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The Economic Security Project challenges the status quo by catalyzing ideas that build economic power for all Americans.
1 Jun
You don't just pay your rent once, it's due every month. That’s why we need monthly, recurring payments throughout the entirety of this pandemic and beyond, says @SenKamalaHarris on @theappeal. (1/5) Image
.@AndrewYang pays gratitude to those involved in the movement for a #basicincome, which has laid the groundwork for the overwhelming support for monthly cash payments we have now. (2/5) Image
Despite this support, there is no mention of automatic stablizers in the #HEROESAct. @EconomicSecProj Co-chair @nataliefoster explains why payments tied to our financial reality ensure that our economy works for all communities, not just those at the top. (3/5)
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