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Jan 9 11 tweets 4 min read
Bill sponsor aiming to force Missouri churches to have signage in holy places about guns *knows* faith leaders are currently able to allow guns in church, if they choose to.
Extremist politicians mandating what religious institutions do in sacred spaces--it's just wrong. #moleg
Image Discussing the portion of the bill that would force buses & trains to allow people to carry hidden, loaded handguns. Rep. @PeterforMO says in ~6 years he's seen this bill presented he has yet to hear feedback from constituents who use transit who'd feel safer under the bill. Rep. Peter Merideth discusses the history of legislation to force public transit to allow people to carry hidden, loaded handguns with the sponsor of HB 1708, Rep. Schnelting
Mar 1, 2023 7 tweets 5 min read
Listening to #moleg debate legislation that can hand control over policing in St. Louis to GOP politicians. Instead of heated rhetoric on alleged "demonization" of police officers, lawmakers should be working to address our state's weak safety laws that hamstring police. #SAPA As this lawmaker from St. Louis exurbs lists an array of gun crimes in his area--blaming St. Louis for his community's problems--is mentioning the Missouri Chamber of Commerce's recommendations on crime. Let's look at their recommendations then. Public safety is a business issue.
Feb 1, 2022 29 tweets 14 min read
Back at #moleg early this morning for a Senate hearing on SB666, a dangerous and unnecessary expansion of Stand Your Ground law in Missouri. Looking forward to hearing lots of powerful testimony—and then whatever it is that the gun lobby is here to say. @momsdemand Under current law, law-abiding Missourians have the right to self-defense, including with means of deadly force. However, Stand Your Ground laws encourage armed vigilantism by allowing a person to shoot and kill another person in public even when they can walk away safely #moleg
Jan 31, 2022 14 tweets 7 min read
Two #moleg House bills being heard now that would force more hidden, loaded guns on public buses and trains. Missouri is a permitless carry state--since 2017 we've had no requirement to have any kind of training or background checks to conceal carry. HB 1462 and 1660 require CCW. Rep. Richard Brown--who rides KC buses regularly--questions sponsors, citing conversations with many fellow riders who want to be able to ride without people carrying guns on the bus. He's concerned about the application of this bill: more and more people carrying guns. #moleg