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*Slave Revolt on Screen: The Haitian Revolution in Film & Video Games* @upmiss. Other bks: Haitian History: New Perspectives; Abbé Grégoire & the Fr. Rev.
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Lots of new details in the court filing, which show Comaroff's record going *way back*. I won't screenshot triggering details, but p. 9 gives details of forcible touching from 1979.... I'm so disgusted by the details... & then by faculty stanning him b/c of his "brilliance." Yeah, work by the Comaroffs was important for me too when I started to work on postcolonial stuff, but not more important than this shit!
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Am I the only one 😮, after reading both Harvard ltrs, with how many WW Af-Am Studies profs Harvard has??? Like 1-2 who do serious work, ok. But a deptful?

(Many of you knew this & ofc saw what happened with CWest & tenure. But it’s still appalling. Not English: Af-AmStudies!) Here’s the dept roster: aaas.fas.harvard.edu/people/faculty
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I am becoming a professional rapid tester. It is part of my duties as a mother every few days when my kid gets another exposure notice! luckily I’m very experienced at this point. Historian or scientist, you decide! (& it does take me back to my childhood when I used to do science enrichment with my feminist scientist dad, who wanted to make sure girls could look ahead to scientific careers too 😁💙. But I chose archives over chemistry experiments!)
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Thrilled to be here to hear from two of my Baker big sibs, Profs. Nina Gelbart - & Kathleen Wellman! Here Kathleen is introducing & paying tribute to her longtime friend and colleague. Both are brilliant scholars & mensches! @thesfhs, Kathleen Wellman,... Honestly, Kathleen always modelled for me how a scholar could be kind, modest & supportive of junior scholars - while being a genuine BADASS in her own scholarship. You don't have to wear your erudition everywhere & you can support others genuinely!
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Busy week so I'm only now going over zoom chat from Tues. I talked about periodization & the label "Before Times" - which no one used in the Before Times ofc (just like "Old Regime" "Belle Époque" &&).

One of my oldtimers wrote in chat: "I had your class in the Before Times!" 😄 LOL & then some of the other students returning from the past wrote "Me too!" I missed this all at the time b/c chat was moving fast.

Glad to see them thinking about living through different eras themselves 😄 #HistoryasLivedExperience
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With the workweek done & as much as I could do in solidarity re Del Rio, I finally have time to grieve my friend. Trying to write a suitable condolence email in French😳 to his widow & reviewed a friend's obituary for H-France. Horrible tasks to have to do. I am still in shock that Marcel "n'est plus" - but seeing posts from others grieving him is comforting at some level. I truly cannot believe it still - and it's going to take me a while to collect thoughts, I can't bang out a memorial thread as fast as I did for Nancy.
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Damn, I’m watching TV while I *finally* eat dinner… & Anderson Cooper is about to talk about the situation in Haiti. The last time I had to watch this man talk 🤬 about 🇭🇹, in 2010, I ended up having to write a book to correct what he said.

Hopefully he’s improved in 11 yrs… And…. he’s starting (as usual) with the “poverty, natural disaster, political violence” … without mentioning foreign invasion and interference…
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I just taped an interview for @WarOnTheRocks. Let me share a few of the things I said re the situation in #Haiti.

1. Moise was WILDLY unpopular. While the US media wasn't covering it, there have been massive protests against him esp. in Feb. '21 but going back a few years. 2. His party received #PetroCaribe $$ from Venezuela to rebuild Haiti - & they seem to have stolen most of it, while building almost nothing.

3. So he has TONS of enemies. It's like #Clue - which of the people who hated the dead man is the one who killed whodunnit?
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Also @washingtonpost doesn't have anyone on the ground in Haiti (!) but thank goodness they are asking @Widlore & others. You can trust what he is reporting! washingtonpost.com/world/2021/07/… DAMN.
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Interesting to see that @CNN - because it has had NO REPORTERS in Haiti & not been covering it at all - is now having @EtantDupain (an excellent filmmaker!) doing its reporting from Haiti! cnn.com/americas/live-… Also who is this who is declaring "mourning" - (ex?) PM Joseph, I guess? But who is REALLY mourning 🍌🍌🍌guy?
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To figure out what's happening in #Haiti: read @Jacquiecharles in the @MiamiHerald, who's been following news CONSTANTLY.... not the news orgs who've suddenly decided to cover Haiti today after ignoring the people's movement for the last few years. For example... In her story miamiherald.com/article2526166… she interviews const. experts & talks about how Moise GUTTED democracy - only *11* elected officials were left in the country - ALL SENATORS + Moise!!!!!!
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Just woke up 30 mins ago (didn't sleep well) & am just getting organized, folks. YES, I'll have things to say here.

No one wants to be happy when anyone is dead but I am not mourning Jovenel Moïse, who has presided over more death this year & DNGAF. We wanted him OUT.

BUT... ...the question is who killed him...and if the situation will FINALLY get better (his govt was shooting protesters who wanted change, while intellectuals & activists were murdered & elders were dying of COVID w/no govt plan).

OR... if this is the gangs whose growth he allowed...
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Alright, this politically correct American who's been studying race in 🇫🇷 history for 3 decades is sitting down toread that BS @nytimes article. Strap in.

The first line already - UGH. #GroundhogDay #ThisShitisSoSimplistic 1/ I skipped the title, though.

"Some Think So". Love the @nytimes style of reporting (say some BS thing, "some claim").

I was a loyal subscriber since childhood - I wrote an article at age 9! This summer I decided: WTF, I'm not supporting this sh*t anymore. 2/
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Lots of talk today re Napoleon glorification! The actions @FictionsofHaiti mentions have long been silenced in 🇫🇷.

But🙌🏼there's a film for that! A lesser-known film I talk about in #SlaveRevoltonScreen is D. Maestrati's _Bonaparte, côté noir_. 1/ y2u.be/9P7EF1NapT0 (As Marlene would say- it should be "côté blanc"!!!).

Talking heads include M. Dorigny, B. Gainot, Frédéric Regent. There's a Grégoire actor & Louverture actor.

Vaut la peine de le regarder!
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FINALLY getting to this 🤬@nytimes article. Look at this crazy quote. Haitians aren't like "Um, Uncle Sam - tell us what to think - we look to you!!" They're like: "Are you going to give this guy weapons & $$ so he can keep terrorizing us - or are you going to cut your support??" And here: we need it to say: "their country, which has been impoverished by repeated foreign interference, occupations & policies designed make foreign NGOs more powerful on Haitian territory than Haiti's own government"
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A thread on #bridgertonnetflix (OR, why we get this shlock instead of a Haitian Revolution epic!)

#BRIDGERTON is a post-racialist fantasy. In its utopian world, Blacks & whites are equally powerful in Eng. Or rather, the scale is tipped toward Blacks, since Queen Charlotte... 1/ ...(rather than simply having been rumored to be of mixed racial heritage & passing as white) is presented as a Black woman reigning openly as one.

There is no slavery or brutality - or acknowledged racism - in this world. Servants and aristocrats alike are of mixed hues. 2/
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Doing the fun work for my Spr syllabus where I excise anything not available online from the library. I might keep on books they can buy if they're really keen to write about them, but I'm separating them out. No point students deciding to write about s'thg they can't access... I'm lucky we have so many ebook databases. In the first unit, I didn't have to excise much! And I'll see whether anyone uses (or can use! depending on conditions) the library's onsite locker pickup where they go into stacks 1x every 2 wks & grab bks & stick in outside lockers
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Leading a discussion tomorrow on Lorraine Levy's #LeFilsdelAutre, starring Emmanuelle Devos, Pascal Elbé, Mehdi Debhi, Mahmoud Shalaby & Jules Sitruk, all among my faves. I watched it a ton of times while writing about it but haven't seen for 5 yrs. Off to rewatch! #TheOtherSon I was going to screenshot for kicks, but @PrimeVideo has made it exceedingly difficult - it blacks out when I try to snip. I know they're trying to combat stealing video footage but it's irritating for a film scholar who wants to call attention to a film ppl might rent from them!
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One of the best things about @WonderWomanFilm: #Ramy’s Dad Farouk! 😄 #WhatTheFamsWatching Quote from my husband midway: “I wish this movie was good.” 🤣 (you only get it if you’ve seen it). I happen not to mind the film, but then I’m not normally a superhero movie kind of girl.
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Counter-programming tonight with a postwar decolonization film. 😅 #SomethingofValue, MGM, 1957, Hollywood tackles decolonization and the Mau-Mau revolt. #Sidney P (not Powell 😅) #KenRenard #TheGREATWilliamMarshall, on @PrimeVideo #WhatsAlyssaWatching Rock Hudson and Sidney P - brothers from another mother 🤣. The music at the beginning of this film is f*king hokey. But that’s what happens when you hire a European composer to write “African” music in a studio film.
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❤️that there's a "Francophone Cinema" sect. nyadiff.org/2020/sections/… (h/t @sxsalon) BUT, following @krisknisely's tweets on @DdfcTweets + @MichelDeGraff's wisdom - what does that mean for cinema in ctries formerly colonized by 🇫🇷 in which cinéastes don't use French? #KreyòlFilm This film by @Mario_Delatour1 looks great. "Kafe Negro tells the story of migrations around" coffee & "tells the story of the waves of migration of 🇭🇹workers who, over time, have profoundly transformed the culture & demog. of 🇨🇺." nyadiff.org/2020/movies/ka… Buying tickets!