, without bullets."
Hawley again claiming that PA Constitution restricts mail-in balloting. Again, PA has allowed absentee voting for decades (I've used it!), but the GOP legislature expanded it last year.
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6 Jan
For KC area, Blunt will also lose Rules chairmanship to Klobuchar and Moran will lose Veterans Affairs chairmanship to Tester if the expected Dem victories in GA hold. Roberts’ retirement already meant the loss of his Ag chairmanship this Congress.
Blunt and Moran also each chaired an Appropriations subcommittee. Blunt’s has been particularly important because it oversees public health funding.
One thing this probably means for Klobuchar is she and Lankford can finally move their bipartisan election security bill (which McConnell opposed) out of cmte and onto the floor…
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5 Jan
Cleaver, the first African American mayor of KC, and Davids, one of the first Native American women in Congress, say they're hoping to boost confidence in vaccine-- Davids notes particularly with communities of color. Their comments in the thread below.
Related to that, @UMKC is partnering with predominantly Black churches in KC to work on increasing testing and vaccine distribution.…
This @AP story from a few days ago looks at the challenges with vaccine distribution with Native communites…
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5 Aug 20
Watkins had one of the strangest careers of any Kansas politician. Emerged from obscurity to narrowly a district, battled rumors he was resigned and then went down for an easily avoidable and self-inflicted scandal.…
Full history will take a lot of tweets, but here I go. Watkins met with Democrats before he decided to run as a Republican.…
When he decided to run as a Republican it was as a Trump-style Republican saying "Drain the swamp." But he didn't actually vote in the 2016 election. Or any election before running for Congress.…
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8 Jul 19
On record comment from @NRSC spokeswoman on Kobach: “Just last year Kris Kobach ran and lost to a Democrat. Now, he wants to do the same and simultaneously put President Trump’s presidency and Senate Majority at risk."… #ksleg #kssen
I'm a little overstuffed with quotes from Republicans criticizing Kobach as a candidate, but Sam Brownback's former chief of staff David Kensinger sent me this one about his fellow Kansas Republican: "L-O-S-E-R." #ksleg #kssen
Kensinger's antipathy toward Kobach post-2018 is well-documented…
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