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How To Refer A Candidate To The High Court

For 40 days after the return of writs on June 28th Aussies will have the chance to refer any candidate to the HC to check their eligibility under s.44 of Constitution.

This is our Constitutional right
Australians can ONLY do this for 40 days after June 28, after that only the govt can refer people to the High Court.

This is a 40 day window of opportunity that may turn this election of it's ear.

It could also mean that Clive Palmer spent $70 million for nothing!!!
Tweeps you need to go to the High Court website

Download Form 22 - Election Petition…
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A month before the election was announced an Australian neo-Nazi murdered 51 Muslims at prayer in Christchurch. #ausvotes #auspol
Senator Fraser Anning blamed the massacre on Muslim immigration. The Liberal party turned the moment into an attack against the @Greens for being "just as bad".…
Months prior to these comments, the National Party was forced to expel up to 20 people over links to fascist groups. National Party staff received threatening phone calls in the process.…
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A thread which catalogues some of the completely rational and measured opinions about the outcome of the #auspol.
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We wrote for our UK comrades at @hopenothate about Australia's Federal Election and far-right attempts to throw bricks through the Overton Window. 🧱🧱…
#auspol #ausvotes
As mentioned in our @hopenothate article, neo-Nazi Andrew Wilson appeared on Daily Stormer associated podcast 'Red Dawn' on 22/4/19 incognito as ‘Archibald’ - “Secret Mastermind of @fraser_anning’s media campaign”. Archived for listening here…
Andrew Wilson explained that winning or losing this election was not important to their goals, as they’ve used the election to build lists of supporters. He goes on to describe his ultimate goal of forming white-only Casapound-style communities.
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Labor and Greens avoided addressing concerns by Far-north Queensland.
They didn’t give them hope, whilst telling them “the economy needs restructuring”

LNP candidates took advantage of this.
#QldPol #AusPol
South-east Queensland, on the other hand wanted details, figures and costings.
“How was Shorten going to fund everything”

No details there.
#QldPol #AusPol
Remember, Queensland is the same state that kicked out Newman, to bring in Palasczcuk.

The possibility of Morrison out for Shorten was there.

... provided the proper leadership was shown.
#QldPol #AusPol
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Long thread >> Last night was a watershed moment for Australia and me. Until yesterday's election result I had great faith in the Australian people. Australia is my adopted country and I have been proud to call myself Australian. No longer. #auspol
Yesterday's result revealed Australians to be venal, greedy, cowardly, visionless and bigoted. Those focused only on their wallets, and doped on Murdoch's pap, won the day. They have sold out their children's and grandchildren's future for their own greed and comfort now. #auspol
The Boomers have said "I'm OK Jack, f*ck the future" The boomers have spoken and said "I'm only here for a short-time, I'd better make it a good time - My kids and grand-kids won't mind paying for it". #auspol
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So many bad takes about the election.

Morrison won because his scare campaign (mostly all lies) on Labor’s big ticket policy items frightened the complacent and comfortable in Brisbane suburbs and elsewhere.


The reality is that most of the affluent suburban white people in Queensland at least are very complacent with their lifestyle. They think it’s their natural state. They never question anything about life, other than ‘why can’t I have more?’
They think they can have the adani coal mine AND save the climate. Half of them anyway. The other half don’t think about the climate emergency that’s happening right now, as they water their lawns this morning.
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Ok, so now I'm awake and tweeting for the 3rd time today. This time it seems somewhat less apocalyptic and my path is clear (at least for the next 15 minutes or so). First though, I'd better feed the dogs, mow the grass and get a load of washing on. Doh, already distracted.
#australiavotes2019 has spoken. Approximately 51% of our country wants more of the last 6 years.

So, why don't us progressives, nay, outcasts, give it to them?
Step 1. Create a church and make it tax exempt. Membership is open to anyone that believes in a supernatural being that supports, encourages and enables the #LNP government to engage in behaviour that is corrupt and bad for the future and the environment.
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😆 don’t you just love the polls...#auspol 🇦🇺

🤣 The old Hillary prediction eh
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OK Twitter peeps it's almost time for the #AuspolElectionParty to start at 6pm. You can find the live audio stream of my DJ set here…

For those wanting to chose their own tracks here's the playlist in Spotify but not in any order.…
OK so the first track I want to play is for Bob Hawke. It is 'A Change is Gonna Come' by Sam Cooke. This song means so much to me and is a fitting way to remember the legacy of Bob Hawke whose helped turn Australia into a fairer, better country for all of us. #AuspolElectionParty
Track2: Barry Maquire - Eve of Destruction

For all the climate change deniers
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50 reasons not to vote for Liberal Party:

1. Three leadership spills
2. HelloWorld
3. RoboDebt
4. Paladin Affair
5. $444m Great Barrier Reef Foundation
6. Cuts to ABC
7. Mounting National Debt
8. Cuts to penalty rates
9. NBN problems
10. Rising energy prices

#auspol #ausvotes
50 reasons not to vote for Liberal Party:

11. Union raid leak
12. Jobs for ex-LNP staff
13. Barnaby Joyce affair
14. Whistleblower crackdowns
15. Tax cuts for big corporates
16. Investing more in coal
17. CSIRO cuts
18. TAFE cuts
19. Adani
20. Au pairs

#auspol #ausvotes
50 reasons not to vote for Liberal Party:

21. $600,000 a day in govt ads
22. Public Hospital cuts
23. Morrison claims cancer treatment is free
24. Undeclared house ownership
25. Dutton’s childcare centres
26. $50m Captain Cook memorial
27. Knights & Dames

#auspol #ausvotes
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THREAD: So unemployment is trending again in #auspol. Some are outraged that the rate has gone up by 0.2%, while others say it’s still at a very low point…but if you're wondering about youth unemployment rate and why its not trending. Don't worry - I got you fam (1) #ausyouth
So the youth unemployment rate itself has actually remained pretty constant for two decades. Good news right? If all you care about is one statistic, then sure, that’s fine. But if we dig a little deeper, there’s some troubling stuff happening in the youth labour market. (2)
Let’s look at the short term unemployed, those who are unemployed for less than 3 months. Woah! It’s gone down too! With a drop of 16% over 10 years, I feel such a sense of security, it couldn’t possibly be false! Right? WRONG! (3)
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(Long Thread Please read through)

I met Scott Morrison in a pub in Sydney 21 years ago and what I learnt that night about his character is something every Australian should know before they cast their vote next Saturday.
It does not cast him in a good light.
It was at my local of the time, the Royal Hotel in Paddington, a wonderful place which in the fine egalitarian tradition of the good Aussie pub was a place anyone could strike up a conversation with anybody.
Social butterfly that I was
I loved it.
Morrison had just gotten the job as Director of the New Zealand Office of Tourism and Sport and we spoke at length about NZ tourism. I had worked at the New Zealand Tourist and Publicity Department in the mid-eighties and had some very definite idea's as to how
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Good morning Australia. Without further ado, I now present the #AusPoll2019 Minor-Party Cheat Sheet. We have a whopping 49 micro-parties contesting the Senate and Lower House this week - so here's a rough guide to help you know more about them. #auspol #ausvotes 1/35
2019 Minor Parties are rife with misleading names and vague policies wrapped up in fancy packaging. This guide was made to inform and is for my own reference, I am not a member of any party, my opinions here are purely my own and should be viewed as such. No LNP, ALP, GRNs. 2/35
For more Blatantly Partisan Party Reviews, head over to @DrDreHistorian. Alrighty then, here we go: Parties running for multiple states inc. VIC first, then we'll drill down into the smaller NSW, QLD, SA, TAS, WA and NT-only parties after. In ballot order: 3/35
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Mini threadlet:

Angus Taylor & the Chamber of Secrets

@jommy_tee #watergate #auspol
What an interesting night #HumeVotes had the other night in the country centre of Goulburn.

Some of you may already know that Goulburn, NSW is the centre of Angus Taylor’s Hume electorate.
The Goulburn Chamber of Commerce played host it appears, to Angus Taylor’s only public Q & A in the entire election campaign.

Our sources suggest, the only way the Goulburn Chamber could entice Mr Taylor out of hiding to speak to his electorate, was to meet to his demands.
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Alright folks, it's time for my thread on micro-parties contesting #AusVotes2019. First: I cannot do all parties at once because there are SO MANY. I will update this thread in batches. Second: these tweets are pithy takes from my election blog: 1/?
Usual disclaimer: I have never been a member of a political party. I write these comments to guide my #auspol vote. I share them in the hope they are useful to others. They reflect my green social democrat views; I make no claim to false objectivity. Take them how you will. 2/
One last thing before I get into the individual parties: I am not commenting on the ALP, Greens, or the Coalition parties. I figure if this thread appeals to you, you already have an opinion on those parties (also, spare me their diehards; I expect enough flak already). 3/
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Under the Coalition Govt, we've had a strong economy with 1.2M jobs created, low welfare dependency in 30 years, created a $7.1B budget surplus & has kept our borders safe and secured successfully. Labor will undo all of that easily within 3 years. #Auspol #AusVotes19
From 2,000 medicines listed onto the PBS to being able to fund crucial congestion-busting infrastructure projects across the country, it's only with a strong economy that we're able to move Australia ahead successfully. #Auspol. #AusVotes19
In Cowan, the federal Govt has provided Joondalup Health Campus with $158M dollars and we need a re-elected Morrison Govt to ensure it'll be funded to be upgraded for the people of Cowan. #Auspol
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#Auspol Is @AngustTaylorMP 2 scared to be accountable to the Goulburn Community? Why is the MeetTheCandidatesForum audience+numbers rigged to Chamber of Commerce members guests & businesses only?

Our representatives are held to a higher standard of accountability, so why is Angus avoiding awkward questions & inconvenient press coverage, on integrity & accountability? including
- on #Watergate & #Caymans companies?
3 - does Angus have any role in EAA levee banks ruining Kylie @qwadja & Lawrence farmers over the Balonne with the backed up flood waters from the levee banks on the EAA properties?
- Why does @AngusTaylorMP hate the local Windfarm industry?
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#auspol #ausvotes #AusVotes19 #ausvotes2019

1) A brief thread w a coupla relevant additions inre >>>…
2) Ref is freq made in media reportage to Erikson's SEP 2017 conviction (along w fellow UPF members Blair Cottrell & Chis Shortis for srs religious vilification -- rather less frequently, his FEB 2014 conviction for stalking/harassing a Melbourne rabbi.
3) In that case, 'Magistrate Donna Bakos said she had no doubt Erikson's calls were motivated by prejudice & found he had little remorse for his crime'.

This is critical to understanding his subsequent & future behaviour, yeah?…
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Here's our latest Honest Government Ad - and it’s a BIG one. The "Avengers EndGame" of Honest Government Ads. #auspol #AusVotes19

I was originally planning to make quick/fast videos about various election issues. But a couple of weeks ago I decided on a different approach... Coz there’s already enough “noise” in the pre-election media and we all get caught up in the minutiae and forget the bigger picture...
Well I’m no journalist. But as it so happens I’m a historian. And I <3 the bigger picture. So I decided instead to make a longer-format historical HGA to help refresh voters' memories ahead of this election. Partly for my own sanity...
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Labor and China’s Communist Government conspiring against Australia

The United Australia Party has accused the Labor Party and the Chinese Communist Government of being joined at the hip, after blatantly interfering in Australia’s political process over election funding claims.
The lead Senate candidate for the United Australia Party in Western Australia, Mr James McDonald said that his party’s election funding had nothing to do with China, and had been raised from the sales of Mr Palmer’s iron ore reserves.
“Mr Palmer and the United Australia Party have been consistent in protecting Australia’s sovereignty, as Labor consorts with China’s Communist Government to sell control of our local companies,” Mr McDonald said.
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Israel Folau is NOT persecuted, he lives in Australia, he attends his church and practices his faith unfettered, this is a conduct dispute NOT a religious freedom dispute.

Its insulting to those who suffer REAL persecution here & elsewhere to frame it otherwise.

Israel Folau should ask @Richard_D_Boyle who is facing 160 years in prison for calling out corrupt practices in the ATO what its like to stand up for your beliefs and be persecuted.

Israel Folau should ask @LaLegale how persecution really feels - she is still fighting legal battles after 7 years - because she ANONYMOUSLY criticised the governments refugee policies when working as a public servant.

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Dirty Water – The Price We Paid

(trigger warning - dynamite, dead animals, ruined lives, off shore millionaires)

#Watergate #theprojecttv #auspol @jommy_tee
This is by far the most important Watergate story of all.

And probably the one you won’t read.

It’s about a woman called Kylie and her husband Laurence & how their lives were changed forever by some infamous levee banks.

By now, most of Australia knows those levee banks. And that property.

The property, owned by Eastern Australia Agriculture is Kia Ora, a massive cotton farming operation with millions of litres of water stored away.

Some of the water we all paid $80million for.
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