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Ihr Lieben,
wenn der Faschismus wieder kommt, ist es unsere Pflicht, uns zu erheben und unsere Stimmen gegen Ungerechtigkeit zu erheben.
In den USA erleben wir derzeit eine alarmierende Lage für queer Menschen, insbesondere trans Menschen. Transrechte und das, was Populisten wie Trump gerne daraus machen, dominieren die Debatten und sind leider oft von Hass erfüllt.
Aber nicht nur in den USA sehen wir diese Bedrohung. Auch hier in Deutschland versuchen reaktionäre Kräfte, wie beispielsweise von der CSU, das Thema "Schutz unserer Kinder vor Transaktivismus und anderen Perverslingen" in den Mittelpunkt zu rücken.
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There's no out or excuse for gender critical ideology without sexism.

"women cannot rape"

I was raped by a woman.

I'm one of many. MTP is rape too. FUCK anyone who argues otherwise @MiLadyTee Image
For the record, I'm a CIS WOMAN who was assaulted by ANOTHER CIS WOMAN.

ANYONE can be a predator. ANYONE can sexually assault another person. It has nothing to do with sex or gender identity.

Trans people are not inherently dangerous or predatory.
Beyond that, @MiLadyTee called for rape to be committed against someone they didn't like/agree with.

As someone who has experienced rape, I wouldn't wish that on ANYONE.

This is what dehumanization does. The far right has been dehumanizing LGBTQ+ people, bit by bit, for decades
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Welcome to my TED Talk on the far-right in Ireland. THREAD –
A lot of people on the far right in Ireland seem to be having difficulty understanding why we call them “far-right” so here’s a little explainer for those at the back
If you use "Antifa" (short for anti-fascist) as an insult, you're far-right
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I was going to announce some other important news about the disintegration of #Alberta healthcare but we are pausing this week's program today for something much more important:

No child should ever be compared to feces. In any context. In any situation. Ever.
If @ABDanielleSmith doesn't immediately ask Jennifer Johnson, the @Alberta_UCP MLA candidate for Lacombe-Ponoka, to resign immediately, that is an endorsement by the UCP.

And endorsement by any political party that children should be literally compared to sh*t is abhorrent
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Heute und an jedem anderen Tag: #TransRightsAreHumanRights. Es gibt keine Debatte - Menschenrechte sind nicht verhandelbar.
Es gibt viel Unwissen in der Bevölkerung, was trans Rights betrifft. Aber Aufgabe, aufzuklären, darf nicht nur auf den Schultern von trans Personen abgelegt werden. Cis Allies: Wenn ihr in eurem Umfeld etwas Transfeindliches hört, sagt was. Klärt auf.
Unwissen ist es, das es Rechten und TERFs leicht macht, Lügen zu verbreiten - deswegen hat man sich trans Personen als Zielscheibe ausgesucht. Eine sehr kleine, ohnehin schon marginalisierte Gruppe - ideal, wenn man einen Sündenbock sucht.
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Two-Spirit (trans) people have been peacefully living in occupied Cheyenne Territory (Montana) for thousands of years prior to colonization. Therefore, they have more right to be there — than transphobic colonizer “Christians.” #TransRightsAreHumanRights Image
Two-spirit (trans) people were highly respected and held a prominence within the tribe, playing an important role in Lakota society. They named babies and settled disputes. They were blessed with the unique ability to perceive the world — from two distinct spiritual lenses. 🪶🏳️‍⚧️
Many Indigenous cultures believe in a third gender. The Lakota believe this third gender harbors an amalgamation of both female and male souls. They’re being able to navigate both feminine and masculine worlds, with relative ease — is what makes two-spirits so incredibly special.
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Here's a thread of prominent New Zealand women who have publicly shown their support for our trans community 🧵

1. Folk singing comedy & activist duo Jools and Lynda Topp aka The Topp Twins. ImageImageImage
2. Olympic medalist and Black Fern rugby union player Ruby Tui. ImageImageImage
3. 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand and administrator of the UN Development Programme, Helen Clark. ImageImage
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🧵 In response to MO Attorney General Bailey’s latest attack on gender-affirming care, we are having pop-up clinics for new gender-affirming care patients in Springfield (MO), STL, & Fairview Heights, IL, starting Monday, 4/17. Learn more:…. #NoMOTransBans Looking to start gender-aff...
MO Attorney General Bailey is abusing his power to attack trans Missourians. We sued to stop his sham investigation into our gender-affirming health care program, which serves patients 16 & older.
On Thursday, 4/13, AG Bailey issued an emergency rule that would effectively ban gender-affirming care in MO for adults & young people. We encourage any Missourian interested in starting gender-affirming care to make an appointment before the regulation takes effect on 4/27.
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Given the current state of affairs, maybe take some time to listen to the stories of #trans folks, and hear what they have to say.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransWomenAreWomen #nonbinary
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1/ Hi, Jacki here!

Below is a bunch of information on Transgender people and some of the common misconceptions when it comes to people like myself!

That, and also to give people a list of things to prevent misinformation!

2/ Medical Transitioning Works!

80% of individuals reported significant improvement in dysphoria.
78% of individuals reported significant improvement in psychological symptoms.
72% of individuals reported significant improvement in sexual function.
3/ Positive results across the board, even in 15-year followups.
"Wellbeing was similar to or better than same-age young adults from the general population."
Quality of life rises dramatically with 'gender affirming treatment'…
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Christ there is lots to unpack here, but here we go. @bindelj - in Scots parlance, you are AT IT. A🧵

Parents + class have absolutely nowt to do with this. I grew up working class, parents who definitely told me to fuck off more than once but I 100% support trans people. 1/6 Julie Bindel losing sleep o...
I also have friends who are middle class + privileged, we all have varying levels of higher education. All have different backgrounds, also support trans people 100%. I also know working class + middle class folk who are gender critical (for want of a better phrase). 2/6 @bindelj
I have a theory: none of that matters + it comes down to you are as a person + if you're capable of self-reflection. For me, I simply can't sit idle while anyone has their human rights removed because others fearing people they can't/won't understand. 3/6 @bindelj
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1 Hallo ihr Cuties

Heute ist #TransDayOfVisibility. Es ist, wie der Name schon sagt, der Tag, der für mehr Sichtbarkeit von trans* Menschen sorgen soll. Doch Sichtbarkeit ist nicht für alle von uns machbar.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TDoV #trans #LGBTQIA #diversity Ich sitze vor einem schwarz...
2 Sichtbar zu sein, kann gefährlich sein. Es kann Ausgrenzung bedeuten, Hass & Hetze zur Folge haben, auch Drohungen und Gewalt sind keine Seltenheit. Viele meiner Geschwister verstecken sich, aus Angst vor den Folgen eines Coming-Outs.
3 Es sollte nicht so sein, aber es ist ein Teil der #transrealitaeten.

Aber warum? Immerhin sind wir ein Teil dieser Gesellschaft. Wir sind Eltern, Kinder und Geschwister. Wir sind eure Freund*innen, Arbeitskolleg*innen und Partner*innen.
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As you may know, March 31st is International Transgender Day of Visibility. It's one day full of celebration of transgender people as we rejoice in being proud of who we are.
Additionally, this day is about raising awareness of discrimination, bigotry, and hatred faced by transgender people worldwide.

Visibility is intentional defiance when people hate you and want you to make yourself small.
Trans Day of Visibility is not just a celebration of being trans and belonging to such a vibrant, beautiful community, but doing so despite society's messages that we should be ashamed of who we are.
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1/22 A THREAD about sex, gender, trans people and transphobia.

Summary: Gender cannot be reduced to biological sex.

#transgender #transphobia Abstract colorful spiral ar...
2/22 My academic background is from the History of Ideas, a discipline that looks at how language and words shape the way we see the world.

Learning is often about developing new concepts that help people see what was once hidden or not understood. Tiresias was a Greek man wh...
3/22 English language speakers use the words sex and gender to cover many very different phenomena, and the two terms are often mixed up.

This causes a lot of confusion.

Let us look at the different phenomena that are covered by these terms.

#Gender #BiologicalSex Picture from vintage ad wit...
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#LGBTQIA friends affected by Anti-Trans legislation in red states - NY is not a perfect state, but head to #Buffalo. We have a thriving LGBTQIA community. Housing is midrange, w lots of options for older adults & those w special needs. Arts, culture, music, food, sports.
We aren't perfect. There are a lot of MAGA here, but there is also a lot of diversity & progressives trying to mend fences. If you want info about Buffalo, post below. I will do my best to answer. We can be your refuge. ❤️🫂🏳️‍⚧️ #TransRightsAreHumanRights
#Jobs in #Buffalo - Mostly education (union), manufacturing (union/midpay), restaurants (low pay) & a large medical corridor. If you work in any medical field - the best-paying option. Unions here, too. #SUNY has some of the best health insurance in the country. #TransRights
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The old lie that trans men are just lesbians really doesn’t work on me.

While I have never ruled out having a woman as a romantic partner, I am very much NOT sexually interested in women.
I originally thought I couldn’t be trans because I was attracted to men. Thought they wouldn’t let me transition. And once upon a time, they wouldn’t have.
Every issue I had with my body has been resolved by transition.

After starting T and all the changes my body went through, I’m not even dysphoric about my vag. Like, I’d prefer to have a dick, and the changes on T made strides towards that. It’s not perfect but nobody’s is.
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🚨WIR MÜSSEN UNS WEHREN 🚨(Wirst du gerade von anti-trans Aktivisten angegriffen schreib uns eine DM) RT, Kommentar und Like wenn ihr euch beteiligen wollt, gegen #Transfeindlichkeit einzustehen.

CN Morddrohungen Transfeindlichkeit

#TERF #TransRightsAreHumanRights Tweet von @Frollein_VogelV ...
Meine Frau und ich haben Angst, weil Marie Luise Vollbrecht eine Rolle darin spielt. Dieser 🧵 könnte meine Frau eine Stelle kosten. Es kann sein, dass wir erneut untertauchen müssen. Aber hier geht es um die medizinische Versorgung von trans Kindern. Wir dürfen nicht wegschauen
Am 13.03 veröffentlichte @thuritch, ein Experte auf dem Gebiet, ein Interview zu geschlechtsaffirmierenden Behandlungen bei trans Kindern, das er @20min gegeben hatte, auf seinem Twitterkanal. Tweet von @thuritch „Liebe ...
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🗣 Dear @GreenPartyWomen @TheGreenParty members

Just as we can't seperate lesbians from 'lesbianism' or women & girls from 'feminism', we cannot divorce actual living breathing Trans people from the concept of 'transgenderism'

Any organisation calling to "eliminate the..

..practice of transgenderism" is at best attempting to deny real actual (Trans) ppl from equally participating in society free from discrimination, hatred, & prejudice

Any GPEW liberation group or individual party member platforming &/or supporting these organisations is..

..complicit in the wilful attempt to ensure Trans ppl are not only mandated out of society but also denied the opportunity to thrive as they know themselves to be

Any political party that allows these organisations &/or individuals to freely promote this eliminist rhetoric..

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1) Ein Thread 🧵zum Thema Anti-Genderismus und LGBTIQ-feindlichkeit.
Im März 2023 berichtete das Magazin Mannschaft von einem erneuten Angriff auf ein LGBTIQ-Jugendzentrum in Chur.
Seit Jahresbeginn habe der Verein sozialwerk.LGBT+ vier Anzeigen wegen Hatecrime gegen Mitarbeitende oder den Verein erstattet.
3) Angriffe auf trans Personen, insbesondere trans Frauen, auf Homosexuelle, auf queere und/oder nonbinäre Menschen oder auch Dragqueens z.B. geschehen nie in einem Vakuum. Vielmehr sind sie das Ergebnis von Worten, von Hetze und Permanenz.
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¡Hola a todes! Hoy les comparto un resumen del artículo "Las «preocupaciones razonables» y la burocracia contra les trans" de Julianna Neuhouser. Aquí vamos con el 🧵 :
1/7 El artículo de @jneuhouser en @Gatopardocom aborda cómo la idea de "preocupaciones razonables" se utiliza como excusa para restringir los derechos de las personas trans. #TransRightsAreHumanRights 🏳️‍⚧️
2/7 En particular, se enfoca en la reciente polémica generada por un grupo que utiliza esta idea para justificar su oposición a la autodeterminación de género. #NoALaTransfobia 🚫
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Sorry I was so heated in @BlackGuyTv stream. My sis in law (she passed)was trans.I experienced w her the fkn hate ppl have against trans ppl just for existing.Also google "Black trans woman dead",you'll see.

Here's 1 story...…

Before being my SIL she was my friend. Mind you, this was in Puerto Rico and also North Carolina or MA, or KY or PA (places she lived).

More sources:…
Y'all think I'm a mess, cow, u know me, bc I overshare.... u don't really know my whole story/life exp.

Last source:

Sadly, 2022 has already seen at least 38 transgender people fatally shot or killed by other violent means.…

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¡Hola a todes! 👋 Hoy les quiero compartir un hilo sobre la importancia de apoyar a las personas trans y de género diverso, especialmente a niños y adolescentes. 🌈🏳️‍⚧️ 🧵
1/10 Portada del artículo que se...
1/10 - En una reciente declaración de política, la AAP hace un llamado a apoyar a las personas trans y de género diverso, reconociendo que la identidad de género es una parte fundamental de la salud de las personas. 💪
2/10 - Es importante recordar que la negación de los derechos y la discriminación hacia las personas trans tiene un impacto grave en su dignidad y bienestar. Debemos trabajar juntos para garantizar que todas las personas tengan acceso a los mismos derechos y oportunidades. 👏
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Why is it important to avoid transphobic comments?

They hurt trans people, 𝗲𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 trans youth.

🔹Data indicate that 𝟴𝟮% of transgender people have considered killing themselves
🔹𝟰𝟬% of trans people have attempted suicide, with suicidality highest among transgender youth

🔹𝟱𝟲% of trans youth reported a previous suicide attempt and 𝟴𝟲% reported suicidality
🔹Interpersonal microaggressions, made a unique, statistically significant contribution to lifetime suicide attempts and emotional neglect by family approached significance

"Interpersonal micro aggressions" = transphobic comments made by schoolmates, family, neighbors, etc.
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I’m at Enoch Burke’s appeal in the Four Courts this morning and am going to be offering an alternative court report because this trial doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.
Enoch is taller lad than I expected tbh. He’s almost hot from the back of the court.
His voice is boring af. I am glad he is no longing teaching young people. No one deserves that.
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