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what's a skill that's useful in #DataViz no matter what software or tools you use?

@jschwabish and i talked about this recently...
- being a good partner to your SME, e.g. listening, documenting, translating their knowledge, challenging their assumptions and their data...
- cultivating your network so you can collaborate and share skills/resources...
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if you're stuck in the awful in-between area of your career where you need #DataViz experience......but you can't find a client to pay you for it.....but you also don't want to work for free....
i like the idea of doing a personal project instead....but there are a lot of skills that you learn by working with an actual client....
a great middle ground that i learned from @evergreendata last year is to set aside time in your schedule to do two free things a year that are meaningful to you....
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First, read @ShawnteJamesMD’s whole thread.

It’s informative and moving…

Second, this thread especially grabbed my attention coming on the heels of yesterday’s @NIH_ORWH virtual conference on gaps in research about the health needs most particular to women…
🧵3/ One of the most stunning (and maddening?!) slides was a #dataviz that used analysis from this paper:…
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We are #hiring soon! We have a series of #job openings for: #DataViz Specialists, #DevOps Engineers, #RStats/#Python Developer, and #Usability Specialist @USGS_Water & @USGS_DataSci. Location negotiable

Follow us for updates
#DataScience #SciComm #RemoteWork #uxui #TechTwitter A banner advertising job openings with the USGS Water Missio
We especially encourage you to apply if you are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, have a disability or are of any marginalized identity @BlkInData @BlkInGeoscience @AccessibleGEO @500QueerSci #BlackInSTEM #QueerInSTEM #DisabledAndSTEM #DiversityInTech #NativeInSTEM #LatinXInSTEM #BlackTechTwitter
The Data Visualization Specialists and R/Python Tool Developer will be advertised under the Biologist, Physical Scientist, and Mathematical Statistician job series (series 401/1301/1529).
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NEW PIECE: A Visual Introduction to the Dwarf Planets of our Solar System🔭🌕🌑🪐 #dwarfplanets #space #dwarf #outerspace #planet #pluto #infographic #dataviz #orbit #scicomm #sciviz #nasa #spaceart #visual
This one is a fun topic for me - I've always been fascinated with society's disdain for Pluto's downgrade, but the complete lack of interest for the other members of Pluto's family!!
You'll notice there's more than 5 of the IAU's recognized dwarf planets. This is because I referenced additional planets that are agreed upon by @plutokiller, @GonzaloTancredi, and Will Grundy @LowellObs. Depending who you ask, there's more!
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I received such kind feedback about my "Graphic Design for Scientists" workshop post (I will respond to you), I thought I'd share some key takeaways.

1. Raster/bitmap vs. Vector: A basic distinction every artist knows, but scientists aren't taught. #dataviz #AcademicTwitter
Raster/bitmap images are PIXEL-based, whereas vector images are saved as mathematical SHAPES. Why is this important? For pixel-based images, quality is dependent on the original resolution you saved your image in. Vectors can be scaled indefinitely without any loss in quality.
Vector images are also much easier to edit, because typefaces, shapes, and lines are preserved in their respective format. It's also far easier to convert a vector image to raster/bitmap than raster/bitmap to vector.
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My freelance career in #dataviz has come to an end. It didn't work out for me, but maybe you can learn from my mistakes so freelancing works out for you.…

I suggest you to read this post in two sections. You'll get tired from going through it all at once. It's so much to take in.

Part 1:…

Part 2:…

From this day forward, my personal site ( will no longer be updated. It will remain online as an archive of my past work. It's got loads of resources that I'm sure people can still benefit from.

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👋 I have 5 new @matplotlib python tutorials for #Dataviz 🤓
➡️stream chart, grouped barplot, histogram, linear regression and dual Y axis

1⃣First one is about streamgraph. There is much more manual work involved than with #Rstats…
2⃣ How to build a chart with 2 Y axes. A bad practice 99% of the time but still requested by many ppl so...…
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🧵/ Pediatric #COVID19 hospital admissions and overnight stays are ⬇️ in some parts of the U.S. but ⬆️ in others. A #dataviz thread

Data Source for all data is the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS):…
2/ Pediatric #COVID19 hospital admissions and overnight stays are ⬇️ across HHS Region 1, which consists of CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, and VT
3/ Pediatric #COVID19 hospital admissions and overnight stays are trending ⬆️ across New Jersey and New York (both are in HHS Region 2)
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Hi everyone.

Today I'm going to take us on a journey and see how the Ontario government, through horribly chosen #dataviz, is making it look like COVID vaccinations aren't as effective as they really are.

(a thread)
The ON government, whether by design or ignorance, is ignoring the cultural context of vaccination and COVID data, and unfortunately this is resulting in bad graphs that could actually *reinforce* the anti-vax crowd.
Vaccination rates in Ontario are really high. Currently (as of Sept 29) 81% of Ontarians aged 12 or older have two doses of a vaccine.

That's just over 11,000,000 people.

People with one dose? 5% (just over 700,000)

The unvaxxed? 14% (just over 3,700,000)
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Folks, #dataviz community plus everyone struggling with map production & who have not yet found out how easy it can be to create great responsive charts and maps:

Today the @datawrapper team launched a new data upload for maps.…
The new map data upload for @datawrapper is a big step. Yes, took a time. But now it is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.

What is better?

First, data upload is much faster.

Second, the workflow is more direct, less clicks to a result.
There is more...

You can now connect to a data source, such as a .csv somewhere on a server or a Google sheet.

This was a feature used h-e-a-v-i-l-y in chart marking during the corona pandemic. Now this is possible for maps, too.…
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📊🧵 Collection of tweets featuring open-access materials that I have shared over the last years:
Talks, seminars, blog posts, hands-on notebooks, codes, and more!
#rstats #ggplot2 #tidyverse #dataviz 🧙‍♂️ Title slide of my "ggp...Final visualization of my &...Overview of plots contained...Title slide of my "Bey...
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Times Higher Education published its annual University Ranking – THE 2022

THE, QS, and Shanghai are three main uni rankings that largely drive the funding of academia in many countries

🧐 THE 2022 weights in citations to acad papers heavily and directly

It is problematic

Density distributions above represent the spread of the overall ranking values and the three main components of the ranking, all scaled between 0 and 100, across the 1662 universities included in evaluation.

And here's the issue: Citations distribution is almost uniform!

According to THE 2022 Methodology page:…

The final score is calculated from the components taken with certain weights, 30% for the main three components each

The large weight of citations (30%) is meant to represent "research influence"

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New #dataviz! The Earth's submarine fiber optic cable network, visualized in #RStats with #rayrender.


Rayrender Github:…
I guess I won the internet?😋

(#1 on the front page of reddit, apparently!)
The modern version of "above the fold!"
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Comparto los mapas de densidad de población de todas las CCAA
Imita la típica imagen del satélite capta la luz de las áreas pobladas
Útiles para estudiar el de poblamiento, regiones urbanas en nuestras clases d #Geografía #dataviz
Pendiente terminar el mapa d España y Aplica Web
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Thread: I'm working on a new concept visualisation for occupancy data in BODs which utilises #3d 'mounds' to show the net change of people on buses. I thought I would share my janky workflow to give a bit more transparency into how this is made 1/
2/ First I start with 24 hours of data (Newcastle), whenever there is a change in occupancy levels points are created for the change. It's nice to see patterns along roads but it means very little at this stage, huge overlap in points etc.
3/ I filter points for each hour and individual change state (positive/negative). Hourly totals give nice patterns of commuter activity and are generally easy to manage. There is still overlap though and volume is difficult to make out at any given point.
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You’ve got a boat. It’s been sanctioned. But Kim Jong Un offered you big money for fuel & a Mercedes limo, so you need to start sailing again. What can you do? Launder the vessel's identity. Let me walk you through how. A THREAD.
First you need to prepare a disguise for your ship. Just sail to a shipyard, paint the deck a new color, & give the boat a new name. The KINGSWAY & TWINS BULL, for example, took many names & colors, shown here in green. (I’d have chosen gold & the name QUEEN SYMONE, but alas…)
Next, you need to create a shell identity. Here’s where it gets tricky. Pretend there’s a ship (real or not) that needs an IMO registration. Submit fraudulent documents & make the story convincing. Many have failed here, but if you get away with it, you’ll be off to the races.
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Pape Matar Sarr is a young, versatile Senegalese midfielder playing for FC Metz. Interestingly, he’s from the same academy that produced the likes of Sadio Mane, Ismaila Sarr & Papiss Cisse. He played most of his games as a DM, but featured at CM too.
#Sarr #Metz #Spurs #THFC
From the footage, we see his biggest strengths are his ball-carrying & defensive abilities.He also likes taking many shots, averaging 1.75 per game [92nd percentile], out of which 0.48 are on target[84th percentile].This allowed him to score 3 goals, outperforming his xG by 2.21.
Sarr’s most touches unsurprisingly come in the mid-third area of the field. From these heat maps, we can see Sarr loves pushing up forward as well, suggesting he’s more box to box. We can also see he usually plays on the left side.
#Sarr #THFC #Metz #Spurs #FootballAnalytics
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Nathaniel Phillips Thread :

@LFC's injury crisis last season led to Jurgen Klopp trying as many as 19 different centre-back combinations. Eventually, Nat Phillips stepped up putting in a valiant shift, helping them secure a CL spot.
#NatPhillips #LFC #Liverpool #EPL #DataViz
Phillips’ no-nonsense approach to centre-back for this Klopp team saw him record a surprisingly well-balanced output. He was exceptional in the air and was an effective distributor of the ball too.
#Phillips #LFC #EPL
Phillips averages 8.81 clearances & 6.05 areal duels, ranking him the highest for these metrics in Europe’s top 5 leagues.
He wins very few tackles & gets dribbled past often. This could mean he doesn’t lunge into challenges, however, 1.62 fouls committed per game contradicts it
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NEW PIECE: Visualizing the Biomass of Life 🐂🐬🐝🐠🦩🦨🐢🐄#sciart #biomass #scientificillustration #illustration #animals #dataviz #datavisualization #visualjournalism #biodiversity
Read more about this topic here:…
Original data from 2018 paper by @yinonbaron, Rob Phillips and Ron Milo…
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After the first bang of the @IPCC_CH AR6 report, it's time to look at my favorite part of the report:
visuals in the SPM.

It was a privilege to work with a team of #dataviz and information design experts @angelamorelli @tomhal99 @jordanharold on these visuals
The first visual shows us that human influence has warmed the climate at a rate unprecedented in at least 2000 years.

I really like how it contrasts the climate our societies were used to during their development with the evidence that we are responsible.
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New dataviz: The Humanity Globe. Population density across the world, visualized in 3D with #rayrender (using #RStats and #rayshader to process the data).



#dataviz #DataVisualization
Close-ups of Europe, Africa, and Asia:
Close-ups of North America, South America, and Australia:
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A look at #streamflow conditions across @USGS_Water streamgages the for the month of July - dry conditions increased in western states while it was wetter than normal in others 💧🌞
#rstats #r4ds #dataviz

Code:… A cartogram map showing str...
With the cartogram we see some spatial variability in flow conditions, but it can also vary temporally. Looking at the past year of streamflow, the greatest proportion of gages in dry conditions occurred Aug-Oct while the greatest proportion in wet conditions occurred Mar-May. An area chart showing the f...
See the latest U.S. River Conditions #animation showing flow levels at streamgages from April to July:

#dataviz #remix
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1/ Ever wondered how your local area has changed over half a century? Today, @ONS is releasing an interactive article covering some of the most interesting changes between 1961 and 2011 England & Wales censuses right down to a local/district level…
2/ This piece—developed by my colleagues @Annaekhoo (#DataJournalism) and @SamCtrl (#DataViz) from analysis by Amy Boyson (@ONS historical)—has been an opportunity to test some of the techniques we’re hoping to use to explore 100 years of change up to the most recent @Census2021
3/ In particular we've been exploring ways to use historical @OrdnanceSurvey maps painstakingly digitised by @natlibscotmaps as a background for the historical datasets. We hope this #steampunk-esque retro-innovation helps to bring the past to life...
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