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12 Jan
#COVID19 update: 1,475 cases reported since Friday, for a total of 58,107. There are 5,220 active cases and 358 people in hospital, 72 of whom are in critical care. There have been 22 new COVID-19 related deaths, for a total of 1,010.

There has been six new health-care facility outbreaks at long-term care facilities Guildford Seniors Village, Suncreek Village, KinVillage West Court, Hart House and independent-living residence Avalon Gardens.

The outbreaks at Abbotsford Regional Hospital, Chartwell Langley Gardens, Lakeshore Care Centre, and Baillie House are over. There has been a new community outbreak in the community of Canim Lake. The outbreak at LNG Canada diversified transportation in Kitimat is over.

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11 Jan
Flights posted with possible COVID-19 exposures: ow.ly/BWXk50D40Mr
Dec 30: Air Canada 116, Vancouver to Toronto
Jan 3: Air Canada 45, Delhi to Vancouver
Jan 3: Air Canada 106, Vancouver to Toronto
Jan 3: Air Canada 202, Vancouver to Calgary
Jan 3: Air Canada 228, Vancouver to Calgary
Jan 3: Delta 6329, Calgary to Victoria
Jan 3: WestJet 3295, Calgary to Victoria
Jan 4: Air Canada 115, Toronto to Vancouver
Jan 4: KLM 681, Amsterdam to Vancouver
Jan 4: United Airlines 1614, Denver to Vancouver
Jan 5: Air Canada 8084, Seattle to Vancouver
Jan 5: Air Canada 8414, Vancouver to Kelowna
Jan 5: Delta 3702 Seattle to Vancouver
Jan 6: AeroMexico 696, Mexico City to Vancouver
Jan 6: KLM 681, Amsterdam to Vancouver
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5 Mar 20
We all need to be aware that COVID-19 is a new disease but that outbreaks can be managed with the right response and that the vast majority of infected people will recover. #COVID19 #coronavirus 1/6
The most important preventive measures for #COVID19 are frequent hand washing (at least 20 seconds) and covering your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing. #coronavirus 2/6
Regularly update yourself on the #COVID19 situation where you live, as the response strategies and activities are constantly changing. #coronavirus 3/6
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30 Jan 20
1/11 There are several misconceptions on social media currently around how #coronavirus is transmitted. Please allow us to clear it up. #2019nCoV
2/11 Receptors for #coronavirus are deep in a person’s lungs – a person must inhale enough of the virus that it can actually bind to those receptors deep in the lungs. #2019nCoV
3/11 #Coronavirus is transmitted via larger droplets that fall quickly out of the air (for example, after a sneeze). This virus is not airborne. #2019nCoV
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