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16 Jul
A thread on our case @BurnetInstitute for why Sydney should move to Stage 4 restrictions without delay 1/18
First, as the Premier says, the only option for NSW (and all of Australia) is to get back to #COVIDZero while we get the country vaccinated. 2/18
Measures in place are keeping things in check. Tens of thousands of cases have been averted; much death & suffering prevented bc of the actions of NSW gov & people. 3/18…
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15 Jul
Much talk to the effect 'we have the policies it's now up to the community to do the right thing'. Putting aside the notion that stronger restrictions send a strong psychological signal (eg, masks on when you leave the house) - the science of influencing behavior is neglected.
But there is a bit going on, such as the Optimise program @BurnetInstitute…
Here's just one example, improving testing uptake through behavioral science. It's not about blaming and shaming, but working with the people you're trying to influence, ie, not telling, but asking different communities what would work for them!…
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