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Here was the thing with Dennis Donohue as Mayor of Salinas. He was a terrible Mayor. Even Joe Gunter, the current Mayor of #Salinas, was running around investigating Donohue for some crime or walking on crime scenes without permission.

He played fast and loose with the rules

He sent Kelly McMillin a “police officer” over to the #Salinas #Californian (it was a daily paper at the time) to threaten them with zero #transparency if they didn’t stop writing mean articles about Dennis, but more importantly, his buddy Bruce”Troll” Taylor.

Donohue made space for Bankers Casino, a future card room owned by a guy he was on the planning commish with - in a bizarre property transaction - with some deal made over dirt lots on Division St (probation was all abuzz about this, because ...)

He brought #Salinas
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The world will become less transparent. Less light 💡 .

A terrible thing.

IMO the advertising model was was doomed with the growth of the Internet. Too many have clung to the click model, then the paywall model that sets a price that is the same for regular people as it is

For the well off. When I was younger I subscribed to four papers. It was expensive then - a young person not making rock star money but it was doable.

For nearly everyone from bottom to middle that model eliminates our ability to stay informed - and I have always believed

in print #journalism over #television journalism. Especially the longer, heavy lifting, serial pieces.

In my community I have done what I can. I have enforced the public records act. I have reviewed and researched and collected massive amounts of documents and tips
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Today the @washingtonpost released an extremely scary video that illustrates how #FoxNews downplayed the early days of the #Covid19 crisis.

Right now it’s clearer than ever that #FoxNewsLies are powerful, toxic and dangerous.

And it’s time to put a stop to it.


How did we get here? First, Fox News is a pro-Trump propaganda machine. They’ve spent years telling viewers that the “deep state” is out to get Trump, and they eagerly painted #covid19 as just the latest attack.

But #FoxNews and others like them were wrong. The #coronavirus is a deadly and highly contagious global pandemic, and their downplaying of the virus as an attempt to support Trump will quite literally cost many lives.

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It's not going to be the "brilliance of experts" that truly makes a difference right now to slow #COVID19.

It is going to be the actions of "regular" every day people becoming "experts" in the things we need most.

2/ Over the last year, I led the American Medical Association's @JournalofEthics issue on the ethics of pandemic response.

We focused on #Ebola, but ended up covering so many topics #journalism #anthropology #law #biosecurity #mentalhealth #epi etc…
3/ If there is anything I learned in leading that effort, it was that there is no single epidemic "expert".

Not only do epidemics require working together across so many academic sectors; they require it across societies at all levels.

Everyone matters.
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You may Mingle with Power, but You’re Not the Power

When I left the BBC, one of the biggest challenges I faced was finding an to answer the question, ‘Who am I?’

My decision to end my 20-year career with the world broadcaster, took many people by surprise.

Almost everyone I met thought I was crazy to leave such a prestigious job with one of the best media employers in the world. Only my mother understood my mind. “I know you know what you’re doing,” she said. And I did.

I was very clear that I wanted to return to Kenya and start my own media production and training company. But when, for the last time, I walked out of Bush House - the then headquarters of the BBC World Service in central London - I was hit by identity crisis. #WhatIHaveLearnt
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@thehill @jsolomonReports If you are a #media #fakenews #propaganda #MSM #journalism researcher this thread will be of interest to you. Or if you just want to describe the smell of bullshit.
@thehill @jsolomonReports The first thing to note is that the audit itself is the headline. Right? The media gets to seize on this and say, in effect, that Solomon is somehow in trouble.

Regardless of the findings of the audit, it's a smear. Self-fulfilling.
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Where’s the response/follow-up @judylthomas @kcstar — or do hope this will all just go away??? #journalism #standwithjaden #AmericaFirst
What about you, @MERCnewsroom @byRafaelGarcia - are you going to follow up on @mcneiljaden ‘s response to the SPLC-esque smear report on #americafirst students or do you only regurgitate left-wing press releases and call it journalism? #standwithjaden
And what about you @YorkDispatch @jonwalexander - are you going to let a 20-year-old kid defend himself or whitewash away his response? Is that ethical journalism - or search & destroy propagandism? Are those @mcclatchy values?#standwithjaden @McNeilJaden
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You & your newspaper @portlandpressherald are on notice for your false, libelous statements about my views--and the unethical stealth edits made to your story & headline without transparency to readers. Please correct & acknowledge fully.
The Bridge Initiative is a Saudi-funded propaganda outfit. Your bias is showing
@pressherald - "Fact sheets" from smear merchants masquerading as academics do not make libel "fact."
@rachel_ohm @PressHerald Reporter @rachel_ohm relies on @bridgeinit & @thedailybeast for "facts." I asked her in 40min intvu last night whether she independently verified quotes she attributed to me. She was insulted. I sent her links to full texts of my speeches & interviews. She ignored. @pressherald
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I finally have a legit personal & professional news announcement, and it doubles as a #DecadeinReview #lookback: I am moving to Philadelphia in the new year to join @PhillyInquirer as a digital producer! 10.5 yrs ago, I had just finished an internship w their health desk. 1/?
@PhillyInquirer A lot has happened since then. My 1st FT #journalism job @bkreporter where I burned shoe rubber cultivating love/appreciation of #localnews in my home borough as a reporter/magazine EIC/digital editor for four years, then @bklyner, #freelancer life and, currently, @flipboard. 2/?
@PhillyInquirer @bkreporter @bklyner @Flipboard Leaving @flipboard as breaking news editor is bittersweet. 6 mos turned into 2 yrs thanks to valuable work & amazing colleagues who made a remote newsroom feel interactive & seamless. Shoutout @gabyaschwarz @SonaliKamboj @jeelsey @sfine88 @thekenyeung @miaq. 3/?
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Even better: Before you, in your capacity as editor of an online blog, post something that contradicts the public tenor of many academics, you should look at the evidence that’s right at your fingertips. A few minutes of internet search away. Presented to you via twitter tags.
If you despair when people ask basic diligence of an online blog editor—a bit of simple fact-checking, we might call it—and you yourself are an editor of an online blog, what does your despair tell us?

#Quillette #Journalism #cdnmedia #media
Helen's comment relies on vague principles to deflect from the specific shape of a particular case. Claire Lehmann routinely protects race science and racist researchers. Her blog has relied on Harpending's white supremacist research many times.

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Good to see @Sulliview address #FoxNews' uniqueness in trafficking in pro-Trump disinformation. @MSNBC @CNN hew to reality & standards which Fox does not. It amounts to the difference between #journalism & #propaganda. Let's address its impact too—brainwashing, radicalization etc
@Sulliview @MSNBC @CNN #FoxNews is America's Pravda. Relentless disinformation & pro-Trump conspiracy theories isn't journalism—it's #propaganda. #Journalism informs the public. Propaganda does the opposite—it misinforms—deliberately—poisoning our politics & our minds, eroding truth & our #democracy.
@Sulliview @MSNBC @CNN In 2016 America was assaulted by information warfare—Russia's & Trump's. The assault has only intensified b/c disinformation now has a WH megaphone & FoxNews propaganda machine, picking up where Russia left off. You hear its impact when voters repeat GOP lies about impeachment.
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#JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange We express our grave concern for #Assange wellbeing, his detention and the draconian espionage charges. This case stands at the heart of #freespeech .@gianninasegnini signed
#Assange made an outstanding contribution to public interest journalism, transparency, government accountability. He is singled out and prosecuted for publishing information that should never have been withheld from the public .@noamchomskyT signed #JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange
Julian Assange charged #EspionageAct for publishing #WarDiaries State Dept Cables In a democracy, journalists can reveal war crimes torture and abuse without having to go to jail. It is the very role of the press in a democracy. .@edwyplenel signed #JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange
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(THREAD) An international #journalist statement in defense of Julian #Assange was launched publicly today There are already 120 signatories from 47 countries #JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange
All #journalist and people in #journalism-related roles can sign the international statement #JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange in defense of Julian #Assange The charges against him critically affect our work and we don't want to be silent at this time.
If #Assange can be extradited and imprisoned for publishing important leaked documents, so too could many other #publishers and #journalists risk the same fate Please sign #JournalistsSpeakUpForAssange
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Palast Investigations team photographer and videographer @ZDRoberts has had one of his photos from #Charlottesville selected as one of The Most Powerful Photos Of The Decade by @BuzzFeedNews.…
@zdroberts @BuzzFeedNews The photo of Neo-Nazi, alt-right and white supremacist protesters encircling counterprotesters by a Thomas Jefferson statue on the University of Virginia campus in #Charlottesville was taken by @ZDRoberts on Aug 11, 2017. Find more of Robert's work at:…
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Critical Thinking in the Modern Age of News

We have gotten used to news stories that are headlined with or contain opinions, even when they are not labeled as an opinion piece. Modern publishers and media companies are chasing attention and profit.

#journalism #citizenship
If a person is described in a story, one ideological side might describe him or her as brave or patriotic and another side might describe him or her as being a partisan of a political party. But what are the facts? Is the person experienced? What has the person accomplished?
Is there relevant context to the story that the news story is leaving out? This is a slipperier slope. Broadcast stories (TV, radio, even podcast) have time constraints, print mediums have deadlines, and web-based journalism tries to post first on a story when possible.
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A thread about #disasters & #collaborativejournalism:

@rachelpleven wanted to understand how disasters worsening in a warming climate are affecting vulnerable people, including economically strapped folks. She worked w/ @publicintegrity's data team to crunch numbers.
2. We thought this would be a great project to work on w/ other news orgs. @rachelpleven looked for noteworthy state & local trends and reached out to several newsrooms to see if they wanted to write their own stories. @ajc, @highcountrynews, @OVReSRC & @StateImpactOK said yes.
3. Over the past 9 days, the 4 newsrooms have rolled out #OneDisasterAway stories. They're all absorbing, important reads (& listens -- five written stories, two radio pieces).

In order of publication:

A disastrous disconnect (from @publicintegrity):…
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Exclusive! #RudyGiuliani 's Ukraine Mission is tied to Vladimir Putin. Part 2 of @NarativLive's pop-up pod: "There's Something About Rudy". Support Independent #Journalism from $3 a month: #Ukrainegate…
@NarativLive Sorry about the sound and buffering issues. I'll get a clean podcast version posted here shortly.
@NarativLive Here it is mostly fixed! Thanks for your patience.
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1/ When Tania Culver Humphrey came to @Oregonian to share her story of serial sexual abuse by her father, Mercy Corps co-founder Ellsworth Culver, I remember her being so terrified that day, she refused to use the news organization’s front entrance.
@Oregonian Ten months later, we - @noellecrombie, @sfkale, @killendave and I - present the results of our investigation into Tania’s story.
@Oregonian @noellecrombie @sfkale @killendave We hope that by exposing the failure of individuals and institutions to sufficiently act on her behalf, to protect her, to believe her, we offer Tania a measure of the justice she always deserved but never received.
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1/ Fridays are my favorite day of the week. Not because of the weekend (only), but because I get to engage @PhillyInquirer readers across a number of platforms to shed light on our #journalism.
2/ Kicked things off by catching #Philly readers up on the stories they need to know in this morning's Inquirer Morning Newsletter.…
3/ Also wrote this morning's @PhillyInquirer Morning Briefing to do the same for our smart device listeners.
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Good afternoon from Aurora, CO where Beto O’Rourke will soon be holding a town hall after spending the morning in Oakland.

A flight delay means this event will start just a little late
Well former governor of Maryland and presidential candidate Martin O’Malley just showed up to open for @BetoORourke

He’s done some stumping for Beto O’Rourke in previous weeks.
“Almost every police commissioner of every major city in America was there, begging, our Congress, not to allow the United States of America to be the only country in the developed world that allowed people to buy combat assault weapons but here we are” - @MartinOMalley
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This was performed during our rally in #Düsseldorf on August 10 in front of the US consulate.
The starting point of this performance is Plato’s Allegory of the Cave which I adapted to #JulianAssange ‘s and #ChelseaManning ‘s ongoing persecution.
As a reminder: the Allegory relates the story of a group of prisoners who spend their lives chained, unable to turn their head around. There is a fire and people behind them who are holding figures and objects which cast shadows on a wall in front the prisoners.
During their whole live, these prisoners will never ever see the fire or the figures and objects themselves.
They also hear echoes of conversation and sounds but never a true voice or word. That’s what shapes their perception of the world.
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"The Epoch Times seeks to restore honest journalism, the purpose of a free press."

Wall Street Journal @WSJ publishes op-ed by @EpochTimes publisher Stephen Gregory in response to misleading @NBCNews and @MSNBC attacks. (Thread 👇)…
@WSJ @NBCNews @MSNBC The #EpochTimes is a nonpartisan, independent media company that publishes a daily newspaper and website. Our motto is “Truth and Tradition.”

Last week #NBCNews and its sister network #MSNBC launched a series of irresponsible and misleading attacks on us.
The network led with the claim that we have spent “more than any organization outside of the Trump campaign itself” in the past 6 months on “pro-Trump advertisements.”

NBC refers to ads promoting our print subscriptions—typically short, lively videos featuring recent articles.
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A list of all 27.25* stories about @BernieSanders proposal on #Journalism in @CJR published between 8/26 and (a shameful) 4am, 08/28/19

My Booleans:
Search 1:
Bernie Sanders AND "plan" AND "newspapers" OR "media" OR "press"

Search 2:
Bernie Save Media
I did this because I wanted to see where exactly the proposal was covered given who it implicated and for an industry clamoring for solutions, I wanted to see what folks had to say. Surely everyone would chime in, yes...

I chose stories w/ headlines dedicated to the proposal. Find the links here, organized from Big outlets to random local news/blogs/sites, but I will thread them here. Please share any others you find so I can update…
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Dear readers,

As you know, The Epoch Times is a proudly independent news organization dedicated to truthful reporting.

Thanks to your support, we are now America’s fastest-growing newspaper. (Thread 👇)…
It appears, however, that not everyone is thrilled with our growth and our dedication to restoring honest journalism.

@NBCNews & @MSNBC dedicated a good amount of their time attempting to discredit us.

We were surprised at witnessing what appears to be a new low…
…that media are willing to drop to in an effort to quash voices they don’t agree with.

@MSNBC host Rachel @Maddow, known for her biased coverage of the Trump admin and for getting the Trump–Russia collusion story wrong, dedicated 30 minutes of prime-time television to us.
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