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16 Apr
I'm not a fan of piling on individual women even when I think they're behaving stupidly but Jameela Jamil has a massive platform and there's an observation I want to make about her latest faux pas /1
What she said about "loads of girls" in her school being on puberty blockers for "very early heavy periods" is pretty obviously not true (see this thread for reasons why: tinyurl.com/7hx9wjf9). At best she's mistaken and at worst she's lying. /2
Maybe she's gotten puberty blockers confused with the contraceptive pill, which is often prescribed to adolescent girls for treatment of heavy or painful periods (and is still controversial). Or maybe she did know a girl on PBs for precocious puberty and is exaggerating numbers/3
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16 Aug 20
I was a prostituted teenager, not a "sex worker". Adult men paid to fuck me because paying is a bribe for not resisting and paying buys silence. They paid to fuck me because they liked fucking teenagers and they wanted to fuck their daughters.
They paid me to fuck older prostituted women while they watched because they like fantasizing about mothers fucking their teenage daughters. They paid me to fuck other young prostitutes because they fantasize about teenage lesbians.
Men who buy sex are pedophilic, incestuous and dangerous. I want girls and women to be free from the sex trade and I don't care if that means that the hypothetical "happy and autonomous sex worker" is out of a job and here's why:
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22 Feb 20
Being a trans woman is an intersection of maleness, not femaleness. The obligation to incorporate trans women's issues into human rights advocacy rests with other MALES, not feminists.
And I personally would love it if men were to collectively organize around the issue of male violence (which is largely enacted against other men) and take responsibility for ending their own violence against gender non-conforming male people.
The sexism that entitles men to outsource their problems with other men to feminists and women in general is the same sexism upon which the homophobia that compels them to violence against trans women rests. So trans women and other GNC men should be invested in womens liberation
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21 Dec 19
I am a trans woman.
I was born with a vagina.
Yes we exist.
We are an even more vulnerable minority within a minority. We face all the same things as other trans women except many of us also menstruate and are vulnerable to pregnancy /1

We are at even greater risk of sexual and domestic violence than other trans women, but also we are trafficked, sold into marriage as children, and have our genitals mutilated in huge numbers globally /2

#translivesmatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights
We are subject to medical gatekeeping which prevents us from receiving gender affirming surgery, medical science has left us in the dust and surgeons refuse to give us neovaginas simply because we have vaginas.

#trans #translivesmatter
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