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fair bit going on with the Doherty modelling:
- CMO Paul Kelly: "We need to accept there will be cases... there will be deaths"
- "low-level restrictions" to remain, even after reopening
- in large 180-day outbreak, at 70% vax, 1900 people may die #auspol…
- at 70% of adult population vaxxed, the need for "strict lockdowns would be significantly reduced" (even more at 80%)
- under-40s vax may open in weeks
- quickly vaccinating the young will bring down transmission the fastest #auspol…
the full modelling is here & really interesting. I'm still getting my head round it, but main takeaway for me is the 70-80% marks are based on keeping "light restrictions" for foreseeable future

"baseline" restrictions would be what NSW had in early 2021…
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📌In order to justify his lies & CDC roll outs in #Hinkler, Keith Pitt ordered a Reach Tell Poll. Do the math, #LNP & Mrudoch claimed approx 341 ppl, just 0.36% of the registered voters of Hinkler are a 'majority'.QCOSS survey & polling on his own FB page showed 94% & 81% against
This is the #1 reason why ANY ongoing policy #ALP wish to explore for a volly program must include protections from this form of power abuse. It must eradicate or clearly redefine the concepts of "community body" & "community consent". #auspol
@JElliotMP @AlboMP @LindaBurneyMP
I've been trying to find time and peace to do a write up on these issues, but incendiary self indulgent political infighting issues and the increased numbers of cardholders in distress have made that difficult.
I will get to it asap. If I forget..pls remind me!
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Getting to this point has taken 6yrs & a lot of effort. Keeping ALP accountable to commitments will be everyone's job if they are elected. At this time, after multiple meetings, we consider their direction sound & intention to live up to this commitment to be genuine.
When we asked about their understanding of "voluntary" ALP's disclosed that a program based on Free Prior and Informed consent, run by gov, not private corporation will be made available to those who ASK for it.
And while it might surprise some, the reality is, some micro communities and individuals DO ask for this support. The ALP position if supported by Aus Greens through the HoR and senate, will end forced third party income management in Australia.
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Keith Pitt just can't help himself. Standing there naked to the #facts of his own bill yelling " its Labors fault', proving himself yet another belligerent who doesn't read his own party's bills before he votes on them. He wants to continue embarrassing himself, he can #auspol
And here's another one. Didn't read the bill, voted in ignorance and now blames us & ALP for revealing the fact Pensions are ALREADY on cards in one trial zone & its now a restrictable payment. Matt wont even tell ppl he is running the tech group to hand CDC to the Big4 banks!
Thank goodness very few are falling for Keith/LNP's bs anymore. People know..and they are now coming out more and more to tell him so. #auspol #standupfighback #lnpdisgrace #cashlessdebitcard
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Indue Ltd staff gaslighting MI forced cardholder mum stuck in Brisbane due to lock downs. Another conveniently "lost" exit application after six times loading. Another mum who can't pay her rent or buy nappies. 1/
Indue and Dept staff using her inability to USE her income - the card wont work - as 'evidence of her being "unable to manage her own money" - she is rightly upset and crying and they are using that against her now as well.
Live:… 2/2 #auspol
The dept and @Anne_Ruston need to realise we are first port of call when YOU stuff up and every consenting report given us will end up here in public and on our pages until people DO get it...that this card is HARMING PEOPLE. LNP's conscious cruelty in action has to STOP.
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@australian 23 March #BrittanyHiggins is raped in the office of the Minister of Defence, Linda Reynolds by Bruce Lehrmann. Lehrmann had worked for Reynolds at one time. The office is quite near Morrison’s.

As soon as word travels, the office is cleaned.

@australian At some time Ms Higgins is called for a meeting IN THE ROOM WHERE THE RAPE OCCURRED

4 April a meeting between Reynolds’ office & 2 others to nut out what was to be done.

5 April Lehrmann’s PH employment is terminated. Now, keep that date in mind. It’s important.

@australian #ScottyTheGaslighter invites media to watch him pray. Sure thing. 21 April it rolls on up. Through the campaign, it’s been gleefully going along with the 🧢🍺 bad-Labor shtick. Meanwhile #CarparkRorts is occurring (#SportsRorts on steroids) @JoshFrydenberg knew all about it.

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This is ANOTHER lie! When will she stop?
This claim is easily disproven by reading the evaluation sections on community safety & by checking police crime statistics in trial regions.
#auspol Image
Not ONE person on a #cashlessdebitcard today, has EVER been evaluated prior to capture on the card. @Anne_Ruston does not know whether ANYONE even NEEDS a financial support tool! IAC, there are FREE financial support tools available to the public - NO ONE "needs" the CDC #auspol
DV is up in ALL trial zones. There are MORE vulnerable children & MORE financial stress & the easiest way to prove that is for @Anne_Ruston to read the DAMN EVALUATION! We are so sick of her blatant lies...ffs...this is deeply disturbing she would lie about publicly avail data.
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📌#LYING_BY_OMMISSION Today @Anne_Ruston has been posting the image attached below to ALP pages, with a statement also in images below. We want you to know that this is ANOTHER lie of omission & an intentional deception and manipulation on her part. 1/
Yes, ALP voted NO to this amendment to that bill! That is a matter of public record. However and what Anne is not telling you, is had ALP voted YES to this amendment, it would have meant that the FRC/QLD commission in Cape York would have been unable to continue as it is,
they would have lost legislative control & authority over THEIR unique compulsory income management program - they would have been legally compelled ie: forced into adopting the governments blanket CDC program instead of retaining the control & authority they still have today.
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In a meeting with @notowelfarecard and federal ALP this morning, ALP have confirmed both #BASICSCard and the #CASHLESSDEBITCARD will end if they are elected to office. A purely voluntary system will be put in place instead.
📌ALP Pensioners task force FB here: LINK:…
#ACTION_ALERT: Send Scott Morrison and the Liberals & Nationals a message - we will not be silent!

Click here to sign:…

#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #cashlesswelfare #Politas #Vicpol #SApol #QPol #WApol #NTpol
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#auspol #auspol2021 #scottymustgo #ScottyFromQAnon

I need to vent for a moment, so please bear with me. My grandmother died yesterday. Thankfully it was peaceful, she made it clear that she didn't want heroic measures, so they weren't provided. 1/11
But unfortunately she spent the last year of her life in isolation and, despite what this government may say, this was avoidable. With properly administered quarantine and vaccination systems she could have spent her last days, months, with her family. 2/11
Her friends, her children in Melbourne and Sydney, her grandchildren, her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. But thanks to Mr. @ScottMorrisonMP she spent this time in isolation; and I hate him for it. 3/11
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It takes a lot to front press and admit your dereliction of duty, lack of care and general incompetence. We should mark this moment for exactly what it is don't you think #auspol ?

#cashlessdebitcard #induecard #LNPfail #LNPCorruptionParty #lnpdisgrace Image
📌🍂REPOST: "Why no one can believe Anne Ruston and the LNP when it comes to the Cashless Debit Card"
#auspol #cashlessdebitcard #induecard #incomemanagement #DV #LNPfail #lnpdisgrace
Yes, this is sarcasm. A response to the number of LNP's out there right now lying about age pension being on the card, ignorantly running around making public admissions to press & voters everywhere that they have been so myopically focused on 'winning' they didn't read the bill.
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No @keithjpitt the ONLY one lying is YOU.
Here is the bill YOU voted for, that passed in Dec 2020, that placed age pension in the Act as a restrictable payment. Over 81% of #Hinkler residents in your own poll SAID NO to the card including two local mayors. 1/
Age pensioners are ALREADY on the card in one trial zone. STOP telling lies, we are SICK OF LNP LIES. The FACTS speak for themselves and here it is:… YOUR BILL @keithjpitt YOU voted for it! SHAME ON YOU and anyone repeating the same lie. #auspol Image
At 11.20 into this vid local service provider for at risk youth in Bundaberg retracts her support for CDC. This is an early Bundaberg meeting run by Andrew Bartlet, then AusG. Her service has since closed, kids now homeless because she said no. LNP #1 MO.
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A Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (#RCEP) @DrRimmer #trade #intellectualproperty #ecommerce #humanrights #SDGs #health #plainpacks #access2meds #COVID19 #Asia #auspol #auslaw
TRIPS Flexibilities and TRIPS-plus Provisions in the #RCEP Chapter on Intellectual Property: How Much Policy Space is Retained? @South_Centre… #trade #intellectualproperty #SDGs Image
How a new trade deal could make it harder to improve life for Australians in aged care… @AFTINET are concerned about the trade in services provisions provisions in #RCEP. #agedcare #agedcarerc #trade #services #auspol #auslaw
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This from policy illiterate @J_C_Campbell today. James obviously hasn't read the legislation, didn't do a stick of research & hasn't read the bill that passed in Dec 2020, knows nothing about #cashlessdebitcard & the fact Age Pensioners are already on cards in one trial site. 🤦‍♀️ Image
@J_C_Campbell here is the bill that passed in Dec 2020:… that put aged pension on the card as a restrictable payment.

As a result ppl of age pension age & ppl ON age pension were FORCED ONTO THE PROGRAM IN CAPE YORK.

Propagandist hack.

#auspol Image
The ONLY question now is can LNP be trusted with a vague 'promise' not to expand it to include MORE age pensioners around Australia.
Can we trust the LNP on this?
Absolutely NOT!
#LNP lie..its all they have EVER done about this policy.
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I have been doing some numbers on #offshoredetention and we are at this really awkward point where the Australian government could give detainees millions of dollars and allow them to apply for investor visas to say, St Kitts and Nevis and it would work out cheaper.
This would be one of the easiest budget savings conceivable and nobody will do it. @victorklineTNL will send you the sheet - could make for a "modest proposal".…
I mean you could get rid of all the remaining people in offshore detention, have a qualifying investment in a Portuguese VC fund and if that fund is run by a man with a fake moustache called Anguso Taylorao I am ok with that at this point.
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actual photo of @sussanley just now successfully urging the world heritage committee *not* to list the #GreatBarrierReef as “in danger”.


(our gov’t made more calls to stop recognition of the reef’s perilous state than it did to secure covid vaccines.) #auspol
the committee did recognise:
• the long-term outlook has deteriorated from ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’
• progress to date has been insufficient
• climate change remains the most serious threat

…australia is required submit a report next february, to be considered at the 45th meeting of the committee in russia this time next year.

hopefully our _next_ minister for the environment will urge the world to save the reef.
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🤓 what does japan's new electricity plan (released yesterday) mean for australia?

firstly, summary of new targets…

analysis w/ thanks to brainstrust: @LlewelynHughes, @Tom_Swann, @SStapczynski, @barobertson111, @TimBuckleyIEEFA & @BobBurtonoz

for power sector:
• total renewables set to double over next decade, as they did over the last decade
• LNG to halve, back to levels not seen since ~1993
• coal down 45%, back to 1998 levels
• nuclear to recover to ~70% of pre-fukushima levels
• consumption set to fall by 9%
the new plan is expected to reduce electricity emissions by 46%.

(nb. there are plans for reducing emissions from other sectors of the economy… this is just the electricity sector.)
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Study the tables below & draw your own conclusions.

Information presented in the tables is sourced from Australian Government websites.……

#FactsNotFear #Auspol

PS: I'm NOT a paid journalist.

If only I had that bluetick....The tweet above 👆 would have gone viral...

What a stinkin' waste of three days' worth of my energy & time quota & pain from having to sit & use the laptop..

🇦🇺RTPCR uses CycleThreshold Ct 35-45 driving LOCKDOWNS

AU GOV Evidence—Thread—

"C19 cases" at such high Ct values are bogus

This has artificially decreased Influenza during PEAK FLU SEASON to #OneInAMillion

AU GOV Evidence—Thread—
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As @UNESCO decides whether the Great Barrier Reef is world heritage in danger, it’s crucial to understand the history of the failure of Australian politicians to protect the Reef. Weirdly, it all began with a beautiful promise. A thread: #auspol #ForNature
In 1981 the Great Barrier Reef was declared as World Heritage under UNESCO, and Australia promised the world that “to the utmost of its resources” our nation would “do all it can” to protect the Reef:…
It is important to remember that the Fraser Coalition Government chose to nominate the Great Barrier Reef - and the achievement of World Heritage status was something that we were proud of as a nation. Of course we would protect the Reef!
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(1/8) There seems to be a lot of people with Twitter handles like freedomluver8359327843 & GladysB misunderstanding JobSeeker (a thread) #auspol #80aDay #COVID19Aus
(2/8) The most common misunderstanding is that all people on JobSeeker are unemployed; yet this is often not the case. People who are UNDERemployed often receive JobSeeker as a form of wage subsidy. #auspol #80aDay #COVID19Aus
(3/8) For single people with no children, you can earn up to $1217 a fortnight before your JobSeeker payment is cut off entirely. Someone earning $800 a fortnight from their casual job would still receive about $240 from JobSeeker. #auspol #80aDay #COVID19Aus
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I reckon all small business owners should do a Tax strike, worldwide, until billionaires and crooks pay their fair share. They can't lock all of us up.
Maybe refuse to pay until they pursue the top 1%. I am sick of being pursued and being forced to watch these fuckholes in rockets.

We can't unionise, but we can organise. We are a voting block and we need to make a stand for fairness on behalf of the poor, who they ignore.
If I forget to fill out a $0 BAS, I get a $1500 fine. Then they pursue me for that fine.

And the LITERAL DICK IN THE AIR gets given billions.

ENOUGH. Call them, tell them you are on strike and why. If there's enough of us... unfortunately I don't think there will be.
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Do NOT accept tyranny imposed on you in the name of "protecting" frail crips like me

This was NEVER about "Protecting" me

Do NOT abandon Critical Thinking

Defend your BODILY SOVEREIGNTY, Freedom of Speech, Association, Movement, LIVELIHOOD
This was NEVER about "protecting" people like me.

This was NEVER about health.

Authoritarianism does NOT kill viruses.

Authoritarianism kills people.

Your subjugation does NOT "protect" me.

Do NOT give away your rights in the name of "protecting" me.

I've been having killer cramps, worsened fainting & arrhythmia for >1year

I need to get a taxi/uber to go to a Clinic for a blood test—great place to catch infections!

But mask mandate

Also, I can't get HCQ/Ivermectin

Will Aussies STOP "protecting" me?

@CraigKellyMP #Auspol
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📌Parent in SA, denied an exit today for " school attendance" - for absences incurred through taking her disabled kid to occupational therapy and other disability related health appointments. 1/
Her 4yr olds PRESCHOOL records have been used against her, child excluded from special ed as class is full. We are supporting her to AAT appeal. This is a child who cannot SWALLOW a clear case of disability discrimination. @SenatorWong #auspol
This mum already has to pay for private OT etc and Indue won't cover it and there are NO public services in her region. She meets all criteria otherwise, it is the necessary absences that are being used to keep her on the card. @Anne_Ruston exploiting PWD for profit. #auspol
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🍃When you complain about vacuuming the floor remember Sophie who can't buy a vac bag.

🍃 When you complain your after school sports fees are too high, remember the #Kununurra girls netball team who had to forfeit regional championships because they had no cash for the bus.
🍃 When you next go to a funeral, remember C in #Ceduna, denied a transfer by Indue ltd, for a funerary urn to bury her lost twins.

🍃 When you think its too hot outside, remember Dakotain #Kalgoorlie left stranded in 37C heat with kids, denied a transfer for car repairs.
🍃 When you worry about how you will pay the rent, remember the 150 plus families from all CDC regions now homeless thanks solely to Indue Ltd non payment, delayed payment and 28 payment cycle.

🍃 When you think you have it rough, remember Drew, w/chair bound sleeping on a beach
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