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Now that the FBI is investigating whether foreign governments, organizations or individuals provided financial support to extremists who helped plan and execute the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol,you see the the Patriots who supported the CBN for locking the bank accounts of our ImageImageImageImage
own domestic terrorists were right. We were right in all our our positions. If we allowcriminal NGOs and those agents of destabilization like @obyezeks @ChidiOdinkalu to succeed with their rhetorics,we will end up without a country. Everything they thought those kids were lies.
The biggest breakthrough Nigeria had with Trump was the Capitol crisis,it has exposed the many lies of Western agents about the imaginary saner climes. Like Capitol terrorists like #EndSARS there is no absolute freedom anywhere, you can’t burn your country and go free.
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#Nigeria tells us that today is #ArmedForcesRemembrance Day, a day set aside for our “heroes” in uniform.

We'll do well to remember the lives that have been lost to various atrocities in this blood-stained country of ours...
While there is no doubt to my mind that many officers in @HqNigerianArmy are heroes, think Sani Bello who saved the life of Gen. Ironsi’s ADC, Andrew Nwankwo, or Usman Jibrin, who flew many Igbo officers to safety during the pogroms of 1966...
or even Mohammed Shuwa, who ensured that Igbos were protected in the area under his command, the fact is that on the balance, @HqNigerianArmy has a murderous reputation, and as I once referred to them, are an equal opportunities brutaliser.
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1. I’m in love with the PEACEFUL REVOLUTION going on in Uganda, through the ballot.

#ThankASoldier - a 35 year-old Bobi Wine dared to dream. He dared status quo. He challenged the establishment. He has empowered young generation of Africans. For me, that’s more than a WIN!!✊ ImageImageImageImage
2. He is inspiring a young generation of Africans with the CAN-DO SPIRIT. Much of Africa is under occupation at the hands of Museveni & oppressive regimes. Old incompetent guards have held Africa down for decades, with support from globalists - the old system of alliances & pacts ImageImage
3. Africa still suffers from suffrage (the right to vote). So the choice for young generation of Africans is to continue to Soro Soke (speak out).

Continue to lend your voices to issues affecting the continent. Stand as ONE, carry the HOPES of Africa with you, everywhere you go. ImageImage
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Good morning everyone, as you all know the Judicial panel of inquiry has for the past 3 months met on Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays. However, in an effort to meet up with the high number of petitioners Justice Okuwobi added an additional day (Wednesday) for proceedings. #ENDSARS
Today is the first Wednesday the panel will be meeting at the Court of Arbitration, this add on brings it to a number of 4 days in a week. #ENDSARS
The time is now 11:45 am, Police, petitioners and legal counsel alike are waiting on the 8 man panel to arrive. #ENDSARS
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When @naijama speaks about protests,you dare not argue with such a veteran. Here is her intervention:
“And though a wilder, demagogic element began to take over #EndSARS  after the protesters’ demands were MET, ...” note the key word DEMAGOGIC, look up the meaning of the word 👇
She went further ..
“insisting on blocking all roads and attacking police etc”Now pls note that she didn’t use the word “hoodlums”as being responsible for the burning and looting but WILDER demagogic elements! contrary to what the enablers of these demagoguery want us to believe
She also noted that the demands of the #EndSARS were met and so all rational people who supported those early demands are united on this fact. What do we ask for: Prosecution of these demagogic elements who proceeded to turn the protest to insurrection by seeking to overthrow an
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1. You shouldn’t agree with Aisha Yesufu on all topics, personally I don’t agree with her on personal reasons, “her involvement with the #BringBackOurGirls BBOG - Goodluck Jonathan Saga.” You can as well disagree with her on LGBTQ - Queer & all of that.
2. What isn’t right is dragging her in the mud to advance whatever grudge you have against her. Calling Aisha Yesufu a “Raggedy Bitch” was low in my opinion. Y’all have opened the floodgates for people on all divide to insult her & try to bring her reputation into disrepute.
3. Arewa moral police is dragging her, LGBTQ - Queer are dragging her also, even those who don’t even fully grasp the concept of LGBTQ - Queer rights are equally throwing jabs at her. Many of you are evening running wild, suggesting she’d be deplatformed. I won’t support that.
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Good day my fellow Nigerians. This what happened this morning on our way going to Lekki (Along Anthony Ikeja) we are heading towards Ikorodu road when these rogue men in uniform stopped us again. They started searching our car uncontrollably. they checked our paper and everything
Was Completed. they told us to come down from the car which we did.the next thing d other man said we should go and meet their oga. that's where I started shouting what is our offense why would we meet your oga. bcos I already sense that all their effort trying to find anything
Incriminating was futile so they want to forcefully extort us. We reluctantly meet the oga. I asked the oga pls what is our offense, oga said we used the "wrong u-turn" which is a lie, bcos about 4 to 5 motors made a u-turn there, our car was the only one they stopped bcos they
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Omo sars have started operating again o. I’m at Shoprite toll gate and they literally chased this guy inside with gun. Thank God he ran inside sef. We all gathered round him and didn’t allow them take him. Now he is stuck inside here till they leave #endsars
This guy just said “they don build station inside this mall” just lurking around and harassing people.
I’m concerned that shoprite security officers allowed an armed man in
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In Nigeria,they helped vandals to raise money,honor them with the blue tick, gave them #EndSARS logo but in the US they are tracking them for arrests,banning all the federal employees that participated in the riots and now they have locked out the President from their platforms.
The West hate us,they helped others to burn their countries. They recruit fools and insurgents and give them money,they take them to @CNN and give them a voice. How many of those who breached the Capitol have you seen on @CNNPolitics or @FoxNews the media was united against
China,Russia and Turkey have seen this far ahead and locked their nations against vandals from the West. Have you heard pim from @obyezeks why is @UtomiPat not laying flowers at the @USinNigeria in the memory of the 4 real people that were shot dead in Capitol? Hypocrisy is them.
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By Ogochukwu Isioma

“I Rejected N864m”, Policeman ‘Who Never Took Bribe’ Resigns Over Non-Promotion

CSP Francis Osagie Erhabor, the policeman and divisional police officer (DPO) in charge of ‘D’ division Itam in
Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state, who is acclaimed to have never taken a bribe since over 30 years in active service, has resigned from the profession.

Erhabor, who made headlines after rejecting a whopping N864 million bribe, was on December 10, 2020, at the Sheraton
Hotel and Towers, in Abuja, during the 2020 IgbereTV Leadership Excellence Awards named ‘Police officer of the year’ after coming tops in the nationwide online voting.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with IGBERE TV on New Year day, 1st January 2021, the police
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11:37 AM - Panels’ here, I’m not even mad I just got here myself. Doing the Morning Show does this to me, we will be back to regular programming soon. Who’s ready to #EndSARS this Friday afternoon? ☺️
Here’s the list of petitions being heard today #ENDSARS
The First petition of the day, starts with its own challenges as despite summons being served to the Nigerian Army both them and their legal counsel are absent. #ENDSARS
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Chinua Achebe said "Those who have had their kernels cracked for them by benevolent spirits should in turn, learn to be humble"

Simply sum up #CapitolRiots this way: Do not mock a pain that you haven't endured.

Nigerians can relate.
So let's have a few conversation around this.
Yoruba adage says if a compound is calm, it may just be because the bastard among them is still a toddler.
How did this #CapitolRiots start?

That same Trumpet Trump started it by saying TAKE IT BACK, just like your slang in Nigeria🤣
So here is it:
It was simply a PEACEFUL PROTEST, a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT of Americans as ENSHRINED in American Constitution. So why did @CNN & other media outfit change the name of protesters to LOCAL TERRORISTS?
What's the offence of Trump that they blocked him on Social Media?😳
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I took my Investigation to Kaduna State on the 2nd of Jan 2021. To unravel the truth behind the Kaduna sex party, and the demolished ASHER KINGS & QUEENS RESTAURANT. Alleged as venue.

Thread #EndSARS
From my findings, i discovered that, Gov @elrufai has continuously used KASUPDA. (Kaduna State Urban Planning And Development Agency) to target the properties of his political opponents in Kaduna state. He targets christian owned businesses. Especially the ones in southern Kaduna
Just like Asher Kings & Queens restaurant was demolished on flimsy excuse, KASUPDA has in the last one year demolished 4 flourishing hospitality businesses in Southern Kaduna alone. Under the leadership of DG, Isma'i Umaru Dikko.
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Wow, Listening to Mr Emeka Eze & how his electronics business was affected due to #EndSARS aftermath in Lagos.
Lagos MSME Recovery Fund of @LSETF brought him back in business.
#RebuildingLagos is a coordinated effort!👏👏
#LSETF #ForAGreaterLagos
@jidesanwoolu @eoabisoye @idiriza
Mr Okechukwu Eze is back in business destroyed during post #EndSARS protest in Lagos.

Lagos MSME Recovery Fund of @LSETF is really getting people back on their business track.

#RebuildingLagos is a big business ooo.👏

#LSETF #ForAGreaterLagos
@jidesanwoolu @eoabisoye @idiriza
Mrs Ibironke Oduniyi's business also was affected, aftermath of #EndSARS protest in Lagos.

She tried Lagos MSME Recovery Fund of @LSETF, she is back in business now.

#RebuildingLagos is a big business. Kudos!

#LSETF #ForAGreaterLagos
@jidesanwoolu @eoabisoye @idiriza
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Next time when your son with MSc write a JSS 3 exams 5 times before he can pass,you can go to Adeboye and give testimony. But if your son open his mouth to degrade his country,don’t be angry when we abuse you for bad parenting. Those who fail IELTS 10 times are not in a position
to criticize Nigeria for failing many attempts at nationhood,if you can pass at the 10th attempt, Nigeria will also pass at 5th attempt too.Those who defend such nonsense are merely projecting their own failures.We don’t care how you feel or how angry you are,he is silly like you
We are not here for popularity contest,as a matter of fact many of you can still afford to be foolish but no one here who have the sense will tolerate you because this is a democracy. You have your right to be foolish and we reserve the right to show you a mirror to see yourself
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January 5, 2021. 11:30 AM - The Judicial panel of Inquiry resumes its sitting. Arrived a tad bit late due the timing of my segment on the morning show. Don’t think I’ve missed much, no petitioner has been called forward. #ENDSARS
Here are the petitioners set to testify today. By my count today makes for the 23rd sitting for the panel but who’s counting. #ENDSARS
The first witness in the case of Adebayo Abayomi is called forward, his name is Ibrahim Yusuf, he is the lead witness for Police legal counsel Cyril Ejiofor. Yusuf is sworn in and proceeds to give his testimony. #ENDSARS
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Are @jidesanwoolu directives being enforced by @followlasg? How effective is public adherence to #COVID19 regulations and is @NCDCgov effectively building itself as a credible govt agency ?

Are govt MDA at the Fed, State & LG levels observing these protocols.

Stopped at Domino's pizza #ikorodu to get pizza for my in-laws. Made use of the app so I only had to pick up. Got in to pick up and there was a crowd at there and at #Coldstone.

If the govt believes that #COVID19 is serious then why is it slack with enforcing it's protocol.
On my way to Ikorodu almost all the BRT's had 3 - 10% of commuters using their nose mask. In smaller buses almost no one wore nose mask. No @PoliceNG or @followlastma officer wore a nose mask.

I think private establishments enforce some of these regulation better than the govt
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I pray that we have learnt from the events of these past several years. I am humbled & have grown wiser from all my choices - stupid, good & bad

In 2023, please do not vote for coupists, class of '66, the corrupt/inept, drug barons, certificate forgers, perpetrators of massacres
Please, in 2023, do NOT vote for: divisive ethnic bigots (no matter how brilliant), religious zealots, cashivists, political puppets, entrenchers of rentier/patronage systems, merchants of mediocrity/inequitable quota system, people who've never built sustainable orgs/enterprises
Vote for unifying/ethical/competent leaders with bold Vision, Capacity and Creative problem-solving skills. Vote for men & women with a track record of Excellence/Empathy/Exemplary Leadership. Vote for Builders of strong institutions who follow due process & respect human rights.
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Saw a tweet about bragging about your 2020 wins, so here I am.

"2020 was my best year yet"
That was my affirmation at the end of 2019. 😭 It was.

One tweet won't do, so here's a thread.

On February 17th, I became the first person with a mental health condition to testify before the senate on the rights of people living with mental health conditions. Together with @hrw, I urged the senate to ensure that the mental health bill complies with the UN CRPD.
The team @shewriteswoman_ qualified for the Global Giving Accelerator and I led fundraising to secure our place on Global Giving platform to ensure we can raise funds from any country in the world to continue to make mental health accessible to all Nigerians.
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Today is the last day of 2020, a year most will agree saw years' worth of events happen. I agree with that, but draw the line at saying it was "the worst year in the last 100".

I'm sure that people who lived in 1929, 1937, 1941 and 1966 will have a lot to say about that...
For me, like for many, 2020 started with a lot of optimism.

This quickly gave way to caution when shortly after my return from holiday, I fell quite ill.

This illness ended with me getting a new accessory, my spectacles.
No sooner was I back on my feet, than #covid19 caused global panic and lockdown became a thing.

What started out as a cute holiday with @LoladeSowoolu using me as a very willing culinary guinea-pig ended with her broadcasting a video of my now corpulent self attempting to dance.
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You see @ProfOsinbajo's sock puppet Twitter accounts with #EndSARS bios praising him and it's funny because this slimy man really thinks he can rewrite history to put himself on our side.

Mr VP, you lost that opportunity when you didn't resign the day after the Lekki massacre.
What history will remember is that you were the Vice President of the regime that turned its guns on unarmed protesters at the most visible urban location in the entire country and shot dozens of them dead.

You are a murderer, Mr Yemi Osinbajo.
Forget what they're telling you. Many of us were at Corona School's 60th gala in 2016 and Atlantic Hall's 30th gala last February and we shook hands with you and smiled.

We used those same hands to sign the petition for the ICC to charge you with crimes against humanity.
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#EndSARS protester Victor Sunday Ibanga who was killed at the #LekkiMassacre was 27yrs old and hailed from Ikpe Usung Ita Obot Akara local government of Akwa ibom State. He was the first born in his family and a devout Christian who relocated to Lagos in search of greener pasture
Like every young Nigerian, the hardship of life in his village of Ikpe Usung Ita where he helped his mother on the Farmland since his days in secondary school, when he would often skip classes to support her. Victor has 4 siblings Elisha, Sarah, Blessing and Imaobong.
Victor's mother Ndifreke Sunday Ibanga is a widow who had moved back to Ikpe Usung Ita from Calabar after the demise of her husband, when her children were young. "Udo" as she refers to Victor was a pillar in the family. The oldest son of a widow & loving brother to his siblings
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I've been following elections in the Central African Republic on @AlJazeera.

This got me thinking about "democracy in Africa". Some believe democracy is regressing, others believe it is on the rise. I think the answer is a bit complex.
I think Africans are getting tired of the ritual of holding "elections" every four years - especially as "elections" neither guarantee economic growth, internal security nor provision of public goods.

I mean, Somalia conducts "elections", but how relevant are these "elections"?
At the same time, it is impossible to ignore a yearning for more civil liberties and improvement in governance. This goes beyond "elections" - and is what drove movements like #EndSARS in Nigeria & movements in Angola, Algeria, Sudan, Uganda etc.
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People who have the brain to do the maths said Nigeria jumped to the 25th biggest economy in the world,somebody who can’t use BODMAS is asking for index, are you OK? You said we are not exporting things but you want Nigeria to open our borders so smuggled rice can come!Think now.
Hardworking Nigerians are farming rice and tomatoes,they are planting pineapples to feed local industries but yours own is to ask for a bigger GDP, all you do is to watch EPL and argue about Arteta and attack Buhari, does that grow GDP? What are you doing to grow GDP? #EndSARS?
That Nigeria is growing without your contribution shocked you abi?that is how the government rolled Economic Stability Program and you mocked it, people got it and you are bitter. Go and be reading the statistics that say Nigeria is the HQ of poverty,it is where your people are.
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