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“Beginning his 20th year serving as sheriff, Stolzer spoke Tuesday night at the Ste. Genevieve Republican Club about why he is making the big step from ‘blue’ to ‘red.’”
"When #Ferguson happened there and our state government stepped in and our federal government stepped in and screwed it up as bad as they did, it made me realize our federal government drastically affects what happens to me here locally and throughout this country.”
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#Missouri #moleg

Peter Merideth (HD80):

“Just watched as numerous reps voted yes on a bill passing through committee that they don’t support. It’s so frustrating how the budget chair and leadership use their leverage on other issues to make members support things
they know are bad policy.

The bill was to take about 3% of the SLPS and KCP budgets and transfer it to the charter schools in their districts. The argument for doing so being that it makes all of the per pupil dollars follow the students that go to the charter schools
(currently a small share of local dollars stays with the districts).

While this change sounds fair and “equal,” the problem is it’s not so simple to think that charters and traditional public schools have all the same costs and therefore deserve all the same public funding.
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UPDATE: I am at the Missouri Capitol, where the House Special Committee on Government Oversight is about to hold a hearing on allegations made by @HawleyMO (R) against the state auditor's office. #moleg
Chairman @RobertRossMO (R) tells the audience that Missourians deserve confidence in their government. He tells committee members @AuditorGalloway (D) and her office cannot discuss an ongoing audit. He says she has been tough on Democrats and Republicans. #moleg
Chairman @RobertRossMO says this discussion is about process. The closing audit involving former AG @HawleyMO (R) has NOT been released yet. The general counsel of the auditor's office, Paul Harper, notes he cannot discuss current audit. Chairman Ross agrees. #moleg
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The @MissouriGOP feels as if keeping firearms out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers is somehow taking away our freedom. Why do they feel threatened? Why are they so set on protecting domestic abusers? #GunLawsSaveLives #moleg @MomsDemand
Since 2017, MO has allowed people to carry concealed, loaded firearms in public without a background check or permit. Missouri currently has the Fifth-highest gun death rate in the country and exported crime guns at a higher rate than the national average.
Missouri does not: •Require a background check prior to the transfer of a firearm between unlicensed parties.
•Prohibit the transfer or possession of assault weapons, 50 caliber rifles or large capacity ammunition magazines...
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Remember all those Democrat attacks back during 2018 Senate campaign? Dems filed 10+ sep lawsuits/complaints against me to influence election. All failed. Today I responded to the state Auditor’s review of one of them. And I am very pleased w/ the audit’s conclusion #moleg
As the MO Secretary of State concluded almost a year ago after investigating this himself, at length, there is no evidence of any misconduct by me or my office
But some pretty serious things have come to light. #1, the lead auditor on Galloway’s review openly discussed changing audit’s conclusion in order to make it more critical of me after she found no evidence of misconduct. That’s shocking, unethical, and perhaps illegal
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'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the state
A whole bunch of folks just weren't doing so great;
With no health insurance, and school weeks 4 days
The legislature was unworthy of praise. #moleg
Lawmakers were sleeping all snug in their beds
While visions of #DarkMoney danced in their heads.
The will of the people they chose to ignore;
Democracy seemed just too much of a chore.
To make voting easy, they simply refused
For a map with #fairdistricts, they just had no use.
The roads they were crumbling, the bridges were too;
Where cement was needed, the fix was but glue.
Women and doctors were growing irate;
Their bodies and freedoms now seized by the state.
Our unions and workers faced ruthless attack
Wishing for someone who just had their back.
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The Senate Interim Committee on Public Safety is meeting for the first rime today. They are only taking previously scheduled testimony. Lots of big wigs in the room today. I’m trying to take notes as I tweet, so please excuse any gaps. #moleg #thread
Members of the committee are Chair Doug Libla, Vice Chair Jeannie Riddle, Senators Burlison, Curls, Luetkemeyer, Nasheed, and Williams.
Spotted in the room: STL Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, several members of law enforcement. Libla notes that each senator had the opportunity to invite guests to testify today.
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We've learned deeply disturbing information: Randall Williams, the director of @GovParsonMO’s Dept. of Health & Senior Services, "kept a spreadsheet to track the menstrual periods of women who visited Planned Parenthood.”… #ShowMeAccess #StandWithPP #MoLeg
@GovParsonMO Missouri politicians have gone too far. Tracking patients' periods is government overreach at its worst and a major violation of privacy.

#ShowMeAccess #MoLeg #StandWithPP
@GovParsonMO This is more evidence of how @GovParsonMO & his health department have weaponized the licensing process to attack Planned Parenthood & end abortion access in Missouri.… #ShowMeAccess #StandWithPP #MoLeg
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1/13 Trumpist presidential hopeful Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) started Tweeting about the Hong Kong demonstrations Oct. 6, seven months after they began in March. #HawleysBigLie #moleg
2/13 Two weeks earlier, Pelosi began an impeachment inquiry. Erdogan started the ethnic cleansing of our former allies, the Kurds, three days into Hawley’s China tweets....
3/13 Hawley tweeted 31 times in 10 days through Oct. 16 about China, as the impeachment inquiry began with bombshell revelations from Volker and Russia joined Erdogan in exterminating our allies, the Kurds.
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Our safety net is important to help people get back on their feet and I’m proud of Missouri’s efforts to provide for families in need through the public and private sector.

I’ll post abt the challenge here. #MoLeg
I am going to cover some stuff and also talk about our experience so this may get long. . .

What is SNAP (food stamps)?
How much do you get from whom?
What can you buy?
Who is eligible?
What did I buy?
How’s it feel?
SNAP provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of needy families so they can purchase healthy food and move towards self-sufficiency.

To over 43 million Americans.
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1/x We’ve heard from many Missourians who’ve been waiting to collect signatures to put the extreme 8-week abortion ban on the ballot.

We hear you, & we share your anger & frustration.

#MoLeg #HB126 #StopTheBans
2/x We are not moving forward with an effort to get 100,000 signatures across six of Missouri's eight Congressional districts because we know it is an impossibility.

@JayAshcroftMO knows it, too — which is exactly why he dragged his feet.

#MoLeg #StopTheBans #HB126
3/x Let’s be clear: just because we are no longer pursuing a referendum DOES NOT mean we are giving up on protecting Missourians’ access to abortion. Far from it.

Instead, we're shifting our collective energy to things we can control & achieve.

#MOLeg #StopTheBans #HB126
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The 20-year-old who brought a loaded rifle and 100 rounds of ammo to a Missouri Walmart has been charged with a felony. Not for being armed to the teeth in a public space, but for ”disregarding the risk of causing the evacuation of a building.”…
The Missouri man said he was open carrying to see if @Walmart “honors the 2nd Amendment.” He allegedly filmed himself in case he was told to leave the store, and brought guns to “protect himself” after recent mass shootings. He claims he was surprised by the reaction of shoppers.
While no injuries were reported at the Walmart, a Battlefield Police Department officer rushing to the scene was involved in a crash that sent him to the hospital and left a 74-year-old woman with serious injuries.
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1/Good morning Twitter. Let's finish the week with today's version of "Lies #MOLeg Tells About Abortion in Missouri" by discussing minors and abortion care. #HB126 (…) was sponsored by @NickBSchroer, supported by @MOGOPAssembly & signed by @GovParsonMO.
2/Let's not forget @Koenig4MO & @BobOnderMO who helped author and promote this bill. You can see a full list of sponsors on the bill's website. This law includes an 8wk ban but also something sneaky. An "emergency clause" regarding minors.
3/#HB126 states "An abortion on a minor shall not be knowingly performed until the attending physician has secured the written informed consent of the minor and one parent or guardian, unless a specified exception applies.
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1/ In today's broadcast of "Lies #MOLeg Tells About Abortion in Missouri" let's talk about if abortion is dangerous/unsafe in this state. Uninterested in a long tweet? Here's the punch line: Abortion is safe! For those of you who like numbers because #FactsMatter read on.
2/All information on this tweet is publicly available at…. The most recent data is from 2017. From DHHS' website you can find this quote: "Complications were associated with 1.9% of Missouri abortions." There were 3,903 abortions in Missouri in 2017.
3/Now this includes "20 failed abortions" but what does that really mean? Well Missouri requires that any time a pill abortion fails that it is reported to state. But is this really a "complication" or just part of the known profile of taking a pill abortion? Let's ask #ACOG!
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Lots of responses and inquiries about my tweet on Monday so let's review what #MOLeg requires vs what is medically necessary. I will preface this by saying I am not a lawyer. I am simply an OBGYN trying to reconcile what science teaches me and what #MOLeg requires.
I refute these requirements with information from @theNASEM report on the Safety and Quality of abortion (…). I’ll refer to this as NASEM for this tweet.
1. So let’s start with the “licensed abortion facility” requirement.
NASEM: “When states regulate specific office-based health care procedures, the requirements are usually triggered by the level of sedation that the facility offers. Abortion services are an exception.”
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The very good news out of this overall awful session is this: for the 3rd straight year, Missouri volunteers for @MomsDemand and other key stakeholders again defeated dangerous gun bills like #HB575 #moleg
I am so proud to volunteer with @MomsDemand and work with our many Missouri volunteers from all over the state. We not only beat back bad gun bills, but took some important first steps in passing a proactive gun reform bill this year. #moleg
And we also mobilized volunteers from all over the state to testify before the Governor’s School Safety Task Force at its meetings in St. Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, Cape Girardeau, and Jefferson City. We shared safety recommendations supported by research. #moleg
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1/4 Hey #sexstrike Think you can just avoid pregnancy with an elective #hysterectomy? Think again. You don't get to get to make those decisions for yourself either. My 3rd high risk pregnancy in a row became an early emergency c-section… #moleg #hb126 #reprorights #stopthebans
2/4 I /my child had to almost die before Dr's would consider hysterectomy (post recovery). I was so scared of getting pregnant again, we had infrequent & wary sex until the operation was performed. Stop robbing women of freedom #moleg #sexstrike #hb126 #reprorights #stopthebans
3/4 Living in fear of unintended pregnancy robs you of personal #freedom. The only thing you CAN do to 100% prevent pregnancy? Not have sex. I didn’t want to die & couldn’t take #birthcontrol. #moleg #hb126 would rob my kids of their mom #sexstrike #reprorights #stopthebans
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I have a serious update for you.

As many of you know, I filed two lawsuits to fight political corruption in Missouri. #moleg #mogov #missouri
I filed the first in June 2018. I sued a fake charity that our former Governor used to hide the names of political donors. I filed a second one in October 2018 after our current Governor refused to freely turn over communications between our government and dark money operatives.
I’ve been fighting these cases on my own, sometimes from the trunk of my car. In my laptop bag, I carry a long receipt from a printshop. It’s for $576.52, the cost to print evidence for just one hearing I’ve funded this past year.
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The Missouri House just voted to allow hidden, loaded handguns on all state public college campuses, including students, faculty, staff, visitors - despite overwhelming opposition and research that shows more people carrying more guns in more places does not make us safer. #moleg
Missourians should be outraged. The bill to allow guns on campus now moves to the #Missouri Senate, where @MomsDemand volunteers will have another chance to stop it. But we will need your help!

Tell your Missouri friends and family to join us. Text READY to 644-33. #moleg
And tell friends and family in Missouri to send an urgent message NOW to their lawmakers telling them to oppose any attempt to allow guns on college campuses: #MOLeg
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1) I just want to set the record straight here...Not everyone in this great state of Missouri is a triggered snowflake feminist like THAT👇🏻 Most women here are Republican, God fearing, Prolife and we LOVE our Guys and Guns! @WUSTL You need to seriously look at who you employ! 🙄
2) Keep watching her account in the weeks to come for our Heartbeat Bill will most likely pass and our Gov. will be ready to sign! Watch the meltdown! 😂😂 👊🏻#HB126 #MoLeg #ProtectTheUnborn
3) She deleted her tweet and protected her acct! Poor thing can’t handle the truth huh? 😂😂
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#Missouri #SCR7 being presented by Senator @JillSchupp in #moleg Senate Rules Committee #ERA #ERANOW Rowden Bernskoetter, Hegeman, Schatz present, from what I can tell.
Lots of hands go up to testify in favor. Fewer will testify opposed.
#SCR7 #moleg
Schatz inquires about the impact of the original #ERA deadline.
Jason Holsman, who has sponsored ERA in 2013 or 2014 is now present. #ERANOW #MOLEG #SCR7
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THREAD: Missouri House Committee debates legislation tonight that could put plaintiffs in danger of harassment, death threats and physical harm. #MOleg
HB 728 prohibits people from anonymously filing church-state lawsuits. We’ve seen the impact firsthand. Plaintiffs should not be forced to go public as they fight to protect religious freedom for all. #MOleg
When Joanne Bell challenged public school-sponsored prayers, her home was burned down, and she was assaulted in the school parking lot. #MOleg
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A thread by @dearinterwebs #moleg #SB279 #SB139 #SB345 #SB312 #TrustWomen👇
“I have been trying to think about how to explain what happened yesterday in the #Missouri Senate Health and Pensions committee. I have testified in Jefferson City three times....
Twice in the Senate and once in the House. Last year I testified in the Senate, and while I was called “distasteful” by the Representative from the House who was sponsoring the anti-choice bill for saying the word “fetus”, the general tone was respectful....
Kind of weird, but respectful. [This time] was a different story.

While the Senators did not really ask questions of people/parents like me who were testifying – they mostly looked bored while we testified about our most personal, private, and heartbreaking moments....
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