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Founded in 1920, the Communist Party of Britain is a Marxist-Leninist party dedicated to fighting for workers rights & establishing socialism in Britain! 🚩✊
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16 Aug
The USA funded a range of bigoted, misogynistic organisations preaching a twisted version of Islam in the 1980’s. This was all about disrupting the Soviet Union in Afghanistan: It gave the the world al-Quaeda, other groups inspired by their…
…example, and decades of misery for the Afghan people.

The cycle continues, at the end of 2020 the Americans unilaterally removed the East Turkestan Islamist Movement (ETIM) from its list of terrorist organisations. ETIM is a Islamist organisation with strong links…
2/4 the Taliban, and a record of terror attacks in Xinjiang. ETIM was designated as a terrorist organisation by the UN’s 1267 counter-terrorism committee in 2002 for its association with al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. This…
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9 Jun
A STEP FORWARD TO A GREAT UNION - the Communist Party has sent its congratulations to Unite AGS Steve Turner and the hundreds of branches which nominated him. Steve’s positive message of unity, leadership, opposing austerity and ‘fire and rehire’ and campaigning for a....
1/5 industrial strategy to fightback against unemployment, has resonated with thousands of members.
Steve’s programme shows how the union can return to its organising and fighting roots. This has attracted support from many members including amongst those branches...
...which have nominated other candidates. Now those members can have their say. Steve has shown leadership and maturity, not getting involved in petty squabbles and name-calling, attempts to grab headlines or turn the election into a Labour Party affair.
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8 Jun
The Communist Party of Britain sends its solidarity and warm greetings to the Communist Party of Greece KKE on the occasion of your 21st Congress.

We salute your steadfast opposition to imperialism and your stance as a revolutionary party for socialism.
Today we see the grave threats to world peace posed by the United States and its allies, including Britain, coinciding with the manifest failure of all capitalist states to mobilise the resources needed to combat Covid-19.

We commend your party’s long struggle against...
...NATO imperialism and your steadfast resistance to the imposition of military rule in Greece it’s self. We also salute your unwavering opposition to the EU as a vehicle for imperialist control acting in collusion with national capital.
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14 Dec 20
Britain's Communists have sounded a sceptical note about the extension of post-Brexit trade talks between the British government and the EU. (1/12)
Addressing the party's executive over the weekend, Alex Gordon said the continuing talks have 'an air of confected theatre about them, although these are performances that not many people might pay to watch'. (2/12)
He said it was 'frankly incredible' that the capitalist world's largest trading bloc and fifth biggest economy could not agree to frictionless trading arrangements, especially when their ruling classes share such common interests. (3/12)
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11 Dec 20
This centenary year has seen a resurgence in publishing of books and pamphlets by the Communist Party. 📚
It has been a year where we discovered much about our history and the members who contributed so much to the shaping of the modern union, women's, anti-racist anti fascist, anti-imperialist and peace movements.
A year in which the Party talked for itself rather than let others define our history, or describe our policy.
A vibrant struggle of ideas; communists as builders of peoples movements and of struggle for improvement in the daily lives of workers, their families and communities.
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25 Nov 20
Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths issued the following statement today (November 25) in response to Chancellor Rishi Sunak's one-year Spending Review:
Ten years of austerity cuts instead of massive investment in public services and productive industry has hugely increased the human and financial toll of the Covid crisis.
Now the economic recession which began early this year is going to bite deeper at a time when unemployment and government debt are already rocketing as a result of the pandemic.
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25 Nov 20
TODAY we ask you to join us and share a virtual message of solidarity to women all over the world for the International Day for the Elimination of #violenceagainstwomen
There has been a dramatic increase in violence against women. Femicide in Turkey, erosion of women’s rights in Poland & a worldwide rise of domestic abuse during the pandemic.
We’d like you to download a graphic onto your phone or tablet to use in a virtual display of solidarity for our Turkish & Kurdish comrades’ social media campaign.
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1 Nov 20
12 noon today, Communist Party General Secretary Rob Griffiths will be live on our video channel… and
“Tory under-investment and privatisation have undermined our NHS, and led to one of the worst death rates in the world”, says Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths.
“There should be no doubt anymore about who does the vital work upon which our whole society depends - the workers who staff our medical, caring and public services; the workers who produce and distribute our food, medicines and other essential supplies;
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1 Nov 20
Join @NorthLondon_CPB TOMORROW for #StopFemicide, a public meeting with Kurdish sisters from Turkey, @dermangulmez (Ankara Women’s Platform), trade unionist @SenikSan and Laura Briggs, CPB.
Violence against women and femicide have been long-standing issues in Turkey, but recent years have seen a substantial increase.
On 21st Jul, 27-yr old uni student Pınar Gültekin was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, becoming another victim of Turkey’s wave of femicides. Missing for 6 days, she was found strangled to death for refusing to reconcile with her former partner.
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31 Oct 20
PHONES RINGING RED - this weekend, communists across Britain are speaking to supporters and activists to reinforce a message of resistance and unity to face-down the drive “to marginalise socialists and left-wing ideas in the Labour Party and the wider labour movement.” (1/5)
In a statement Friday morning, the CP urged, “socialists and the Labour-affiliated trade unions must unite in solidarity with Corbyn, demand his reinstatement and fight to reverse the drive to marginalise the left in the Labour Party.” (2/5)
Says Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths, “Our members will be explaining that a stronger Communist Party - which is now rapidly growing in membership and locality - is crucial to the fight-back. " (3/5)
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30 Oct 20
The Communist Party has released the following statement about the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party today (October 30 2020):
The suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party on the flimsiest of pretexts is not only a baseless attack on a longstanding fighter in words and deeds against all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism.
It is also the latest step in a longer and bigger drive to marginalise socialists and left-wing ideas in the Labour Party and the wider labour movement.
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29 Oct 20
JEREMY CORBYN’S suspension from @UKLabour is a declaration of war by the leadership against all socialists.

It throws down the gauntlet to the entire left to rally in defence of the leader who brought socialism back as a major force in British politics.…
As a lawyer, @Keir_Starmer is well aware that this is a travesty of justice more akin to the proceedings of a witch hunt than any semblance of due process.
He does not care, because the decision to suspend his predecessor is not motivated by Corbyn’s response to the EHRC’s report. It rests on the calculation that the new leadership is now strong enough to expunge the left’s influence from the party altogether.
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29 Oct 20
PEOPLE'S SECURITY VITAL IN THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID, COMMUNISTS INSIST - the Communist Party has called for urgent action to guarantee employment, income, housing and food security in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.
'Millions of workers are facing cuts in hours or lay-offs and redundancies', the party's Trade Union Organiser Andy Bain reported at its Political Committee on Wednesday evening.
'Unemployment is set to rise to at least 10 per cent by the end of this year on present projections, unless the Tory government takes the necessary steps to break the circuit of infection with public support', he added.
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10 Jun 20
Joint statement from the Anti-Racist/Anti-Fascist Commission and @ycl_britain. Read thread 📜👇

In order to fully recognise the problems of racism in Britain and its continued imperialist role, it is absolutely necessary that Britain confronts its racist and imperialist past.
History is not neutral. Having statues dedicated to those who benefited from slavery in Britain's public spaces, effectively legitimises their status and by extension the slave trade and racial oppression.
We fully support the demands that statues of slavers and racists be pulled down and hidden away.
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