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22 Apr
1/n #CovidManagement If every State Govt had war gamed Oxygen production-transportation-last mile connectivity in their respective states and screamed ‘help’ in 2020, the current sit would not have come. This EXACTLY is called governance. What use is NDRF-SDRF ?
2/n #CovidManagement Last Jun-November I did three to four long threads and one tweet suggested a Central Command Centre to coordinate nation wide Covid Management. Remember the media centre of Commonwealth games in Delhi? It was absolute beauty. On same lines we needed one.
3/n #CovidManagement I suggested having one central coordinator to handle and direct the disaster. Health, Police, Railways, Transport, Army, assets of election commission etc. 100% in a command centre with the head being given Cabinet Rank. This is GOVERNANCE.
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15 Apr
1/n #CovidTestUnderstanding A very interesting read Covid Test. I am from Commerce, Military, Business and non-science background. I read a lot and quest for knowledge is insatiable. A simple conversation converted to such knowledge mine. Go through.
2/n #CovidTestUnderstanding Message to me-

“Xyzee’s mum and Abc’s entire Nani house has Covid after getting their first does of vaccine. Papa you have to be very careful.”

Read response of a brilliant young scientist on our group.👇🏻
3/n #CovidTestUnderstanding Getting a positive test after taking the vaccine doesn’t mean they have COVID.
- the test could be wrong (can happen to anyone and applies to before/after vaccine)
- an antibody test should always come out positive after taking the vaccine (the vaccine
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7 Apr
1/2 Those making an issue out of 1 mn Euro ‘bribe’ can work what percentage is 1 of 900? These guys have no idea of defence equipment commissions. It is are not about commission to cost ratio, it’s about commission to ‘budgeting’ ratio. Haven’t heard of such bribes in last 7 yrs.
2/n Having worked in this industry since last 15 yrs, I have seen two periods, 2007-2013 & 2013-2021 and continuing. I am in Delhi. The epicentre of defence budget. The number of middlemen 2007-2013 were in thousands. I would take a round of parking to count Porches & Jaguars.
3/n You just had to know important offices in procurement chain and check parking! The 2nd place was pre-bid meetings whether Defence or MHA process. The who’s who would attend. While Indian companies were represented by employees, these represented foreign firms.
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4 Apr
1/n @adgpi @pmo Since 2016 I am writing on #OneArmyOneUniform Read thread of 2016 here👉🏻and second thread in 2020 at trail👇🏻 here. Each year I have brought this up. I read Indian Express… Today I write “why this is inadequate”
2/n #OneArmyOneUniform If @adgpi and @PMOIndia does not take concrete measures today, you will pass in history as people who knew I was talking truth but you did not have courage to implement. 1. Ask any cadet who reports for training in NDA, AFA, NA, IMA, OTA....
3/n #OneArmyOneUniform if they know how to ‘read’ a uniform. Unless with past experience, all are clueless. The day Army cadets are commissioned their eyes become eagle-sharp. They know lanyards, belts, logos, black, brass, colour code, cane, pouch belts- EACH is seed of NEPOTISM
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16 Mar
CORONA ruined my three trips in 2020 to meet my unit widows and few army widows. I start my road trip travelling to their villages in remote Punjab, Himachal and J&K on 19 Mar. I will give you actual life of forces widows. Four days, 2000 km, own expenditure & no favours.
2/n #MeetingForcesWidows #RoadTrip Day-1, 19 Mar, Left Delhi by road on my thrice-a-year pilgrimage to meet Forces Widows and their school-college going children. Missed 2020 due to Corona else since 2006 never missed meeting them each year. A 260 km drive to first destination.
3/n #MeetingForcesWidows #RoadTrip With no-touching-cash, we reimburse 100% tuition fees to the widows and ensure that no child discontinues education up to post graduation. The unique Benefactor to Beneficiary model ensures 100% money is transferred by donor to widow DIRECTLY.
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12 Mar
#CyclingTips I qualify to give cycling tips after picking up cycling at 57, breaking a shoulder at 60 and resuming cycling at 61. Will give tips to cyclists with just one aim, SAFETY. If I can pick up at 57, you can too. #Tip Start with personal gear. More later. Gyara Murti ImageImage
2. #CyclingTips Your personal gear is NOT FASHION. It is necessity. Wear skin tight leggings or shorts, reflective and fluorescent shirt, shoes with laces rolled and tightly tucked inside shoe, hand gloves-half gloves in summer (palms sweat and slip off), HELMET is mandatory.
3. #CyclingTips This gear is necessary since your exposure to road is a 1000 times more than when not cycling. Each metre cycled must be safe. If you want ADD elbow and knee guards. Cycling shorts/leggings are special. They have thick padding for bums and crotch. It is required.
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6 Dec 20
1/n SUNDAY-FUNDAY Bringing you 14 MILITARY TALES for sheer fun of reading and enjoying. 1st-
BOLE SO NIHAAL-SAAT-SRI-AAKAAL… Many years in Punjab have made me more 'Sikh' than most Sikhs. 'Nit Name' & 'Ardas' are part of my daily prayers from last 30 years
2nd - RISING SUN AND A MILLION DOLLAR SMILE : ARUNACHAL PRADESH : MENCHUKA 1987… Adi tribe was spread over the mountain slopes. Widely interspersed by distances. Small rivulets joined the main river..
3rd-WILD ELEPHANTS : POOP THAT SHOOK ME… How close have you been to a herd of wild elephants? I never desired it but….the smell of wild elephants….
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4 Dec 20
1/n My effort to continuously improve your experience on my website, which has large number of varied topics, I have added 'TAGS" that will help you read just what 'you' want to read and not everything I write.

The website has six categories.
2/n Each category deals with a specific subject. All articles are held category wise. You did not have a choice earlier to sub divide as per subjects. The reader experience has been taken a step higher by introducing 'TAGS". Each Tag is a specific subject and regardless......
3/n of which category it belongs, the tags pick up similar topics from all six categories. I will explain it with help of one Category.



Military Tales…
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14 Nov 20
1/n SAMMAAN AUR JUBAAN - HONOUR AND COMMITMENT-Happy Diwali to all of you. May this festival bring out the goodness in each one of us.

I launched something today and pray to God to let me succeed.

A Twitter friend is developing an app for “Sammaan Aur Jubaan”. Contd...,
2/n SAMMAAN AUR JUBAAN - HONOUR AND COMMITMENT-Keeping the Honour of Forces Widows and Commitment given by good human beings, Sammaan aur Jubaan is about being HUMANE. Happy Diwali to all of you. May this festival bring out the goodness in each one of us. We believe that :
3/n We believe that :
1. There is no dearth of good human beings. 2. These good human beings are always ready to help needy. 3. They don’t know how to help and if they donate does it ever reach the intended person? 4. They simply sit tight.
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12 Sep 20
1/n #MeSanjayPandeThinks 12 Sep 2020 #DidYouKnow ??

Why is India looking at Army, Navy and Air Force Chiefs? Do they really matter?

MoD has five Secretaries heading different departments.
2/n 1/4 #MeSanjayPandeThinks 12 Sep 2020 #DidYouKnow ??
MoD has five Secretaries heading different departments.

1. MoD Secretary No.1-Department of Defence (DoD). The “Defence Secretary” heads DoD responsible for the defence of India, preparation for defence and all acts .....
3/n #MeSanjayPandeThinks 12 Sep 2020 #DidYouKnow ?

....all acts as may be conducive in times of war. He is tasked to ensure the defence of the country and not that of the Service Chiefs, nor of the President or PM.
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4 Sep 20
1/n #ChinaInQuagmire2020 This is a new thread that will cover Politico-Military quagmire China finds itself in today. This thread should ideally be read after reading my thread covering 58 years of paralysis post 1962. Is has hashtag #IndoChinaCrisis2020

2/n #ChinaInQuagmire2020 Since 1987, when at five years service I was posted to Arunachal, China fascinated me. The more I tried to read and find about its military-the more blanks I hit. Fascination was converted to intrigue, intrigue to SHOCK. I would discuss China with .....
3/n #ChinaInQuagmire2020 .seniors, Staff Course qualified officers, Divisional Staff, Sand Models and courses, a common trait came out. WE WERE CLUELESS. Old Int reports, apology in place of Chinese ORBAT. After Arunachal had a year break and found myself in Chushul-Pangong Tso
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30 Aug 20
1/n #VeteranOrOrphan VETERAN OR ORPHAN : Ever thought that the immaculately turned up jawans on Rajpath smartly marching are soon to become Orphans? Veteran Orphans. Strange isn’t it? I introduce you to the DARK WORLD OF A SOLDIER AFTER RETIREMENT.
2/n #VeteranOrOrphan Age at retirement
👉🏻Sub Major-51-52 yrs(-8 to -9 yrs)
👉🏻Sub-47-48yrs (-12 to -13yrs)
👉🏻Niab Sub by 44-46yrs (-14 to -16 yrs)
👉🏻Hav by 40-41yrs (-19 to -20 yrs)
👉🏻Naik-39-40yrs (-20 to -21 yrs)
👉🏻Sepoy-35-37yrs (-23 to -25 yrs)
In ‘-‘ yrs left to attain 60yrs
👉🏻Subedar Major - 0.2 %
👉🏻Subedar - 2 %
👉🏻Niab Subedar by - 3 %
👉🏻Havildar by - 10 %
👉🏻Naik - 20 %
👉🏻Sepoy - 65 %


95% of jawans you see in RD Parade will face UNEMPLOYMENT for 20-25 years
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29 Aug 20
1/n #VeteranAndWidowDIAV DIRECTORATE OF INDIAN ARMY VETERANS -An org created to look after Army Widows and Veterans.@adgpi Is it true that DIAV retains 7% of all donations it receives for Widows & Veterans? If yes, for what purpose? If no, a rebuttal should be issued immediately
2/n #VeteranAndWidowDIAV I will be doing a thread shortly covering JUST one aspect. DIAV has published a document for public consumption that covers benefits to Widows and Veterans. Often civilians tell me that they don’t understand anything. I will go page by page and explain.
3/n #VeteranAndWidowDIAV DIAV HANDBOOK 2020, 22 pages. I will take you through each page & each line. Never forget, this handbook compiles everything the Central Govt or MoD offers. Just understand. I promise surprises. Image
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24 Aug 20
1/n My thread on #KashmirThroughMyEyes talks about how abrogation of Article 370 broke the back of #CounterInsurgencyIndustry in Kashmir. Everyone milked Kashmir. With one stroke the spine of this industry was broken. That was Kashmir. What was the bigger game?
2/n I now do a thread on #MilkingPakistanBogey on how Milking Pakistan was a full time job of politicians, military men, bureaucrats, middlemen and commission agents. It paid to keep Pakistan as Enemy No.1. How did a country with 1/20th of our GDP become a national passion?
3/n #MilkingPakistanBogey Galwan has broken spine of the Pakistan Bogey lot. Balakot- ‘Hamne ghus ke mara’ to going back to 1971 when breaking Pakistan into two was the biggest event exploited by IG. From Indira Gandhi to current PM, story was same. NOT ANY MORE.
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4 Aug 20
1/n #ChinaGoogly Please understand, China has NO specific point of Startegic Intetest in Ladakh. Every inch of ground of Himalayas, highest points as seen from China overlooking India is CHINAs STRATEGIC INTEREST. Shakshgam Valley, J&K to Kibothoo, Arunachal Pradesh
2/n #ChinaGoogly is of China’s Strategic Interest. This massive 4000-5000km CONCAVE curved Himalayas help China. All points are accessible. By concentrating troops near border in one region and holding back in depth in another confuses India. China follows every.......
3/n #ChinaGoogly... every Strateguc Expert, Defence Writers, TV Panelists, Veterans, Columnists, International Writers AND the Government overtly and covertly. What is India throwing up? China will focus on Depsang, Pangong Tso and couple of more places. It’s FINITE.
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14 Jul 20
1/n #Nepotism A word associated with Politics & Bollywood. There are organisations where it runs deeper. It’s blasphemy if you talk. Politics & Bollywood identify nepotism with own generations. We have orgs where strange connections make a family. Nepotism is like ambient noise.
2/n #Nepotism Everybody knows nepotism in Think Tanks, Boards of Corporations, NGOs, Academia, Media, Charity Org & how they influence tax, safety, reg, health, edu policies. This is not the nepotism I talk of. This is juvenile. It’s just Money. I really don’t care. There is more
3/n #Nepotism in Government, Bureaucracy, Military and ANY organisation that deals with country, national security, national interests etc. is far more dangerous that commercially motivated nepotism like in Bollywood, Politics etc. This dangerous #Nepotism is not to be spoken.
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11 Jul 20
1/n #IndoChinaCrisis2020 If this doesn’t open our eyes and shake us nothing will. Rigidity of thoughts, being blind to reality, arrogance of rulers supported by spineless ‘jee huzoor’ variety of military advisers brings us to knees. India is silent today. Silence is deafening.
2/n #IndoChinaCrisis2020 Everybidy is silent. Generals, Strategists, hi flying panelists, intellectuals and the creme-de-la-creme Security Advisors who ‘screamed’ are silent. The people, the Genersls & the strategists who ask questions are villains. Towing line is ‘Nationalism’.
3/n #IndoChinaCrisis2020 I have asked a 100 questions covering 58 years, 1962-2020, but there are no answers. It’s extremely easy to split these 58 years into Congress & BJP & start a mud slinging match. It suits both, why? Simply because it splits 58 years and deflects attention
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4 Jul 20
1/n Stunned by a couple, 70&67yrs age, educated, who kept on defending Ramdev-Patanjali CORONIL. What knowledge this couple has? Why convince me that a ‘solution’ has been found? What is this blind Bhakti? Are we a nation of IDIOTS? World mocks at us.
2/n Within a month of lockdown we had inventors of Ventilators, mass manufacture by Maruti, Mahindra jumped, medicines were found, IITs jumped in fray, AIIMS & others announced success. WTF ??? Where are they now? Cases hit SIX LACS on 01 July. Are be a bunch of unethical liars?
3/n #CoronaFraud Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial & numerous other top institutes are struggling for a solution, here we have everything. From vaccine to medicines, from ventilators to hospitals.Are these leading institutes manned by idiots? Why does establishment fool India?
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24 Jun 20
1/n #SunTzuWithMe Everyone has heard about Sun Tzu. ‘Art of War’ must have sold millions of copies. 2500 years and it still hits bulls eye!! I will, over a period, take you through what exactly did he write and how does it effect us, governance, business and life? Contd...
2/n #SunTzuWithMe 2500 yrs back he pointed out a BIG FLAW in Chinese Army. Officers in Administration studied ‘military tactics’ late in service and came to command while actual military officers could never reach highest levels. FAMILIAR?? NSA? DefSecy? Cadre Offrs? IPS?
3/n #SunTzuWithMe These people without experience ‘directed operations’ in time of war while experienced military officers executed. This system brought disaster to the Army. What he write then can be seen today. #Galwan Do not play with organisation is the simple lesson.
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24 Jun 20
#HomeAyurveda Has anyone modified his lifestyle without taking any Allopathic medicines? Steroids? Or even Ayurvedic medicines? Today it’s THREE YEARS that I havnt suffered from even common cold. I wish to share my journey. Interested? It’s #HomeAyurveda All in home. All at home.
2/n #HomeAyurveda Here I start. Just read it, understand it, and apply yourself. This is my own experience in ‘pre-emptive’ use of daily use home items to take care of health. I have gone in great details on how I got there. I am sure you have your stories to share.
3/n #HomeAyurveda Three yrs back it all started with wapp forward of long list of home remedies for xyz. Over 100 of them. I must fall sick, remember the saved list, start digging well and then find out that ingredients are not there at home.
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21 Jun 20
1/6 #KYV (KNOW YOUR VETERAN) India must take note. #Galwan has clearly displayed division of Veterans in three distinct groups.

#ApoliticalVeterans who only talk of India, nothing less nothing more. They express opinion fearlessly, do not exploit situation, do not ....contd

#ApoliticalVeterans not serve any master and do not compromise on integrity.
I am a ‘declared’ Apolitical Veteran. My 41K tweets say that. There are many many like me. Rank is immaterial. Views matter. Just read #Galwan issues.

#PoliticalVeterans Whether in BJP, Congress or any party. Their only task is to push party agenda, smear truth, put troll gangs to hound opinions, LIE shamelessly, insult integrity and throw RANK as ‘convincing’ factor. To them....
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