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THREAD: Here's a running list of which Coalition ministers say they knew about Scott Morrison's secret portfolios. #auspol @SBSNews
Michael McCormack did know: The Deputy Prime Minister during the period the appointments took place was aware and defended the decisions to @SBSNews: "He made these decisions at an extraordinary time in Australian public life." Read more: #auspol Image
Barnaby Joyce did know: McCormack's predecessor and successor become aware of Morrison's role as Resources Minister after the PEP-11 gas project was killed off. #auspol Read more: Image
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Senate inquiry kick off ten minutes! Please note it is live AUDIO coverage.
Listen Live here:…
#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #rationcard Image
Absolutely powerful start. Tysm to Bianca and Kerryn, Shelly , Phillip and Greg . Notes will be on our FB later this evening. @notowelfarecard up at 2pm.
Apologies video won't be available either until the end of session due to the way parliview works. x
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Illawarra based women's and children’s advocate @MattsJane has raised concerns about a cross jurisdictional conflict between state child protection and Federal Family laws at a parliamentary hearing.
#nswpol #auspol
@MattsJane The hearing into child protection and social services system was established to report on the effectiveness of the NSW child protection and social services system in responding to vulnerable children and families.
@MattsJane Founder of the group, Sisters in Law, Jane Matts says the Family Court can order children to live with parents who have been assessed by NSW child protection as a 'risk of harm' to them.
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This week people were angered to find that massive polluter @WoodsideEnergy is sponsoring parliament's midwinter ball.
It's just one tactic in Woodside's industrial scale 'reputation washing' strategy to enable it to keep on polluting. Thread…
🧵 #auspol
Woodside’s problem is that it makes profit by mining and selling oil and gas - fossil fuels that are driving the climate emergency.
Indeed Woodside is now one of the ten biggest oil and gas majors in the world - and the only one based in Australia:…
In Australia, Woodside is best known as a gas producer.
As @adamlmorton noted this week in a helpful explainer piece, “gas is a central driver of the climate emergency”:…
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The Climate Change Authority is an independent statutory authority tasked with giving advice to the Australian Government on climate policy. It is hard to see how this advice will be independent when there appear to be conflicts of interest in the governance of the CCA. 🧵#auspol
Disclaimer: I am making no allegations of impropriety by any individual. However, there is clear potential for perceived conflicts by the appointment of industry interests to a government body shaping Australian climate policy. 1/
Section 28 of the the Climate Change Authority Act 2011 clearly states board members must not engage in any paid employment that conflicts or may conflict with the proper performance of his or her duties. #auspol 2/
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Advice to the Australian govt on international offsets should probably acknowledge the failure of carbon trading to decarbonise economies for the last 30 yrs. Or at least suggest how the use of offsets now will bring about a different outcome. #auspol 🧵…
Proponents always talk about offsets increasing/unlocking climate 'ambition'. Actually, the climate outcomes of carbon markets are dependent on the ambition of the countries buying & selling the offsets. To date, this ambition has been low and emissions have increased. 2/
In practice it is hard to establish a relationship between the existence of carbon offsets and a willingness to commit to more climate action at a project/system level. Offsetting often gives the appearance of doing something about climate change, while increasing emissions. 3/
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In June, Chinese Ambassador Xiao Qian repeated the patently false claim of his predecessor that Beijing's trade restrictions were driven by Chinese citizens & consumers—not his govt.

Journos, please press him on this puerile talking point at @PressClubAust today. #auspol
For this to be true, one would have to believe that Chinese citizens were so incensed that Australia called for an open & transparent investigation into the COVID outbreak that they lobbied for trade restrictions on us.

There is ZERO evidence that this is the case.
The bare minimum we should expect after we platform a Chinese govt official like this is that they don't insult our intelligence.
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🧵📌Rebuttal to Anne Rustons' latest Senate speech:
#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #cashlesswelfarecard #auspol2022 #rationcard

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I’m not sure ‘people alive and healthy’ could be bettered as a mission statement for a society. Look at this excess deaths graph (thanks @KarenCutter4) and try to isolate what it was we stopped doing in 2020/21, that we started doing again in 2022. /1 #auspol #covid19aus
My hunch is the dominant answer would be ‘we stopped functioning as an economy and this surge of good health was unsustainable, funded by government debt’. Unfortunately facts get in the way of that good story. Yes a big dip right at the start of the pandemic, but growth then…/2
…easily surpassing what we had *before* the pandemic. And this during two years of what idiots call our ‘lockdown’, when the economy was apparently under mortal threat. Remember this schematic, all that white space where we weren’t ’locked down’? Lockdowns were only needed…/3
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We have HAD so many damn inquiries, last one 128 against the card to just 6 for it = all gov and Andrew Forrest allied groups . Without announcement without calling peaks they pull this stunt! Submissions by 10 August! SIX DAYS! SIX DAMN DAYS!…
#auspol Image
This is a dog move by the JJ's and LNP. A complete waste of time energy and money. There are ppl on cards who are already struggling to make Sept. They - and me btw, wont be around if this bill does fail. Not that any of the listed above give two damns...they never have.
Time people did start emailing David. Be respectful please but let him know how YOU feel about the CDC program.

#cashlessdebitcard #waronthepoor #Induecard #auspol #AusPol2022 #Auspoll
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Important times in the @AboutTheHouse as we proceed through the consideration in details stage of the Climate Change Bill. #auspol
@Mon4Kooyong has moved an amendment to strengthen the objects of the Climate Change Bill to ensure the goal of the Paris Agreement of keeping warming to +1.5. #climateaction
✅ Amendment moved by @zdaniel to Climate Change Bill to ensure 43% emissions reduction by 2030 is clearly a floor, not a ceiling passed!👍 #auspol
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The government will agree to @ChaneyforCurtin's amendments to the Climate Change Bill, says Minister @Bowenchris #auspol
The House has agreed to @zdaniel's amendment #auspol
The government will support @helenhainesindi amendments. @D_LittleproudMP says The Nationals won't #auspol
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📌Debate resumes. Sukkar continues on his tirade of inconsistent realities.
Now its going to be a 'tsunami' of DRUGS and ALCOHOL! was waiting for him to bring that one young fulla from Kal up. Here is a legitimate documented voice from #Kalgoorlie…
Another cherry pick, as services themselves in the evaluation say it isn't working more women are suffering violence, and a 30% increase in DV related intakes after card roll outs in #Cednuna The eval showed Services repurposing CDC money to programs that actually work.
D&A fueled violence hasn't stopped, and nor has DV or any other social harm. THAT is the point and the ANAO and Eval data showed that. All @MichaelSukkarMP is doing is marketing a failed program. banned drinks registers remain in 7 vulnerable communities even after NT decision.
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Here's the CSIRO on nuclear energy, specifically small modular reactors.

This was two weeks ago.

"The status of nuclear SMR has not changed. Following extensive consultation with the Australian electricity industry, report findings do not see ...
... any prospect of domestic projects this decade, given the technology’s commercial immaturity and high cost. Future cost reductions are possible but depend on its successful commercial deployment overseas ...
"Wind and solar are the cheapest source of electricity generation and storage in Australia, even when considering additional integration costs arising due to the variable output of renewables, such as energy storage and transmission".
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From Peter Dutton: "Today, I initiated a formal internal process to examine the potential for advanced and next-generation nuclear technologies to contribute to Australia’s energy security and reduce power prices ...
... This review will be led by Mr Ted O’Brien MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, who will report to the Coalition policy committee, chaired by Senator the Hon Marise Payne, and the Coalition party room ...
... It is high time that Australia had an honest and informed debate on the benefits and costs of nuclear energy".
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CDC debate has begun. Right out of the gate LNP using racist tropes and ignoring the harm CDC has caused to women and children in CDC regions - including rising DV ( 20.7% and 30% in two regions) and suicides.
Even using FALSE INFORMATION of #CSA AGAIN, proven lies.
Every voice against the CDC from Communities impacted is on record and senate Hansard. Drop in numbers of people attending SuC, is a result of over 1200 people LEAVING #Ceduna.
The LNP are again using the same lies and misdirection they used to roll out NTER.
They are cherry picking from the less than 5% of people who support the CDC. 71% of people are worse off, and 14.4% no change in SIX years.
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I’m not going to tell anyone who or what to vote for. I too believe in democracy, not a technocracy.

However, I believe in a free and fair democracy.

I believe in a democracy informed by the most accurate information.

I believe in free (not hate) speech.

They say that they are returning your freedom to you.

Why then does it feel like the boot of oppression is getting heavier by the day?

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Such a shame that in their continued elitism and ignorance as to the realities and needs of people living on the #cashlessdebitcard the LNP's @PaulFletcherMP does not consider it acceptable for a time limited bill to ensure their economic security be called 'urgent'. How foul.
It's not just after pay either Mr Bourke, its rents, its loan repayments, it's child care and medical bills, it's hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt notices, in late fees at risk if this bill does not progress - costs no family living in poverty on this card can afford.
It is clear the #cashlessdebicard bill will not progress today, though we are confident that the House will do so tomorrow, so it can pass to Senate for the next sitting session.

#cashlessdebitcard #induecard #rationcard #auspol
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This is a load of crap from a politician that hasn't even bothered to read the evaluation. Jacqui Lambie doing it for Twiggy. #cashlessdebitcard #auspol…
(CDC 6.20 in) Jacqui has to remember we know exactly how her staff esp Tammy feel about CDC, we had LOTS of chats with Tammy prior to bill 2020. Please thread below on the rest she is lying..again.
Jaqui wants another inquiry - ANOTHER wasteful round of lies & LNP media propaganda that leads nowhere, does nothing for PEOPLE on the card. NO idea the HUMAN IMPACT yet again, we are not buying it! She lied for votes! Kathryn Live:…
#rackoffJaq #auspol
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New Tiktok account. @thesaynoseven esp for this bill push week. #DuttonLied #cashlessdebitcard #auspol #Induecard #rationcard
📌The Bill, short summary.
*NSW, WA, ACT QLD and SA all have compulsory #Basics income management programs too.
#cashlessdebitcard #induecard #rationcard
📌PTN:All the powers described in this CDC bill already exist in the CDC legislation. Having capacity to determine who stays/goes off Basics/IM as well, is necessary if ALP are to be empowered to begin the process of making that program voluntary come Oct 22.
#auspol #induecard
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Today’s speech from #Garma by @AlboMP marks a momentous occasion in our nation’s history. The draft referendum question & amendment is the culmination of comprehensive work led by the @ILC_UNSW & Uluru Dialogue since the #UluruStatement was first issued #auspol
In 2018, Co-Chairs of the Uluru Dialogue Pat Anderson AO & Professor Megan Davis along with a team of legal experts first proposed a draft amendment & question in their submission to the then Joint Select Committee for a First Nations Voice to Parliament. #UluruStatement #auspol
The 2018 proposal has been extensively tested & advised on by Australia’s leading constitutional minds. Today’s announcement by the Prime Minister is the latest development in this long period of extensive work led by the @ILC_UNSW & the Uluru Dialogue. #UluruStatement #auspol
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Peter Dutton misled #QT today.
1. The CDC program was NEVER targeted. No one on a card today has EVER been assessed as having an alcohol prob.
2. The 21% gambling reduction he claimed was FALSE as the Eval found 98% of ppl NEVER GAMBLED.
#auspol @PeterDutton_MP @AmandaRishworth
So @PeterDutton_MP some basic math - 21% of 2% of ppl is just 0.0042%. 🫢

3. The eval showed that DV has risen in the CDC trial regions SINCE the CDC program rolled outs incl a 20.7% rise in DV in EKimberly region and a 30% increase in DV victims accessing shelters in Ceduna.
Here is today's #qt rebuttle by the PM and Minister.
Here is the link to the Adelaide Quantitative summary report:…

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This is really shameful & embarrassing. Jacqui is admitting she has not read the $2.5M eval that showed more rises in DV in all trial regions & a 21% rise in DV East Kimberly region - AFTER the CDC rolled out. Her ignorance is willful & politically motivated.

Here is it is Jacqui:…
See the clips below if you give a damn about PEOPLE LNP forced onto this pogrom.
#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard
Child safety and wellbeing, same report:
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A Bill for an Act to amend the law relating to social security, and for related purposes. ( Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Repeal of Cashless Debit Card and Other Measures) Bill 2022

LINK to Bill:…

#auspol #CashlessDebitCard
Thank you @JElliotMP @AmandaRishworth @JulianHillMP @AustralianLabor @AusGreensParty

We'll go through the bill tonight and post a review as soon as possible. Image
Thank you Justine and Amanda for listening to our concerns. We're a little emotional atm.

You tube link for sharing:

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