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8 Sep
Late last night, news broke in London that @ScottMorrisonMP’s government has been pressuring the UK to drop commitments to the Paris climate goal from the UK-Aust trade deal.
Shameful and part of a pattern, because there's a history of active sabotage.
Here's a thread: #auspol
Australia’s obstruction in global climate diplomacy goes back a long, long way to the mid-90s:
But let’s stick to the more recent history. In 2018 @ScottMorrisonMP newly installed as PM, set an unconstructive tone, dumping on the importance of international climate efforts in an interview with Alan Jones: pm.gov.au/media/intervie…
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7 Sep
Great to speak about climate impacts in the Pacific just now for @SEI_Sydney.
The climate crisis is the greatest threat to the Pacific, and there's a myriad of incredible people working to shine a light on what's needed to turn things around. Follow those threaded in for more:
Pacific voices to follow on climate justice, humanitarian aid and displacement due to climate change (1/2):
Pacific voices to follow on climate justice, humanitarian aid and displacement due to climate change (2/2):
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2 Sep
Extraordinary graph from the AEMO.
By 2026, rooftop solar is projected to meet up to 77% of grid demand at times (a conservative scenario).
Coal-burning power station operators are playing a losing game against massive technological change. We're in the Clean Energy Revolution.
Australia's biggest climate polluters like @AGLAustralia are betting against an inevitable market transition that is already happening.
Coal is on the out - it's dirty, it's expensive - and we don't need it. Renewables backed up by batteries are ready to supply our energy needs.
Here's the full report if you'd like more detail. @AGLAustralia this might be particularly useful for your business model. aemo.com.au/-/media/files/…
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2 Sep
Today new details were revealed of the sleazy, cynical lobbying effort by the @ScottMorrisonMP government to stop our Great Barrier Reef from being listed as ‘in danger’ by UNESCO. How did it come to this? Here’s a thread: #auspol #ActOnClimate
What we found out today is that the Morrison government actually pressured the Australian Institute of Marine Science on a key scientific report, and selectively leaked it to the Murdoch media. Read all about it: abc.net.au/news/2021-09-0…
Today’s revelations are shocking - but consistent with the cynical behaviour of Morrison and his predecessors over a long period of time. Let’s go through the tawdry history.
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11 Aug
Hey @ScottMorrisonMP, I’ve read and reread the transcript of your presser yesterday responding to the #IPCCReport, and there’s a bunch of stuff you’re wrong about. Time to bust the Morrison Myths about climate change. Here’s a thread.
Australia is making an oversized contribution to the global climate crisis in a few ways. First, when land use change is excluded, our emissions per capita are higher than any other nation, so what we do matters.
Second, coal, oil and gas are the top drivers of emissions - and when exports and what is burned at home are combined, Australis is fifth worst in the world for responsibility for carbon dioxide from extractive fossil industries: theguardian.com/environment/20…
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11 Aug
Just 48 hours after the shocking #IPCCReport dropped, some very good climate news in Australia this morning that shows our biggest businesses are taking action. It is a big deal and here is why:
This morning, Tomago Aluminium Smelter, the single largest user of electricity in Australia, announced that it will be powered by ‘mostly renewables’ by 2029. This is huge and signals unstoppable momentum away from coal which is the number one driver of climate change.
Tomago is the biggest customer of @AGLAustralia which is Australia’s single largest domestic climate polluter, responsible for 8% of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. AGL owns three coal-burning power stations: Bayswater, Liddell and Loy Yang A.
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9 Aug
Hey @AngusTaylorMP last night you claimed Australia's climate record "is one of delivery and achievement".
To use a technical term, that is complete crap.
Here are 14 times Australia’s record has been highlighted as embarrassingly bad on your watch. #IPCC
In a UN report released in July 2021, Australia ranked dead last in climate action amongst over 170 UN members analysed: washingtonpost.com/world/2021/07/…
In December 2019, an international study found that Australia was the worst-performing country on climate change policy, according to an international ranking of more than countries: theguardian.com/environment/20…
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9 Aug
In the IPCC report three things stand out as the most important: we know the scale and immediacy of the climate crisis; we know what is causing it & we know how to fix it.
We have agency.
Here’s a thread. #auspol #ClimateAction #IPCC
The number one driver of the climate crisis is the extraction and burning of coal, oil and gas. All decisions our leaders make from today must be informed by this knowledge. The lives of our children depend on this above all.
For decades, emissions cuts have been blocked by the vested interests of the coal, oil and gas corporations. We have to call time on this - on the subsidies, the political protection, the game of mates, the sponsorships - the lot.
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21 Jul
As @UNESCO decides whether the Great Barrier Reef is world heritage in danger, it’s crucial to understand the history of the failure of Australian politicians to protect the Reef. Weirdly, it all began with a beautiful promise. A thread: #auspol #ForNature
In 1981 the Great Barrier Reef was declared as World Heritage under UNESCO, and Australia promised the world that “to the utmost of its resources” our nation would “do all it can” to protect the Reef: whc.unesco.org/en/conventiont…
It is important to remember that the Fraser Coalition Government chose to nominate the Great Barrier Reef - and the achievement of World Heritage status was something that we were proud of as a nation. Of course we would protect the Reef!
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2 Jul
Here’s a business case study for our times.
@AGLAustralia is a huge Australian company with a massive problem. AGL is Australia’s worst climate polluter. Investors are recoiling. The share price is tanking. But there is a solution. Here’s a thread: #auspol #ClimateAction
In the mid-2010s, AGL’s CEO Andy Vesey had a plan: AGL would respond to rapidly changing business conditions, by transitioning away from generating electricity from burning dirty coal and would embrace renewable energy.
AGL made a positive start on Vesey’s plan by announcing the closure of the ageing dirty polluting Liddell coal burning power station. But this brought a backlash from the coal lobby and coal-friendly politicians who attacked the move.
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24 Jun
Hey @ScottMorrison this week your ministers said they were “stunned” & “blindsided” by UNESCO saying that the #GreatBarrierReef should be listed as in danger. Why? Here's a sample of 15 expert warnings in the last 5 years about the mortal threat to the Reef from #climatechange.
In early 2016, the first of recent mass bleaching events occurred in the Great Barrier Reef. Scientists estimated 22% of coral was killed, clearly linked this to climate change and noted the need for urgent action to counter impacts. nature.com/articles/d4158…
Also in 2016, the UN released a major report on climate change with a key chapter focussing on the Great Barrier Reef. (You might remember that the government intervened prior to its release, objecting that the information would harm tourism).
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4 May
A few quick facts about @AGLAustralia which is Australia's biggest domestic greenhouse gas polluter:
In 2019-2020 @AGLAustralia was responsible for over 42 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions - more than double the next worst.
A massive 8% of Australia’s total domestic emissions are produced by @AGLAustralia alone.
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7 Mar
As a candidate for general secretary of the @OECD Mathias Cormann deserves to be judged on his record. So, for ease of reference, here is a thread setting out some of Mr Cormann’s record of using his position of power to thwart effective action on climate change:
Back in 2009, when the Liberals were in opposition, Mr Cormann opposed any support for a national emissions trading scheme in the absence of a global agreement: abc.net.au/4corners/malco…
In 2011, again from opposition, Mr Cormann claimed to parliament that the Gillard government's “push to put a price on carbon on the basis that it would help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions [was] a very expensive hoax": bit.ly/2MVsIVn
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31 Jan 20
This week at the #NationalPressClub, Australia’s Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP outlined his new vision for the nation in the face of catastrophic fires.

Let’s call it the ‘Shonk Doctrine’.

Here’s a thread on the ‘Shonk Doctrine’ and how it works.

#auspol #shonkdoctrine
Morrison’s Shonk Doctrine combines elements of what @NaomiAKlein called ‘Shock Doctrine’ with a whole lot of our Prime Minister’s characteristic shonkiness.

It is a dangerous combination.
Naomi Klein coined the expression ‘Shock Doctrine’ to describe the phenomenon of vested interests using moments of ‘shock’ (eg wars & disasters) to force through aggressive neoliberal policies targeting ordinary people and the public domain:

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14 Jan 20
1/12. The #Australianfires have been an absolute disaster for wildlife and nature. But there is an important background story: even before the fires, the Coalition government had declared War on Nature.

Here’s a thread:
2/12. The Coalition government’s #WarOnNature has been prosecuted through funding cuts, attempted law changes, support for disastrous projects and attacks on environmental defenders.

Here are 7 examples:
3/12. In December 2013, the newly elected federal Coalition government slashed $10 million in funding from the public-interest Environmental Defenders Offices.


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5 Jan 20
There are various different kinds of negligence and failure for which Australia’s political leaders should be held accountable in relation to the #bushfirecrisis. Here’s a thread.

#AustraliaFires #AustraliaBurns
1. Despite at least 18 warnings since 2013 (and plenty before that) linking rising emissions to catastrophic fire risks, no serious action has been taken to reduce Australia’s emissions. We are literally the worst on climate policy: google.com.au/amp/s/amp.theg…
2. Specific expert warnings about the fire risks for the 2019-2020 summer and recommendations for better preparations were all ignored, as were requests for further meetings by experts: google.com.au/amp/amp.abc.ne…
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16 Dec 19
Hey, peak business bodies, I notice you've been pretty quiet about the #bushfirecrisis but you own some of this...

Here are 15 times in the last 9 years when peak business bodies opposed emissions reduction in Australia:

@QRCouncil @BCAcomau @MineralsCouncil @APPEALtd @NSWMC
1. 2011 @QRCouncil - “the QRC urged federal and state parliamentarians to heed the warning of the impact of the proposed carbon tax on the economy and the resources sector.”

2. 2014 @BCAcomau - The BCA openly called for a repeal of the carbon price: “Next week we hope to finally get rid of a piece of badly designed public policy that has placed a serious drag on our economy – the carbon tax.”

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9 Dec 19
The sun is red and the #sydneysmoke is thick in the sky this morning. Vast areas of the country are ablaze.

So, what should our political leaders do in the crisis?

Here are seven suggestions:
1. Protecting Sydney's kids shouldn’t be a lottery of who happened to get to Bunnings first. The government should be procuring and distributing free face masks to all children.
2. The heat and smoke is a direct threat to the lives and wellbeing of the homeless, aged and sick. There needs to be urgent provision of extra care for the most vulnerable. We must look after our own.
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21 Nov 19
.@ScottMorrisonMP I notice you just said that there is no evidence that links Australia's carbon emissions to bushfires? That's just not true. Here are 18 warnings by experts since the Coalition was elected in 2013, all of which have been ignored. #fires

Director Prof Andy Pitman - @ClimateExtremes 2013: “Failure to accept a link between global warming and fire risk... leaves all management of the risk to NSW state agencies and mitigation by Rural Fire Service employees and volunteers.”

.@UNFCCC 2013: “What is absolutely clear is the science is telling us that there are increasing heat waves in Asia, Europe and Australia; that they [bushfires] will continue in their intensity and in their frequency." - Christiana Figueres @CFigueres

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23 Aug 19
The world is on fire. Forests are burning in Siberia, Indonesia, Brazil, Greenland, The Canary Islands and Alaska. What is to be done?
First, let’s state the obvious, we are in a #ClimateEmergency which is why more than 3 million Australians are now represented by local governments across the nation that have stepped up and voted in climate emergency declarations.
Second, as horrific as things are, we have to keep our eyes on the horizon. We know that through the fire and smoke, a flourishing future is still possible. That must be our morning star; our truest orientation.
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13 Jun 19
The approval of #Adani’s groundwater plans is a disgrace and shows that the whole system is rigged and broken. This is not about any specific allegation of corruption, but the rules of the whole system being unfit for purpose. Here’s a thread on a few ways the system is rigged:
QC @StephenKeim1 has said that: “the default position of mining law in Queensland is that mining should proceed because exploiting the earth is ordained.” The existing system fails to adequately consider the climate damage impacts of a proposed project.
Notoriously there is legal approval that asks directly “given that we are in a state of climate emergency, should this project proceed?” Logically, it is impossible to justify the Adani mine in the face of climate emergency.
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