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#RHOBHReunion got me in a binge. I had never seen Real Housewives (anything, much seen #RHOBH before.

So, after my Season 10 today (and currently on That's Amore) - let me just say that @DENISE_RICHARDS coming back to the table was a huge deal.

I know that *Denise leaving* was a thematic element in the show but may I offer a legitimate empathetic reason? It may not apply to her but - in my life - I will tell you why;

#Trauma of the #PTSD unresolved kind that drove me to #Codependent Recovery (#CodieRecovery👈).

Someone (sorry I cannot remember who) characterized her as being 'Fight or Flight' and they're right. I'm gonna also go out on a limb and characterize her potential for a Freeze.

I was a Freezer.


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THREAD. 🌹 Exhausted after today 😩 but relieved to have won recognition two HUGE victories in court today:

1. Recognition of the centrality of trauma & mental health support for Gaia's inquest (/all survivors). 🙌

2. Something we never thought we'd ask for...
...another delay to the inquest (now due May 2021) which given the current mess is essential to ensure the full & fearless investigation we need.

We are determined to do all in our power to make sure your family never has to stand where we stand today, fighting...
... justice for someone who’s been taken from you and who can never be replaced.

Huge thanks to our amazing legal team incl. @caoilfhionnanna & @HWistrich Sarah and Soohy for all their hard work, also @INQUEST_ORG, @RapeCrisisEandW England & Wales and @centreWJ as well as...
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“I’m not going to publicly name the business for obvious reasons, but a store manager called me back after thinking over the facts I shared with him.. I’m allowed to come in to buy a new couch #mask free! My current couch is making my #migraines worse, I can’t hold out any more.
I am so relieved!! Kind & decent humans do still exist. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself, even if you tremble as you do so.”

•Title III of the #ADA requires that businesses provide reasonable accommodations for those with #disabilities.
•The governors orders (not laws) say those who can medically tolerate a mask must do so.
•Why did corporate tell you to have designated hours for elderly & disabled shopping? Perhaps that is when you’re suppose to let said people come in?
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#Tunkashila #BirdClanMessenger #NativeTO #Indigenous


PTSD survivors carry deep grief and are often frozen in fear from the horrors that they have survived. In addition to a deep warrior's heart wound....(1) Image
PTSD is caused by all kinds of wars and horrors that humans get into: child abuse, sexual assault, abandonment, divorce, financial ruin. Anything that horrifies us & wounds us so deeply our lives are forever changed is a trauma. #PTSD means "post traumatic stress disorder." (2)
When we are unhealed from #PTSD, we are often living in the sky world - where our spirit and attention are detached from our bodies. We are detached from our loved ones rather than engaged. We focus too much on thoughts and not enough on cleaning our houses...(3) Image
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I cannot watch #IndianMatchmaking It will give me #PTSD My 20s were spent fighting #sexism and #patriarchy around it. In this thread, I am sharing my experiences. This is no joke. I hate this being turned into #RealityTV #Entertainment
When I turned 21, my relatives tried to match me with someone in my family tree who would be like an uncle (eww). My parents felt too weak to protest (something they regret now). For an entire year, there was relentless pressure. My staunch refusal seemed to have no impact
Some nuggets from guy: Don't do #PhD it doesn't pay. I am not asking for dowry (so you should be grateful). You won't find a better guy than me. Most guys who go to the US are not virgins (but I am). Women mature earlier so you are not too young to marry
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Here are three helpful articles on the intersection of autism & PTSD. I am now going to attempt my first twitter thread. (1/) #autism #PTSD
I am autistic with PTSD and a lot of the work I do involves helping clients and their caregivers understand how to manage the co-occurrence of the two. (2/)
This usually involves becoming aware of the difference between meltdowns and flashbacks, both of which can come on suddenly ('being triggered') and cause visible distress. (3/)
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On 10th December 2019, my wife @CandyNekky arrived at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos to board @flyairpeace flight 7210 from Lagos to Warri. @fccpcnigeria @FAAN_Official @fmaviationng @NigerianCAA @NGRSenate @SaharaReporters @NGRPresident @SPNigeria
She arrived with only hand luggage which was approved and tagged as cabin luggage. The 11am flight was delayed by about 30 minutes. When she was about to board at about 11:30am, the flight attendant refused to let her board with her approved hand luggage
She was still pleading with the female flight attendant when the pilot Capt. Horace Millar-Jaja abandoned his responsibilities at the cockpit, came to the entrance of the plane and asked her if she was stupid or mad. She was shocked at this unwarranted outburst
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ADA defines a Service Dog as a dog individually trained to do work/perform tasks for 1-person w/ a disability. The task(s) must be directly related to the person's disability. I know 145 diff. commands but what I do specifically for Mom is mobility assist & medical alert #dogs White fluffy Golden retriever dog wearing a red and black seWhite fluffy Golden retriever dog wearing a red service dog
There are a lot of things that go along with those commands. I can pick up things from the floor so Mom doesn't have to lean over. If she leans over b/c of her brain injury, she could get dizzy and pass out and get really hurt. What I do keeps that from happening #TBI #servicedog White fluffy Golden retriever dog wearing a red service dog White fluffy Golden retriever dog wearing a red service dog
I can stand between Mom & big crowds or in line between her and people b/c her PTSD makes social interaction hard. What I do gives her space so she doesn't feel crowded. This makes her feel safe and she can stay in places like work events, in grocery stores, or restaurants. #PTSD White fluffy Golden retriever dog wearing a red service dog White fluffy Golden retriever dog wearing a red service dog
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You know what, never mind.

I'll just end up with more pain, not less.

#PTSD is hard, makes me want people to see how much pain I'm in sometimes.

Twitter isn't the place for that though. It will just bring more pain.

And I carry more than enough already.
So I'm putting down this app for the rest of the day.

Because if reading about these things from the past still brings me such instant, hot, pain then I need to not be around it.

I just...if someone would have listened to me, believed me, stood with me so much could be
different for #ActuallyAutistic Canadians and it eats at me.

Because I saw a brighter future for us.

It was so you all have no idea.

But there are 2 very influential autism gatekeepers in this country, I mean there's more of course - but the 2 that were the
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SÉQUELLES DU COVID. [Thread alimenté au fil de l'eau]
Une lettre dans le prestigieux JAMA sur les symptômes persistants après une covid aiguë. Faible échantillon, sans groupe contrôle ni étude de facteurs confondants.
#apresJ20 #ApresJ60 #apresJ90 ImageImage
Pour comparaison avec la #COVID__19, une méta-analyse *en pré-print* (non évaluée) des séquelles à long terme des patients *hospitalisés* touchés par les 2 coronavirus SRAS (SARS-CoV, 2003) et MERS (MERS-CoV, 2014-2016).

▶️… Image
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@UWM This is the pathetic response from University of #Wisconsin, #Milwaukee about senior lecturer retired @usairforce Lt Col Betsy Schoeller's disgusting #Facebook post about Vanessa Guillen's death. #VanessaGuillen #JusticeForVanessaGullien #FireBetsySchoeller @ProtectRDfnders
@UWM #Facebook posts are NOT PRIVATE. In #Ohio, college professors don't get tenure if they talk about "controversial topics" like mental illness concerns or #homeless individuals' #CivilRights on social media. If you don't have a #SocialMedia policy, you should. @ProtectRDfnders
@UWM @ProtectRDfnders: Army soldier Vanessa Guillen's horrific murder been a trigger for countless #veterans suffering from #PTSD from #military sexual #trauma. A reprehensible #Facebook post from fellow veteran Betsy Schoeller has further exacerbated it. #MilitarySexualTrauma
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Humility is driven into you as a trainee. I tempered my expertise for so long that I didn't even tweet until after my postdoc.

Well, dagnabbit, I AM AN EXPERT on #racism, #BlackMentalHealth, + #TheTalk, and of my 40+ (!!!) media appearances last month, here are my #TopTen faves:
And what about police tactics worsening #PublicHealth during the protests? Check out my commentary here in this @FastCompany piece:…
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In the U.S. we have a "tough guy" attitude towards health that is seen in many outcomes across #populationhealth metrics. This false dichotomy between economy and health is not new. We have poor sick leave or parental leave. Healthcare a "benefit" of employment.
Not sure why my #MedTwitter peers are so shocked by the way the U.S. has responded to a preventable #publichealth crisis

US docs, selves, want individualism & personal financial gain
systems for a common good

@Health_Affairs on AMA vs Medicare… ImageImageImageImage
The “government can’t tell me what to do for the protection of others - I know best” is a common thread in U.S. history & culture of rugged individualism

I mean, this is a country that started by throwing others’ property in ocean to protest government.…
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پی ٹی ایس ڈی
جس تن لاگے - سو تن جانے

PTSD - we need awareness of this in #Pakistan, but before tgat a study into it’s prevalence is must!
@PakRedCrescent may look into this!…
Experience/witness traumatic event like:
- serious road/other accidents
- learning you have a life-threatening illness
- bereavement
- violent personal/physical/sexual assault, robbery, mugging
- military combat
- natural or man-made disasters
- #terrorism
- traumatic childbirth
Post-traumatic stress disorder (#PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event - either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Saturday statement you can read in full here: #PTSD #PTSDAwareness
2/4 In the same way the #COVID19 pandemic has had a greater impact on the physical health of some Canadians, such as seniors, certain populations may experience disproportionate #MentalHealth impacts.
3/4 As we observe Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Day in Ontario, I would like to bring awareness to traumatic stress and #PTSD, and remind all Canadians to do well-being checks with those around you. #PTSDAwareness
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To every MH employee and social worker when you lie and distort the truth, fabricate in records and fail to listen the results can be fatal. If you look the other way you are complicit. To all game players this is no game. It is real. It is difference between life and death.
Hard to believe that at 25 years old these guys will never have a cuddle like this again. Why do I feel so upset. Because she was under MH services, because of the threads I saw on her page, because she had a life to live because of the tags which included PD label harm thread Image
These tell me a lot I think of the person that's been lost. Image
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Hey followers - there's over 3000 of you but we don't know each other very well.

For years now I've been sharing issues ranging from #disabilityrights, being #autistic in an #ableist society, to #vaccines, #MMIW, #alttext, #Dyslexia, #dyspraxic, #Epilepsy, #racism, #PTSD,
#depression, #domesticabuse being the cores of what I share and lands in your timelines.

I've recently shared with you all that I'm in a process of reclamation - my culture, my identity, my gender, my sexual preferences - all of it.

So now you know my skin is white passing
but I am also part #Aboriginal and that matters deeply to me and I won't be erased anymore.

I am #pansexual. I don't need you to be of any particular gender to be attracted to you.

I am a #nonbinary #femme. But I also lean heavy in masc traits sometimes too.

I am #disabled
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Want to know why it’s so hard for #cops to be ‘good apples’...

It was 2007 and I was assisting a call with an officer I’d never met before. He was from another team working overtime. Right in front of me he broke a kids nose with a punch. The septum was clearly deviated and
blood was everywhere. The kid was handcuffed and the officer enquired of me “what should ‘we’ arrest him for?” “What did he do?” I enquired. “He called me a name.” he said. After 20 mins of him trying to persuade me we should fabricate a crime he had to let the kid go. “We need
to do notes, get our story straight” he then told me. I don’t need assistance in writing what happened. I found a quiet place and wrote the facts. As I wrote I was joined by a female A/Sgt who knew this officer. She spent 20 mins trying to convince me this kid was a “shitbag” &
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What is #PTSD and how does it differ from racial stress and trauma?
2. PTSD is a mental *disorder* (remember this) that is caused by experiencing a traumatic event. Our diagnostic manual is very specific about what types of events are considered traumatic...
3. I won’t go through an exhaustive list, but basically traumatic events are considered ones in which your life is threatened or you experience sexual violence, witness something like this happen to someone else, or hear about this happening to someone *close to you*...
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My new & very likely most important paper of 2020 @TheLancetPsych #network #metaanalysis on the efficacy of cognitive bias modification for #anxiety or #depression in clinical or subclinical patients
(1st author @liviu_fodor, w/ @pimcuijpers @Toshi_FRKW )…
People who follow this field know I have been one of its first and unrelenting critics, starting with my meta-analysis in 2015 @TheBJPsych (again w/ @pimcuijpers)…, followed by others, including many viewpoints, comments & replies that I will spare you.
I was one of the first researchers to have explicitly state that maybe #CBM just does not work and there are no moderators or boundary conditions that can save it. But time passed, studies went on, the field continued to grow & adapt, and so maybe it was time for a reassessment.
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