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Sep 13 18 tweets 10 min read
Final session at #RethinkAddiction - hearing from entertainer @DavidCampbell73 . @DavidCampbell73 says was on air last week, could feel anxiety levels rise. His instinct, with 20+ years on stage, is to mask it, make more jokes, keep talking during commercial breaks so crew can't tell: "keep juggling"......#RethinkAddiction
Sep 13 24 tweets 11 min read
#RethinkAddiction: Improving treatment and support session, with Adrian Dunlop @RANZCP, Heather Pickard former CEO @WeAreSHARC, Melanie Walker @TheAADC, @SArunogiri @RANZCP Have you ever wavered? Heather Pickard said she chose a 'non expert response' to people in distress, to stay working in/with a community she received her own support from: she didn't want to be a client anymore, she wanted to be the CEO #RethinkAddiction
Sep 13 24 tweets 11 min read
Next session at #RethinkAddiction: Reclaiming Australia’s role as a global leader in harm reduction #RethinkAustralia (pls note change in panellists)
Sep 12 30 tweets 17 min read
#RethinkAddiction opens for Day 2 - "where the rubber hits the road, where yesterday's lived experience becomes a campaign", says moderator @FaineJon We start today with video address from @Emma4Dobell who acknowledges #RethinkAddiction is being held on the traditional lands of the Ngunnawal & Ngambri peoples. She talks of her background in health care, working as a pharmacist for 20+ years, and is keen to hear the conf calls.
Sep 12 5 tweets 5 min read
Morning, from @mariemcinerney, getting set for the second/final day of #RethinkAddiction after powerful stories of lived experience throughout yesterday. Today we'll hear in the opening session from @seselja_k, who featured in our preview:… Today's #RethinkAddiction sessions will also feature , @AngeleneBruce, @JodieMatar & @DavidCampbell73 and many others, and dive into treatment/care, prevention/public health responses, and harm reduction. See the program:…
Sep 12 26 tweets 11 min read
Final panel session now for Day 1 #RethinkAddiction, where we will be hearing about addiction issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people - "one of the most important issues that this conference and the nation faces," says @FaineJon #RethinkAddiction session
Sep 12 35 tweets 18 min read
Afternoon sessions at #RethinkAddiction are beginning with a panel discussion on the impact of criminalisation (virtual view!), led by @FaineJon #RethinkAddiction @baden_2002 @FFDLR @renaerocket
Sep 11 58 tweets 35 min read
It's @mariemcinerney on deck today, ready to live tweet Day 1 of #RethinkAddiction with @AlisonSBarrett. Program here:…

I'll be attending virtually: tweeting from Melbourne/Naarm, on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations #RethinkAddiction - standing by for Day 1 to begin
Sep 11 11 tweets 14 min read
We're counting down to this week's #RethinkAddiction convention: focus on big barriers to treatment of alcohol/other drugs/gambling addiction, due to stigma, lack of national focus, vested interests...

See our preview:…

@rethinkadd @dan_lubman . @rethinkadd says addiction hugely misunderstood in Aust, incl by health sector.

"One in 4 will struggle with alcohol, other drugs or gambling in their lifetime, yet many will wait years, even decades, to get the help they need...."

Sep 3 15 tweets 10 min read
Croakey's quote of the week comes from Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the @UN

"Let's stop sleepwalking towards the destruction of our planet by climate change. Today, it is Pakistan. Tomorrow, it could be your country."

#ClimateEmergency Last week's @CroakeyNews bulletin included stories about unhealthy advertising to children, Jobs & Skills Summit, National Cabinet changes to COVID isolation & Thomas Mayor’s Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture.

Read🧵for all of last weeks' news....
Sep 1 5 tweets 8 min read
What might the Jobs & Skills Summit mean for health? The @CroakeyNews bulletin this week has a series addressing this very question. HT @MiriamDVDBerg for showing the way forward for #HealthEquity at #JobsSummit2022… #AusPol Here are @MiriamDVDBerg recommendations to #JobsSummit2022, based around the five themes put forward by @JEChalmers et al #AusPol cc @_PHAA_ @SandroDemaio @VicHealth @baumfran @SharonFrielOz @Mark_Butler_MP #SDOH Image
May 18 33 tweets 15 min read
I'm catching up on some of the recorded sessions & will start a thread on the 'Impact of the UN Committee’s statement in 2019 in relation to the minimum age of criminal responsibility', one of #RANZCP2022's recorded sessions, presented by Invited speaker Dr Enys Delmage Dr Delmage is a consultant in adolescent forensic psychiatry and has worked in an adolescent forensic inpatient unit in Porirua, New Zealand, since November 2017. He has an interest in the law as it relates to #RANZCP2022
May 18 31 tweets 18 min read
I'm going to join the session about codes of ethics in psychiatry. Three presentations by Paul Appelbaum, a "godsend" for psychiatry with an international perspective, Izaak Lim & @sidney_bloch #RANZCP2022

Follow @coopesdetat for tweets on 'psychosis and schizophrenia' Prof Paul Appelbaum is, among other things, a Professor of Psychiatry @ColumbiaPsych, joining us live from New York- @appelbap #RANZCP2022
May 17 10 tweets 4 min read
Starting a new thread for the next keynote by
Assoc Prof Loyola McLean, talking about 'changing bodymind: on attachment, trauma and regulation' #RANZCP2022… How do we bring two or more very different points of view together, how do we bring the past and present together? How do we move forward as individuals, as dyads, as a college? - A/Prof McLean #RANZCP2022
May 17 28 tweets 16 min read
First keynote is by Prof Belinda Lennox @BLennox4, from University of Oxford, speaking about 'autoimmune psychosis-current state of play' #RANZCP2022 Schizophrenia/psychosis is a brain disorder, with neurological as well as psychiatric symptoms. The question being discussed is what evidence is there that some psychosis is autoimmune - @BLennox4 #RANZCP2022
May 17 7 tweets 4 min read
Beautiful views in Sydney for the third day of #RANZCP2022! The third day sessions will start soon.
Below is a thread of 5 key takeaways from sessions I saw on Day Two, a day which focused on priority populations and the impacts of climate change.
1/ Important to embed cultural safety into mental health service provision that is based on authentic co-design, allowing culturally appropriate and flexible methods of sharing knowledge - Dr Kashyap #RANZCP2022
May 17 54 tweets 19 min read
While @coopesdetat is following Tim Flannery's keynote, I am going to jump in and catch up on the Indigenous mental health session from yesterday -@AlisonSBarrett. #RANZCP2022 Session chair, Dr Emma Adams, provides a heartwarming acknowledgement of country and lovely introduction to the presenters - Prof Helen Milroy, A/Prof Mathew Coleman, Dr Shraddha Kashyap & Dr Jemma Collova #RANZCP2022
May 17 19 tweets 8 min read
Fabulous thread 👇by @coopesdetat following today's Presidential symposium on #COVID19 #RANZCP2022... I'll be wrapping the session on PTSD and military and veteran's mental health in the following tweets. #RANZCP2022
May 17 57 tweets 27 min read
The first of today's concurrent sessions are about to kick off! To prepare for this afternoon's keynote by Tim Flannery on #ClimateChange and #MentalHealth, I'm going to catch up on and tweet out yesterday's symposium, which is now available on demand. #RANZCP2022 Follow @coopesdetat who is going to jump into the 'training during pandemic' session and also #RANZCP2022 for more Congress discussions!
May 16 33 tweets 19 min read
And, we're off for the second full day of #RANZCP2022. This morning's keynote address is Prof Jayashri Kulkarni AM, director of Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre, is today’s first keynote speaker @jayashrikulkar1 @maprc1 #RANZCP2022 The focus of her keynote will be women’s mental health #RANZCP2022
May 16 6 tweets 3 min read
Hope everyone is well-rested and ready for the second full day of #RANZCP2022. We will be back for more live-tweeting soon.
Here is a thread of 5 key takeaways from the sessions I saw on Day One... 1/ It's as important to consider psychological & social factors of a person as biological. "It doesn't make sense to focus on one aspect of a person in understanding & treating psychiatric disorders"- @AllenFrancesMD #RANZCP2022