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23 Oct

8th edition.


Soulful music by none other than @VijayKedia1 before the AGM kicks off

check this one: @vijaykedia1 at his best
When will PPFAS will launch a new scheme?

Only if, PPFAS is excited about putting their own money & can add value to investors

Right now, there is no plan to cut any more expense ratio.

#NewFundoffer? nops
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13 Oct 20
7500 crores.. number of average ciggies smoked in india (from ITC)..

80% of market share of legal ciggi market, which it self is 75%

Total ciggies smoked per annum: about 14000 crore!!

Cig is just 10% of tobbaco used :)

Don't worry, tobbaaco money is not going any where :)
Which food company has closest association with farmers after government of India and amul


Who has access to largest set of farmers?
17 states, 35000 village, 40 lakh farmers
Approx number of aata packets sold in an year: 15-17 crore bags!!

Who has the capacity? Manufacturing capabilities?
Who has the capacity to source that much wheat?
Who has the capacity to perhaps print their own carry bag
Who has a better cost control? Could rule exports?
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28 Aug 20
One of the question i see lot of people asking in regards to PPFAS is " Where has return come from. Indian holding or foreign holding.

Lot of people have this high perception of only Nasdaq or tech stocks leading to it.

pretty baseless question though:)

A small thread


There is absolutely no right way or scientific way (except some complicated XIRR). I made some assumptions.

a. Portfolio, stock holding and assume no change in stocks during the duration.
b. 31st dec, 2019 as the stock holding
c. 27 august 2020 as the final value.

what were PPFAS value on 31st December.
they held about 12% cash. 26% in foreign stocks.

red indicate, they sold the position after dec 31st.

i have assumed, imagine they can not do any thing with their stock portfolio ( No change in existing stock) except cash)
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9 Jul 20
Around 2017, I dabbled in to seeking financial advise. From a well known Chennai based planner. While I was decently well read on the subject but I still want to see what that advisor had to offer. Read on [A thread]

Goal 1: I was planning to buy a new car in few years. Target was to replace old one at 8-9th year.

I had money year marked in a low duration debt fund/ liquid fund.

Advise: put in a balanced fund for 4 years at 12% !!

No sequence of risk offcourse because planner is superb!! Image
Goal 2: that time I was blind about buying a home

My plan: create down payment in 4 years along with existing saving, rest take loan. Mode of saving: liquid funds

My planner: hey maccha, equity maccha

Equity for a goal 4 years away In full blown plan of 24 pages.

Hmmm Image
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3 Jul 20
PPFAS NAV 13 Feb: 29.29 (Sensex/~42k)
PPFAS NAV 24th March: 20.15 (Sensex/25k)
PPFAS NAV 3rd July: 28.70 (Sensex/ 35k)

42% from bottom. While most has been saying it's because of Nasdaq, the game changer has been 13% odd cash and bets they took

#ppfas #assetallocation
They had around 12-13% cash. While Sensex is still 17% down from ath and Nasdaq at last ath, let's see how the cash helped

1./ ITC, took 5% punt
2./ They loaded on MCX, CSDL, averaged more on axis
3./ Moved out of nestle and picked Microsoft of almost same value

They also moved a 4% position in AMZN and further 2% in FB once it crashed to 160 odd. Didn't add a share in Google.They also took a quick trade in HDFC though can't figure out what for but it must have been bought pretty low and then made a good trade given HDFC was 10%
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