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4 May
I am going to tell you why vaccination is important but also why choosing the right vaccine is even more important. #Covid19 is no longer the virus from 2020. It has gone through a year of mutations and they no longer have the same protein structure as before
So as viruses mutates, the vaccines created for the ancestor strain becomes less effective in preventing infection. This applies to all types of vaccines. But there is a big difference between mRNA, viral vector vaccines and inactivated virus vaccines. The former were created
to target a specfic strand of protein in the virus, the spike protein, which the virus uses to attach itself to human cells, thereby infecting the host. However it doesn't create a wide spectrum of antibodies that help the body fight against the symptoms of an infection.
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10 Jan
People still don't get it. #America is heading for #civilwar because half of US believes the election process has been tainted. That is regardless on who won in November. (Hint: there is always voting fraud in the U.S., it is the scale of fraud that has perceived to have changed)
With voting so close and obvious statistical anomalies in the Covid19 impacted vote (just analyse the historical pattern vs last year), and 4yrs of Dems saying their election was stolen, and denigrating the Whitehouse, it is obvious the distrust is HIGH that the vote was rigged.
This is the outcome of decades of identity politics and partisan media selling discord to keep the masses distracted from the obvious: the US economy is collapsing under its own massive debt savings mismatch. Social cohesion is breaking down, inequality rising. Covid19 was the
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