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3 Aug

From 01 August 2020, CBN gave effect to a new policy that will have major ramification for banking services in Nigeria. The new Global Standing Instruction (GSI) policy provide that at the point of executing loan agreements...
...borrowers must also execute a GSI mandate in favour of the participating financial institution (PFI). Should a borrower default in paying a loan, the lending bank can now activate the GSI, give it right to withdraw from the borrowers account held in any other bank in Nigeria.
The lending bank can do this without any recourse to d borrower or giving any notice whatsoever. The aim of d CBN is to help reduce incidents of Bad Loans in Nigeria. While I welcome the intention of the Apex bank to deal with epidemic of unpaid loans, I do have many concerns...
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28 Jul

The psychological concept of DUALITY explains that we all have good and bad sides to us. We are capable of contradictions and multiple manifestations. A good man can do bad things and a bad man can do good things.
Gaddafi was a dictator but led a more peaceful & prosperous Libya than we have today. Hitler had enough good in him to convince over 80% of Germans to vote for him in a democratic election. Saddam was an oppressive leader but he hated Islamic Extremism so much...
...that no Islamic Terrorism was present in Iraq until he was overthrown by the Americans. Duality is the antithesis to the narrative of a single story that someone is All Good or All Bad. We are capable of both. It is naive to think of someone only from one perspectives.
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19 Jun
I have warned repeatedly that Justice is not about the truth per se...it is about what can be proven. Coming on SM is ok if all u want is public opinion verdict. If u want Justice, u need to first meticulously & quietly gather useable evidence. Work behind the scene first.
The scourge of sexual crime in Nigeria will not be Legally dealt with if every case becomes a SM circus. There is need for proper detailed evidence gathering that gives the authorities no choice but to prosecute. Criminals hide easily behind false victimhood if it’s all a SM show
Also those who want to falsely accuse can seek refuge in SM cry when there is no evidence whatsoever. Successful prosecution of these criminals is priority. Victims should try to gather as much evidence as possible to avoid a He said- She said impasse. It’s all about the Evidence
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9 Jun
Every Pandemic has elements of unknowns. D challenge with Covid is some folks have tried to say with certainty what was yet an unknown. So science is now beginning to get a bad name as WHO shifts some of its earlier positions. The caveats that has been missing is problematic.
The 1918 Pandemic Virus was not fully discovered until 1933. So scientists were dealing with lots of unknowns during the pandemic in 1918-1920. What is happening now is Scientists have not been transparent enough to put caveats around guidance & honestly say they were not sure.
I think the problem or mistake that was made from the start is WHO and scientists made it look as though they knew enough about Covid to inform specific policies when in fact there were lots of Unknown unknowns. And their actions were out of caution which is understandable.
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25 May
When most people speak about POVERTY in Nigeria; they mean financial scarcity and penury that most experience. But beyond just financial; there are plenty of other manifestations of poverty in Nigeria that need to be addressed...
... if we are to advance as a nation.

Responsibility is the price of greatness. It means that for Nigeria to change and fulfil her destiny the good people of Nigeria will have to take responsibility to come out in the open and smash in pieces every form of poverty created by...
... corruption and its perpetrators, and ultimately bring good governmental order to stay in every nook and cranny of our nation.

As I see it; this battle is a war against TWELVE Predominant Poverties that have eaten the fibre of our nation for a long time. They are as follows:
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21 May
DON’T BLAME FEDERAL GOVT FOR EVERYTHING GOING WRONG - Challenging the Failures of State Governors

There is a case of Legal dereliction of duties that can be made against many State Governors in Nigeria. Observing what is happening; it is clear that many Nigerians do not fully...
...understand the status of the law hence the FG is blamed for many things unfairly; although FG have a lot to answer for in its own right. Take for instance, cases of the police killings of citizens, the soldiers killing of citizens, kidnappings, herdsmen killings etc.
Many blame the FG for not pursuing these cases. But ALL these are STATE CRIMES. State Attorney Generals (AG) can prosecute these cases without need to involve FG. So why are the States not doing their job? Why does everybody blame FG for everything so easily.
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20 May
One of the ways to improve your Capacity to Think Critically is to deliberately argue in favour of a position that is opposite to what you believe. Arguing against your preferred position enables u to see the issue from the opposite side. This has TWO vital positive consequences.
1. It allows you to see there is some merit in the argument of the other side, even though u do not agree with it. It helps to broaden your perspective as well. And helps you appreciate that u do not have a monopoly of passion or position on an issue.
2. Seeing the issue from the opposing side helps to to better marshal your own argument. You are better able to see the weaknesses of your position. It helps to strengthen your rebuttals and can even help moderate to tweak your own previously extreme position on an issue.
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19 May

Many do not understand the dynamics of Power and so idealistic they are forever banished to live OUTSIDE the Arena. That is why Activists find it hard to gain Power bcos they are too idealistic and dead to reality adjustment.
People who are Govt critics tend to be accused on being traitors when they go quiet after being given appointment in Government.
Before you join the bandwagon dishing out these abuses, I feel you need to understand Seven key realities of life on the Inside.
1. Everything always look different from the inside than it was from the outside. Outside critics base a lot of their views on assumptions and idealistic factors. But when you become an insider, you suddenly realise new realities and facts that you never knew existed.
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8 May
The verdict of d Supreme Court (SC) in this case is technical but correct. It was a foreseeable verdict; which begs the question why the President of the CoA allowed this to go ahead in the first place. It is also a lesson about the folly of allowing cases to drag on for many yrs
The Judge hearing d case was promoted to d Court of Appeal (CoA) while d case was ongoing. Usual practice is for another judge of the High court to take over the case. But the guideline from the President CoA allows judges to keep on to part-heard cases in certain circumstances.
So the Judge kept on to the case after his promotion to CoA. But this creates a Problem. When he swore on Oath at the CoA; that vacates his Oath at the High Court as a Judge cannot sit in two court of different ranking simultaneously.
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3 May
I have been following d controversy about this Bill. I decided to actually read d Bill before making any comment. I found so many issues of concern in d Bill. But it also has some merit. So, I decided to do a line by line review of the 48-Page Bill.
As a result; I will be producing a new Version of the Bill that keeps the meritorious provisions, deletes the horrible clauses and inserted dozens of new clauses to make the bill Human Rights Compliant in a constitutional democracy.
I will publish my revised version of the Bill on Tuesday 5th May. This can then be debated and reviewed by all. We should not throw away the baby with the dirty water. Part of my criticism go to the legal drafters in NASS. They did a bad job with the original draft with...
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25 Apr

Over 2.6Million people have died so far this year due to Cancer.

Over 500k have died as a result of HIV/AIDS

Over 300k have died from Malaria so far this year.

Covid-19 have sadly also killed over 202k worldwide this year so far.....BUT do you know that....
Only 3% of Covid patients have serious symptoms.

Over 800k have Recovered; despite no official treatment yet.

On average; 95% of Covid patient will recover based on nation by nation analysis.

We must fight Covid with all we have. But we must keep our heads as well.
We must not lose sight of even bigger killers in our world yr after yr. We need to develop perspectives & not die of Covid induced Panic & Fear. You will survive this. You will not die. You are stronger than you think. Take all the precautions necessary & u will be fine. Cheer up
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24 Apr
Honesty is needed in this debate. The Nigerian govt cannot afford d palliatives needed to mitigate a lockdown. D money is not there. This lockdown should not be extended as it is not working. Social distancing is difficult for d poor. Masks, Testing & Treatment is more pragmatic.
Pretending to do palliatives that doesn’t reach a fraction of d needy is delusional & self-serving. Meanwhile the economy is being crippled. Some People will sadly die regardless of what govt does. Enforcing masks in public will reduce spread. Mass education campaign also needed.
I appreciate there are no easy decisions. But d Govt need to be bold. SA is now lifting lockdown despite increasing cases in the country during d lockdown. We need to own our approach. Some may argue that deaths would have been worse if we had not locked down. We don’t know that
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19 Apr
Understanding Nostalgia

When it comes to thinking about the past; there are two kinds of Nostalgia. RESTORATIVE and REFLECTIVE.

Restorative nostalgia deals with the "return home" portion, making you want to reconstruct and relive the way things were in the past.
Reflective nostalgia centers on longing, letting you simmer in those wistful and yearning feelings while accepting that the past is the past. Reflective Nostalgia is safer. It allows for memories but accepts that it’s in the past and the future can be different.
When we remember loved ones; especially who may have died; many are in danger of Restorative Nostalgia. This makes them remember mostly good things about d deceased forgetting atrocities & remembering wrongly sequence of events that makes d deceased look better than they were.
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13 Apr
Many people are responding to Govt action on Covid-19 as if the science behind the virus is clear & settled. Nation’s policies are being informed by national models developed by experts in each nation. This model will be fed certain assumptions & projections are produced to guide
That is why in d USA, their modelling states about 3-5Million people could die if nothing is done; but with the actions being taken, about 200k will still die. In the UK, a different modelling system is being used led by a Prof at Imperial College. It says up to 500k will die...
...if nothing is done, but with partial lockdown, that could be 150k, while total lockdown with other measures will bring d death down to about 20k. All these were announced by Govt openly. So my questions are as follows;

1. What Modelling is informing actions of Nigerian Govt?
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13 Apr

Different countries have employed different ways to combat this pandemic with successes despite variation in tools employed. Nigeria cannot afford to just copy other countries. A distinctive local solution must be found.
Our security agencies cannot police the chaos that a prolonged national total lockdown will create. We already see signs of that in Lagos. Hunger & destitution can also kill more people than the virus itself.
So what are some of the ways other nations have managed this pandemic.
Examples are:

SOUTH KOREA - No Lockdown but aggressive tracing, testing and wide use of face masks. Virus now coming under control and impact on economy minimised.

JAPAN - Partial lockdown in Evenings and Weekends only. Virus death very low and infections coming down.
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11 Apr
Taking charge of the information you believe about Covid-19 is essential to be better placed to combat it. So two weeks ago I started a research into the 1918 Pandemic, the worst so far in the past 100yrs. How it affected Nigeria & It’s global economic impact. Lots of parallels
A lot of things happening now happened then as well. Proportionately; More Blacks died than whites in the USA. City lockdowns happened and face mask was widely used. If you are interested in some of the materials I found let me know and I will send then for your information.
Simply send email to: Info@Charlesomole.org and put Covid Research as the subject. Adequate Information is power and helps to eliminate myths and conspiracy theories. Being informed is necessary for change and advancement.
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11 Apr

“Successful people tend to become more successful because they are always thinking about their successes.” - Brian Tracy

So what do you spend most of your time thinking about these days?…..That thing that consumes your thinking time will end up...
...in your future. So you are either making progress or repeating the past. It is your choice. The past is over.. .forget it. The future holds hope.. .reach for it.

Don’t spend all your time during this pandemic just thinking about all the problems.
Begin to think about the opportunities that the pandemic is creating. Yesterday, I sat down and reflected on areas that will boom after this pandemic is over…I wrote over 15 business sectors and areas that will be in greater demand when this chaos is over.
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2 Apr

The trajectory of this pandemic in different nations offer lessons for Nigeria in a way that allows us to own our solution in a bespoke way. South Korea has the pandemic under control without imposing any national lockdown.
They did this through mass testing, aggressive contact tracing and isolation of suspected victims. And it worked wonderfully for them. Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong achieved elements of control over this virus by mass testing and insistence on citizens wearing face masks.
So in Nigeria; the govt need to examine these success stories and become creative in fashioning a distinctively local solution. If the spread goes nationwide; a National Lockdown will be impossible to police & will be catastrophic for the millions of very poor fellow citizens...
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31 Mar

Policing the lockdown announced for LAGOS, Abuja and then Ogun states is the job for the NPF and nothing to do with the Army. It is strange how our military always see too eager to get involved in civil enforcement that they are not trained for.
And for the police, they need to demonstrate the best tradition of policing excellence which believes that policemen are citizens in uniform. Hence they are not members of a different hierarchy operating just at the government's command. Their loyalty must be to the Constitution.
This is a global pandemic and police officers are humans too. In New York City alone it is reported that almost 800 officers have contracted the virus so far in line of duty. So the NPF officers need to be disciplined and put on the best of their humanity.
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28 Mar
I have explained b4 that in Leadership, Truth is not what the leader know it is. Truth is what the people perceive it to be. Perception thrums Fact. So there is no point arguing that the people are wrong when the signals given by leadership causes a particular perception to form
Simply engage in Perception Management to correct d anomaly. But you cannot change perception if the actions that caused it have not changed. You have to do something different if you want a different perception. If a product is substandard; no amount of perception management...
... will work until the quality of the product is upgraded. Or the marketing of the product reflects its suboptimal nature and there is no over-selling. Only then can Truth and Perception meet and agree..
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26 Mar

NCDC has confirmed that about 80% of cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria is as a direct result of folks that travelled from abroad. The other 20% are most likely secondary spread from this same cohort. The recklessness of the Elite is unforgivable in this regard.
NCDC gave instructions on self-isolation; but these very few Nigerians disregarded it and put the entire nation at risk. Yet if this pandemic takes hold; it’s the poor that will suffer the most. All those that ignored guidelines should be prosecuted for endangering the public.
At the least; they should all be fined heavily. It is irresponsible to ignore public health guidelines and expose millions to this virus needlessly. And example should first be made of those at the top. Enough of this impunity. Lessons need to be learnt for the good of all.
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