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Encouraging sustainable, healthy lifestyles so health span = life span
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21 Nov 20
@DerekGriffin86 LBP is complex & the social of BPS the code breaker between the dichotomization of pain science & biomechanics. I never got it when Waddell introduced Engel’s BPS model only focusing on biomechanics or YFs. Now I see social/environmental context as Job 1 to unmask. @_Tyson_Beach
@DerekGriffin86 @_Tyson_Beach “Kind Care Requires Unhurried Conversations
Health care providers must have time to know their patients in “high definition” to best meet their needs.”…
@DerekGriffin86 @_Tyson_Beach “psychological factors are only the tip of the iceberg. Social & contextual factors,which have largely been overlooked in sports medicine, directly impact health outcomes,well-being & sport injury recovery by facilitating or impeding health & health behaviour change” @LKTphysio
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29 Mar 20
2) Zoom capped us at 100. Sorry. Anyone know how to let more in? HK, Norway, Belgium, Bolivia, Argentina ....
3) says it all
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15 Feb 20
Education is the first approach in evidence-based MS care
But l, education is poorly understood acc to Moseley which is why we do the Teach Back of which I’ve posted dozens online @PainRevolution
Evidence based reasurance & reactivation from Rehab of the Spine
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