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“Russia invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine…no threat whatsoever to Russia…this is and remains a Russian frontal assault on the rules based international order that has been in place for 80 years" - General Milley today #RussiaUkraineWar
"their [Russia’s] military stocks rapidly depleting, their soldier are demoralized, untrained, unmotivated conscripts and convicts and their leadership is failing them..."
"Yet free people will not return to the shackles of tryanny. Ukrainians remains defiant with steel in their spine and courage in their veins & they have the broad support of the United States and the international community...Ukraine remains strong. They are capable and trianed"
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We all see many statements about war losses that are difficult to put together.
How can Ukraine lose 5 times fewer killed and at the same time the total number of losses is called 200K/120K in Ru/Ua?
I will try to explain it briefly:
#RussiaUkraineWar #RussianArmy
1. Different ratio of killed/wounded
In the Russian army, the ratio of killed/wounded troops is usually called 1/3. In the Ukrainian army - 1/7-1/8, and sometimes even as much as 1/10 or more.
There is a great point @shashj about this:
2. Different types of troops
When they talk about the losses of the Russian army, they usually mean the regular troops of Ru. But in addition, more than 50K "LDNR", 50K "Wagner", and several thousand volunteer battalions such as "Bars", "Rusich" and others.
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🇺🇸 - 🇨🇳

The #US @DeptofDefense just announced that #Russia was supplying "highly enriched Uranium" to #China.

Now, why would China do that?

A brief 🧵

What is highly enriched Uranium?

Basically, Uranium comes in many atomic configuration. U-238 is the most common & U-235 is the one we get the energy from.
Depending on the concentration of U-235 we call it: natural, low-enriched (for energy) or high-enriched (for weapons).
However, not all highly-enriched Uranium (HEU) is created equal. HEU covers anything with more than 20% U-235. But, nuclear weapons require at least 80% U-235; modern ones contain 85% and more.

Still, we don't know how highly enriched the #Russian Uranium for #China is.
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Terrorist russia today spent about $500 million on another massive missile attack on peaceful Ukrainian cities. Why are they doing this? Kill civilians. Destroy civilian infrastructure. And once again prove to the world that they are fascists and terrorists.…
Terrorists of the Russian Federation have launched 81 launches of various-based missiles:
- 28 X-101 / X-555;
- 20 Caliber;
- 6 X-22;
- 6 X-47 "dagger";
- 8 2 - X-31P; 6 - X-59;
-13 S-300 missiles.

8 launches of impact UAVs "Shahid-136/131".
I remind you of a business that continues to operate in Russia. You, and your money, the taxes that you pay in this terrorist country, they are sponsoring these missile strikes and the war. And you can't get rid of it. The blood of innocent people is also on your hands
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Heute Email von Frau Dr. rer. nat. (50 J.):
"Aus dem Bericht dieses österr. Oberst [Reisner; war mein Hinweis] habe ich geschlossen, dass die Ukrainer v.a. von den Amis verheizt werden. Also muss der Krieg beendet werden, indem alle Verhandlungsbefürworter weltweit gemeinsam 👇
Druck aufbauen (auch auf das "zivilisierte" US-Amerika). Die Alternative scheint ja nur ein massiver Einsatz von schwersten Waffen und NATO-Schlag zu sein, weil die UKR es sonst nicht schafft. Wo soll das hinführen? Sagen Sie mir nicht, dass ist die Meinung dieser links-grünen 👇
Blümchenzüchter [sie ist Grünen-Mitglied]. Die sind in meiner Umgebung nämlich alle keine Pazifisten mehr und für Waffen! (...) Europa hat seinen Zenit überschritten. Jetzt sind mal andere dran (...) Sich den schönen Dingen widmen ist wohl die beste Überlebensstrategie." 👇
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Hello again, you've found the start of the daily thread for the #RussiaUkraineWar for Sunday 5 March 2023.

It's Day 375 and if you missed anything from Saturday, here's the link for the previous thread

First heartbreaking news from #Zaporizhzhia where three more bodies have been recovered from the site of the missile attack 3 days ago.

An 8-month-old baby girl and her parents are the latest victims of #Russia's terrorism targeting #Ukraine.
#Ukraine's General Staff reports #Russia is hiding Air Defence systems in residential areas of the occupied part of #Kherson.

"In the city of Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region, the occupiers use the civilian population as a human shield" say army chiefs.
Anyone heard from @amnesty?
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#RaisinaDialogue2023 | We are live tweeting the In Conversation with Sergey Lavrov and @SunjoyJ

Stay tuned for live updates!


.@SunjoyJ: We live in a troubled neighbourhood. We do not choose our friends or allies. But we do not go into war over it. What leads #Russia into this protracted war on #NATO expansion?

#Raisina2023 #RaisinaDialogue2023
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Countries in the Global South are sensible and pragmatic, and act in the best interests of their people, unlike Western nations which, today, are acting on ideological impulses and often against the best interests of their people. A 🧵. (1/16)
That's why #China will support #Russia economically but not provide it with weapons. They know Russia can win this war on their own, so long as they are supported economically. China will continue to provide technological assistance/dual use items, such as semiconductors. (2/16)
They will buy huge quantities of pipeline gas, #LNG, and oil, because that is a win-win strategy. China needs to develop #Tibet and #Xinjiang and needs cheap energy; Russia needs money and goods that China can produce cheaply. This partnership has defeated US sanctions. (3/16)
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From E:
The Director of the CIA just went on national television and said that the United States needs to provide "Full material and intelligence support"for Ukraine in the coming months.

In other words, Unsurprisingly.

The CIA wants WWIII with the US...…

"They absolutely will try and start a full blown war. There are already plans drawn, on the table, and both Burns and his brain-dead stooge Biden have personally walked Zelenskyy the puppet through the expected paces."…

It isn't an "if".
It is a "when", and the answer is late spring, before the summer hits, and it will be appalling if early indicators are to be believed.
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Yury Butusov asks uncomfortable questions. About the capture of the Gostomel airport. About the execution of a unit of the 101st brigade on Beresteyskaya. About unexploded Chongar. About the "surprise attack" that everyone knew about.…
There are a lot of questions. Why didn’t they arm the territorial defense, why didn’t they mobilize, why didn’t they start the evacuation, why did the enemy pass the Chornobyl zone without meeting resistance? ..
Zelensky's fans accuse Butusov of gunpowdering, just as Poroshenko's supporters used to accuse him of slander. The truth does not please any of the leaders. The truth is not needed by subjects. But we remember everything.
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According to the information, damages of A-50U DRLV aircraft of the russian Air Force, as a result of morning explosions at the "Machulyshchi" airfield in belarus, could have been caused by dropping an unidentified object from the air.
russian Il-76 A-50U DRLV aircraft received critical damage [caused by explosions at the military airfield Machulyshchi,belarus] to the front and central parts, avionics/radar equipment & radar antenna.
Such damage means that the plane can no longer take off.
Слава Україні!
Why is the damage to A50U anti-aircraft missile defense system in Machulyshchy,belarus important for Ukraine?
This aircraft has a long range & can detect air defense positions from a height,which makes it a very effective means of gathering information about military objects.
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One russian Il-76 military transport plane spotted on the runway of the "Olenya" airfield of the Murmansk region, russia. They say additional flights of the russian military transport aviation for the delivery of military goods awaited.
One russian IL-76 took off from the "Olenya" airfield, moving south from it.
Also, according to the available information, two Il-76s are moving to the area of the Shaykovka airfield, the cargo is unknown (probably KH-22 missiles)
To this end, activity of the voice network of the russian strategic aviation on the training frequency (8131) reported. The transmitter is on. Tu-95ms training flight/ground controller training is possible.
via @monitorwarr.
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As always an amazing interview with the Chief of GUR, Kyrylo Budanov, from 22.02.2023. He talks about Russian mobilization, Russia's weapon production capabilities, his opinion on Bakhmut, not accidental arsons in Russia, and the near future of the war.…
My translation:

(Interviewer): Russia is currently on the offensive along almost the entire eastern front. Is this the big offensive that has been talked about for the last two months, or should we expect something else from Russia in March?
(Budanov): The big Russian offensive they are aiming for is already underway. But it's going on so well that not everyone even sees it - this is the quality of this offensive.
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1/ #Ukraine #RussiaUkraineWar #hackers

Russian KILLNET Hackers target Italy

Quote: Italy will supply Ukraine with the sixth military aid package, which will include three types of air defense systems.
2/ As the Prime Minister of Italy said during a press conference in Kyiv, we are talking about the SAMP-T, Skyguard complexes, as well as the Spike anti-tank systems.
3/ 🔻Website of the Italian Carabinieri (one of the military formations subordinate to the Ministry of Defense):…

🔻Website of the largest banking group BPER Banca - now the portal works only for Italian visitors:…
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Indeed the battle for #Vuhledar was recognized by both sides as critically important. As we discussed previously, #Russia lost the opportunity of overwhelming the town quickly. #Ukrainian command did not err in passivity but very quickly & significantly reinforced the front, both
in the high-rise town itself and its surroundings, particularly the coal mine with the dominating high ground. The battle has raged fiercely since the original post, with the UA forces mining the approaches to the town. The eastern dachas have traded hands a few times while RU
forces have launched at least two major pushes to try again. As of ten days ago, we can see the intensity of the shelling & fighting on the snowy steppe battlefield. Interestingly, we can see that shelling is highly concentrated along the tree lines bordering the agricultural
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#Ukraine #Russia

- Vladimir Putin is expected to give a major speech today ahead of the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine

#Ukraine #RussiaUkraineWar

- Putin will address members of both houses of the Russian parliament in Moscow and seek to reassure Russia’s political and military elites on the Ukraine conflict in his speech


Russia targeted civilian evacuations with banned cluster munitions, HRW report finds…
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If you don't know much about #Euromaidan, the Revolution of Dignity, just look at the images below and to feel what we felt in the winter of 2014. The winter that changed us forever 👇
#UkraineFrontLines team.
If you don't know much about #Euromaidan, the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, just look at the images below to feel what we felt during the winter of 2014. The winter that changed us forever 👇
#UkraineFrontLines team.
If you don't know much about #Euromaidan, the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine, just look at the images below to feel what we felt during the winter of 2014. The winter that changed us forever 👇
#UkraineFrontLines team.
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The launch of S-300 missiles reported from Belford region russia toward the Kharkiv oblast right now!
More than 3 missiles that were launched from russia toward Ukraine now, according to tradition, fallen/exploded in the air over the territory of the russian Federation.
…and they dare to blackmail the World with nuke. Are you serious?
...6 russian missiles were launched by the russians from the Belgorod region, russia and all 6 fell on the territory of russia.
Who ever says a word about Russian nukes, just read that tweet again.
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1/ #Ukraine #RussiaUkraineWar

Russian MoD Award

Russian servicemen receive general-officer shoulder boards in National Centre for State Defence Control of Russia
2/ Sergei Shoigu issued Colonel General shoulder boards to Commander of the Western Military District Yevgeny Nikiforov, and Commander of the Eastern Military District Rustam Muradov,
3/ as well as the shoulder boards to promote other general and supreme officers to their next military ranks.

The Minister of Defence congratulated the servicemen, expressed his gratitude for exemplary service, and wished them to have further success in their line of duty.
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.@POTUS in Kyiv.
All streets are closed in Kyiv downtown.
Today the official Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes,those murdered at the #Euromaidan.
If @POTUS joins the Ukrainians on this day and sets foot on Ukrainian land, steps on Institute street, where all this happened - this means...
...that the entire democratic world is with Ukraine today, shares our pain and will express support in the struggle for our freedom and victory over Russia.
#Euromaidan #RussiaUkraineWar
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Friday 17 February is Day 359 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

Welcome to another handy daily thread - here since before the beginning of the war with all the news and analysis in one place.

If you like my work, please consider donating a coffee via my profile page, thank you💙💛
Here's the link to Thursday's thread - peruse at your leisure if you missed anything:

#StandWithUkraine #RussiaUkraineWar

The meat grinder is cranking up again.

Daily losses for #Russia heading back up again according to #Ukraine.

A further 800 of the Kremlin's soldiers fertilising the rich soil. Also Cruise missiles high for obvious reasons and a notable increase in technical vehicles/fuel tanks.
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Its always funny to me when people think that the war in #RussiaUkraineWar started in 2021. When in fact it started back in 2014 when the Ukraine people over threw their government
Provision of Defense Equipment
After Russia first invaded Ukraine in 2014, the Obama Administration provided Ukraine. Obama helped in the coup to overthrow their government.… To give an example, the British tabloid, The Sun, even compares Putin to Hitler. According to its editorial, “it is paramount, as in 1939, that the free peoples of the West defeat this hideous new evil, this Hitler for our times.”
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The US Army awarded $522 million in orders to two companies to manufacture 155 mm artillery ammunition for Ukraine. Lets see who runs the 2 companies…
“The orders went to Northrop Grumman Systems Corp. and Global Military Products Inc. Deliveries of the new ammunition are scheduled to begin in March of this year,” The Defense Post reports. The contract is funded by the Pentagon’s Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.
In 2019, Northrop Grumman was named the US's largest corporate contributor to water pollution by the Political Economy Research Institute of the University of Massachusetts Amherst
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Losses in wars
I decided to compare losses in different wars in order to understand how big Russia's losses are in this war
#RussianArmy #RussiaUkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar
2/12 Average daily losses of the main attacking country:
1. Germany (World War II) - 2415 killed soldiers per day.
2. USSR (Finnish War 1939) - 1440
3. Germany (World War I) - 1280
4. Russia (Ukrainian war 2022) - 380 (about 650 per day after mobilization).
5. North Korea (Korean War 1950) - 337
6. Russia (Russian-Japanese War 1904) - 115
7. Russia (First Chechen War 1994) - 22
8. USA (War in Vietnam 1964-75) - 20
9. USSR (Afghan War 1979-1989) - 4
10. USA (Iraq War 2003-2009) - 2
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