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26 May 20
@ScottAdamsSays @JoannaPrentice1 1) Authoritarian personalities believe that the entire world is divided into sides -- "my side" (i.e, the people devoted to their leader and/or ideology) and "the other side" -- and that the information/media available to the public is similarly divided.

@ScottAdamsSays @JoannaPrentice1 2) Whole, healthy personalities understand that the world is a complex place, and the media ecosystem reflects that. There are both media entities and individual journalists who can be considered more reliable over time because their work is more accurate.
@ScottAdamsSays @JoannaPrentice1 3) Similarly, there are people and entities that are unreliable and prove to be so over time. Making things even more complex is that even reliable sources can either make mistakes or succumb to ideological inclinations to bias their work and make it unreliable.
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21 May 20
1) A thread about Sarah Palin, who in many ways was the key figure in the transformation of the Republican Party into the know-nothing, anti-science, conspiracy-theory-loving, cultishly authoritarian Party of Trump it is today. W/ video.
2) I've been thinking a lot about Palin in no small part because of the way Trump-hating Republicans like @MeghanMcCain are rewriting history by trying to blame Barack Obama for Trump, because apparently _he_, not the GOP, stoked America's culture wars when he was president.
3) Let's be clear: the GOP has been stoking these culture wars as a means of winning election since at least the days of Ronald Reagan and his presidency. But they embraced it openly beginning in 1992 with Pat Buchanan's "cultural war" speech.

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16 May 20
We documented lots of examples of Trump winking and nodding at the white nationalist far right in 2016, but this is just a straight-up open embrace. Malkin is now the “Mother Groyper,” promoting open white supremacy, and this account belongs to a neo-Nazi.
This was our investigation in 2016, by the way.

And here’s info about her, ah, ascent as the Mother of Groypers.

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15 May 20
@LyesAbouJaoude @peterawolf @misterdickard1 @rickperlstein The conclusion, from a friend on Facebook:

“Here’s the thing: I suspect Perlstein, Charles Pierce, Dave Neiwert and I—to mention the commenters here I’ve actually met—could have a spirited exchange about these issues, maybe even change each others’ minds somewhat. ...”
@LyesAbouJaoude @peterawolf @misterdickard1 @rickperlstein “... That can’t happen with Greenwald, whom I’ve never met, because the FIRST thing he does out of the box is accuse anyody who disagrees with him of bad faith. That not only makes him a poor advocate, it weakens one’s trust in his reporting.”
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14 May 20
@IsaiahLCarter Even if your risk of reinfection is negligible, your risk of being a carrier is not. It’s a matter of being considerate of others.
@IsaiahLCarter Moreover, there’s still no certainty about whether you are fully immune now.

@IsaiahLCarter I'd urge you to read this piece to understand what the issue is and what masks are mostly for: i.e., not for your protection, but to protect those you come in contact with.

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11 May 20
@erik2690 @oddstorms @emptywheel In the world of journalism, anonymous sources are a two-edged sword: their anonymity may get you great information, but you are also entirely dependent on the source being straight with you and giving you good and accurate info to use. ...
@erik2690 @oddstorms @emptywheel ... And so there are those occasions when you will discover that a source is feeding you disinformation and is simply using you for spreading it. Lying to you. Under those circumstances, you not only are no longer under any obligation to maintain their anonymity, you have ...
@erik2690 @oddstorms @emptywheel ... a legal obligation to fully expose them to any law-enforcement agencies who may have been involved with the disinformation. That’s exactly what Marcy did.

Glenn has never been a working journalist in a newsroom in any sense, and it shows.
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5 May 20
@MoaVideos My introduction as a teenager to this material was Dee Brown’s “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,” which remains an important history, elegantly written, though I later realized how incomplete it was, partly because of discovering the California saga while reading Kroeber’s “Ishi.”
@MoaVideos The most complete survey of this material is David Stannard’s “American Genocide,” which has been under attack by wypipo apologists since it was published. My personal favorite is Alvin Josephy’s “The Nez Perce Indians and the Opening of the Northwest.”
@MoaVideos Part of what made the California genocide so disturbing is that it was carried out not by the cavalry but by ordinary people— you know, those noble pioneers who put a $100 bounty on Indian scalps, and then would round up hapless women and children and slaughter them.
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28 Apr 20
A new term for our age: the Shared Violent Fantasy.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the 'Boogaloo' chatter on far-right social media is the extent to which so much of their fantasies can easily bleed over into the real world.

A recent, and chilling, example of this is the case in Texarkana, where a 'Boojahideen' decided to stalk and kill a cop while he was livestreaming it. Unfortunately for him, cops were viewing the livestream.

Most of the incidents so far have revolved around the Boogaloo as a means of attacking law enforcement and governmental authority, as in the recent anti-lockdown protests. @letsgomathias has an excellent roundup on this aspect.

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27 Apr 20
One of the reasons Trump's pressers were so disastrous that staff decided they had to end was that he is incapable of expressing empathy. Every single thing is about him.

Here was his response when @Yamiche tried to see if he had any concerns his advice was making people sick.

@Yamiche: I interviewed someone whose family got sick, they went to a funeral in mid-March. And he said mainly because the president wasn't taking it seriously. ... He said his family members were sick because they were listening to you. Are you concerned ...
... that maybe downplaying the virus got some people sick?
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22 Apr 20
@StBridgetAthena @blowdart Well, speaking of Shea ... the woman you see there on the right, appearing with Shea in 2015 at the rally where they tried to enter the House chambers with guns but forgot the House was closed up on Saturdays, is Rep. Elizabeth Scott, R-39th Dist., which is mainly in Snoho Co. Image
@StBridgetAthena @blowdart Bitsy, as she was known by, lived near Monroe. She was Shea's closest ally in the lege until she mysteriously stepped aside in 2017, saying she had health issues. She had spoken at Gavin Seim's 'We Will Not Comply' anti-gun-control shindig in late 2014 too. ImageImage
@StBridgetAthena @blowdart Of course, she's now been fully replaced there by Robert Sutherland of Granite Falls, who threatened a shooting revolution against Gov. Jay Inslee at the big anti-lockdown shindig in Olympia Saturday. He had a gun shoved down the front of his pants. Image
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22 Apr 20
@StBridgetAthena @blowdart I don't know if anyone has put together an overview on this WRT Snohomish County. I can give you a quick rundown here though.

The first militia meeting I ever attended was in Maltby at the community center there. Image
@StBridgetAthena @blowdart Bob Fletcher of the Militia of Montana was the featured speaker. He told the crowd all about the plan to turn the northern Cascades into a large concentration camp for right-wing gun owners after the New World Order's black helicopters rounded them up. Image
@StBridgetAthena @blowdart This was in late summer 1994, BTW. Also in attendance was Dave Trochmann, MOM co-leader and a key figure in the Ruby Ridge drama (far right). Dave at one point regaled me with scientific race theories in the parking lot as we had a smoke. Image
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19 Apr 20
On this most somber of anniversaries, a reminder of the victims.

News coverage of that most horrific of days.

And a profile of that most monstrous of monsters and the movement that created him.

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17 Apr 20
Today's series of tweets from Trump targeting states where anti-COVID-19-restriction protests have occurred -- accompanied by red-capped crowds bearing Trump banners -- are wink-and-nudge signals to the #Boogaloo crowd. This one especially.
Remember what happened in January. The fight in Virginia is occurring in rural counties where sheriffs and local officials have bought into "constitutionalist" nonsense.

Those militiamen on the capitol steps in Lansing are all part of the same phenomenon. And as @jason_a_w explains, these crowds are being financed with mainstream GOP and right-wing "dark money" support.

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7 Apr 20
@Antifada161 @ReidfromMn Understand what happened in 2016.

Clinton lost to Trump in three key states by a total of 80,000 votes. That wasn't because of a groundswell of Trump support.

It happened because Clinton enthusiasm was deliberately suppressed--a combination of GOP fuckery and progressive anger.
@Antifada161 @ReidfromMn The progressive anger was a constant after the primary. Sirota ran Hillary hit pieces right up to the election. (He never did attack Trump, BTW.)

The Russian ad campaign on Facebook was key, though. It targeted Bernie fans and POC to persuade them not to vote for Clinton.
@Antifada161 @ReidfromMn Progressives who are attacking Biden right now with unproven allegations are simply repeating history. Especially when the tenor of those allegations feeds right into the right's favorite conspiracy theory: Pizzagate/QAnon.

But you be you.
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4 Apr 20
A great piece by @RenaPriest on the last surviving Southern Resident orca. They removed 58 whales from a population of 130 over 10 years, and the SRKWs have never recovered.

Toki is a special one. You'd have to be, to have survived 45 years alone in a concrete tank with only lags for company.
I wrote an investigative piece about her back in 2014. It found that the USDA was violating its own regulations by permitting Toki to remain in her tank.

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19 Mar 20
@CharlesPPierce That's a fact jack. They make Canada geese -- who are like nasty large dogs with wings -- look civilized in comparison.

Fortunately, they were in the middle of a large field that will have tulips popping up in a couple months, so there were no humans to hiss and snap at.
@CharlesPPierce Also, telephoto lenses are great.
@CharlesPPierce And of course, even nasty things can be beautiful. It's a pecking order in the wild. There are some critters that even the swans find not just intimidating but terrifying. Still beautiful, tho, lol. Image
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11 Mar 20
1) One of the really toxic aspects of mass politics has always been that politicians have managed to convince us that _they_ lead and _we_ follow. That their initiatives decide our direction. Which is why people mourn so hard when their candidates lose.

But it's not really true.
2) The reality is that just as often -- perhaps more often -- the public actually leads and the politicians follow. Which is why people should never give up just because their preferred candidate loses in the primary.
3) Think about gay marriage. People forget that during the 2008, Obama actually opposed it (he was OK with "legal unions," but not actually marriage). By the end of his presidency, he was its greatest advocate. His tenure is celebrated for it.
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4 Mar 20
@multinillionair @ProFactchecker @cinderellen @jpaniagua @krystalball I just get that response from all directions whenever I say things people who otherwise want to agree with me disagree with. I'm like, yeah, or maybe my laser focus on right-wing extremism in the USA gives me certain insights you might be missing from your larger picture.
@multinillionair @ProFactchecker @cinderellen @jpaniagua @krystalball Such as: I knew Trump would be a white-nationalist, proto-fascist nightmare, and reported on it extensively. I knew we could not afford to flirt with a Democratic loss, even in the spirit of making the party better.

@multinillionair @ProFactchecker @cinderellen @jpaniagua @krystalball But when Clinton talked about the alt-right and "deplorables," all she got from the Sanders crowd was derision. Again, I knew better.

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4 Mar 20
@Phoenixash20001 So, when I was working during the 2016, my major project was examining all the white supremacists who came flocking to Trump's campaign. I knew then that it wasn't just his policies, but his style and approach to politics that made his following so toxic.

@Phoenixash20001 And of course we were right: The first month after his election saw the largest increase in hate crimes since we began keeping count of them.

People understand that the kind of culture a candidate creates around himself reflects how he will govern. And they vote accordingly.
@Phoenixash20001 Pretending that the horrendously toxic culture that surrounds Sanders' campaign isn't really a problem is just so much whistling past the graveyard. And experienced voters will take their votes elsewhere.
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1 Mar 20
@kelpmonster @chemparrot Actually, I think the splash in the main shot is a different whale than the one in the following sequence; I actually had two orcas porpoising at me at once. I was alternating between them when they got close, cuz I couldn't get them both! Also, the first one arrived sooner. Image
@kelpmonster @chemparrot Thanks for the help, though! Would love to ID that second whale too.
@kelpmonster @chemparrot This might have been a better splash shot, actually, from the first whale. But I still don't have a good ID shot for him in that sequence. Image
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29 Feb 20
@crab_mac @newyorkgreen There were two phases of it. The anti-Chinese "Yellow Peril" fearmongering reached its culmination in the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. It revived in the early 1900s when Japanese workers began arriving in large numbers, often for rail work.
@crab_mac @newyorkgreen And this "Yellow Peril" had very specific conspiracy theories attached to it, a la Homer Lea's 1909 book "The Valor of Ignorance," about the Japanese emperor's plans to invade the West Coast. In Grays Harbor. Image
@crab_mac @newyorkgreen Fundamental to these theories was the accompanying belief that all those benign-seeming strawberry farmers were secretly minions of the Emperor, treacherously "inscrutable," who would spring into action as saboteurs and enablers of the invasion when given a secret signal.
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