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With Terfs stating #NoSelfID and #SaveOurSex,
I feel it's important to share some

⭐ Trans Inclusive Sex Positivity ⭐

To shine a light onto various Resources and Creators who do a fantastic job at reminding us all that sex and sex characteristics don't define our gender 🤍🏳️‍⚧️
To start with, we have the fabulous @vagina_museum!

The vagina museum is not only an incredible twitter page to follow to learn about the history of those with vulvas and sex,
They are the worlds first Museum dedicated to Vaginas! 💖

Honestly one of my personal favorites!
Next up, we have the @redmoongang 🩸

RedMoonGang was created by @Catstello (she/they) to Educate & Celebrate our Periods inclusively!

Here's her incredible website:

Personally, her book Red Moon Gang is a top recommendation of mine! 🤍
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Thread: I was explaining how trans people are being attacked online & in person to a solid financial supporter of minority rights. They sighed that most people just don’t care.

Maybe that’s true? But then again what started out as attacks on Jews, Roma & Queers in the 1930s…
In fact, in a startling example of historical déjà vu, the initial Nazi book burning was of the world’s first research institute studying sex & gender.

Trans people are the unwilling canaries in the far right coal mine:…
Here’s just 4 headlines from UK media. First one is the classic ‘think of the children*’, 2nd implies kids are being experimented on (they’re not), 3rd is pure Fascism & 4th shows how a UK govt ‘equality’ body is working to make toilets inaccessible to trans people.
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I am considering leaving the Green Party. Transpobia is a real problem and it really isn't being delt with. There are many more brilliant, lovely people who find it abhorrent, but for one reason or another, find it difficult to speak up.
I have seen elected greens comparing LGBTQIA+ people to cultists, rapists and paedophiles. And yet they have faced no consequences. Despite this being a miniscule minority in our party, many in leadership positions are scared to do anything about it.
2 weeks ago I, along with fellow LGBTQIA+ Greens and some councillors, attended a march campaigning for trans people to be included in the ban on conversion therapy. 2 transphobic councillors egged on a mob of people attacking one of those councillors for attending.
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Quick 🧵with quotes from my interview with Admiral Rachel Levine.

On coming out at work: "...people understood that I was not just tolerated, and not even just accepted, but truly welcomed for the diversity that I brought [to] the medical center and to the College of Medicine."
On LGBTQ+ progress: "While we’ve made so much progress for LGBTQI+ community...At the same time, we have a lot of challenges ahead and you can see that in the proliferation of the very negative actions and policies and laws that have cropped up in many states..."
On the role of businesses to support the LGBTQIA+ community: "I think that it is important for businesses to stand up for diversity, equity, and inclusion.The vast majority of businesses vocally support diversity, equity, and inclusion, including for the LGBTQI+ community."
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Hier en revenant du marché j'ai croisé Yves, mon petit papy voisin qui m'a partagé tant de sa bienveillance.
(À dérouler 😊💗)
On a discuté un peu pendant que mon bonhomme d'amour fouillait les buissons et s'y cachait 😅
Yves m'a donné un article de journal qu'il a
lui-même imprimé, un texte de @libe qui expliquait l'amélioration de l'accès aux parcours de transitions de genres et, surtout, la déjudiciarisation du changement d'état civil si la gauche (Mélenchon) passait.
J'ai trouvé adorable qu'il s'intéresse à ces sujets et qu'il
pense à nous, personnes trans, alors qu'il ignorait tout de nos existences et de nos difficultés il y a encore quelques temps.
Ce matin, alors que je déménageais des trucs dans mon garage, nous nous sommes encore croisés (il est tout le temps dehors 😁) et il m'a demandé
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XX people do not have a monopoly on the word female & they never have. We do not, nor have we ever, had an agreed-upon definition of what defines a man or a woman that can be applied to all humans.
There is no specific biological characteristic, nor set of characteristics, including genital structures, reproductive organs, or chromosomal arrangement, that can adequately answer the question of what defines a male or a female.
The beautiful diversity of humankind cannot by any scientific metric be divided neatly into discrete "male" and "female" categories.

Any attempt to do so is a SOCIAL project, not a scientific one, & is driven by a political agenda. #TransRightsAreHumanRights
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JKR = TERF: Warum JKR zurecht kritisiert wird

CW #Rowling #JKR #HP #HarryPotter #HogwartsLegacy #FantasticBeasts #Transfeindlichkeit #MentalHealth
für den gesamten nachfolgenden Text.

Wird wütend, aggressiv, schmerzhaft, belastend, emotional, detailliert, persönlich. Und lang.
Brauchte Löffel, deswegen jetzt erst meine Äußerung zu diesem 🤬 Thema.
Da ich late to the party bin, erstmal ein kurzer Überblick, worum es genau geht, was Aufhänger für diesen Text ist:
Kürzlich kam ein Trailer für das neue Harry Potter-Game “Hogwarts Legacy” raus,

1/ +60
wodurch der HP-Welt, Rowling und den damit verbundenen Problematiken wieder einmal großräumig Aufmerksamkeit zuteilwurde. Leider waren nebst vieler kritischer Beiträge, vor allem aus der trans Community, zu der ich ebenfalls gehöre, auch zahlreiche euphorische Stimmen dabei.

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How did we get here? 🧵

Before 2019, #women and #trans people lived peacefully together in the UK. Everyone wanted to uphold the protected rights of people who are transgender.

Then #Stonewall were running out of money and lampooned society with a radical disinformation 1/10
campaign that threw everything up in the air.

#Stonewall took the vulnerable #transgender community and put a lighter under them.

Then once the fire had started, they batted down the hatches and said #NoDebate. /2
Not content with gaslighting the #trans community, #Stonewall started telling organisations that #gender identity was a protected characteristic in the Equality Act 2010 & if organisations want to be ranked higher in the Stonewall equality index they must parrot this falsehood /3
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters.
Today is #TransDayOfVisibility and I have thought long and hard about what I need to say about it.
For those of you who do not wish to be visible and wish you could just fade in to the background, I support you.
When I announced to the world that I was Transgender, I looked to Twitter to find like minded folk and if it were not for their visibility and strength I believe I would have seriously struggled to accept myself.
For me, I am not openly visible for the Cis, not for the attention and definitely not for the glory. I am visible so that others may see me and find some commonality in life, so that others may see me and feel that it is possible to be themselves.
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Thread. I’m not great at using twitter but since I’ve got a wpuk supporter calling me an antisemite (more on this later) I thought I’d have a go and explain why I and every other working class cis woman I know think they’re an anti-trans hate group. 1/16
In 2017 the National Union of Teachers (now the NEU) held its annual conference where the GRA was debated and overwhelmingly (more than 80%) voted to support reforms to the GRA. Great you think. But then it got surprisingly interesting (not in a good way!) /2
The people who lost the vote, who didn’t want to support reforms, immediately put out on social media that there had been ‘no debate’ – yes, you know the debate they lost! Trying everything from ‘people didn’t really understand’ ‘it was fixed’ to ‘people were just being kind’. /3
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A former swimmer's thoughts on Lia:

“None of you cared about women's sports before you had a "reason" to. Beyond that though, Lia has not dominated this sport. Nor have any other trans athletes. She placed 5th and 8th in other events at that meet.
(Also the 500 free sucks and I've even seen many a MAN flop out of the water following that event. I give mad props to whoever does this event. I purposely sandbaged it so I would never have to do it again)
"But her wing span and height!! THE BIOLOGICAL ADVANTAGES!!!!!!" @MichaelPhelps has a longer than average wingspan, a larger web in this feet and hands, hyperextended joints (main advantage in his ankles), and produced less lactic acid than other athletes.
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1/20 🧵

I have been hearing more frequently the narrative that women's sport apparently exists as a 'protected category' so that women can win (because on this account without it no woman will ever win again)

This is: a) *not* the reason why women's sport exists as a category,

and b) it is *not* true that women will never win again.

This narrative is profoundly paternalistic and keeps women small.

Let's unpack this a little:

A. Women's sport exists as a category because the dominance of men athletes was threatened by women competing.

We see this over and over again in the history of sport...
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Medical term of the day: Gender Dysphoria

Significant research among children, adolescents, & adults demonstrates that access to gender-affirming therapy and gender-affirming interventions greatly improves mental health, health outcomes, and saves lives. #TransHealthcare Image
We talked to Dr. Melina Wald about what it means to treat the whole person. Gender-affirming care is an evidence-based approach to health that is focused on instilling pride and celebration of gender diversity.… #ProtectTransYouth #TransIsBeautiful
Tomorrow! Join our Instagram live chat on gender identity care at 1pm. Feel free to DM us with your questions or bring them to the chat.

Register here for a reminder email:… #ProtectTransKids #TransRightsAreHumanRights Image
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We need to talk about #gender.
So, there is a lot of stuff going around right now about identity, gender, presentation, sex and what it all means. Being unemployed and passionate about this topic, I have made a thread to explain. Having access to photoshop means pictures.
Many people have done this before me, but I feel like this will be the simplest way of explaining things.
Imagine a world where beings appear to be red or yellow. A variety of shades of this (magenta, scarlet, lemon, daffodil), but they are roughly able to be grouped.
About 1 in every 100 are orange, or amber or blood orange. These are told 'well you are red or yellow', and get pushed into one side or the other. It's a spectrum, but the world sees it as a binary.
This is how sex works.
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters!
I look at the community I find myself a part of, and I see so many amazing people. I see folks trying to live their lives to the best of their ability, I see folks going above and beyond what is expected.
I see folks who radiate love, folks who always support their friends.
I feel honoured to be a part of a loving, caring community and I hope that I do my small part in belonging to that community.
I look out across the sea of faces that appear on my screen, and I see hope.
I see a community ready and willing to help, to reach out and lift others up. To build bridges and clear the way, so that those who follow will have an slightly easier route to follow.
I see you, I hear you and I am proud of you and I stand with you.
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Good Morning Sweetlings, Beautiful Monsters and Fabulous Disasters. I'm in the process of cleaning the kitchen and have had to take a break, for me staring at light coloured surfaces for too long induces a headache as my brain tries to work out what's dirt and what's floaters.
That's why I like to make my surroundings darker, it's more pleasing and soothing to me as the darker colours negate the constant floaters in my eyes.
Life here in the Scottish Borders in proceeding nicely, we feel settled here.
I hope today brings you some peace from the constant barrage of noise from the world around you, and you find a reason to smile.
Reach out and tell someone you love them today, make sure you thank the folks that work to make our lives easier. Be patient, be kind
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It's #InternationalWomensDay so I'll just sit here and wait for a man to bring me cake. That's how it works right? (Hilarious) jokes aside I've been thinking about women-only spaces recently and how I've gone from a sceptic to a massive advocate. Here's why...
and before I go any further I totally mean ALL women #TransRightsAreHumanRights
I'm a raging feminist right but I have to admit I didn't really see the value in women-only discussions and events. Like I could see they're 'nice' but didn't really see the power in them.
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Der Text ist von @luna_schrader

Faktencheck 3 TRANS
Fakt 3 Transideologie:
Die Gutachter, die trans Menschen z.Zt. noch aufsuchen müssen, stellen entwürdigende, intime und menschenverachtende Fragen. Diese Prozedur ist unzumutbar.
Fakt ist:
1) Viele Gutachterinnen stellen gar keine Fragen mehr, schon gar nicht intime Fragen.Dazu gibt es viele Berichte im Netz, auch der BV trans berichtet dies.
Der Grund scheint einerseits darin zu liegen, daß GutachterInnen zunehmend Angst haben, gecancelled zu werden.
Genderkritische Fachleute werden weltweit beschimpft und bedroht.
Desweiteren, insbesondere bei Gutachterinnen, wirkt sich anscheinend zunehmend auch pathologischer Altruismus (Helfersyndrom) aus

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In a horrific move, the Governor of Texas has instituted a Nazi-style registration campaign against children, their parents & teachers*. If you’re wondering where all that so-called ‘Gender Critical’ leads^ - this is it. In Texas it’s 1933. This is Fascism. America do better.
*The Nazis rounded up LGBTQI people & prosecuted them & those who supported them. The world must demand that this persecution ends right now.…
The Transphobia which is driving this Fascism is present in the media in the UK & Ireland & in the government & EHRC of the UK.

It is appalling that none of these have learnt anything from the Holocaust & that yet again LGBTQI people are being used to incite hate.
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84.01/ Week eighty-four, February 19-25, 2022 thread begins here.

Week 83 below.
84.02/ #MotzeiShabbatMovieNight put off a night because of social obligations. Monday is a legal holiday so we will hopefully have movie night tomorrow night.
84.03/ Couldn't be happier, or prouder, as a #Steelers fan to see they hired Brian Flores to be a senior coach. The team gets top notch talent and they take an anti-racist stand. And, as seen below, it earns respect from players:

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Misereor. Wisst Ihr eigentlich wer diese Orga gegründet hat?
Ja, genau die.
Das Opus Dei.
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Ich habe mich undercover bei Ordo Iuris eingeschlichen. Dieses rechtsextreme Institut steckt hinter den frauen- und LGBT-feindlichen Kampagnen in Polen und ist Teil eines internationalen Netzwerks von Klerikalfaschisten.
Was das mit uns und Beatrix von Storch zu tun hat? (1/7) Schlagzeile von "Hat das Buch 'Die letzten M
Als vermeintl. AfD-Mann beriet mich Ordo Iuris bei der Vernetzung & im Kampf gegen die demokratische Gesellschaft. Die wichtigsten Strategien: antisemitischer Verschwörungsglaube, seriöses Auftreten und vor allem: Hetze gegen queere und trans Menschen. (2/7)
Mit Transfeindlichkeit erreicht die radikale Rechte den "Mainstream" – also macht sie damit mobil. Nicht nur in Polen, sondern weltweit. In Deutschland macht das etwa die AfD-Spitzenfundamentalistin Storch – zuletzt mit ihrer Hetze gegen Tessa Ganserer / @gansgruen. (3/7)
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DCI James Mason sexually harassed me after I was mugged. 10 years later I found the strength to report him but despite being found guilty of 8 counts of gross misconduct, he kept his high-profile job in the Met Police with no change in rank, pension, or other benefits.
I still don’t feel that I can have any confidence or faith in the Met police because the system they use to deal with their own crimes is inadequate.
This week I chose to waive anonymity and speak out about my experience and my decision to seek a judicial review. Despite my apprehension, the response has been positive.
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