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7 Jul
I'm seeing that we need to have a talk about racism.

Racism is not just prejudice.

Racism = Racial prejudice + social and institutional power.

Racism involves prejudice against a racial group COMBINED with the power to codify that prejudice into institutional policies, laws, and societal norms, which enables the systematic oppression of that racial group(s) and which favors the dominant racial group (e.g. white ppl).
White supremacy refers to the belief that those racialized* as white are superior to those racialized as non-white & thus should be the dominant group in society. The purpose of racism is to maintain power & privilege within that dominant racial group.
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14 Jun
Calling all therapists!

PSA: You are responsible for providing culturally-relevant treatment to your clients. What does this look like?

A thread...

Overall, this involves *explicitly* addressing clinician-client cultural differences, discrimination, stigma, and perceptions of mental health care early in therapy. This is critical to creating a healing space.

Have any of you ever described yourself as racially "color-blind"? Well, this philosophy is actually harmful. "Color-blindness" creates a barrier to understanding different cultures and cultural dynamics, which is essential to delivering quality MH care to BIPOC.

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8 Jun
The stain of racism is deep within the origins of Psychiatry and Psychology.

History lesson thread...

Early in its lifetime, psychiatry played a central role in justifying chattel slavery. The “Father of American Psychiatry,” Benjamin Rush, stated in 1799 that Black people suffered from a disease similar to leprosy, called “Negritude.”

He asserted that this disease could only be cured by “removing the Negro’s blackness,” as if Black people could become White through some intervention.

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31 May
What is #PTSD and how does it differ from racial stress and trauma?
2. PTSD is a mental *disorder* (remember this) that is caused by experiencing a traumatic event. Our diagnostic manual is very specific about what types of events are considered traumatic...
3. I won’t go through an exhaustive list, but basically traumatic events are considered ones in which your life is threatened or you experience sexual violence, witness something like this happen to someone else, or hear about this happening to someone *close to you*...
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