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Dear ON

For the record

Many schools will reopen for in person learning today.

Province-wide mass infection of undervaccinated-for-#Omicron children, all <18 ineligible for best 3💉 protection, without proper NPIs for #CovidIsAirborne.
Today we go the way of the US & UK.

For an entire generation of children.

I’ve been warning of this almost daily since September 2021, trying to prevent it.

Last semester, it was 10,000 + on record infected in schools.

Today we are no longer tracking.

Our systems continue to fail to prevent this.

Letters are written.

Further action has not been taken thus far.

Will our systems fight for our children?

Will our systems fight to prevent this mass infection of kids, this #MassDisablingEvent?

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FIRST ever case of a man who suffered agonizing penis pain due to a “mild” #COVID19 infection 3 weeks earlier that caused a blood clot of his penis vein—mid-erection. It took 2 months of blood thinner treatment before he regained normal function. Mild? 🧵… Image
2) The deep dorsal penis vein runs the whole length of the penis and is involved in supply of oxygenated blood to the organ.

An ultrasound showed “no [blood] flow in the vein” due to a clot around half way along the penis.…
3) The unnamed male had suffered penile pain for three days before being seen by a urologist in Iran, who referred him for tests.
The discomfort began following an erection while having sex, the 41-year-old married man told doctors.
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Werte Interessierte am täglichen Stand der Corona-Inzidenz in der Altersgruppe 5-14

Dein Rat wird gesucht!
(Ein längerer 🧵mit ein paar Fragen an Dich!)

Kurz: Nunmehr den 3. Tag in Folge hat die bundesweite 7-Tage-Inzidenz den Wert von 500 überschritten - macht da der ...
Blick auf die Kinder-Inzidenz über 500 noch Sinn?
- Sollte diese tägliche Liste anpaßt werden, z.B. nur noch Landkreise mit Werten über 1.000 aufführen?
- Oder könnte sie eingestellt werden?

Langfassung: Anlaß zu dieser täglichen Liste der Kinder-Inzidenzen war, als der ...
Präsident des RKI, Lothar Wieler, Mitte Oktober 2021 auf der Bundespressekonferenz die Öffentlichkeit darauf aufmerksam machte, daß die 7-Tage-Inzidenz bundesweit über alle Altersgruppen zwar knapp unter 70 liege - aber besonders in der Altersgruppe der Schüler*innen ...
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Video-🧵 zu den Unterschieden zwischen CH von DE in Sache Pandemiebewältigung und -Kommunikation.

Gegenübergestellt werden die PK vom BR Berset & Ruiz mit der PK mit @Karl_Lauterbach, @mikrowie & @c_drosten, alles aus der Kalenderwoche

Zuerst mal zur Organisation der PK in DE. Da gibt es nicht nur die Bundesregierung, die PKs zu Corona organisiert, sondern auch der unabhängige Verein von Journalistinnen und Journalisten. Können wir in der CH auch sowas haben?

Dann der Hinweis von @c_drosten dass die Kommunikation im Moment schwierig ist.

Das macht es umso wichtiger, dass genau solche Projekte umgesetzt werden. Brauchen wir echt dringend auch hier.
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Reihenweise Impfdurchbrüche bei vorsichtigen, geboosterten Personen, med. Personal +Andere.

Heute 4x LongCovid (mild) behandelt nach 2x Impfung und Delta Durchbruch im Herbst.

Ein Update, das wieder keinen Applaus geben wird 😬

Wo stehen wir aktuell:


Im Dezember wurde ich hier noch für meine Einschätzung verprügelt, als ich sagte #Omikron wird uns kriegen. Ich würde aufgeben, wäre "ein Durchseucher".

Falsch und jede verh. Infektion ist gut, aber ich negiere einfach nicht die unerfreuliche Realität 🤷‍♂️

Die aktuellen Impfstoffe verhindern auch nach 4x Impfung NICHT die #Omikron Infektion. Soviel steht inzwischen ziemlich fest.

ABER 3x Impfung verhindert sehr sicher den akuten schweren Verlauf und schützt Geimpfte und Kliniken!

Impfen ist wichtigst!
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🗣Dr.Claire Steves continued:
“Looking in the national core studies, from cohort studies across the UK we’ve looked at 10 different longitudinal studies. Our best estimates are that about 5% of middle aged people are experiencing long term.. 27/
#APPGCoronavirus #LongCovid
“..symptoms that are lasting about 12 weeks that are affecting their ability to function as normal. It’s less in younger populations, about 1.2% of 20 year olds. Overall that leads to approximately about 3% of the population that have had coronavirus, have had symptoms.. 28/
“..that affect their life for more than 12 months. I think personally that’s probably about where I’d sit the best estimate. But these things are difficult to really determine. So here’s our projection, while I’m saying it may be slightly less than what ONS said.. 29/
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🗣 Dr. Claire Steves:
“While I’m doing epidemiological research, I’m also a clinician that sees people with Long Covid as well. I’m sitting in my clinic today. I’m a geriatrician which means that I work in a memory clinic, that’s why I.. 1/
#APPGCoronavirus #LongCovid
“..see some patients that are referred through to me from Long Covid clinics but my role today in talking to you is I’m Cohorts lead for the CONVALESCENCE study which is one of the national core studies. Elements of it are looking at Long Covid but I’m also PI on the ZOE.. 2/
“ on Long Covid so I’ll tell you about a bit of the research from there. You guys asked me just last Thursday to answer 3 questions so that’s what I’m going to focus on today. The first one is ONS data a reliable estimate of the no of people living with Long Covid.. 3/
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🗣Prof.Danny Altmann continued:
“One of the things that’s happened since we’ve last met, NIHR have put quite a lot of money into different studies to look at underlying mechanisms and better treatments.” 26/
#APPGCoronavirus #LongCovid
“We certainly are networked into an enormous number of studies nationally and internationally, which I hope has got to be a good thing. But also I know that many sufferers get very cross with us because it feels like when they set up these studies, they suddenly start.. 27/
“..moving at a glacial speed as they get all the infrastructure in place and all the contracts in place and the staff employed. I promise you it is moving along, big stuff will happen in the next 6-12months.” /28
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🗣Prof. Danny Altmann:
“Every word that Colin, Ravi & Rebecca said resonates so strongly, that all I can do really is put some meat on the bones and add to it. An overarching starting point, like everybody I get called by journalists and people.. 1/
#APPGCoronavirus #LongCovid
“All the time, ‘are we there yet? Is it over? Has Omicron saved us?’ And of relevance for today, a pandemic is a fluid progression, there isn’t a day when it’s over and we’ve been through many phases and many variants and all of the countries are interlinked.” 2/
“It could still be a very long and bumpy road. In the UK, the situation at the moment appears better under Omicron and more hopeful than it did under Delta. But just to remind you in terms of the discussion we’re having today.. 3/
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It looks like my prediction is on its way to coming true. But the example of S Africa suggests that the peak in deaths may be greatly delayed following the Omicron case numbers peaking
Well after the Omicron wave cases peaked, the South African deaths still continue to climb at a remarkable rate. This may well repeat elsewhere. It's possible that delayed deaths from non-pneumonitis causes are the driver of this Image
We know from previous variants that deaths in the year after recovery are increased. Could it be that this insidious “post-recovery” death is just an Omicron specific accelerated form of #longCOVID?…
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🗣Ravi Veriah Jacques:
“I know particularly, early on in the illness it was just incredibly difficult to go from being an active person in their 20s to spending all of my time in bed. It was probably one of the most depressing periods of my life” 1/
#APPGCoronavirus #LongCovid
“Because I had no idea whether I’d get better, it went on for days and then weeks and then months and there was no change and I was completely despairing. I thought this would be my life, while I had to watch for the rest of my life, my friends would live the life.. 2/
“I was supposed to live whilst I’d be stuck in bed. Overtime I did learn how to live with Long Covid and for me that’s been very much believing that I’ll get better, even if the evidence doesn’t exist. I think for me I really have to believe that someday I’ll get my life back.”3/
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🗣Colin & Rosie Pidgeon:
“If I’m honest some days she seems worse than a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know if that’s because she’s abandoned hope and that’s a very hard thing to see in your child. She’s on 2 different sets of antidepressants” 1/
#APPGCoronavirus #LongCovid
“Does it feel like she’s getting better? No it doesn’t. I can’t answer it in any other way than that. When we look around and we see people like Ravi and Rebecca who’ve been struggling with this for months upon months, upon months, it’s scary.” 2/
“On the other hand we do know that people do get better, but we tend not to see them because the people who are tweeting about this or who are on Facebook talking about it tend to be that group of people who haven’t got better and there are an awful lot of them.” 3/
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🗣Ravi Veriah Jacques:
“I want to echo a lot of what Rebecca and Colin said. I think what I need is medical treatment and that’s exactly what I haven’t got so far. Psychological support is important, stuff like disability benefits is also important”1/
#APPGCoronavirus #LongCovid
“Particularly for a lot of long haulers who have lost jobs and who need to support their families. That personally isn’t so important for me as I’m able to stay at home, but no amount of disability benefits or psychological support will give us our lives back.” 2/
“The only thing that will give us our lives back is medical treatment, otherwise we’re just having to do what I’m doing at the moment. Which is resting at home most of the day in the hope that I’ll get better. But that’s a hopeless situation to be in” 3/
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🗣Colin and Rosie Pidgeon:
“At the moment, we have a good relationship with our GP’s, they’re great. When my friend sent me the article about how to assess and diagnose POTS, I rang the GP and they booked us in and did it,” 1/
#APPGCoronavirus #LongCovid
“And followed the instructions in the article, so I can’t complain about the goodwill. But they haven’t got the tools. I don’t know whether Rosie has micro-clots, she quite possibly does but I don’t know of anywhere to get her tested. I’m sure QUB has the wherewithal..” 2/
“I’m sure the proctology labs in some of the hospitals have the kit that they need to test for it but how do I, as a parent of a child, organise for that to happen. I don’t know the pathway in. Rebecca mentioned a consultant who she used to work with who’s been seeing her” 3/
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🗣️ Rebecca Logan: "I feel hopeful that my symptoms may ease while i'm here [Germany], however I can't stay here funding this indefinitely to keep that hope alive" 1/

"If we have the equipment in the UK then what is stopping us from getting this up and going here? Rather than letting people go to Germany & other countries just to get that sense of validation and sense of hope"
"I have to go home, I've come away from my daughters and that is breaking my heart, and I can't afford to... we're in the 21st century, we're in the UK, we should be able to have this treatment and reassurance in our own country" 3/
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🗣Colin and Rosie Pidgeon
“It was the start of September when this first started with Rosie and then it was the start of October when she was referred by our GP to paediatrics. She’d had a series of blood tests like Ravi,” 1/
“To rule out things like low iron, or diabetes and things that can cause dizziness. So she was referred for an urgent paediatrics appointment, 12th October something like that. When I rang the hospital appointments line, it actually was the 1st Nov…” 2/
“When the Long Covid clinics in Northern Ireland were first announced. I spoke to our local hospital, the outpatients thing and they told me that they were currently seeing the urgent paediatric referrals from June. So it was likely to be February or March before she was seen.”3/
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🗣️ Rebecca Logan: "Priority for me is to be believed and stop the gaslighting... there is evidence proving that it is a multi-system vessel condition. We need clinics that are face to face, led by a team who are educated" 1/

"Treatment that we'd get is based on current research, like anti-coagulation therapy, which is what i'm receiving in Germany... it is a key priority that we get this diagnosis of microclots and hyper-active platelets recognised in the UK" 2/
"We can't keep living this... I am a shell of the person I was. And It's not in my head. It has been quite overwhelming coming to Germany and meeting others from around the world who have come here to get treatment for Long Covid, and funding it themselves" 3/
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🗣️ Rebecca Logan: "I've had absolutely nothing from a Long Covid service in NI. I was told by my GP I was anxious and depressed and I was described antidepressants, despite me arguing that it was a physical condition" 1/

"I have been campaigning in NI from Sept 2020 to try to get answers & help... really we've all had to look for help ourselves. As an extremely unwell person, it is very very difficult, especially with brain fog, cognitive issues" 2/
"with Long Covid we have been disbelieved and dismissed and had constant gaslighting, so we've withdrawn into ourselves and own community and not sought the help we probably should have demanded" 3/
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🗣Colin and Rosie Pidgeon
“Rosie did her GCSEs last year, and she was on her second day of school starting her As Levels when she got pinged as a close contact. So we arranged for her to have a test the next day… 1/
“Which she had and came back negative and then the day after that she was drinking orange juice in the kitchen and she said ‘Dad, I can’t taste this’. So we booked her in for a second PCR, again it was negative.” 2/
“Given that she had symptoms we figured it was the right thing to do, to keep her off school. She stayed off and did the day 8 test which again was negative. So she’s never tested positive for Covid.” 3/
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🗣️ Rebecca Logan: "Pre Covid I worked 12-18 hrs a week in my local ED and taught 12-14 fitness classes... I contracted Covid in April 2020 after working in Covid ED with inadequate PPE" 1/

"I could not return to nursing as my brain fog and cognitive function was not good. Initially exercising was ok, however after 4 weeks of this I was becoming increasingly fatigued, breathlessness worsened... I was advised by a neurologist and cardiologist to stop and rest" 2/
"I thought I'd be fine in a month or so, however I gradually deteriorated to the point I'm at today. Every single day I waken as if i've not slept, fatigue is crippling, I have tinnitus, brain fog, cognitive dysfunction, joint pain, muscle pain, poor circulation...3/
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Zu diesem Paper (Vergleich des #LongCovid-Risikos von Geimpften & Nicht-Geimpften)gibt es eine Überarbeitung.
➡️Neue Erkenntnis:LongCovid-Symptome bei doppelt Geimpfte sind nach Infektion nicht häufiger als bei Menschen ohne durchgemachte Infektion.🧵⬇️1/n… Image
Was neu ist: „Da die von COVID-19-Patienten am häufigsten gemeldeten Langzeitfolgen nicht spezifisch für COVID-19 sind, verglichen wir anschließend die Häufigkeit der gemeldeten Symptome bei infizierten und geimpften Personen mit nie infizierten Personen.“ 2/n Image
Das ist erst mal eine positive Nachricht, die aber - wie immer - nur ein Puzzleteil darstellt. Weitere Daten/Studien sind abzuwarten.

Zu beachten sind die in der Studie genannten Limitationen, u.a. ⬇️ 3/n Image
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1/🧵Important = Brain Injury in #COVID💥
📍N=251 hospitalized COVID pts had biomarkers of neurodegeneration (dying brain cells).

📍Previously healthy COVID pts had ⬆️er levels than Alzheimer’s pts!

How do we understand this?
Hint: #Vaccinate yourself
2/ These elevated brain biomarkers indicate disease to different types of brain cells (eg, astrocytes, glial cells, neurons) in COVID patients. These were early unvaccinated pandemic patients. Vaccinated people will be less prone. WHY?
3/ There isn’t a ton of brain invasion by COVID. We think most of the 🧠 injury is INDIRECT. Meaning downstream injury from 1. upstream inflammation 2. blood clotting & 3. heavy sedation causing #delirium, which we proved to be a #dementia risk factor!
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Dear ON families,

I truly don’t understand how we as a province are at the point where the question of when to resume safe in-person learning has been obfuscated so terribly beyond the point of the health and safety of our children during a global pandemic.
This is truly all very simple.

Let’s simplify.


We are in the 5th wave of a pandemic that has been described as “record breaking”.
“The Omicron variant has “eclipsed” all previous COVID-19 waves in Canada and new modelling forecasts a “large surge” and potential peak in new cases this month, before declining in February.”…
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Wow—CANT MAKE THIS UP—an infamous pro-herd-immunity dude now caught COVID so many times that he can’t even count how many COVID infections! He claims only 2, but screenshots clearly suggest he had 3-4 infections.➡️BONUS: he also boldly proclaimed he has “no need” for mRNA shot 🤦🏻‍♂️
2) this guy (a UCL scientist) loves his natural immunity so much that he triumphantly proclaimed in July 2020 that he would not get the COVID mRNA vaccine because “I had the real thing”…. ➡️as he then proceeds to catch COVID at least 2 more times 👀. My god the gall.
3) Also, apparently somehow zero self reflection on not having his sense of smell fully back after a whole year! The loss of smell from COVID is neurological — hence not sure if you can say the brain is fully okay if you have #LongCovid for that long.
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