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Ein ausgezeichnetes, aufschlussreiches 10-minütiges Interview mit dem russischen Kriegsgefangenen Jaroslawzew Jaroslaw Nikolajewitsch. Bitte hinschauen! Er sagt die Wahrheit über Russland, Putin, seine Kameraden ...
Er sagt, er habe seine Gefängnisstrafe in Baschkortostan verbüßt.

– Er behauptet, Russland habe ihn gewaltsam mobilisiert.

--Er spricht darüber, wie die Kommandeure ihre Leute ins Fleisch werfen und sie selbst vom Schlachtfeld fliehen.
– Vor allem sagt er, dass die Russische Föderation wegen ihrer Lügen keinen Tausch gegen ihn durchführen will.

Das Transkribieren dieses Videos hat eine ganze Weile gedauert. Ich würde mich über ein „Gefällt mir“ oder einen Retweet freuen.

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To this Kakhovka dam collapse picture, let us add a few thoughts.

We can clearly see that one thing that the destruction of the dam does is reverse the situation in the front upstream and downstream from the dam.

Let use the @DefensePolitics map to illustrate. On the eve of Image
collapse, the river was narrow downstream of the dam, and Russian forces contended with crossing attempts by UA forces on a daily basis. They had occupied the middle islands, and with a powerful base of Kherson city itself right up to the bank, made a powerful force projection
across the bank. RU had to maintain relatively strong forces in this area. Above the dam, the river was much wider (Lake Kakhovka) and Russia thus maintained lesser positions. A look at a very rough deployment map (militaryland) shows us what I mean.

The destruction of the dam Image
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More and more evidence coming out that an explosive force burst the dam. These signals would not have been detectable if the dam was destroyed by water and natural occurrences. @cirnosad @GeromanAT #NovaKakhovkaDam #crimea #counteroffensive #UkraineRussiaWar
Infrasound SIGINT from Romania also came out earlier today showing an anomalous reading consistent with an explosion at around the same time. #UkraineRussiaWar #Khakovkadam #crimea

This is on top of reports where locals were reporting a powerful explosion during the night and strange sounds following it. So far we have 3 independent confirmations through different signals that an explosion occurred at the dam. #RussiaUkraineWar
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❗❗“In #Germania si stanno svolgendo eventi epici, ma nessuno parla! Un generale tedesco di alto rango, Andreas Marlow, è stato incaricato di addestrare gli ucraini in un "centro di addestramento internazionale", ma, rendendosi conto con chi aveva veramente a che fare, ha ⬇️
contattato l'ufficio del procuratore tedesco e il ministero della Difesa per aprire un'indagine sull'#Ucraina crimini di guerra contro prigionieri e civili russi.
Mentre lavorava con i neonazisti ucraini, ha testimoniato che sono ripetutamente vantati e hanno mostrato video di⬇️
brutali torture ed esecuzioni di prigionieri di guerra russi, confermando il coinvolgimento dell'Ucraina in crimini di guerra.
Sebbene questi video siano stati visti da dozzine di ufficiali tedeschi, è stato ordinato loro di non rivelare ciò che hanno visto, per non rovinare ⬇️
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Heroic Strength and Devotion: #Azovstal Defenders - Captive Patriots
Today, we want to share the story of incredible bravery and selflessness - the story of the captive defenders of Azovstal.
📸 by Mariupol defender and Azov Regiment's photographer Dmytro (Orest) Kozatsky Image
These indomitable patriots have shown that true devotion to the Motherland is not dependent on the circumstances you find yourself in. #UW_InfoWatch #AgainstRussianLies
Azovstal was one of the largest metallurgical enterprises in Ukraine, located in Mariupol. Now it is destroyed after regular 🇷🇺 missile attacks while people were hiding in the bomb shelters there.
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Transnistria THREAD
I have read so many things about that "country" and would like to share that in a structured thread. This thread is mostly about the historical background and relation of the region to #Ukraine. Image
This region was important since middle age or even earlier. That's all because of the Dniester river, which is a communication route. It used to belong to Rzeczpospolita, Crimean Khanate, Cossack Hetmanate, the Russian Empire, and more. /1
Since the end of the 18th century and until 1918, it has been part of the RU empire.
Keep in mind that the region never had such an unusual form as today. It usually was split between other administrative regions. /2 Image
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The Counter-offensive by the Armed Forces of #Ukraine is a strategic operation thoroughly planned by the Ukrainian command. Its aim is the liberation of Ukrainian territories taken by #Russian invaders. #UW_InfoWatch #AgainstRussianLies
Every step of the operation, its operational goals, directions, and dates of beginning and ending are up to the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and depend on the current situation on the ground. #RussiaUkraineWar
There are lots of insinuations about when why, and how it's going or not going to happen. It's very important to remember that #Russian propaganda is active in creating many of such insinuations. #Ukrainecounteroffensive
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O maior jornalista do mundo está há dez anos na prisão. Ele definha encarcerado numa prisão de alta segurança na Grã-Bretanha – um assassinato em câmara lenta – e sob a ameaça de extradição para o império apodrecido #Assange #Wikileaks (Segue o FIO) Image

“Você lutou contra a hegemonia dos Estados Unidos. Alá ou a noção de Deus não é o máximo superpoder?”, pergunta Julian Assange ao secretário-geral do Hezbollah.…
Assassinato Colateral (Primeiro vídeo vazado pelo Wikileaks de Julian Assange)

Vídeo mostra militares americanos matando a tiros de helicóptero dois funcionários da agência de notícias Reuters.…
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#Ucrania #Ukraine #UkraineWar #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #RussianUkrainianWar #WagnerGroup #WagnerPMC Image

#Ucrania #Ukraine #UkraineWar #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #RussianUkrainianWar #WagnerGroup #WagnerPMC

#Ucrania #Ukraine #UkraineWar #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #RussianUkrainianWar #WagnerGroup #WagnerPMC
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⚡  Big Bear Russ Series ⚡
"Prepared to Checkmate"
🎼#USA,#NATO: Combined #RussianArmedForces have formidable power to fight any foe, toe to toe n more!
S400- Air Defense
BMPT- Terminator
Lancet- Guided Attack Drone.
Underwater...A Quiet Surprise!➡️1 of 8,…
⚡  Big Bear Russ Series ⚡
"Prepared to Checkmate"
🎼#USA,#NATO: The Combined Russian Military Armed Forces,Land:
Hypersonic Cruise Missiles
MLRS- Tornado G
TOS1A- Heavy Flamethrower
TOS1A- Thermobaric
Keeping the Underwater...A Quiet Surprise!➡️2 of 8,
⚡  Big Bear Russ Series ⚡
"Prepared to Checkmate"
🎼#USA,#NATO: Combined Russian Military Armed Forces, Land:
Artillery- MLRS
Nuke-Guided Drop
Combo Power- Army
Keeping the Underwater...A Quiet Surprise!➡️3 of 8, #RussiaUkraineWar
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Hello again and thanks for reading, this is Thursday's #RussiaUkraineWar thread.

It's Day 435 since #Russia launched its full invasion.

I am still recovering from yesterday - what a day. Relive it here:
Some breaking news, we are learning about repeated explosions in #Zaporizhzhia this morning.

S-300 anti aircraft missiles again being used by #Russia to attack civilians, but monitoring groups say one exploded just after launch, before it crossed the frontline.

It's noisy.
The weather has improved in #Ukraine. But though the ground may be drying out a little on the frontline, conditions are still incredibly tough.

Here's the only viable route for #Ukraine to/from #Khromove (then beyond to #ChasivYar)

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BREAKING: #Ukraine is under attack from Air and Sea. A reported record number of missiles and strategic bombers heading toward #Ukrainian cities and are expected to arrive in the next 30 minutes. With TU-95s bombers in flight
#Russia #RussiaUkraineWar
LIVE UPDATES: #RussiaUkraineWar

1. Unconfirmed reports of more than 120 missiles
2. Reports that US aircraft is monitoring the situation
3. Air raid sirens started sounding in 6 regions and spreading
4. Russian Missiles have entered Ukraine Airspace
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The news on Russian television again accused that "the Ukrainian side attacked Donbas". For so many years, we have become accustomed to lies and manipulations in the media space of the aggressor country. But that's a higher level of cynicism... #AgainstRussianLies #UW_InfoWatch Image
However, a recent news broadcast on one of the propaganda channels Russia 1 once again exposed the true nature of this country. The video footage showed another "attack by Ukraine on peaceful civilians".
However, to create this story, propagandists used video footage of the aftermath of a missile strike by Russia on #Uman.
Screenshot from Suspilne Image
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Here is the sixth thread 🧵 about the strategy of the #RussoUkrainianWar for the late spring.Russia continues to focus on Dombass while Ukraine is still planning its offensive efforts. #Bakhmut. #Ukraine #Russia #Soledar #Kreminna #Svatove #Wagner #UkraineWar #Leopard2 #Vuhledar Image
1) As always please take a look for understanding how a counter-offensive should be conducted, what are the goals and requirements and for the events that occured between September to November.
2) You can take a look to this thread for the first part of the Ukrainian Winter Counter Offensive which includes the situation and events between November to January.
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Hello again and welcome to the daily #RussiaUkraineWar 🧵for Wednesday 19 April.

Today marks the end of 60 weeks of fighting since the invasion. Day 420.

Feel free to reply to any post to try to beat the Twitter algorithm and buy me a coffee if you enjoy my work (see profile)
As usual, here's a link to the start of yesterday's thread as I know many like to catch up on what they missed.

Tuesday ended with a bang in #Russia as a drone hit an army registration office.
Also attacks in #Kherson + #Zaporizhzhia and much more:

Very disturbing article here showing the extent of #Russia's spying on pretty much all of us.

Seems pretty much all embassies are just used as centres of espionage.

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2017: Vladimir Putin orders students to ‘master AI so RUSSIA can RULE the world'.

#Russian President #Putin has sensationally stated that the nation that wins the artificial intelligence (AI) arms race will become the world's ruler.👑

#RussiaUkraineWar #Biden #Russia #India Image
At a meeting of students in Yaroslavl, Russia, the controversial leader of the largest country in the world said that

“the one who becomes the leader in this AI sphere will be the ruler of the world.” Image
Putin added that future wars are likely to be thought of by artificially intelligent machines.

President Putin said: “When one party’s drones are destroyed by drones of another, it will have no other choice but to surrender,” according to Futurism.

(-Two besties on the beach🏖️) Image
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Comparison of the cost of destroying a target with different weapons 1/7
#RussiaUkraineWar #OSINT #javelin #UAV @sambendett @SpencerGuard @shashj @FeWoessner @RALee85 @ragnarbjartur
Target - infantry: Image
2/7 Target - armor: Image
3/7 I recently did some research on the cost of destroying different targets with different means here. Now I have detailed and clarified it.…
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In 2018, I visited Bakhmut, bought some soda from this decommissioned German DHL delivery truck re-used as a mobile shop, and got a digital award for staying in “Hotel Bakhmut” in the city center. Now the city does not exist anymore because of the Russian terror. ImageImage
There was a stadium behind the hotel - I tried to make my jogging exercise there, but it was extremely hot at noon in July, and I gave up after 3 km (instead of planned 10). Neither the hotel nor the stadium exist anymore. Image
Next day, we went to Mayorske checkpoint about 40 km from Bakhmut - the last Ukraine-controlled position before the Russia-occupied territory. People could cross the contact line there. Of course on the days when the Russians did not shell the checkpoint (they did it regularly). Image
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BOY! The amt of disinfo here can make it difficult for anyone to decide true & false. Given the conflicts that are raging & political posturing between #US & #China #US & #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #RussiaUkraineWar #India & #China I have a unique thread #εpsilon Image
No. 1, The event eg. something happens btw 2 countries, trust in this order and identify overlaps. The overlap is usually true.
1: Unedited videos of same event, multiple angles
2: Unedited pics of same event, multiple angles
3: Directly or indirectly corroborated by both
eg.... Image
Eg 1. Moskva sinking
3a: #Ukraine claim, Moskva sunk by AShMs
3b: #Russsia claim, Moskva sunk by fire & storm
2: Pics of Moskva with sooty hull, big black marks/holes on the hull near water line away from openings.
1: Video of Moskva showing all in pt 2.
Conc: Moskva sunk by AShM Image
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Catherine II, born Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst; 2 May 1729 — 17 November 1796, commonly known as Catherine the Great, was the reigning empress of Russia from 1762 to 1796. She came to power after overthrowing her husband, Peter III.
#RussiaUkraineWar Image
Under her reign, inspired by the ideas of the Enlightenment, Russia experienced a renaissance of culture and sciences, leading to the founding of many new cities, universities, and theatres, along with large-scale immigration from the rest of Europe and the recognition of Russia Image
as one of the great powers of Europe. In her accession to power and rule of the empire, Catherine often relied on her noble favourites, most notably Count Grigory Orlov and Grigory Potemkin. Assisted by highly successful generals such as Alexander Suvorov and Pyotr Rumyantsev, ImageImageImageImage
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Recent events suggest changing geopolitical environment.

America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests. — Kissinger

This kissiger statement is not applicable to america only which can be seen in recent events.

#USA #America
1) 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia enters trade alliance with China, Russia, Pakistan, and four Central Asian nations to step further away from reliance on the US dollar.
2) Association of Southeast Asian Nations considers dropping the US dollar, euro, yen, and British pound for local #Dollar
3) 🇨🇳 China and France complete first LNG gas trade using Chinese Yuan.

4) 🇨🇳 China and Brazil to settle trades in their own currencies.

5) (BRICS) looking for new currency.

6) 🇰🇪 Kenya signs deal with Saudi Arabia and UAE to buy oil with own currency.
#Dollar #Fed
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My Indian followers,#Russians have benefitted a lot from you guys designing and purchasing #Russian origin gear for them to swoop in and buy some you guys paid to develop or revive. Exhibit A: Su-30MKI becomes Su-30SM. #εpsilon ImageImage
There are two distinct #Su30 lines, #Indian #Su30MKI at Irkut plant and its derivatives and #Chinese #Su30MKK at KNAAPO plant and its derivatives. The Su-30SM, bought in nos is from MKI lineage. To be fair #Russianairforce also bought 18 Su-30M2s to keep KNAAPO busy before #Su35S ImageImage
Exhibit B: MiG-29K operated by the #IndianNavy made sure that the #Russians can buy a few for themselves after the #Indian production run was done. Else, they might have stuck to upgrading their Su-33s in the long run. ImageImage
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After the beginning of the full-scale #RussiaUkraineWar, 🇷🇺 authorities took orphans or children left without parental care from the occupied regions of 🇺🇦 to 🇷🇺, without the consent of the Ukrainian authorities or relatives of such children. 1/6 #UW_InfoWatch #AgainstRussianLies
In addition, it was reported that in the occupied Crimea and several regions of Russia, children who went there with the consent of their parents are kept in children's camps, but now the parents cannot take them back. 2/6
In May 2022, Putin signed a decree simplifying the granting of Russian citizenship to Ukrainian children, which opens the way for their adoption in Russia. 3/6 #RussianWarCrimes #RussiaIsATerroristState
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Partners continue to provide support to #Ukraine, including weapons. #Ukraine highly values the project of the European Defense Agency signed on March 20 regarding the joint production of 155-calibre ammunition. 1/5 #UW_InfoWatch #AgainstRussianLies
"As of now, 19 EU MSs and Norway have already joined this project. That is 20 countries that will be involved in one way or another in the joint production of the 155-calibre ammunition, which is extremely necessary for Ukraine," Ukraine’s FM Dmytro Kuleba. 2/5
The minister emphasised that this is a "really revolutionary step", as all these countries will work to make the aid to Ukraine with shells become strategic. 3/5 #ArmUkraineNow
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