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MD. PhD. Let everyone know the truth of COVID-19, since 19th Jan, 2020. Back with the SECOND account. The First YAN Report: https://t.co/YcgXnyT66U
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11 May
If you wanna further understand the content in the PLA “gold standard” novel bioweapon textbook in 2015, here is my explanation on 9 Feb, 2021, with Mr. LuDe and other hosts on LuDe Media. (Translated by @G_Translators6) Clip 1/7
Clip 2/7:
- The practical role of PLA textbook
- CCP didn’t care about Bioweapon Convention
- #COVID19 is from China, made-by technology which CCP’s familiar with
- CCP prevented others to control the virus in a right way
- CCP’s campaign is shameless
Clip 3/7: First Revelation of the Textbook on CCP’s Unrestricted Bioweapon Program on LuDe Media, 9 Feb, 2021

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13 Apr
Simply, getting #COVID19 vaccines is like to train dogs (your immune response) to defense thieves (virus) in the yard.
Due to lack of knowledge of lab-original SARS-CoV-2 & short of experimental data, the dogs are NOT well-trained but messed up sometimes.
Finally, some dogs work (good antibodies titers), some cannot distinguish thieves/owners (adverse effects & viral vaccine-escape mutations), some even help thieves to break your door (antibody-depend effects)...
Among them, CCP vaccines bring you psycho dogs or even wild wolves.
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24 Feb
Who is wondering concept of “contemporary genetic weapon” mentioned by Mr. Pompeo?
It is defined by PLA bioweapon experts in 2015 in the gold standard guidance of CCP’s unique bioweapon strategy👇🏻, which is equal to “unrestricted bioweapon” I defined in the 2nd Yan’s Report.
1. Title: Unnatural origin of SARS virus AND genetic weapon with artificial new species of human virus
Published in 2015, by Military Medical Science Press in China (PLA official Press)

The terms I use is based on the terms authors created and listed on P12-14
2. Chief Editor:
徐德忠 XU De-Zhong
- Major General of PLA, leading PLA epidemiologist & SARS expert, Chairman Xi Jinping’s favorite expert & epidemiologist in The 4th Military University (Air Force)
李峰 LI Feng
- Vice director of Health Bureau in PLA General Logistic Department
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20 Feb
Eager to get membership of National Academy of Science, Peter Daszak CAN’T lose support from George Gao (Head of China CDC) & Malik Peiris (Head of WHO lab in HKU, my pre-boss). His email in Nov 2019 explained that.
Clearly, helping China gov in #COVID19 is beneficial to Daszak.
After $600,000, if MORE money from US taxpayers goes to WIV for “Risk of Bat CoV emergence” - Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance, is the leading one pushing the deal forward.
Baijiu & Karaoke he loves in Wuhan is not for free!
Mutually beneficial & reciprocal, right?
基於對美國國家科學院院士身分的渴望,Peter Daszak知道來自George Gao(中國疾控中心主任高福)和Malik Peiris(香港大學WHO實驗室主任,我前導師)的支持必不可少。他2019年11月的郵件裡寫的很清楚了「直接請Rita Colwell提名自己,20年3月後公布」
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12 Feb
“Even now, she (Yan) is preparing another paper, nearing 30 pages, that she hopes will refute her critics and bring fresh attention to her claims about China, covid-19 and what she says is an international coverup campaign”
Will publish it in a few weeks!

1. “ Yan, who previously was a postdoctoral fellow at Hong Kong University but fled to the US in April, agreed in an interview with Washington Post that online scientific sites are vulnerable to abuse, but she rejected the argument that her story is a case study in this problem”
2.” Rather, Yan said, she is a dissident trying to warn the world about what she says is China’s role in creating the coronavirus. ”
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5 Feb
Based on my several years experiences in WHO reference Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3 or P3) lab in HKU, let me go through some details in P3 (more procedures in P4 lab).
You would realize why WHO team visited WIV is a drama to fool the public.
The building with P3 lab I worked in. 👇🏻
1. Only selected people passed writing+practice exams can get qualified to go inside P3, and be trained by senior tutors. Our background info is checked by police for security control.
Q: How many WHO team members are qualified to get into P3/P4, even only for watching inside?
2. Negative-pressure system in P3/P4 to avoid pathogens leakage. Air flow is ventilated out via special filters.
The pressure differentials are measured and shown outside P3 lab on a panel👇🏻
- So CANNOT directly open the door of P3/P4 lab for visitors.
They are AWAY from P3/P4!
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19 Nov 20
Breaking emails released, matching my intelligence (talked via Lu De media in Feb).
It shows how scientific world colluded to publish the fundamental Lancet Letter on 19 Feb, confirmed Nature-origin & praised CCP for anti-COVID-19, while condemned genomic data revealed lab-origin
Download the 466 pages of email from here.

I will go through the hidden information involved with some intelligence @LUDE Media (English-YouTube channel)@10:15pm EST tonight.
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