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Keen to sit in (virtually) on this session led by @KTrebeck at #hpsymposium2023 - see also our preview for earlier info:…
Image Announcement that @KTrebeck will be @AHPA_AU's Thinker in Residence next year: here's her bio/info/work
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#VoiceforHealth @CroakeyNews webinar set to begin, featuring stellar panel: journalist Kerry O’Brien,
@fi_cornforth @president_apa @ScottADAC and
@AbutlerAnnie @anmf_federal, moderated by
@Jade_Braddy. Details here:… Welcoming the #VoiceforHealth panel and @CroakeyNews team Image
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Further to the thread on AI at #ASMIRT featuring the work of @DrGeoffCurrie (and MTC)

. @DrGeoffCurrie is chair of the nuclear medicine program at #ASMIRT2023 - it features a number of his posters, incl with his son @CurrieHugo and daughter Josie. He tells @CroakeyNews his kids "have grown up in nuclear medicine"......
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A thread now to catch up on discussions around artificial intelligence (AI) - a hot topic everywhere, including at #ASMIRT2023.

See some of the issues raised in our 'future of medical radiation sciences' Q&A piece… #ASMIRT2023 Interestingly, @theage @smh have run a piece this weekend by @angusthomson_: 'A new breed of AI is changing healthcare. But it comes with a warning '

($ paywall) #ASMIRT2023…
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Gary Denham is a radiographer at @HNEHealth, with a number of presentations for #ASMIRT2023, incl (related to Edel Doyle previously): Beyond the skeletal survey: how modern neuroimaging is revealing the effects of childhood maltreatment Denham says it's well established that childhood maltreatment/abuse is detrimental to mental health & a major risk factor for most psychiatric disorders. Can also lead to a range of behavioural problems & alter the structure/function of the developing brain #ASMIRT2023
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We're set to follow the final day of #ASMIRT2023 - national gathering of the medical radiation sciences: been a big agenda of clinical/workplace issues, also diversity/inclusion, AI, patient-centred care Image Today's opening #ASMIRT2023 session will focus on forensic radiography, workplace wellness/burnout, clinical issues, education and gaps in care. Image
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Interesting session coming up now #ASMIRT2023: Champions of Change, to be closed with a panel discussion on patient centred care Image And just as interesting in the other plenary on application of AI (artificial intelligence), which will also end in a panel discussion - ft @DrKEHawk @DrEMRohren, Phillip Chlap, moderated by @DrGeoffCurrie #ASMIRT2023 Image
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Catching up re earlier #ASMIRT2023 session from @CMalamateniou on: Artificial Intelligence is changing
radiography: What should we do? (Pic: ASMIRT) Image "AI is just another tool we need to use effectively & responsibly to solve real clinical problems; radiographers are frontrunners in this race, together with all other profs working in medical imaging, radiotherapy & nuclear medicine." @CMalamateniou told Croakey #ASMIRT2023
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Next session up at #ASMIRT2023, with a focus here on evidence based practice and research while @AlisonSBarrett will be tweeting re the stream on building a resilient & responsive workforce Image On why #ASMIRT2023 is talking about the need to build an evidence base, @CMalamateniou told Croakey: "Radiography is a relatively new profession, so it still builds its evidence base. ...It leans equally on technology & person-centred care. So these are the two areas of (focus)."
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#ASMIRT2023 is gearing up for a high-level closing session tomorrow on 'the future of medical radiation sciences (MRS)' - key speakers shared their thoughts with us ahead of the session on what excites/worries them & much more… We heard insights on #AI, scope of practice, education, research, patient-centred care and more from @CMalamateniou @AmandaBoldersto
@DrKEHawk @DrGeoffCurrie @hilderbillies, Assoc Prof Andrew Kilgour & Alan Malbon - a big read that maps out many challenges/opps in MRS
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Set to tweet now re final Friday #ASMIRT2023 session on Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity which will close with a discussion led by @DrYolandaSurjan on Women in Leadership, ft @AmandaBoldersto @lucindamorris23, Jess Biles, Angela Damm & @CMalamateniou Image Session is hearing from @AmandaBoldersto on other findings from her PhD #ASMIRT2033 Image
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Coming up at #ASMIRT2023: @CroakeyNews team will be tweeting from the Advancing Planar Radiography and Patient Centred Care streams, incl work from @MYradres & @AmandaBoldersto - follow @AlisonSBarrett @WePublicHealth & many others via our Twitter List… If you wanted to read more about @benbravery and his efforts to bridge the gap between patients and clinicians in health care, check our #ASMIRT2023 preview:…
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Opening plenary of #ASMIRT2023 set to begin - thread to follow of presentations by @benbravery @johnhewis & panel discussion ft @venusdvh, @MikeNeep, Karen Dobelii, Elizabeth Brown, @pkench, Justine Trpezanovski, led by @MYradres Image Here's the full #ASMIRT2023 program…
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#ASMIRT2023 opens full conference proceedings today: we will be tweeting on multiple sessions from this national gathering of medical radiation science practitioners - follow @WePublicHealth @AlisonSBarrett & some stellar tweeps via… You can read our #ASMIRT2023 preview, featuring @benbravery (who'll be delivering the opening keynote today), plus @johnhewis and @EmmaHydeTeach…
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We are covering #ASMIRT2023, which is bringing together the medical radiation sciences in Sydney from 27-30 April: on Twitter follow @mariemcinerney here, @AlisonSBarrett and @ASMIRTorg who are tweeting over at @WePublicHealth. Bookmark our stories here:… Make sure also to follow #ASMIRT2023 speakers/participants incl @AmandaBoldersto @CMalamateniou @EmmaHydeTeach @MYradres @johnhewis @DrKEHawk @DrGeoffCurrie & many more - follow our #ASMIRT2023 Twitter List…
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Joining in to @thevalsmob prison healthcare webinar, from Kaurna country.

#unlockingVictorianjustice .@Sarah__Schwartz and @MegBastard are up first with a pre-recorded discussion on #UnlockingVictorianJustice

"Cultural safety cannot occur without clinical care, and clinical care cannot occur without cultural safety" – @MegBastard
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Did you catch the latest @CroakeyNews e-bulletin with a focus on unhealthy policies?

If not, no worries, here's a thread on this week's readings.

You can also subscribe to receive the e-bulletin every Thursday morning… Don't miss this article on #RoboDebtRC in which this week's quotable comes from:

"The Robodebt debacle was the very opposite of healthy public policy – it was extraordinarily unhealthy public policy" – @baumfran

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Set to watch the @closethegapOZ livestream #CloseTheGapDay - (watch here…)

Heres the link to the 2023 Close the Gap report: Strong Culture, Strong Youth: Our Legacy Our Future”… "Our stories will be told because our stories are held in the hearts and memories of our Elders: Welcome to Country fromLa Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council
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A massive week @CroakeyNews on climate with #HEAL2022 and #HealthyCOP27 stories, #VicVotesHealth2022, #TwitterResistance and more.

In case you missed them, following is a thread of articles from this week's bulletin... This week's quotable comes from the ICYMI column compiled by @MelissaSweetDr

"You know there is a rural medical crisis when you ring another rural hospital to transfer a patient, and they refuse the patient but offer you a job" – a rural GP on Twitter…
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On election day eve - a thread on Croakey's coverage of the Victorian election. The role of the media, the rise in extremism and why we need to broaden the focus from hospitals and doctors to primary health care, prevention and social determinants is discussed in this wrap piece by @JenniferDoggett… #VicVotes2022
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Final #HEAL2022 session set to begin, chaired by @OyarceEspinoza Jaithri Ananthapavan from @Deakin outlining the opportunities for early-mid career researchers in @HEALenviron #HEAL2022