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13 Aug
Our lives are in this crazy, hugely stressful spiral right now, but all you can do is laugh. The hubs is supposed to wear this fancy cardiac monitor for 30 days. It came last week, but we didn't start it up right away. We were just distracted 1/
We are in the midst of a kitchen remodel to repair water damage that happened last summer and fa in the middle of more afib worries and trips to Mayo. So, we have no sink and no countertops and cabinets were just put in last week 2/
Have only been able to unpack some of the bins. But it's going. Cooking, needless to say, is a challenge. I delayed the project more because it took me forever to choose flooring and buy a countertop, which seemed a little too much like buying a car. 3/
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21 Mar 19
A friend's Facebook comment last night: "We’ve honest to God got to unite as journalists to halt this continued push toward having non-answering PIO’s doing all the answering for our elected officials and high ranking bureaucrats" #Florida #journalism #MakeThemTalk
Just this week a news release went out about 300 dead turtles along the St. Johns River system, the FWC scientists weren't made available and the UF scientists studying the turtles couldn't be made available either
Two weeks ago, executives at DEP and water district refused to say whether board members were on or off the water board, and still haven't said who directed them removed from website. PIO couldn't provide any answers & none of the folks in the know could pick up phone & clarify
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