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6 Apr
1/13. Introduction

To all you AMM users out there!

This is an educational thread to help you understand the value of privacy while using an AMM,
and how to protect yourself from #frontrunning & #MEV using @secretnetwork #SCRT #SEFI
2/13. The problem

When using AMM’s,
Your transactions are public on the blockchain,
They can be searched,
They can be analyzed,
And bots and miners take positions against your trades to profit off of you!

How does this work?
3/13. Bots and Frontrunning

When you trade, bots scan transactions in the transaction pool.
They see:
- What you trade
- How much you trade
- How much Gwei you paid

In a split second, they front-run your transaction!

What is frontrunning you ask?
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