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A recent survey looked at how much Americans actually know about #PTSD. Of the 2,000 surveyed:

67% believe that most veterans struggle with PTSD.

1 in 4 believe the majority of people w/PTSD are violent & dangerous.

23% believe PTSD is not treatable.

1/3 #PTSDAwarenessDay
We find these statistics - largely driven by negative mental health stigmas and lack of awareness - to be both alarming and harmful. On this #PTSDAwarenessDay we hope Americans recognize the following facts instead:

2/3 #shatterthestigma
1. Not every veteran struggles with #PTSD.

2. Not every veteran who experiences PTSD is violent or dangerous.

3. For those who do struggle with PTSD, treatment & support IS available & the diagnosis can change or be revised over time.

3/3 #PTSDAwarenessDay #Shatterthestigma
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Autism trans 🧵: If your child is high functioning #autistic & just coming out as 'trans': 1. This is likely trauma based & autism based 2. They have been preyed upon or groomed because of their #autism What I mean by this is #autistic children teens or adults are socially
Naive & fullibe Due to their #autistic brain wiring. They do NOT 'see' or understand the bad 'intentions' of others. This gets them into all manner of troubles across the lifetime. They are highly vulnerable & need safeguarding due to their naivety #innocent #groomed #deceived
The way their brain is uniquely wired means they must have healthy responsible role models & mentors in their lives otherwise they are easily manipulated, led astray, taken advantage of, deceived, gaslit & worse. It does matter how high their cognitive IQ is #trauma #PTSD
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I posted my favorite #OFMD fic the other day.
Now, the writer has dropped additional vignettes, including Stede in counseling, dealing w/ #PTSD triggers as he parents, dealing w/ #autism, & Ed as a step-dad, getting #ADHD treatment.

Um...fab. 😍🥹🍊
Am I laying here with tears rolling down my cheeks, reading stories about families like mine??? YES, YES I AM!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
I told #TheVulcan about these fics this morning. "I just opened a story where every parenting moment is something like what **we** have been through, what we've had to work through, struggle through, overcome, fail at," etc. He had me tell him about those moments, & we both...
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Raising a child w #hEDS #MCAS #POTS requires lots of love, reassurance and planning. Inspired by @The_Weed I will attempt to be half as eloquent and helpful as he was in the thread I just retweeted.

How do these kids get #PTSD?
Their symptoms are ignored, they are told...
they need to ignore their symptom, toughen up, work through pain, not act like a baby, stay w/keep up w/ their peers, try harder, etc.
They may have fatigue, pain, discomfort, or an indescribable feeling that something is "wrong" (perhaps a subluxation) $ they need to stop.
The result of this is crushing isolation. They have nowhere to turn. Language has failed them. Asking for help is a vulnerable act, and at their most vulnerable they have been struck down, made to feel weak bc they can't just "toughen up" and been shown that the only people...
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🧵1/4 The term #autism originally meant "morbid self-admiration and withdrawal within self" which is another way of saying we live in our heads and have trouble connecting to others. This can be beneficial. On here, if I mute or block someone, or someone has me blocked or locked
2/4 out of seeing their tweets or comments, they simply don't exist in my world. They have no impact on me and soon are forgotten. I only keep those I value in my world, and only can remember the names/handles of those with whom I regularly interact, if my #PTSD isn't messing up
3/4 my working memory. In general I suck at names and faces. They fade quickly from memory. Might be related to how I can't recall chapter and version, only the story. I recall a general sense of a person but can't associate specific words and details. Also I have a rich, vivid
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I just turned off #airplanemode so that I could text my granny so that we keep our routine and she don't pop up over here BUT truthfully her son [the artist formerly known dad] had me in my feelings last night.

I'm grateful that I handled it "well" but damn.
I really be tryna be chill but tbh my parents... they are something else.

I be tryna stay out the way& still get hit w/ emotional nonsense.
I just am not interested.
Yall ever came to the conclusion that ur parents don't FW you based on their actions? Ever happened twice?!
One of my parents be cyber stalking me BUT has not talked me in 6 years... like, why so obsessed with me?

My other parent, it's a lot... so you want to be in contact with me but only when it's convenient to you and your new family and saving face w/others?

Ion want no parts.
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ICYMI, here are the slides of my #IBD #PTSD talk given at #DDW2022 yesterday. Feel free to use if you'd like to help spread awareness and educate (1/25)
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1) Listening to Sullivan say PTSD shouldn't be treated with benzos. I know my experience is just anecdotal, but here goes: I experienced severe childhood trauma that lasted until I was 14 and then went through the criminal court system that ended when I was 19. When my kids were
2) about the same age I was when abuse began, I started having symptoms later dx as C-PTSD. I went to therapy, which was truly brutal. Great counselor but difficult to work through. My counselor sent me to see a Psychiatrist, who gave me an anti-depressant and ativan...
3) Had it not been for ativan there is no way I could have gone through therapy. It allowed me to sleep and function in order to work through therapy. The meds did their job, and contrary to what Sullivan says, they didn't numb any pain, but allowed me to work through pain..
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You know what I would love to say to her "Who do I turn to, to be compensated for all the pain & suffering I have experienced for the past 2 years?" I was carjacked & shot by a STL gang banging thug! See more below! #innocentlivesmatter #dobetter #stl…
2: The day my life changed forever all because of failed policies, plea bargains & sympathy for violent THUGS!…
3: If @saintlouismayor thinks I would even consider “donating” my money for reparations she has lost her damn mind. I’m not responsible for 💩 that happened years ago! However people like her & other democrats are responsible for what happened to me! #stlmayor
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🧵1. #IPERN officially launched on #StPatricksDay 2021 so it's our 1st birthday today!🎂🚑☘ It's been quite a year - we've hosted 10 events featuring 49 speakers (31% International 🌍 65% Female 🚺). Presented at 3 conferences, secured 3 grants and launched 5 SIG! #IrishEMS
2. How it all began… we announced ourselves to the Twitter world on Feb 1st '21. In Ireland this is traditionally the start of Spring (#Imbolc) so a time for new beginnings. It’s also St. Brigid‘s Day our matron saint who Is renowned as a healer #IrishEMS
3. Our official #IPERN launch on #StPatricksDay 2021 featured a fantastic array of Irish researchers presenting "elevator pitches" of their work and also included best wishes from international friends & colleagues! #IrishEMS
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Another #BIG #decision in 2022. I will file #bankruptcy and #donate to #charity anything I can’t carry with me to a #women #shelter. THE #COST to #SOCIETY of #NDAs #EEOC #EqualEmploymentOpportunityOffice #TitleVII #CivilRightsActof1967 #ADA
#AmericanwithDisabilityAct #USConstitution #BillofRights #CivilRights #PTSD … spending 7 days in #JAIL as a set up by Miami Management, Inc property manager and the violations of the centralized Big Corporations protecting the wrongdoings of their Senior Management.
I am an idiot for having #settled #NDA #NDAs #employmentlaw I am exhausted! My life is a nightmare since 2015. I am done. You win! I survive in jail for a week. Assume I can survive in a shelter. From donating and being in the #ExecutiveWomenofUnitedWay #KIPPNY and #KIPPMiami
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@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 1/ I'm Tina from 🇺🇸 co-founder of Team @ibdesis. We are proud to lead #PatientExperience on @MondayNightIBD to discuss specific aspects of #SouthAsianIBD experience. We hope to improve care & reduce disparities in our community around the 🌍 thru @southasianIBD. #MondayNightIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 2/ Even though my dad suffered from #Crohns, when I presented with #IBS #constipation, #GERD, joint pains & eye issues as a child, no one made the connection or escalated it to a gastroenterologist. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
@rebelliousgut @MondayNightIBD @southasianIBD @ibdesis @Empoweringpts9 @DCharabaty @crohnsbabble @LivingWithUmeed @vkckiranpullela @TheMaveilousGut @dunung_ruchita 3/ When my dad passed from #CRC, my family went into poverty & couldn't afford health insurance. Though I was symptomatic as a child, I didn't have a #colonoscopy until 22 when I got my 1st job. That's when I received my very delayed #IBD diagnosis. #MondayNightIBD #SouthAsianIBD
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Throwing a sale 🎉 called BABYITSCOLD on Etsy. Borg4Borg. These 10 rings are 30% off.

3 carat #Aquamarine on round, adjustable, silver-plated band. Any gender. Taking cues from the pill ring. White hand wearing the ring...
This is a 1" by 1" soft recycled suede ring. Do you stim? Then you'll like this ring. #StimRing #Neurodivergence #ADHD #PTSD #Anxiety #TactileArt Holding the ring between in...
From stim to stim. Here's a 3D clay tulip ring. Does the tulip smell? Not right now. It will once you spritz your favorite perfume on it. Then give it to the person for #ValentinesDay #GiftIdeas Ring on ring stand. Silver ...
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🚨🚨New Pub Alert 🚨 🚨 We reviewed how therapy for #PTSD or #suicide impact PTSD and suicide related outcomes - we found a strong signal that PTSD treatments ⬇️ both. #CBTworks #SuicidePrevention… #AcademicChatter @ISTSSnews @PsychChatter A 🧵1/9
Our review found 33 articles that met inclusion criteria: 23 studies looked at #PTSD treatments and were associated with ⬇️ in PTSD- and suicide-related outcomes. Therapies in these studies included CPT (n=11), PE (n=9), EMDR (n=4), PCT (n=2), NET (n=1), and 1 other treatment 2/9
When looking at combined #PTSD & #suicide treatments, we found 6 studies and they were associated with ⬇️ in PTSD and suicide-related outcomes. Most of these had either sequential or integrative combinations of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and exposure therapy (like DBT-PE) 3/9
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This 👇👇👇 (h/t @joemd)

Also, at midcareer female success is threatening to men our age AND to younger men who rely on patriarchal patronage systems. Women, overpoliced by the system, then, yes, are tougher bosses AND we *do* tend to adhere more closely to ethics.

I do do all:
On #MedTwitter there is a pattern of “callouts”, yes vs all genders & ages, but also pattern of misogyny and misogynoir. It happens towards nurses & doctors alike. One of the reasons I connected with @ShrimpBrokkoli is because I saw a yt male resident ridiculing her online.
I saw that behavior being taught by NON-clinical faculty & that REALLY crossed a line.
If you are a woman + nurse + frontline + Black/WOC, you already live with so much violence towards you. Added online made up drama from a trainee vs nurse?
No, no, & no.…
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This is what targeted racial harassment looks like: nitpicking things like “smiled” or “wore clothes like a celebrity, as a celebrity” or “bought cookware.” It is part of the “gold digger” narrative.
This is common in #healthcare#professionalism” where there is hazing & bullying by racist &/or classist made up non-rules lacking standards…yet people are called “breaking the rules.”

It’s exactly how bullies operate: double standards, mislabel/smear, exclude, marginalize.
In the U.K., “BAME” includes the formerly colonized, thus making race constructs or power different from U.S. as latter had race-based chattel slavery.

Thing is, those formerly colonized have many who have internalized self hate & racism.…
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This makes me so 🤢

The idea that women are automatically “safe” is exactly what creates this “opportunity” for some women to exploit children & monetize their “optics” of “trustworthy” on behalf of predators.

Gender does not predict ethics, integrity, safety.
Why does #GhislaineMaxwellTrial matter to #womeninSTEM?
⬇️federal funding
➡️private donors (Epstein)

“Socialites” open doors to elite spaces, including #academia #science #STEM
Women=“optics” & “reputation management” for these wealthy predator men…
These same connected women, often daughters of powerful businessmen

are on boards of #WomeninSTEM “empowerment” organizations or on #MeToo (TimesUp scandal)

the very women who are predators of young women are given access to women’s “safe spaces”? (!!!)…
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Let’s talk about “complex #PTSD.” Have you learned about it but don’t understand it? That’s because it’s controversial! But a useful construct in my opinion. #medtwitter #psychtwitter 🧵
Classic PTSD can occur after one big life threatening event (think a car crash). Common symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks, startling more easily, and avoiding things that remind you of the trauma.
In 1992, Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Judith Herman proposed the concept of complex PTSD (CPTSD) as a distinct syndrome that can occur when people have repeated prolonged trauma (for example, chronic exposure to domestic violence or childhood abuse)
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#antivaxx efforts now even use #deepfake

to target #refugee, Black, religious minority communities

like measles outbreak in Minnesota in 2019: Wakefield was flown in TO spread #misinformation & #disinformation

Now: online fake accounts/fake identities vs #VaccinesWork
What has #healthcare been doing meanwhile?

#Medbikini: Teach (male Asian) med students to make fake accounts to cyberstalk trainees’ personal Facebook for: bikini
or “being political” or “religious” (#BLM)

➡️“model minority” pipeline for “shadow faculty” vs Blck @ayshakhoury
#Medbikini #research got flak for men vs women

BUT was ALSO fake acct #surveillance vs #BLM like drove out @ayshakhoury @uche_blackstock @nhannahjones

While academia has ignored #vaccineequity
➡️ongoing #pandemic & deaths in marginalized targeted by #antivaxx

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This 🧵 resonated. Trained in Houston, #asthma central, I was in this scenario SO many times.

I had the best #pediatric training at @TexasChildrens & @bcmhouston - you see it all.

Amazing that mere tweets can transmit humane, quality #MedEd teaching across the globe.
After moving to Boston I found myself surrounded by highly anxious doctors. We have an over abundance of resources and a healthier population. I saw people quick to overreact and manage (poorly) their own anxiety & need for control, with harmful aggressive overintervention.
I also do get being “Harvard” makes one a target. Juries are not going to understand “at the brink of death” and not intubating or the equivalent action in another scenario. “Jury of peers” is not present in a malpractice case. Good care can seem negligent, paradoxically.
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When you attempt to vaccinate once a pandemic level has been reached you only guarantee that you will create variants and thus crate an endemic, an annual return of never-ending variants.Fauci knows this and has done this on purpose. 1/X
If he claims it was not on purpose then he is grossly incompetent and guilty of #MedicalMalpractice, #MalfeseanceOfDuty with #MaliciousIntent because he violated our #AntiTrustLaws by #ConfiscatingAndProhibiting #HCQ from the market. It is illegal to manipulate a competitive...
product, in order to force the market to use your product. Not only has he removed #HCQ but he has supported other corrupt "expert" colluding to strongly recommended against #IVM a nobel prize winning drug that is #SaferThanAspirin and 30+ years of use and recent - 2015... 1/X
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I want to say something about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder #PTSD from a personal, late discovered, autistic perspective.
It took me a while to figure out this was what it was.
I’d been in life threatening situations, but the origin of my distress seemed more complex.
Rather than one major episode, a steady accumulation of damaging incidents triggered trauma.
Most of those wouldn’t even pass the ‘trauma threshold’ in other people’s minds.
But I’ve come to realise I’m most definitely traumatised.
That’s why I’m awake now in the early hours.
It was a huge relief when I first read an article describing Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
This explained the kind of experience I’d had.
Like a roof collapsing under the weight of an accumulation of snow I had finally given way.
I was completely broken for a while.
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I want to share something that I experienced yesterday, in the hopes that it might help someone else. (Actually there are 2 things, but I'll do them in separate threads)

This one is about PTSD. 🧵
Beginning in my late 20s, novocaine stopped working well for me. I had several fillings done or replaced and a crown done, all without being fully numbed. It happened with several dentists, some of whom I knew to be outstanding, so it wasn't them, it was me.
Each time the tooth seemed to be numb, but then at some point BAM! the pain would hit. One dentist did 3 injections, including into my jaw and even added gas. I wasn't able to move voluntarily or speak but was still jumping every time he hit part of the tooth. It was nightmarish.
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