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CEO and Co-Founder of @Colonylab accelerator of #Avalanche | Managing @cai_index | Building #LiquidVesting : the first liquid grey market on-chain!
Jun 9, 2022 21 tweets 13 min read
6 months anniversary of @colonylab! 🥳

Born at the top of the bull market, now thriving in the bear market. It has been quite a journey already!🔺

A thread to review what has been achieved and what’s next! A big thank you to our amazing community 🤗

🧵Thread to celebrate!
1/21 To start with, the team is glad to build on #Avalanche. It’s a robust platform, with amazing uptime & performances! 💯

From a development perspective we couldn’t ask for more (almost 😉)!

Many other platforms can’t say the same so I want to highlight this one! 🚀

May 11, 2022 9 tweets 6 min read
The market is crashing, not for the first time nor for the last time.

Why? What does it means for protocols building on #Avalanche? Does it matters? Is @Colonylab going to survive?

Short answer: #WAGMI, keep building, @Colonylab is safe & will thrive!

Thread 🧵
1/9 We’re going through tough times! But..

Just remind yourself that day to day prices reflect day to day moods in the markets.

If you’re here for the long term as an investor it should not matter, you’re not checking the price of your usual assets house/car/watch every hour.
Apr 19, 2022 13 tweets 6 min read
Taking some time off the @colonylab app development and investments due diligence to address some of our community concerns and expectations.🤔

Here are some information that you may want to read if you’re a member of Colony ‘s community.

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1/13 #CLY #AVAX #Avalanche First, Colony is doing many jobs at the same time:

- Building a project with different features (On-chain Index, Validator Program, Early-Stage Feature and LP program)

- Doing VC work (Managing deal-flow, projects DD process, investments, supporting these projects.
Mar 8, 2022 14 tweets 13 min read
It’s been 3 months that @colonylab went live 🔥

I would like to take the opportunity to look at what has been achieved and what’s ahead of us 🧐

The team did an amazing job and is excited to wake up every morning to build Colony for our #Avalanche family 😊

Thread 👇

1/14 In just 3 months @Colonylab reviewed 100+ projects, invested in more than 15, 9 are live & 1 already reached 1bn in TVL! 🔥
More coming!

$1,5M deployed, $1,5M airdropped (at ATH), $10M remaining to be airdropped and soon more! 🚀

ROI on deployed capital >7x ✅