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#agedcareRC THREAD:

When I was 19 I worked in an aged care home in Canberra housed 80 residents, all of whom had dementia. When I tell people they say something like "My god, what a nightmare"

The people weren't, but the conditions were.

Nothing has changed. #auspol
The residents were lovely, mostly. I got to bring them food and cups of tea so they were always happy to see me.
I got to know many of them quite well. At least half a dozen thought I was a grandson or nephew of some kind. #agedcareRC #auspol
I didn’t encourage that assumption but it seemed cruel to disabuse them of that idea. #agedcareRC
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Aged Care Minister Colbeck said he was "shocked" by the neglect revealed in the #agedcarerc Interim Report.

He insisted providers were "doing well across the board" in May, and made no federal COVID aged care plan.

At what point does naiveté become incompetence? #auspol
Remember, Colbeck is part of the government that CALLED the #agedcarerc due to systemic neglect - yet he had the gall to claim he was "shocked" by the findings of its interim report.

If he were across his portfolio, NOTHING in that report should have shocked him. #auspol
Colbeck has made no inroads in the three areas of "urgent action" identified by @RoyalAged:

- young ppl w/ disabilities trapped in aged care
- over-reliance on chemical and physical restraint
- 100k+ older Australians languishing on the home care waitlist #auspol #agedcarerc
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Wow! Today's #DanAndrews Press Conference was quite a ride. It started out as normal, current COVID update etc.

Then out came the #MSM they pushed him, spoke over him, ignored answered questions, went with the classic ask the same question different ways until you get an answer
that suits, they were gouging for a hateful headline. They behaved like a pack of school yard bullies, or Twitter Bot Trolls. And STILL, he handled them beautifully. They couldn't break him.

He completely ignores and dismisses the #LNP MP's trolling him constantly. Exactly as
an elected Member of the Australian Parliament should behave.

Dan Andrews played along, let the media mob go until they wore themselves out and really started to sound like a bunch of media hacks and really embarrassed themselves.

When they first went for him, and it was really
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So the ASD won't "collect" information but they will help AFP "identify" people (by accessing their information) Hmmmmmmmm...
Seems @annikasmethurst story was RIGHT ALL ALONG, not that it was ever in doubt.
@annikasmethurst Smethurst story said there was a push for ASD to get domestic powers. Dutton/Home Affairs denials were always nonsense, claiming that as long as their wasn't a mass information gathering power on all Australians, only on criminal suspects, that somehow made the story wrong.
Of course we'll have to see what actually limits this to identifying people allegedly accessing/distributing child abuse material.
Because most of the powers in the encryption legislation apply to ALL crimes punishable with a sentence of 3+ years in prison.
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I’m getting direct reports of widespread standowns of early childhood educators in Victoria.

@DanTehanWannon’s so-called Jobs Guarantee hasn’t survived Day 1. More below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Educators are distressed and angry. They’ve been there for families every day during this pandemic. They’ve turned up without PPE or social distancing when everyone else was told to stay home. We need to be there for them now.
The Morrison Government rewarded their dedication by booting them off #JobKeeper early. Just 3 days after guaranteeing that no workers would be kicked off early.
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A thread reflecting on recent #MMT discussion/debate/name calling in Aus Twitter.

I've been watching detractors and critics of MMT battling it out with proponents and it has led me to hate the internet even more and spend less time on Twitter lately. #auspol #ausecon
My feed seems full of people on both sides calling each other names and weaponising quote tweets in what appear to be mindless attempts to win the internet, and generally assuming the worst of each other. Often these are people whose values are 90% aligned.
It's easy to discredit a body of thought; just criticise it, then engage & amplify those who defend it badly. Constructive critical engagement involves engaging the thoughtful, considerate and open proponents. In #MMT examples of such people are @StevenHailAus & @StephanieKelton.
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1/ The Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 will today look at the Morrison Government’s response to the unfolding tragedy in Victorian nursing homes. #auspol
2/ The Minister for Aged Care will be appearing to answer questions about how this tragedy happened and why the Morrison Government didn’t learn from Newmarch House and years of aged care failings to better prepare nursing homes.
3/ Why did the Morrison Government fail to audit nursing homes’ stock of PPE, even after more than 1,300 aged care providers across the country requested access to the national stockpile? Image
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[A thread] When nations face disasters or other existential threats, such as bushfires, terrorist attacks or war, generally politics is put aside and the population strives together to overcome the event. #auspol 1/9
There are many examples - NZ's Christchurch earthquake and mosque shooting, the twin-towers terrorist attack in New York and London in the blitz. In Australia's case bushfires are the most common example. #auspol 2/9
During our bushfire seasons, there are no individuals more reviled than arsonists. They act against the common good and in many cases their actions kill people, destroy property and disrupt lives and livelihoods. There are severe penalties in place for such people. #auspol 3/9
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1/13: Following the introduction of the 1997 #AgedCareAct which abolished all economic & staffing accountability, was the 2013 euphemistically called 'Living Longer Living Better' reforms which led to a greater commercialisation of the sector #LLLB ImageImage
2/13: Catchphrases and a PR campaign using ‘choice’ and ‘control’ as the drivers were used to justify further intense marketisation and a greater shift to user pays under the #LLLB reforms #agedcareRC #auspol ImageImage
3/13: The greatest deterioration of care has been since the introduction of the market based #LLLB reforms by #MarkButler which were progressed with great vigour by Fifield & Abbott govt #auspol #agedcareRC #auspol… Image
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“It’s unsafe and irresponsible to reopen schools in non-green zones”

Keeping open schools in non-green zones, as is the case in Australia currently, is unsafe & irresponsible.

#get2zero #lockdownNSW #elimination #SchoolsMustShutdown #JustRecovery #covid19nsw #covid19VIC #MMT
Australia is currently a red zone, VIC, - NSW is likely on the same trajectory if policy makers continue to resist implementing effective measures - have dangerously high numbers of community transmission. Schools should not be open.
Here’s how green, yellow and red zones differ - here’s the website link

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Top bureaucrats from Services Australia and DSS will be fronting the #robodebt Senate inquiry from 1pm. I will be live tweeting where I can. Lots of important questions, let's hope there are lots of answers too! #auspol
We're underway! I'm excited. Can't wait to count how many times we hear the public interest immunity claim invoked.
DSS secretary Kathryn Campbell is making an opening statement. She notes the program changed another of time "in response to feedback".
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We’ve had some exceptionally insightful takes this pandemic from our talented #auspol cartoonists. A few of the standouts in my view that I’ve come across iver the last few months in a thread starting with the amazing @moir_alan Image
And again from Mr @moir_alan Image
Then there is this take on the first stimulus package by Mr @mdaviscartoons Image
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The destructive effects of aged care privatisation in Australia: thread.

Commonwealth funding of aged care is tipped to reach $21.7bn+ in this financial year.

This is 80% of the sector's funding. The remaining 20% is contributed by consumers through RADs and daily fees. #auspol
Thanks to the reforms ushered in via the 1997 Aged Care Act, this $21.7+ billion of Commonwealth funding is not earmarked for care. It is up to providers' discretion how they spend it.

So long as they meet the accreditation requirements, they can retain unspent monies as profit.
This has effectively incentivised for-profit providers to reduce expenditure on care and retain taxpayer funding to bolster their bottom line.

Providers have replaced nurses with less expensive carers, most of whom have a 6-wk Tafe certificate and earn $23/hr.
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[A Thread] Murdoch press is running a story today that Dan Andrews "ignored" advice from the Fed CHO to stop elective surgeries and moved federal aged care residents into hospitals. It's simply untrue. #auspol 1/7
Andrews is receiving advice from many sources and prioritises actions to ensure all the resources at his disposal are allocated to save as many lives as possible. The Fed CHO is just one of many sources. Not ignored, but not prioritised as Murdoch would have liked. #auspol 2/7
Switching off elective surgery and shifting aged care residents into hospitals is also not something that can be done instantly. It takes some planning and organisation and further reallocation of resources. #auspol 3/7
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Howard as treasurer left Australia’s economy in an awful mess. The Hawke-Keating government put in place reforms that spurred growth, lifted school completion rates, created universal health care, boosted welfare and reduced inequality. They created modern Australia. 2/14
In hindsight, it’s easy to criticise some of the deregulatory policies that laid the groundwork for the insecurity of our current labour market but Australian workers were more protected from the ravages of neoliberalism as practiced by Frydenberg’s heroes Thatcher & Reagan. 3/14
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1. Updated thread on children and #COVID19, summarising the latest research.

Summary: schools can only reopen safely if community transmission is low, otherwise outbreaks will occur.
#SchoolReopening #edutwitter #edchat #edchatEU #auspol #Schulen #école #enfants
2. First, a recap, showing that child-to-child and child-to-adult transmission of #SARSCoV2 occurs, and that cases in children are being missed (which will affect the findings of some studies published to date).
3. The thread linked to previously has many sub-threads. I've linked to an important one below.

It contains evidence that children and adults are equally likely to be infected with #SARSCoV2 given the right circumstances.
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For those ppl following the #sportsrorts scandal - Phil Gaetjens is appearing now before the Senate Select Committee into the Administration of Sports Grants

You can watch live here:…

Phil Gaetjens has just confirmed to #sportsrorts inquiry that he didn't check if Bridget McKenzie acted lawfully- he says it wasn't his job (it was)- says it was Attorney General's (but the AG didn't check McKenzie was acting lawfully)

He says he saw no need to check
Discussing proper use of caretaker conventions at #sportsrorts inquiry & $40 million being approved AFTER caretaker

Sen Katy Gallagher @SenKatyG: "Do you think the allocation of $40 million after caretaker had kicked in is in adherence with the caretaker conventions?"
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Hey @MathiasCormann @JoshFrydenberg

Did you two do the figures for #JobTrainer?

I'm just asking bcuz they don't add up.

Let's take a closer look at what @ScottMorrisonMP & @SenatorCash announced today.

$2 billion #JobTrainer announcement was split into two parts:

Part 1
$1.5 billion to subsidize 180K apprentices until March 2021

Part 2
Commonwealth training commitment of $500 million + this amount will be matched by the states $500 million = $1 billion in total

Let's look at Part 1:
$1.5 billion subsidies for 180K apprentices

PM's media release states business will receive "up to $7000 per quarter"

Sept 2020 to March 2021= 2 qtrs (or $14K per apprentice)

180K x $14K = $2.52 billion

($1 billion more than PM's announcement)
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The Auditor-General’s report into strategic water entitlements procurement came out today.


#water #cewh #auditorgeneral #auspol #auspolitics #australianlabor #australianlaborparty #scottyfrommarketing #environment #environmentalwater
This is the report that was prompted by multiple calls for an investigation into, among other things, an $80 million purchase of water entitlements from a company that had links to Coalition MP and Minister Angus Taylor.
The government had switched from an “open tender” to a “limited tender” process. The Auditor-General’s report found that the department did not consistently apply approved policy, planning and guidance to the assessment of all limited tender procurements.
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OK let's get real about the #PalaceLetters.

Here's a thread that provides critical historical context, which media #auspol commentators today are deliberately ignoring...
President Richard Nixon told Marshall Green - the US Ambassador to Australia who had just orchestrated the 1973 overthrow of Allende in Chile - what he really thought of Whitlam:

"Marshall, I can’t stand that c*nt."
Whitlam rejected South African apartheid and abolished the White Australia policy. He granted independence to Papua New Guinea, improved relations with China & Japan, ended military conscription, and brought the last Australian troops home from Vietnam.
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#BREAKING John Kerr’s letter to Buckingham Palace notifying them of Gough Whitlam’s dismissal - 11 November 1975. “I decided to take the step I took WITHOUT informing the Palace in advance ... it was better for Her Majesty NOT to know.” #auspol #palaceletters @australian
Palace reply to Kerr’s letter re dismissal 17 Nov. Notes Whitlam’s 4am call to Charteris asking to be recommissioned as PM. Says Kerr acted with “perfect constitutional propriety” and the Queen was “NOT” informed about the dismissal in advance. #auspol #palaceletters @australian
Letter from Buckingham Palace to Kerr on 4 Nov 75. Kerr had raised the reserve powers re dissolution. Palace advise “those powers do exist” but warn “to use them is a heavy responsibility” and only “when there is demonstrably no other course”. #auspol #palaceletters @australian
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Today's the day. Follow @palaceletters and watch how media spin our history to fit their narratives. #auspol
The issue of supply - cited as the critical reason why the Governor General was “forced” to remove Whitlam - was just a ruse. Kerr had already decided to remove the PM at least a week earlier, and Malcolm Fraser agreed to the conditions Kerr demanded before the deed was done.
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“That national security law constitutes a fundamental change of circumstances in respect to our extradition agreement with Hong Kong. And so Australia today has taken steps to suspend our extradition agreement.” Australian Prime Minister @ScottMorrisonMP #auspol @SBSNews
“We have formally notified Hong Kong and advised the Chinese authorities” - PM @ScottMorrisonMP #auspol @SBSNews
“For skilled and graduate visa holders, we will be extending visas by five years from today, with a pathway to permanent residency at the end of those five years” - PM @ScottMorrisonMP #auspol @SBSNews
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Hey @sussanley

Today you announced another $200 million for recycling

I've got a few questions for you....just want to make sure I've got my facts right.

This announcement was made at The Pact Group, right?
Here's a pic of you, Trevor Evans & Sanjay Dayal at Pact
Now, is that the same Pact Group that recorded a shock $320 million half-year loss in Feb 2019?

What's their annual report looking like this year?

Where are PACT getting the hundreds of millions of dollars from for this investment?
Is it also the same Pact Group whose Executive Chairman Raphael Geminder was seen at a Liberal Party fundraiser in in March 2019 with Josh Frydenberg & Greg Hunt?

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