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#ITC Paperboards eyeing on sustainable packaging solutions!

@dmuthuk @Prakashplutus @AnyBodyCanFly @Panks_Arora @SwarnashishC @prabhusaurabh91
1/ #ITC Paperboards

-ITC Paperboards & Specialty Papers Division of ITC group is a leading manufacturer of packaging & graphic
boards in South Asia.

-Paper division closed last fiscal with ~10% of its produce being exported. Exports will go up. In value terms, exports is 15%
2/ Focus

-Packaging industry will grow at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2020-25.

-It is focusing on sustainable packaging solutions with development of innovative B2B value added paperboards & import substitution given the unfolding opportunities in new segments of the packaging biz.
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Few "Post Vaccine" era stocks, hugely underperformed during pandemic. 30% - 300% probable appreciation possible. Just a opinion, i could be wrong! Not a buy/sell reco.
#investing #cummins #Larsen #ITC #bse #TataMotors #motherson Image
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7500 crores.. number of average ciggies smoked in india (from ITC)..

80% of market share of legal ciggi market, which it self is 75%

Total ciggies smoked per annum: about 14000 crore!!

Cig is just 10% of tobbaco used :)

Don't worry, tobbaaco money is not going any where :)
Which food company has closest association with farmers after government of India and amul


Who has access to largest set of farmers?
17 states, 35000 village, 40 lakh farmers
Approx number of aata packets sold in an year: 15-17 crore bags!!

Who has the capacity? Manufacturing capabilities?
Who has the capacity to source that much wheat?
Who has the capacity to perhaps print their own carry bag
Who has a better cost control? Could rule exports?
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This #TweetStorm is just an itch to write about ITC Limited which everyone has spoken about :). Pardon me if its totally useless. 1) FII shareholding in December 2016 Peaked at 20.89%. Reducing Every Quarter since then !! Down to 14.6% in June 2020.
2) Mutual Funds have gone from 2.65% to 9.45%. Insurance Companies mainly - LIC,GIC etc continue to own 20-22% in the same period. Even SUUTI has gone down from 11.13% to 7.94%.
3) #Retail below 2 lakh capital has gone from 8.73% to 9.2% to 9.47% in last 2 qtrs and no of #shareholders from 10.57 lakhs to 12.7 lakhs to 14.61 lakhs between Dec 2019 to June 2020. Should be more higher in Sept 2020 !!
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Having data scientist is a common thing for all data centric businesses. You will be killed if you dont have it. I won't just run behind HDFC Life because for this fact. On the contrary, their tech sucks ! Ask their sales teams. They don't even hv a decent proposal capture app.
To know about tech, learn from any of the ICICI group companies. Miles ahead. Compared to ICICI Pru, HDFC Life is in stone age. Marcellus may say channel checks, but I am a part of the channel and their customer too. If Tech is the reason, then they got it wrong.
When it comes to investing in Life insurance companies, I don't always see the point. Their major part of the product is sulking investment portfolios of traditional and ULIPs. No sane investor would invest in them. Their agents won't love to sell Term Covers, which is the core
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💊Pharma & API Based Stock Fundamentally Strong With Excellent Up Move

💊ENTRY-2 AT 360
💊TGT 1000

📇All Scripts Are Supervised Under Fundamental Parameters.Expecting Multifold Growth

2️⃣ADANI ENTERPRISE-Trading Of Coal & Other Commodity+Infra

🌁Add More Between (200-230)
🌁5x Return Expected
🌁View bullish


📑Promotors Holding 75%
📑FII 20%
📑DII 2%
😳RETAIL Holding Only 3%

🌁New #Airport Contract+Supporting Govt Policy
3️⃣PFC-Financial Assistance To Power Sector

💥ADD MORE @ 70
💥Highest Dividend Yield in Industry-10%

🏷Value Investor👨🏼‍💼Stuck In #ITC

🏷Looking For 1 More Alternative Growth Focused Stock With Dividend Yield & Capital Appreciation-Do Not Miss PFC
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In spire of ban on loose cigarettes in Maharashtra
ITC to double!!

in "Lion heart" series ...
coz you need to have Sher ka Dil to invest in #ITC 😀 Image
Interesting to see, Maharashtra has the lowest contribution to Smoking Tobacco Population

North East India seem to be a major contributor Image
South India has the most smokers
followed by east India

Source: Centrum Image
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Weekly NIFTY50 analysis thread.
September Week4.

All posts are for educational purposes.
Adani enterprises
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was discussing low flow issue with a very intelligent investor

he told me something very insightful

#ITC & #LnT he said suffer from the problem of "high" float

and "bad" large stakeholders

The high float makes it difficult to manipulate and there are no "pumps" before a dump
and for ITC the sarkar is always talking it down
saying will sell SUUTI stake , creating downward pressure
saying we will tax tobacco more, more pressure etc

these high float stock, are in a way "orphans" where no one has high stake and motivation to push up the stock...
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१. नए अध्यादेश में एमएसपी का कहीं जिक्र नहीं है.
यह प्रश्न उठाने वाले यह शंका जाहिर कर रहे हैं कि व्यापारी किसानों से मनमाने कीमत पर उनके घर जाकर उनका माल खरीद लेंगे. ऐसा कहते हुए वे मानो यह आभास दे रहे हैं कि कृषि उत्पन्न बाजार समिति में होने वाले सौदों में पहले #Farmersbill2020 Image
एमएसपी की कोई गारंटी हुआ करती थी. सच्चाई यह है के देश के किसी भी राज्य का कोई भी कृषि उत्पन्न बाजार समिति कानून किसी व्यापारी को एमएसपी से नीचे माल खरीदने के आरोप में कोई सजा नहीं देता है और ना ही किसानों को ऐसी कोई गारंटी पहले उपलब्ध थी. #APMCAct
केंद्र की सरकार एमएसपी पर अपनी एजेंसी के मार्फत कृषि उपज की खरीदी करती रही है. केन्द्र सरकार पहले ही जाहिर कर चुकी है कि उसकी खरीदी पहले की ही तरह शुरू रहनेवाली है.

#antifarmerlaws #FarmerBill #NoMSP
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👩🏻‍💼LIST OF 10 STOCKS-1️⃣

💊Pharma & API Theme Based Stock,Fundamentally Strong With Excellent Up Move

💊CADILA-CMP 409 +More At 360 TGT 1000

📑All Scripts Are Supervised Under Fundamental Parameters.Expecting Multifold Growth

#RETWEET So It Reaches To Every Retail Investor In🇮🇳


📋Promotors Holding 75%
📋FII 20%
📋DII 2%
😳RETAIL Holding Only 3%

(New #Airport Contract+ Supporting Govt Policy)

🌁Adani Enterprises 5x
👩🏻‍💼View Extremely bullish
Best Buy Between (200-250)


Value Investor👨🏼‍💼 Stuck In #ITC Name The Growth Focused Stock With Dividend Yield & Capital Appreciation-

🌁PFC CMP 93-Highest Dividend Yield 10.17

(Value Investor👨🏻‍💼 Should Not Think Of Missing It)

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#BIEXCLUSIVE | @DailyhuntApp founders confirm @IPL 2020 associate sponsorship — promise new release for Josh ahead of India’s biggest cricket tournament…

#Dream11IPL #IPL2020 @viru21 @umang_bedi

By @pabsgill Image
#IPL2020 | India’s homegrown news app @DailyhuntApp has confirmed that it has signed on as an associate sponsor with Star Sports for the massive cricketing tournament, the Indian Premier League 2020 after reports have been floating in the market for over a week.

Bedi, along with his partner-in-crime, Virendra Gupta, are also eyeing the IPL to boost Josh, Dailyhunt’s sister short video-streaming app launched around 50 days ago.

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🌁ENTRY-1 187 SL 184 TGT 205
🌁ENTRY-2 203 SL 198 TGT 225
🌁ENTRY-3 222 SL 217 TGT 252

🍥I Cut Losses-Max 2% & Keep TGT of 10% Minimum-Observe Live On #Twitter

Part-2 IN THREAD-Must Read⬇️

#Retweet Image
🏔PYRAMIDING TRADING-How To Make Riskless Money

🏔STRATEGY-Averaging In Profits
Trust Fundamental Of Stock & Worship Trend-Pharma 💊

⛰Continue Adding Onto Profitable Trade As Price Or Trend Moves In Your Favor

⛰Key Point
Keep repositioning SL & apply 2% Risk In Each Contract Image

🧘🏻‍♀️I Don’t Study Charts & Data In live market,I Am Mostly Ready With Entry By Pre-opening Itself

🧘🏻‍♀️I Study Charts+OI DATA+Vol In live market just to Confirm My Entry.I Keep My Eye On 138 F/0 Scripts in Advance

I May Be #Wrong But This Helps Me A Lot🤞🏻 Image
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Will be posting TA of all #nifty50 stocks in this thread. Any comments, suggestions are welcome!
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3.0 Marathon Chart Run (Sept)

-Will Post FNO Charts A-Z (Ascending)
-No Comment will be posted, just price, volume and action.
-Education Purpose only.

-Share with friends and #Retweet if you like.

- Please avoid messaging for thread unroller!

-Follow @Mr_chartist
01. #ACC
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10 #GST deadlines/forms for FY20 that need to be complied with,by 31stAug 2020👇

1)#GSTR-4:It is an annual form to be filed by composition dealers

2) ITC 03:#ITC 03 is a form that is filed in special circumstances when input tax credit that has been availed,has to be reversed
3)#ITC-04 is related to job workers &submitted by the principal every quarter;Details to be furnished in ITC-04 are

i)Goods sent to job workers

ii)Goods received back from job workers or sent out from business place of job-work

4)#GSTR-5 is submitted by taxable #NRIs

5)#GSTR-5:It is submitted by #OIDAR service providers

6)#GSTR-6:It is filed by input service distributors,within 13 days from end of month

7)#GSTR-7:It is filed by #TDS deductors&furnished within 10days after end of month in which tax has been deducted at source
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#dividends #yield

With interest rates depressed and likely to remain so for years, stocks with ample and secure dividends could benefit as investors search for yield.
One approach is to consider companies whose dividend yields nicely exceed their bond yields
This can be a good way to find high-quality stocks because low bond yields are often a sign of financial strength & dividend stability
The stock of any company whose safe dividend yield is materially higher than its own 10 year bond yield may have a compelling risk/reward profile
The approach doesn’t predict that a stock will outperform, but it has been very effective at identifying stocks with limited risk
Let’s take an example Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), whose dividend yield of 2.7% is more than double the about 1% on its 10-year debt.
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Top Dog of Dalal Street - #ITC Sensitivity Analysis - One of the most positive analyses with the least multiple. Image
Past Performance ImageImage
ITC's profit is dependent on Tobacco which is changing gradually and change takes time for such a large organization. Image
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Going through the Annual Report of ITC and several interesting facts coming out. This thread is going to focus all on that. Tagging the most tracked #ITC twitter handle @dmuthuk :)
1. First 20 pages talk about key brands and businesses. Doesn't even mention a word of Cigarettes.
Is this a hint of ITC towards 'Sustainability' where ITC is moving away from the 'negative' brand image of Cigarettes ?
2. I wasn't aware that #ITC is into Techology via ITC Infotech
3. Launched over 60 new products in last year.
4. Produces a free cash flow of over 11500 cr p.a
5. Launched several products catering to hygiene during lockdown. One that standouts is Savlon spray, wipes and 50 paise sachet along with Veg washes ?
6. Unlike other FMCG majors, partnered with Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo, Amways and even Dominos to deliver their products
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Always compare full body range with volume.

If range of candle is big , should resembles volume..

Big range --->high volume
Small range--> low volume

If it is not that happening, then it is alert. It is against price and action law.. Image
#PriceVolume #Price #volume

Topic:- Stopping Volume or Topping out volume

Very important phenomena observed today during trading.
Stopping volume:-
Vol- Inc
Price- dec
Range of candle -dec
Last cand would be hammer. Image
One more anomaly betn #pricea and #volume
Anomaly between Price and Volume

Just look at the marked candle.

it is bearish candle.


look volume associated with it and Range of the candle.

It is short as compare to prev few candles with the highest vol. Image
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Let's do some smart work..

How to understand the technical view of the chart without any effort.

Interesting .... Isnt it?

Most important ..without ANY efforts.

Come, let's see it.... How?
1. Open internet browser .....

2. Type technical analysis of #Stockname with hashtag
( For eg. Technical analysis of #ITC)

3. Trading view page will open with your stock name.

4. Click the link & go to page.

5. You will see 3 headings

Overview, Ideas & Technical.
Go through headings one by one.

Please understand this is shortcut to view well drawn charts on multiple time frames & varied view.

.....It's of no use if one don't understand the chart itself.

Own understanding of chart is highly essential.

Share/ like If it helps you.
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2.0 Marathon (All FNO) Chart Run (August Month)

#Retweet and share with your friends maximum!!
01. #ACC
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