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20 Apr
ggiraph + shiny is fantastic!
~30 lines of code.
#dataviz #rstats
Part of today's interactive worksheet, see also here.…
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28 Feb
This is a great talk by @jeremyphoward about notebook-centered python development. Could be very useful in particular for writing scientific software. 1/n
I would like to emphasize, though, that this is mostly possible due to a tool Howard has written, nbdev, which turns notebooks into python packages. 2/n
I was always very skeptical about notebook-centered development, but I also didn't have nbdev, so I think my concerns were valid at the time. 3/n
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23 Feb
This spring, I'm teaching a new class on data visualization with R. I'm posting all materials as I go. Feel free to follow along. Each lecture has slides and an interactive worksheet. #rstats…
I'm using xaringan for slides, learnr for interactive worksheets, and distill for the website. All sources are available on github.
I'm about a third through the semester. New postings every week! 😄
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27 Jun 20
Hah, glad you asked. It's very simple. Thread. 1/n
First you subdivide all authors into two groups, people who have PI status (usually some sort of faculty member) and people who don't (grad students, postdocs, technicians, etc.). 2/n
Among the non-PIs, you sort them in order of their contribution, from most to least. 3/n
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24 Jun 20
Spatial plotting just improved a lot in the development version of ggplot2. In a nutshell, you can now mix and match regular geoms with `geom_sf()` and `coord_sf()`. If you're doing any geospatial plotting, please test this out. 1/n
#rstats #ggplot2 Image
The key idea is that `coord_sf()` now has a default coordinate system that it uses for any objects that are not sf (i.e., don't come with their own coordinate information). The default is longitude/latitude, which makes it super easy to, for example, mark a specific location. 2/n ImageImage
This works with essentially any geom, e.g., we can mark a couple of cities and draw an enclosing polygon. 3/n ImageImage
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19 Jun 20
"We have plenty of hospital bed capacity" is an awful argument for reopening in the face of a preventable infectious disease. For comparison, consider the following statements. 1/n…
No need to wear a hardhat on this construction site. We have plenty of hospital bed capacity. 2/n
No need to wear a seatbelt. We have plenty of hospital bed capacity. 3/n
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3 Nov 17
1. GOP tax bill would tax tuition wavers for grad students. This would be a disaster for US STEM PhD education.…
2. Currently, STEM PhDs make about $30K per year and get tuition wavers. They can do their PhD without taking on debt, but barely so.
3. If they had to pay taxes on a calculated $50-$60K income (incl. tuition), the actual income would not cover living expenses anymore.
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