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Teacher of Physics at @UppinghamSchool. Boarding House tutor of @Upp_fircroft. Cosmologist, physicist, mathematician and space nut 🚀
16 Oct
12 years ago when I did teacher training you were encouraged to lay different activities around the room. The children would hunt for their next task. Once found they would accidentally but deliberately learn the thing by recalling the learning objective.
They would then work their way up blooms taxonomy and congratulate each other on creating things of value to other kinesthetic learners in the room. We would praise them for this. The affirmation would feed into a centralised reward system that resulted in a shout out in assembly
You should try to log it on sims or 3sys but it would be stuck on the loading page. I wonder how old those girls are now. Once loaded its secrets protected by a pair of gnomes. Getting useful information out required answering a riddle about which one was not telling the truth.
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