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The #phyphox app from @rwth_phyphox gives you direct access to the output of many #sensors in your smartphone. Next time you have a long ✈️flight, quantify turbulence or just check on your phone when the toilet rush is over. (Warning: #scicomm #physics thread ahead!👇) 1/n
Your #phone is full of #sensors (microphone, camera, temperature, GPS, light sensors, magnetometers,…), including air pressure sensors and accelerometers. The pressure at cruising altitude is about 80% of the pressure at sea level. 2/n
That’s why your crisps package expands after take-off and the empty plastic bottle appears auto-crushed after landing. The pressure sensor can be used to estimate elevation when being on earth. But it is so sensitive it feels when airplane toilets are flushed. 3/n
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Enrico Fermi, one of the foremost experimental and theoretical physicists of the 20th century, was born #OTD in 1901. Now estimate how many other physicists were born on that day.
Image: New York Public Library
Fermi was only 21 when he completed his PhD at Pisa, and after a few years abroad working with Born and Ehrenfest he became a lecturer at Florence. It was there that he worked out the statistics of a collection of particles satisfying Pauli's exclusion principle.
Fundamental particles like leptons and quarks, as well as composite particles like protons and neutrons, satisfy these Fermi-Dirac statistics (Dirac obtained the same results a few months after Fermi). For this reason, we refer to this broad class of particles as Fermions.
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Day 1: Marshmallow challenge, vector treasure hunt, and relative position vectors. #teach180 #iteachphysics
Day 2: Hot hot hot! #teach180
Day 3: Determining the height of the flag pole using a mirror and measuring tape. Adapted from… #teach180 #iteachphysics
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