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[Thread] If you haven’t heard about the #indue #cashlessdebitcard used for some #centrelink payments. Ohh boy. Strap yourself in, you’re in for a ride. The Liberal government have been “trailing” the card at 6 sites across Australia since 2016. #auspol #AuspolSoCorrupt
The sites are Ceduna, Kununurra, Wyndham, Goldfields, Bundaberg and Hervey Bay regions.
The idea is to ‘quarantine’ 80% of a persons payment onto the indue card. This is meant to stop a person from using their payment to buy alcohol, illicit drugs, make cash withdrawals or gamble. This is to “tackle” the scourges affecting communities.
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if there’s a prize for culture warriors, i nominate opinionista @parnellpalme, for squeezing “greenies”, “costly renewables”, “nuclear” and “virtue signalling” before she even got to her opening paragraph.

…and what a lot of 🐂💩 followed! THREAD 👇…
.@parnellpalme notes germany is “expected to fail the majority of its own 2020 energy transition targets” but neglects to say:
• their goals are very ambitious
• they're way ahead of schedule in the electricity sector — the entire focus of her article.
germany hit their "35% renewables by 2020" target *three* years early, and haven't stopped there — they recently bumped up their target to 65% by 2030.

i reckon they'll make it.
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Let me get this right, we have a #NotMyPM who is a member of the cult #Hillsong proposing a religious freedom bill. How much influence has #BrianHouston had in determining this government policy? Don't you think it's about time the #MSM dug a little deeper into Houston. #auspol
The liberal government has certainly enjoyed a close relationship with Mr Houston as @adele_ferguson says in her excellent piece "The Prophet - Minded" #auspol…
"God is working for the Liberal Party and this fine, disturbing
book arrives just in time to tell us how. Marion Maddox’s world
is the political territory that lies neglected beneath the secular
radar of this country" foreward by David Marr #auspol…
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Yesterday I lived through an "extreme weather event". Those words fail to convey the violence of what happened. A storm cell with apocalyptic hail hit Warrandyte and many other places. These events are in the news daily and are now starting to become commonplace.


Formerly the weather was a short segment that came at the end of the news. Now it is the news, and the deeds and decisions of humans gets scant attention. This is because of the changes we have made to the planet and to its systems; because of climate change.


Climate change threatens us in so many ways. It pollutes the air we breathe, reduces the amount of water we have to drink and threatens the supply of food that we eat. Climate change can destroy the buildings we live in and the machines that we use.


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THREAD on ineffectiveness of Wyatt's voice to Govt / voice to bureaucracy to achieve anything but status quo. Everyone is questioning sports funding - ANAO also reported on Indigenous affairs funding, one of many scathing reports on Indigenous affairs #UluruStatement #auspol 1/7
There's a lot in the report - these aren't the worst examples either - but show systematic failure of bureaucracy to provide change. No accountability, no oversight, no review, submissions IGNORED & LOST - how is a voice to bureaucracy different? #UluruStatement #auspol 2/7
This one discusses assessment scores. It shows high rated applicants (41 out of 42) rejected & while Minister approved low assessment scores (10 out of 42). The assessment criteria is problematic regardless - but they don't even follow their own rules! #UluruStatement #auspol 3/7
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Award of Funding under the Community Sport Infrastructure Program @ANAO_Australia report tabled:… #auspol
@ANAO_Australia "Sport Australia’s assessment of applications was largely in accordance with the published program guidelines... In parallel, the Minister’s Office had commenced its own assessment process to identify which applications should be awarded funding." #auspol
@ANAO_Australia "The Minister’s Office drew upon considerations other than those identified in the program guidelines, such as the location of projects, and also applied considerations that were inconsistent with the published guidelines." #auspol
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"In polling today, Australians are more concerned about climate change. Do you think since the fires people's concerns about climate change have shifted & that now requires stronger action"

The PM's response? More claims we're "meeting and beating" our emissions targets🙄#auspol
The bushfire crisis has intensified concern about climate change and its impacts #auspol #AustraliaBurning

@TheAusInstitute's Climate of the Nation poll shows 79% of ppl are concerned about climate change - up 5 percentage points from just 6 months ago >…
.@TheAusInstitute research on @theprojecttv via @vanOnselenP:

👉 47% of Australians are “very concerned” about climate change
👉 57% say we're experiencing “a lot” of climate change impacts in Aus
👉 4 in 5 are worried Aus' native forests & unique wildlife will never be the same
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1/12. The #Australianfires have been an absolute disaster for wildlife and nature. But there is an important background story: even before the fires, the Coalition government had declared War on Nature.

Here’s a thread:
2/12. The Coalition government’s #WarOnNature has been prosecuted through funding cuts, attempted law changes, support for disastrous projects and attacks on environmental defenders.

Here are 7 examples:
3/12. In December 2013, the newly elected federal Coalition government slashed $10 million in funding from the public-interest Environmental Defenders Offices.

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1. The death of Wilson Gavin, 22yrs, is yet another tragedy caused by homophobia & ignorance. An openly gay young man, but "troubled" & "tormented" acc to his family, he opposed marriage equality & protested against drag story time. #auspol
2. As a member of an oppressed group, he sided with those who wld oppress him, treat him as a 2nd class citizen & minimise or negate his civil rights. This is a phenomenon well-known & understood. It happens with all marginalised &/or oprressed grps, eg, Kellyanne Conway w/Trump.
3. His confusion & torment are entirely understandable. Many gay ppl, like myself, went through life-negating beliefs imposed on us by church, family or friends. Most of us are fortunate enough to have grown up & thrown off the cloak of internalised self-hatred & self-disgust.
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@InsidersABC @David_Speers @ScottMorrisonMP "People for the first time have wanted to see a more direct involvement of the Federal Govt in responding to these national disasters. I will happily concede that there is a very new appetite, a very new expectation for that to occur,"@ScottMorrisonMP on the bushfires #auspol
@InsidersABC @David_Speers @ScottMorrisonMP “This is obviously affected by the broader changes in climate. There is no lack of acknowledgement of that. You'll find that in all the government's policy -- statements. The response has been coordinated and resourced at the state level,” @ScottMorrisonMP on bushfires #auspol
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Budgets and Bushfires: has government cost-cutting hindered firefighting? @MichaelWestBiz does some much-needed digging. The truth will shock. Bad enough to be saddled with a climate-denying gov but cost-cutting is the main reason why this inferno is now out of control
“How come we only had 4 trucks to defend our town?” pleaded distressed resident of Cobargo to Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “I’m not going to shake your hand until you give the RFS more funding,” another woman from Cobargo, Zoey, told the PM. Little did they know the truth.
Michael West found that spending on equipment dipped significantly in the years leading up to this terrible summer, and also that spending on “fire mitigation work” had fallen significantly.
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So far, during the #AustralianBushfiresDisaster

@ScottMorrisonMP has ignored catastrophic warnings, shown no leadership, has made major embarrassing gaffes and been derelict in his duty.

He must resign now or a #libspill
#auspol #AustralianBushfiresDisaster #ResignMorrison
@ScottMorrisonMP ignored warnings of catastrophic fire season, refused to meet with 23 former fire chiefs, defended decision by saying he prefers to listen to 'fire chiefs that are in their jobs now'
#auspol #AustralianBushfiresDisaster #ResignMorrison…
Then @ScottMorrisonMP rejected calls to compensate firies, said the volunteer firefighters 'want to be there'

He later back-flipped under intense pressure.
#auspol #AustralianBushfiresDisaster #ResignMorrison…
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Well, will you look at this, #auspol? @Timothyjgraham on the so called #ArsonEmergency. A higher number of bots promoting this hashtag.… There is no way this is not an orchestrated campaign of disinformation. Is that via #ScottyfromMarketing?
2/ All of a sudden, there are arson hashtags being whipped out faster than you could sip a pina colada on a beach in Hawaii. #ArsonCrisis, #ArsoninAustralia, #Arsonists, #ArsonIsNotClimateChange - a bunch more. Despite there being no proportionate increase in arson in 2018/19.
3/ I’m seeing people lift data selectively from Dr Paul Read’s work at @MonashCrim @MonashUni to support the theory that the reason we have unquenchable and widespread fires is because of widespread arson. THIS IS UNTRUE. Comparatively, there are not far higher numbers.
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This morning on @RNBreakfast, Craig Kelly repeated the false claim (first made by the PM) that Australia ranks 1st globally per capita on renewable energy investment, which is both misleading and incorrect. #AustraliaIsBurning #auspol
A thread:
@RNBreakfast 1/ Analysis of the data provided by the Department of Energy in support of the Prime Minister’s claim shows Australia is not 1st but 3rd among just 23 countries for clean energy investment per capita
@RNBreakfast 2/ Looking at just the year 2018, the Department of Energy admits Australia is actually only second -- not first -- when it comes to 2018 renewable energy investment per capita, among a select group of 30 countries, not the whole world.
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There will be alot of scrambling to hide years of climate wrecking behaviour from the likes Business Council of Australia and major fossil fuel companies

Don't be fooled - they are just trying to buy their way back and as cheaply as possible


Responsible for half national increase in Australia's emission 2017-2018 from failed CCS

Shouted down the WA Government when asked to offset future emissions

Massive tax dodger! Caught by ATO expects $10 BILLION back

Gives $1m charity #auspol
Business Council of Australia, lobby of biggest richest companies

Flip flopped on climate with each PM, including on the 2011 carbon price

Claimed Aus doing the bottom end of its fair share (45% cut) was 'economy wrecking'

Set up a $25m trust fund

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Apropos of nothing, here are some yarns I’ve written about Australian federal MP Craig Kelly in my previous capacity as the Liverpool Leader reporter and current role as the @stgeorgeshire reporter. #auspol
Renewable energy could cause more child drownings, federal MP Craig Kelly says.…
Federal MP Craig Kelly denies threatening man in dinosaur suit during federal election campaign.…
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🔥a thread🔥

#AustralianBushfire #Australia #ScottyfromSELFMarketing #australiafire #scomo #auspol
Ok, I am really glad $2billion has been allocated to bushfire recovery.

Good. Yes. Good.

And now I can use this sum of money to help show you what the funding looks like behind the scenes.

I encourage you to read it for yourself.…
Just to compare.
$2billion to respond to one of the first years of catastrophic bushfires.

Very bottom of this page says.
$3.5billion over 15 years from 2018-19 for a climate solutions package.
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(1) I support the Australian Liberal party govt but not it's leader, PM @ScottMorrisonMP. #auspol #nzpol

As an experienced PR & policy adviser to countless cabinet ministers in NZ since the '90s, I know more about "marketing" esp during crisis than #ScottyFromMarketing.

@ScottMorrisonMP (2) I want ScoMo's caucus to move asap to replace him with someone, anyone, who will put down the fuel can and get on with serving the public as a competent PM should. IDC if it happens rn instead of in a few weeks.

You're going to lose the next election if you don't.
@ScottMorrisonMP (3) I waffled on about the issue in this earlier thread so I'll try to keep this one short.

Watch this Liberal party campaign ad he released yesterday:

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Did Scott Morrison & @LiberalAus illegally use images of uniformed Australian Defence Forces in a party political ad?
I have only been able to find ADF rules about ADF members, but indications are that I am on the right track.
See 5.5-5.11…
@LiberalAus Was it illegal for @ScottMorrisonMP & @LiberalAus to use the ADF for political campaign purposes?
I think so. Please see above tweet.
That ad was not an Aus govt announcement but a campaign ad authorised by #ScottyFomMarketing .
@LiberalAus @ScottMorrisonMP I remember some years ago, a politician was in big trouble for a campaign ad that included a person in ADF uniform. #Auspol, can you help here?
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#AUSPOL #ClimateChange radicals
#theirABC institutions @conversationEDU @abcnews @QandA
#ExtinctionRebellion child soldiers
#UN eco-#Socialists
#Twitter activists @slpng_giants_oz
#labor/#lib/#green politicians

All of whom seek to SILENCE debate in our democracy.
@ConversationEDU @abcnews @QandA @slpng_giants_oz "The whole essence of #Freedom is that it is freedom for others as well as for ourselves.

Freedom for people who disagree with us as well as for our supporters.

Freedom for minorities as well as for majorities."
@ConversationEDU @abcnews @QandA @slpng_giants_oz "All things considered, the worst crime of #Fascism and its twin brother, German National #Socialism, is their suppression of #FreeThought & #FreeSpeech.

It is one of the many proofs that, with all their cleverness, they are primitive & reactionary movements."
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After seeing multiple tweets about the @DeptDefence response to #AustraliaBurning, I feel it’s #education time on #YourADF and how it relates to the #constitutionalmonarchy #government in #Australia. #AustralianFires #auspol #miltwitter 1/6
Under the Australian #constitution, #emergency and #disaster preparation, management, and recovery is the responsibility of each individual state or territory #government. #AustralianFires #ausfires #auspol #miltwitter 2/6
If the situation deteriorates and the effected state cannot handle the response, they can request federal assistance under the Australian Government Disaster Response Plan (#COMDISPLAN). #ausfires #miltwitter More here:… 3/6
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Your timely reminder that a politician's business is not 'problem solving', it's 'risk aversion'.

A thread:

(#AUSTRALIANBUSHFIRES #Australia #australiaisburning #auspol #NSWbushfires)
That's why you see them sit idly by when issues persist - because even though they might be able to solve a problem, if doing so poses a risk, they will always choose inaction.
We see it with their approach to social and economic issues consistently.

We see it in how they call for Royal Commissions when issues come to the forefront - not because Royal Commissions solve things, but because they avert and divert the sense of risk.
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Nationals @DarrenChesterMP (Gippsland) on BBC on #bushfire emergency "Whether they are worse in years to come is a debateable point I suppose. One of the challenges we have is trying to reduce fuel loads in the months leading up to the summer period"

I call bullshit #Auspol 1/10
Factcheck: Bushfires in Victoria becoming worse:…
1. "Extreme fire weather has increased since the 1970s in the east and south of Australia, including Victoria, with the fire season length extending from October to March." 2/10
2. "Climate change is now making hot days hotter, and heatwaves longer and more frequent. Drought conditions have been increasing in Australia’s southeast." 3/10
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