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Of course, the galaxy’s only Feminist, women-loving nation deploying its mobs to beat and bully Palestinian women.
The worst thing about mainstream media perception of the Israeli authorities and Israelis is that they’re “progressive,” when in reality they remind anyone witnessing their atrocities of so many villains from history.
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Not sure who needs to hear this, but:
On July 11 #SanDiego will host a #Pride march and
the theme is #Resiliency

Related: I've learned a person who harassed/threatened me in 2019- until a court issued a restraining order against him- will likely be part of this event.

It's "likely" because he's been hired by an LGBTQ advocacy organization

Their Exec Director was not aware he's had 3 restraining orders in the last 15 yrs: One for harassment, two for #domesticviolence

I often relive this abuse & harassment since it happened in my home

I had wanted to attend the march w/friends- But the more I thought of being in public, surrounded by others who have been traumatized in recent years, the less appealing it became.

As a survivor: It's hard feel safe or be "resilient" when an abuser is marching with me.

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I was almost #attacked tonight. I was walking w/my friend back to her home tonight. We had encountered a young woman intoxicated &were trying to get her to the YWCA. 3 men ran out and up a small hill around the #library They had masks covering their faces and hoodies over hair
I watched them get closer as my friend stayed with this young intoxicated girl. Every step, they became faster. As they started literally charging across #stafforddrive I turned, faced them and yelled at them to #stop My friend was on the phone w/help & I kept #yelling
They retreated into the bus shelter outside the library. We Beelined to the YWCA
You know why they stopped? I looked one of them right in the eyes and I saw the small amount of skin visible. This man is #Caucasian & I don’t think they were expecting me or my friend to be #white
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172 @GOP House Republicans voted AGAINST the Violence Against Women Act. Why?

The VAWA measure would extend gun buying restrictions to boyfriends "who have been convicted of stalking, assaulting a dating partner or who had a restraining order issued"…
8 women were murdered by a hateful man with a gun in Georgia. But 172 @GOP Republicans voted against the Violence Against Women Act because "they agree with the NRA's opposition to a proposed provision in the law that would close what is known as the 'boyfriend loophole.'" #VAW
"Given that FBI data indicates that a boyfriend is nearly as likely as a husband to kill an intimate partner, closing this loophole could save lives."

172 @GOP Republicans thought it more important for men to have guns than to save women's lives.

#VAW #ViolenceAgainstWomen
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1/. At a time when many countries are starting to try & find ways of combating violence against women, #Turkey has just pulled out of #IstanbulConvention

This is the Convention on violence against women

Ironic that it is named after the city in #Turkey.…
2/. #Turkey’s withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention is deeply worrying, coming at time when #COVID19 measures/lockdowns have led to a spike in reports of violence

Many women & girls trapped at home with their abusers or unable to easily access safety #VAWG #istanbulsoezlesmesi
3/ Turkey’s withdrawal from the #IstanbulConvention will have disastrous consequences for millions of women & girls & to organizations providing vital support to survivors of sexual assault & domestic violence

#Turkey should reconsider this awful decision…
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Sources against the sex industry: a master thread
How “sex work” affects/harms all women by legitimizing male violence and devaluing sexual abuse 🙃…
Tackling all the pro arguments…
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Women Empowerment;
Violence Against Women,
Gender Based Violence,
Women Abuse.

Now,Let me confront some bitter truths.

Women empowerment is definitely a reality today. But the question is, Is it enough? Is there more work to be done?
Without doubt, there are many places where the voice of women is still not heard. Discrimination still exists and even in the Corporate world where we talk about the glass ceiling. The media sensationalizes crime against women which is growing alarmingly.
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This International Day against #ViolenceAgainstWomen, we honor the women who have heroically resisted patriarchy, capitalism, imperialism, fascism and colonialism and have sacrificed their lives to fight for a better and just world.
From Cuba to Vietnam, from Palestine to the Philippines and all over the world.

Clockwise above:
Cuba, Chiapas, Kurdistan, Soviet Union

Clockwise below:
Spain, Vietnam, United States, India
Vietnam, Nicaragua, Palestine, Philippines
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Did you know that Iranian women have never seen a day without violence?
Do you know what is the first wish of an Iranian woman?
#ViolenceAgainstWomen will be finished.
Violence Against Women in Iran state-sponsored and institutionalized
#OrangeTheWorld #16Days
Iranian protesters killed, but no one understood what he did to the women prisoners imprisoned by the Iranian regime in prisons?
These women could never tell us their stories
Listen to Samira, she is 1 of protesters.
#ViolenceAgainstWomen #OrangeTheWorld #16Days @USAdarFarsi
I thought for hours to write this tweet, but I could not write anything
But I ask you to listen to voice of Leila, 1 of Iranian protesters, & then swear to be voice of each of them in every corner of world & to condemn Iranian regime wherever you can.
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TODAY we ask you to join us and share a virtual message of solidarity to women all over the world for the International Day for the Elimination of #violenceagainstwomen
There has been a dramatic increase in violence against women. Femicide in Turkey, erosion of women’s rights in Poland & a worldwide rise of domestic abuse during the pandemic.
We’d like you to download a graphic onto your phone or tablet to use in a virtual display of solidarity for our Turkish & Kurdish comrades’ social media campaign.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: Ending Violence Against Women
Only one party has a specific plan to end the scourge of violence affecting women & non-binary individuals.This strategy includes reauthorizing #VAWA & fully enacting it’s protections. 1/11
#Democrats are committed to ending sexual assault, domestic abuse, and other violence against women. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #ViolenceAgainstWomen #VAWA
#Democrats will act swiftly to overcome #Republican #obstructionism and reauthorize and expand the Violence Against Women Act 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #VAWA
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When it comes to #ViolenceAgainstWomen the rural-urban divide must be taken into consideration in #Pakistan when we're discussing this. Take a look at these following cases that were reported just within this year.
Rural Punjab: The victims, who are daughters of a worker, were taken at gunpoint after being woken up by the armed kidnappers; they were fast asleep.

They were then taken to a mango orchard before being subjected to the gang-rape.…
In July in Mandi Bahauddin, an eight year old boy was raped and murdered.…
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On 10th December 2019, my wife @CandyNekky arrived at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos to board @flyairpeace flight 7210 from Lagos to Warri. @fccpcnigeria @FAAN_Official @fmaviationng @NigerianCAA @NGRSenate @SaharaReporters @NGRPresident @SPNigeria
She arrived with only hand luggage which was approved and tagged as cabin luggage. The 11am flight was delayed by about 30 minutes. When she was about to board at about 11:30am, the flight attendant refused to let her board with her approved hand luggage
She was still pleading with the female flight attendant when the pilot Capt. Horace Millar-Jaja abandoned his responsibilities at the cockpit, came to the entrance of the plane and asked her if she was stupid or mad. She was shocked at this unwarranted outburst
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This is a really important thread on the cognitive dissonance that exists around bullies & smear campaigns in the #domesticabuse sector. It’s an open secret that few are able to address openly because they fear being ostracised and even shut down by the inevitable smear campaign.
It’s something that I know many people in the sector have experienced and I also have personal experience. It is a conversation that others and I have had numerous times, over many years and it is an important issue. Why?
Because, how can you expect others to recognise abuse when you play a part in overlooking it?

This is the question that has been running through my mind and should really be running through the mind of EVERYONE who is involved in raising awareness and educating on #domesticabuse
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#Thread: After @EliseStefanik’s national meltdown many of you joined #TeamTedra, because you know that her partisan theatrics are bad for the country.

But today I want to tell you about the things Stefanik has done to hurt #NY21 families.
Despite her campaign promises to improve #healthcare for Northern New Yorkers; @EliseStefanik voted to kick 64,000 of us (my family included) off their insurance.

She voted to gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

She voted to make RX drugs more expensive.
.@EliseStefanik voted to cut hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare and Social Security.

In 2012 she chaired the @GOP platform committee and wrote the plan to privatize #SocialSecurity and turn #Medicare into a voucher program.
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“It is imperative that we all take action against violence and discrimination that continue to affect women and girls” - @Scanlon_Leslie at 25th anniversary of the founding of @cpkorgpl , an amazing NGO working to #EndViolenceAgainstWomen #Thread
Congratulations to Urszula Nowakowska, founder of the Centre For Women’s Rights @cpkorgpl on your 25th anniversary. The devotion and dedication your team has shown in fighting Violence Against Women is inspiring.
The moving stories, of successful @cpkorgpl projects, told by the volunteers and partners of the Centre left us hopeful there is much we can achieve to end #ViolenceAgainstWomen if we act together.
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Whenever there’s a public outrage in Nigeria on such matters as #SexforGrade and #ViolenceAgainstWomen, the momentum is tactically killed by introducing Bills in the National Assembly. Activists then celebrate with euphoria that they’ve been listened to. But the truth is that...
... there are existing laws on all these issues which are never enforced. For example, #SexforGrade is rape under our penal laws because “consent” was illegally obtained. It’s also bribery and could be criminal assault. A lecturer can be charged with these and several others.
But all the above provisions exist only on pages of texts. And same will be the fate of the new Bills being praised. I think it’s more productive for activists to push for the enforcement of existing laws, some of which are sufficient, rather than getting distracted by new Bills.
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Every Day Is the Day To End #ViolenceAgainstWomen
If every act of violence against women were reported on the news, men’s violence against women would be recognized for the epidemic - the war - that it is.

From the chapter Violence in my book The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls. #7necessarysins #ViolenceAgainstWomen
Every Day Is the Day To End #ViolenceAgainstWomen .
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Violence vs. ♀️ is one of the most wide-spread & persistent #HumanRights violations. The Istanbul Convention is our tool to fight gender-based violence, protect victims & prosecute perpetrators.

Yet, 7 countries -including mine- haven't ratified it! 😡

#IDEVAW2019 @RenewEurope
@RenewEurope While #Orbán makes politics out of our rights, we sat down - with recently elected women from @momentumhu - to talk about empowerment and their role in changing the political culture in the local gvts and assemblies to which they just got elected!

#IDEVAW2019 Image
@RenewEurope @momentumhu @ALDEParty @Europarl_EN Fighting #ViolenceAgainstWomen is not a question of ideology, but an imperative to address #HumanRights violations to which over half of society is exposed.

Implementing #IstanbulConvention wouldn't curb anyone's rights but it would reduce the number #victims!

#SayNoStopVAWG ImageImage
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Today is the International Day to End Violence against Women.

1 in 3 👩🏻👩🏿🧕 around the 🌍 experience physical or sexual violence by:
A husband
A boyfriend
An intimate partner
A lover
A parent
A relative
A colleague
A boss
A stranger

We must #ENDviolence against 👩‍🦰 & 👧!
@WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO Violence against 👩🏻👩🏿🧕 has devastating costs and consequences on individuals, communities and societies. It is a major public health problem and a violation of women’s human rights.
#ENDviolence against women. #16days
@WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOWPRO @WHOSEARO Violence can negatively affect women’s physical, mental, sexual, and reproductive health, and may increase the risk of acquiring #HIV in some settings.
#orangetheworld #16days
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The #NairobiSummit kicks off today! We have you covered with all things #SRHR, starting with a new Editorial commemorating 25 years since the first #ICPD in Cairo #ICPD25 Image
@NairobiSummit Our Editorial highlights the opportunities for the #NairobiSummit as:
- an important rallying opportunity, in light of upcoming US elections
- a chance for governments to make economic, political & practical commitments to implement the #ICPD Programme Image
@NairobiSummit The Cairo #ICPD was a transformative event, shifting the focus of the development agenda towards sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing, individual rights, and #genderequality. Our Editorial from 1994 marked the occasion Image
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#HEUNI_Tweetsday Weekly thread on Wednesdays. This month we'll reveal you the key findings from our latest project done w/@SOLWODI, @CIRRIFUGIATI, @JRSizbjeglice, @ENoMW and supported by @EU_Justice
Simple rules: 1❤– 1 finding. 1st topic: #GBV, its consequences & risk factors.
@SOLWODI @CIRRIFUGIATI @JRSizbjeglice @ENoMW @EU_Justice So what are we actually looking into when talking about #GBV against women? Is there any definition? And where to find it? Check out #IstanbulConvention… #VAW #HumanRights #ViolenceAgainstWomen
@SOLWODI @CIRRIFUGIATI @JRSizbjeglice @ENoMW @EU_Justice #Refugee women have different backgrounds including different personal qualities, family situations, levels of education and professions. Refugee women do not form a homogenous group, and they definitely should not be seen as uninformed #victims.
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Did you know that some countries have had to make a specific law against Femicide?

Imagine this: A separate law from just 'murder'. <Thread>

Yesterday, November 25 was International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. #ViolenceAgainstWomen 1/
Femicide is not a widespread term among people, and many who have heard of it (even women), don't understand the difference between 'Femicide' and the general term of 'Murder'.

Murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. 2/
Femicide is not exclusive of other crimes against women. It is the result of symptomatic misogyny & machismo that runs rampant in many cultures. Despite the constant stream of political expression that Women are Equal to Men, we are far from this concept even in this country. 3/
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Put together a list of super smart & interesting Pakistani women for #IWD2018 to show their work. List also includes women of Pak origin or dual nationals. If you have any suggestions of names not on my list @ me. #InternationalWomensDay #PressforProgress
1 @TubaSiddiqi #education rights advocate, also my sister. For years T has been working w/ communities & grassroots activists through @TCFPak & now w/ @AlifAilaan across Pak. She helped TCF raise funds & grow their volunteer network. #IWD2018 #Pakbrilliance #PressforProgress
2 @AymanBucha activist and lecturer, teaches Anthropology, Political & Feminist Theory at BNU. Bucha's write-up on #AsmaJahangir with whom Aimen worked at AGHS.… #IWD2018 #Pakbrilliance
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