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4 Jul
I'm in awe about how far this spread yesterday and today, and humbled by everyone coming forward with stories like mine. There are so many of us. I've been getting a lot of DMs about causes of particular symptoms. I'm part of a recovery program thru Mount Sinai, and the... 1/
head of the program thinks that a lot of long-term symptoms can be explained by Covid causing sudden onset autonomic dysfunction, including POTS. Another theory is that the virus is triggering either CFS/ME or MCAS. I am not a doctor, but wanted to pass this along bc... 2/
...so many people in my mentions are chronic sufferers of these diseases & recognize the symptoms. The truth is we don't know yet. Part of this journey, for me, has been learning to sift through speculation and trying to practice patience, because this monster is brand new... 3/
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3 Jul
Hey, so, I got #Covid19 in March. I’ve been sick for over 3 months w/ severe respiratory, cardiovascular & neurological symptoms. I still have a fever. I’ve been incapacitated for nearly a season of my life. It's not enough to not die. You don’t want to live thru this, either. 1/
I am not unique. Support groups have sprung up all over the internet because medical science doesn’t know what to do with the hundreds of thousands of Covid patients who don’t get better in the (utter and complete bullshit, and they know it) CDC guidelines of 2-6 weeks. 2/
The CDC is also refusing to add widely-reported, terrifying symptoms to their lists. So here’s a grab bag of what patients like me are experiencing, so you know: Extreme tachycardia. My heart rate was once 160 while I was sleeping. Chest pain, like someone’s sitting… 3/
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