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So, crudely speaking, this is how the NI customs proposals determine whether a good dispatched from Great Britain to Northern Ireland should be subject to EU tariffs or not.
Oh, sorry, forgot to add the hashtag: #dataviz
Note: this does not take into account regulatory barriers, or the paperwork requirements - just looking at conditions under which tariffs are levied. Also, if the EU and UK agree a free trade agreement it adds an extra layer of considerations.
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So, I love the amazing variety of colour palettes we have available in R! 🎨 🖌️

I'll share some of my favorites! #RLadies #dataviz

First up: Wes Anderson by @_inundata

@_inundata Next: FISH 🐟🐠🍥

I discovered this one by chance today, and can't wait to try it out!

#fishualize by @NinaSchiett 🌊

@_inundata @NinaSchiett I 💜 Studio Ghibli, so I was delighted to discover {ghibli} by @ewen_!

"Make ggplot cute again!"

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Is the party deciding on @ewarren? @GregoryKoger and I take a look at the Democratic horse-race through the lens of Democratic voters' second-choice candidates, via @MorningConsult. Pretty pictures ensued. Now, on @MisOfFact.…
@ewarren @GregoryKoger @MorningConsult @MisOfFact For the geek-inclined, the #dataviz I used in the above-linked piece is really straightforward and a great way to visualize directional networks using #rstats. Here's the code I used:
@ewarren @GregoryKoger @MorningConsult @MisOfFact Consistent with our finding, a new polls shows Warren leading in Iowa. h/t @daveamp…
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May I present...

This massive, data-driven @FinancialTimes magazine feature with reporting spanning five continents.

We looked at personal exposure to & the human cost of air pollution, which kills more people than car accidents, diabetes or dementia.…
We asked correspondents to carry @Plume_Labs monitor for 1-2 weeks to collect our own data, and to test hypotheses such as: Should I cycle, walk or take the tube to work in London?

(spoiler alert)
Whether rich people in São Paulo breathe better air than those living in favelas

Just how much better Beijing's air has gotten since the 2013 'airpocalypse'

Or, which is worse for you in Lagos: the diesel generators, or the traffic?
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NEW! 🎉 Still can't believe it, but I got to work with the New York Times to create a #DataViz for their Opinion section!! *happy dance*

Read about the insane amount of digital trackers you gather when you browse, well, anywhere...… @nytopinion
@nytopinion And to make it even more amazing than _just_ getting to work with the NYT. This Sunday the #dataviz will be featured in a full spread (! O.O) in the printed NYT! 🎉 *overflowing with excitement* (in a differently shaped swirl customized to fit the page too)
Can't wait to see it!
Actually, I've manually created 4 different swirls to place the websites along! It all depends on screen width :)

Using @affinitybyserif Designer on my iPad + apple pen, I could easily draw out a natural shape by hand -> adjust -> export to SVG -> use in JS + D3 program.
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Here's the user-to-user graph for 13,412 tweets containing the word "Antifa" from the past 48 hrs. @repblumenauer & @tedwheeler are there b/c people are mentioning them in tweets. The network is dominated by right wing influencers. Andy Ngo & Trump are central nodes. #PDXData
Here's the fake antifa account that was created today specifically to troll the protests in Portland.
I filtered out nodes with degree 10 or less (nodes with 10 or less edges) which removes some of the noise so you can see who all is here. The discourse surrounding keyword "antifa" is dominated by right wing social media influencers. #PDXData #Dataviz
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Si eres nuevo aquí, debes saber lo siguiente para escribir la bio de tu perfil. Porque esto no es Vietnam, en Twitter hay reglas. 👇
1) Si eres periodista independiente, pon con @ TODOS los medios con los que trabajas o TODOS los países que has cubierto en tu carrera. Y una cita interesante que cogiste de un libro, es decir, de otro.
2) Si eres periodista para un medio concreto, no te olvides de aclarar que es una cuenta personal y que tu opinión no tiene por qué coincidir con la de tu medio, no vaya a ser que te despidan por pensar.
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#LanguageTrivia: A common catchphrase in English language for speech or text being indecipherable to a person is - "It's all Greek to me!" [1/n]
The genesis of this phrase is often cited as dating back to 1599 when Shakespeare's Casca conspiring against Julius Caesar said, “Those that understood him smiled at one another and shook their heads, but, for mine own part, it was Greek to me.” [2/n]
However, prior to its usage by Shakespeare, English poet Gascoigne, circa 1566, while interpreting an Italian comedy into english wrote, "This geare (talk) is Greeke to me; either it hangs not well together, or I am very dull of understanding: speak plaine, I pray you.” [3/n]
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1/5 THE LONG WAIT IS OVER! I'm happy to announce the release of rayshader with 3D ggplots. Pull up your favorite ggplot viz and throw it into the new plot_gg() function, and watch rayshader transform it into 3D. #rstats #rayshader #dataviz

Blog post:…
2/5 You can install the package from the Github page:


Since ggplot2 is an incredibly complex package, there will certainly be bugs--if something renders oddly, leave an issue on the Github page.
3/5 Part of the reason it took so long was I wanted to a dead simple interface for 3D plots. No complex interfaces or APIs to learn-it's one line of code to transform your plot into 3D.

Check out the documentation and examples at the pkgdown website:
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{Day 1} Resources Thread

So you want to give presentations to broad audiences. Awesome!

🚨UNLESS🚨 your slides are the SAD way of presenting.

SAD = Standard Academic Delivery = SmartArt, bullet points, text-heavy, bad #dataviz, etc

Learn more 👇
🚨 ALSO 🚨

If you choose to do a webinar, then it can't be the type of webinar that encourages people to multi-task & ignore you. 😴

That's NOT effective communication or dissemination. 👏

That's just extra work & no one has time for that 😑…
If your presentations are visually engaging with beautiful #dataviz, then everything else I talk about this week will be easier and faster 🙌

Again, the purpose of this week is to help you * repurpose * materials to save time.

So let’s make sure we can repurpose those slides!
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Really not convinced by this section of the #ProsperityUK alternative arrangements proposal.

Creates two tax and regulatory borders rather than one ... and also requires Ireland to create a new tax and regulatory border within Ireland.
I have drawn a diagram to assist understanding.

Also, the logic used to argue in favour of a special economic zone on the border could very easily be expanded to argue in favour of a NI-specific backstop.

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Remember that study claiming that gut bacteria from autistic kids cause "autism-like" behaviour in mice?

I had some fun with @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h #dataviz and #opendata. It's pretty illuminating...…
OK. So you're claiming that mice show "autism-like" behaviours. You'd better have strong evidence of social impairment, right?
This is the data from the 3-chambers test - ubiquitous in mouse studies of autism.

Each box is a kid. Each dot is a mouse who received their gut bacteria from that kid's faeces sample.
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In April, the CIA declassified this image of the first-ever map drawn by a computer.… (h/t @simongerman600 & @NatSecGeek)

It was generated in January 1967 and the preceding years are chock-full of gems on #innovation, #dataviz & #intelligence. Thread.
2. The 1960s bred the perfect storm for tech-enabled transformation at the CIA. A holy trinity for #defenceinnovation? Technology + necessity + political will seems like a pretty good recipe. But organisational barriers make it less straightforward.
3. CIA maps were hardly used during the Korean War, gave a “psychological boost” to the state of intel during Cuban Missile Crisis, & were relied upon in Vietnam. Automated mapping from the late 1960s helped improve accuracy & reduce clutter, building on other tech breakthroughs,
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THREAD: I wrote a post on @observablehq about a map I made today. It shows a typical day in the life of a graphics journalist: You never know what problems you'll have to solve on deadline!… #d3js #dataviz 1/7
The task was to reproduce this map that appeared in a Nature article about how the frequency of tornadoes has changed in different parts of the U.S.… 2/7
I don't know why this thread got broken up, but you can pick it up here:
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Built my first @tableau #dataviz using @PeteGilcrease 's 2014 triplex/fourplex TCAD data. A thread for the upcoming #atxcouncil meeting today.

The different worksheets are listed next to metadata.…
More on the data, it's an extract from TCAD. I'd more thoroughly analyze the data if I were doing a statistical analysis but this is a good starting point for analyzing the state of #missingmiddle in Austin (2014).

Note: missingmiddle is more than just triplexes and fourplexes
First, number of triplex and fourplex sites by zipcode.
Second is total units.
For the data, TCAD has individual properties as a site, and then includes a unit number for that single site. (there are outliers)
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So I heard about a really bad take today, that things that are available free online aren't good enough to be worth money.

To counteract that rubbish call, here I tender a list of free, online #rstats books that I recommend above paid ones #OER
This list (of course) begins with @djnavarro's Learning statistics with R. Want a brilliant, approachable entry to both statistics and #rstats when you have no prior background, I can recommend nothing else.
Got less of a psych focus and coming from a #DataScience angle, well you must read @hadleywickham & @StatGarrett's #R4DS. It has it's own supportive community (@R4DScommunity) that you should check out also. #rstats
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No because it is not at all true. If the UK were in a customs union with the EU, nothing the EU negotiated with the US with regard to public services would have any impact on the UK because the UK would not be party to the EU’s free trade agreement with the US.
Even if the UK is in a customs union with the EU, the UK still needs to negotiate its own free trade agreements. The constraint a customs union placed on the UK’s ability to do so is that its offer on tariff concessions must be the same as the EU. Everything else up to UK.
This stuff is complicated, I get it. But everyone on all sides of the debate must do better.
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New project:

A “Bar Chart Race” animation showing the changing ranks of the 10 biggest cities in the world since 1500.

Fascinating to watch giant cities vanish after falling in conquests, and amazing that three UK cities were in the top 8 in the late 1800s.
• Full code for the animation here on @observablehq…
• I’ve tried to build this in a fairly reproducible way, such that you give it a dataset containing entity, year, value, and it does the rest
• Feedback welcome!
• Pre-1900 I’m using @nasaearthdata’s “Historical Urban Population, 3700 BC  to  2000”…
• Post-1900 it’s that merged with data from the UN and Demographia on urban agglomerations…
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[football #dataviz thread]
La 23ème journée de @Ligue1Conforama se terminait sur un choc entre @OL vs @PSG_inside hier soir pour la première défaite parisienne de la saison.
Retour en visuels sur ce match ⬇️
Bien que ce soit plus marqué côté parisien, les deux équipes ont penché sur la gauche dans leur animation offensive. Depay pour Lyon et MBappé pour Paris étant les joueurs recherchés.
Traoré peu touché et Cavani trouvé très bas, en général dos au but.
#xGtimeline : Paris a vite marqué par #DiMaria mais a ensuite été incapable de tirer à nouveau avant que Lyon n'égalise par @MDembele_10. Lyon a pris le jeu à son compte et profité d'un penalty pour passer devant.
Le modèle #xG donne Lyon vainqueur 72% du temps sur ce match.
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Hello all #dataviz fanatics! It’s time to kick off our #datavizbook #epibookclub for @kjhealy’s new book, Data Visualization.

Remember, if your book hasn’t arrived yet or you’re waiting on the library, you can read it here:

#epitwitter #datascience
This week, we’re reading the Preface and Chapter 1: Look at Data.

I’ll post some highlights from each and then I hope you’ll chime in with your thoughts, comments, questions, etc.
In the Preface we get a nice overview of the goal of this book: the why and how of good data visualization for beginners, including practical applications in R with ggplot2.

The book doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of R, & covers everything #dataviz from scatterplots to maps.
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This morning I attacked my problem of showing hierarchical clusters without just making a dendrogram tree (left pic). Lots of plots were made in through the course of the day to get to the plot on the right, so I decided to show the whole process #dataviz 1/5
First approach was putting the unclustered graph into Large Graph Layout. I have to consult my own blogpost to run the program, so I guess write for yourself The graph is too dense for even the magic bullet of LGL to get good separation w/o clustering 2/5
Next series of plots in R with ggraph, still using unclustered graph. The graph is too dense to all of these, but they look cool. 3/5
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I’m feeling festive! I want to spread the cheer this holiday season by giving the #GiftOfCode for making beautiful figures! #EpiTwitter #StatsTwitter

When I was starting out, I remember how it would take HOURS to get my figures looking just right.

Nothing was more valuable than example code for learning different #DataViz options 🎁
First up:

These options in #stata for making this graph presentation-ready!

adjustrcspline, link(logit) scheme(vg_palec) ///
ylabel(, nogrid angle(horizontal)) ///
xtitle("X (Units)", size(medium)) ytitle("Outcome Risk (%)", size(medium)) ///
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14/ Tourism opportunity for Africa.

China spends most on tourism.
Africa abounds in natural wonders.
Africa is great value for tourism.
Chinese are familiar with Africa due to recent huge investments.

cc @funmioyatogun

15/ Happy to see the US waking up to Africa.

African prosperity is inevitable, likely by Bastille Day 2061, centenary of African wave of freedom.

We need a positive economic role in Africa without losing our values.

16/ Cheetahs are stirring all across Africa. African prosperity is inevitable, likely by Bastille Day 2061.

Cheetah @funmioyatogun tweets poetry. Her authentic wonder and excitement comes through. Her exquisite language is a pleasure to read.

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Não deu pra ir no #codabr18? Foi, mas queria mesmo era se clonar pra ver as muitas atividades simultâneas? A gente reuniu quase 40 apresentações e recursos didáticos usados nas mesas, bootcamps e workshops! Conhecimento bom é conhecimento aberto! #ddj…
Vamos revisitar aos poucos as apresentações do #CodaBr18 :

Na abertura, o @albertocairo abordou a democratização da visualização de dados, falando de sua busca para que esta prática se torne uma linguagem universal 🌐…
@viegasf falou de suas pesquisas sobre inteligência artificial, #dataviz e inovação no Google. Aqui, você confere a oficina que ela deu sobre Interpretação e Fairness em Machine Learning
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