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#BasicIncome FIRST, because the humane thing to do is to say that NO ONE should exist below a baseline standard of living, and then a *voluntary* FJG for people who are seeking employment.
But *any* systems that puts a FJG first, and ties participation in FJG with staying out of poverty, is a one-way ticket to Dickensian exploitation of the poor and vulnerable. You can *guarantee* those "federal jobs" are going to be the ones no one else wants to do, for minimum $$
And if anyone protests? Well, "Beggars can't be choosers", and you're lucky to *have* a job, buddy! If you want a Real Job, get off your dependent ass and go get one!
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There seems to be a misconception among #BasicIncome opponents that UBI is supposed to be "enough to live on", right out of the gate. I see two variations on this theme:
1) $1000 isn't enough to live on, so UBI is a sham!
2) Giving living expenses = laziness!
Lets unpack these, shall we? The first is the worst kind of "It's not enough, so we shouldn't even bother!" argument. It's the type of mindset that causes creeping acceptance of mediocrity, because there's no point in trying anything different. 2/x
Do I think UBI could and should be $3000/month? Even $5000/month per person? Heck yeah. But $1000 is a good proof-of-concept number to start with, and then you build from there. 3/x
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My last @Medium article isn't considered good enough for their #BasicIncome curation topic, despite being viewed over 20k times and having over 5k applause. Would you like to know why? I did. Apparently they want to prevent writers from earning money in any way but their paywall.
@Patreon provides a stable monthly income to writers like me by enabling fans of my writing to directly support and enable my writing. @Medium wishes to force writers to use their paywall, which provides an irregular, undependable source of income. Medium is promoting insecurity.
I have been publishing on @Medium since 2014. Every single article I've ever written has included a link to my @Patreon. I have toured Medium HQ before. The Basic Income topic there exists because of my articles which popularized Medium as a place for articles about basic income.
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THREAD: I’m in Lindsay, Ontario. The town that eliminated poverty. Briefly. It was a saturation site for the #BasicIncome pilot, meaning almost everyone eligible (2000 ppl) were on BI. The stories of the results are extraordinary. The story of the cancellation devastating
Tracey was previously on disability but when on BI she used the money to start her own natural soaps business, paid for her husbands back operation, visited family, bought a swimming pass, bought vitamin supplements and could buy healthy foods. Her health was transformed!
Dana was using BI to visit her daughter more, she could finally buy her grandchildren Christmas presents, she was eating healthier, she was socialising more with friends and said the whole town of Lindsay felt like it had weight lifted off its shoulders…
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The way we get @AndrewYang's #FreedomDividend of $1k/mo for all citizens signed into law is to have a Congress full of reps who will get it through the House + Senate. We need to vote for pro-UBI reps & we need to give the boot to anti-UBI reps. Ask Congress candidates about UBI.
If you live in New York's 13th district, @JFKii is running on UBI. He would sign the Freedom Dividend of $1,000/mo into law.

#UBICongress #BasicIncome #YangGang #Yang2020

If you live in Massachusetts, @BriannaWu is running for Congress in District 8. She is very pro-UBI, is very informed about technology, and has followed me for years.

#UBICongress #BasicIncome #YangGang #Yang2020

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THREAD: Have a question about the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI)? Here's a link to my UBI FAQ. In this thread you will find question after question commonly asked, followed by a link from my FAQ that answers that question.… #BasicIncome #YangGang
Question: "What is UBI and why should I support it?"


#BasicIncome #UBI #YangGang #Yang2020 #FreedomDividend
Question: "Wouldn't #UBI just lead to the rising prices of goods and services and rents to the point the amount provided becomes entirely pointless?"


#BasicIncome #UBIFAQ #YangGang #Yang2020 #FreedomDividend
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THREAD: So @naval goes on @joerogan, talks trash about #basicincome & in response I share my article that counters his concerns & he blocks me. To be fair I said he doesn't know shit about UBI but it's true. He's a victim of the expert on everything trap.…
So many points he makes in his @joerogan interview are just absurd. I also laughed out loud when he claimed that UBI is a slippery slope to socialism & then said universal services is the way to go. So Alaska is falling into socialism, & government services is market capitalism?
One of the dumbest things he says is that #basicincome is bad for entrepreneurship, and that all the entrepreneurs would flee. All the evidence is clearly in favor of UBI boosting entrepreneurship. It's capital, reduced risk, and consumer spending.…
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31% of American workers would be unable to cover basic living expenses after missing a single paycheck. Missing two would lead to over half the country being unable to meet their basic needs without relying on savings or debt.… #BasicIncome #YangGang
Economists and politicians love to ignore stuff like this and instead focus on the employment rate. Half the friggin country is economically insecure despite being employed. Most Americans are spending most of their time just trying to survive another month.

We're bailing water.
Not only does this level of insecurity lead to stress and the physiological consequences of stress, it also makes us mostly unable to really think much about anything else. Climate change? Ha, yeah right. What matters is eating tomorrow, not the long-term survival of our species.
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Trick question: Which slices of this pie would benefit most from $1,000/month?

If so many people benefit, why are the detractors obsessed with groups that don't even make a dark line on the chart?

#YangGang #BasicIncome #FreedomDividend @AndrewYang
If your argument is against #FreedomDividend or #BasicIncome because "something, something, people in the black part of this graph," then why are you willing to hold back 88% of the nation over it? It took me a while to compile this visualization, but opposition seems petty.
Clearly, I feel for the "working poor," but they are this many of us. Less than 4% work 40+hrs/week and earn below the poverty line. If a policy will benefit them ... AND another 84% of the nation significantly, then which is the better policy? #MATH
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Many people don't seem to understand that if you install UBI within a conditional benefits system and keep all the conditional benefits without replacing any of them with UBI then all the counterproductive effects are still there. Paid work is still punished. Paternalism remains.
This is a problem mainly among those on the left, who see UBI as just more money where more is always better, when this is about far more than money. It's about unconditionality. Without UBI we need SNAP, but SNAP should be replaced by UBI because SNAP is a paternalistic program.
It also makes no sense to me to look at a group of people equally in poverty & decide that some of them should get more than others if they're already receiving assistance. Our safety net has too many holes. It's unjust to help those in the net more than those who hit the ground.
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Day 2 of #NordicUBI is beginning. Here's the live stream link.

We're starting out the day talking about the Finland UBI experiment, and of course the first thing mentioned is just how much misinformation and propaganda is out there about the experiment.

Here's my summary of the Finland story:… #basicincome #NordicUBI
"A lot of people that need UBI most are mostly invisible in Norway... They're just falling through the cracks."

This is one of the things that I think progressives have the hardest time coming to terms with. Without UBI, all safety nets have holes, even in the Nordic nations.
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I'm in Oslo, Norway, and the UBI Nordic 2019 conference has just begun. Here's the link to the live stream.

#BasicIncome #UBI #UBINordic
VAT is the most efficient tax that exists, besides other corrective taxes like carbon taxes, and land value taxes. Instead of taxing what people put into the economy, VAT taxes what people take from the economy. VAT on its own is regressive but with UBI is the optimal tax system.
"I want real freedom of movement in Europe where people have the ability to move, but they also have the ability to stay."

Barb Jacobson making the vital point that an EU-wide dividend would not only eliminate holes in national UBI systems, but also reduce desperation migration.
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It is evident that @SubhadipNandy doesn't have any understanding of basic income or he hasn't read any relevant literature. The problem with the proposed scheme is that it doesn't get the transfer amount right- it is too high to potentially contract labour supply.
B) The policy in question as announced by @RahulGandhi will shoot up the fiscal deficit which will have an impact on inflation and the poor will be the worst affected under such a scenario.
C) RG's idea is in contrast with what we had argued when we suggested replacing MGNREGA, PDS and other programs with direct cash transfers. That way it wouldn't have an impact on the fiscal space. Our program covered 33% of India's population and had a lower cost than his plan.
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In 2018, the newly elected @fordnation govt, who told voters both during and after the campaign that the #BasicIncome Pilot begun in 2017 would continue for 3 years as planned, canceled it and refused to gather data.

The following are unofficial results:…
Of the 424 recipients surveyed, comprising 9.4% of the total experimental population, 44.5% were employed part-time or full-time, which points to a possible increase overall in employment from 35%, with a possible increase in PT work, decrease in FT work, and more volunteering.
In the baseline survey (the only official data gathered as part of the OBIP's launch) about 11% of participants volunteered in their communities. Among the recipients in this survey over 25% volunteered. These unfortunately can't be directly compared, but it seems noteworthy IMO.
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Well this is a fascinating confounding variable to find in the full report of Finland's #BasicIncome experiment. Apparently the treatment group was not equal to the control group and in fact received a total of $1898 less, and yet they were still happier!…
Why this occurred is also fascinating. It appears that adults with kids were forced to apply for standard benefits to receive additional benefits for their kids, meaning that the majority of the people in the treatment group didn't even benefit from less hoops to jump through!
Additionally, the treatment group received less overall benefits because upon accepting employment, and because their basic income was counted towards qualifying for other social assistance benefits, they didn't receive those other benefits and yet again, they were still happier!
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Some of the findings from the 1st year of #BasicIncome in Finland provided to 2,000 unemployed people:

✔️No negative impact on employment

✔️Reduced stress

✔️Improved sense of well-being

✔️Increased ability to be an entrepreneur regardless of earnings…
The neutral employment impact after one year fits an experiment of only 2k people. Full UBI would increase overall demand, creating new employment opportunities. This just shows people aren't lazy and want to work.

(Alaska's small UBI increases demand, thus PT employment by 17%)
Entrepreneurship effects are also muted compared to previous UBI experiments, because in Finland it only functioned as startup capital and to reduce risk of failure. It did not also create a population of new customers as previous experiments have which then found large effects.
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THREAD: With the announcement yesterday by India's opposition party of an intention to implement basic income for the poor (not UBI) one of the more fascinating results I've observed so far is that the parties appear to now be fighting over who thought of it first.
What's so interesting about this development in India is that it's *kind of* like if a Democratic president was talking about implementing UBI if re-elected, and then the Republican party promised they would implement UBI if elected. Now the debate moves to details vs concept...
In India, neither of the parties involved are talking full UBI, but one is talking about a step centered around farmers, and now the other is talking about everyone under an income level. Unfortunately, neither of them really understands UBI, because each is focused on the poor.
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50 years after slavery became illegal in the US, some white people decided they didn't like how black women with monthly stipends weren't cooking & cleaning for white people, so they decided refusing employment should be illegal. 100 years later not much has changed. #BasicIncome
Because their husbands were soldiers, these women received monthly checks independent of any work to cover their basic needs. If the work some people didn't want to do wasn't getting done by others, they should have offered higher wages. Instead, they proposed work requirements.
The fact it's 2018 & so many people still think it's a good idea to force other people to work for low wages doing the things they themselves don't want to do, says a lot about how far we still need to go to get away from our racist inclinations, and to embrace universal freedom.
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Our monetary system obfuscates what people are contributing to society. The assumption that because someone has money, they are contributing to society, is false, as is it false to assume those without money aren't contributing.

We created a private property system which locked up resources behind walls & then decided to create keys to those locks called money. Not only is it incorrect to assume that because someone lacks enough keys, they don't deserve access to what they need to survive, it's immoral.
Meanwhile, the ownership & inheritance of locks leads to the passive accumulation of more keys, and in such a system where working for lock owners is required in order to obtain keys, and doing nothing but having a lock leads to keys, we perpetuate an unjust system of domination.
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Eliminating poverty should be one of our primary goals as a society. The solution is to lift everyone out of poverty with #BasicIncome as an unconditonal right to resources needed to exist. If you believe only the employed deserve to live free of poverty, your vision is lacking.
Ending poverty REQUIRES unconditional basic income. There's no ending poverty through a conditional approach. The right to live free of poverty should be seen as a right of citizenship, not something someone only deserves for doing activities deemed worthy by those dominating us.
Do you believe that unpaid workers deserve to live in poverty or that providing them with conditional welfare benefits prevent their poverty? Do you think providing paid workers with cash while providing unpaid workers with benefits-in-kind, or even nothing, is fair & dignifying?
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The most effective thing we could do to support small businesses would be to introduce unconditional basic income. UBI would function as both venture capital for would-be entrepreneurs and consumer buying power for their customers.…

This is also why over 100 CEOs in Canada have signed a letter urging the Ontario government to complete their #BasicIncome pilot experiment. UBI is good for business, especially small business.

Businesses need customers.
#SmallBusinessSaturday #shopsmall
A common concern about UBI is how it would enable employers to pay less, but that would be a huge benefit to small family-owned businesses. Their workers could choose to accept less because they love working there, or to refuse to work unless they got more. #SmallBusinessSaturday
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New @theRSAorg publication out today. Ideas for a 21st Century Enlightenment. It is accompanied by a survey that shows deep pessimism about the future and a strong desire to reach beyond #Brexit…
75% see #brexit as distracting from other pressing issues - both remain and leave supporters agree. People do trust experts. But they want a greater voice and say themselves. Only 21% think Britain will be better in 2030 than today. And yet, we don't despair.
We propose a new way forward on education - @JulianAstle and @LauraJPartridge explore what education for enlightenment looks like - mission-led by teachers, parents, and communities.… #edutwitter #education
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#BasicIncome I think the Conservatives are afraid to find out just how efficient and how much money the country would save if we went with a Basic Income. Why else would...…
...they race to close it down before we can actually demonstrate with evidence? The money was *already* allocated for the pilot. It wasn't going to cost you anything extra to see it thru. Now with the legal battles and lawsuits as a result of this it might end up costing even...
more -- and we won't have the evidence. Lose/Lose all around

If they think they are right, Why not prove it? It was already happening. All they had to do was sit back and wait for the proof. One way or the other one of us was going to be right. They don't want that to happen.
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The Story Behind The Countryside Living Allowance…


How I discovered a policy that could raise wages and bring about full employment…

…a thread.


Minimum wage can drive marginal workers into unemployment.

Or push them into undesirable jobs with no room for professional growth.

So a policy that can promote employment AND raises wages is the Holy Grail of Economics

#fullemployment #wages

It all began when I was working on a project for tax and welfare reform.

My job was to investigate the revenue generating potential of Land Value Tax and the ease of avoiding payment.

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