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⚡️ Let me help you to convert your #cryptos without any exchanges or KYC and as fast as possible. 🚀

🧵 It’s a thread about centralized and #DeFi solutions. Image
1. The first solution is @sideshiftai — Really simple to use, you put the desired coin in output and output, give the receiving address, that’s all!

A good plus of this service is the #telegram notification when the swap is done.
2. Another centralised solution is @StealthEX_io, same concept than @sideshiftai — Nothing more, works pretty well.
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/1 @Platypusdefi Wars are coming on #Avalanche.

Two warriors will engage in the battle: @vector_fi and

Who is going to be the Convex of Platypus?

Find out below🧵👇 Image
/2 Platypus is a single-side AMM stableswap designed to prioritize maximum capital efficiency and eliminate IL.

It is actually a competitor of Curve Finance.

This 🧵 will be focused on Platypus Wars. If you want to learn more about Platypus, check this 🧵 by @AvaxGems:
/3 Platypus team recently announced that the vePTP holders will be able to control PTP emissions and will get a % of the protocol revenue.

So the vePTP holders will have 2 new revenue streams:
-Platypus fees
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Hey cryptotwitter,

Hope you have a fantastic mid-August day, with a genuine emoji that was carved out 5000+ years ago.
There's a certain little person I know who goes to bed every night, and right before he goes to sleep, he goes through everything that he's grateful for. So, in that spirit, here's everything I'm grateful for.
First of all, I'm grateful that #Avalanche keeps on ticking. It kept working flawlessly through countless market ups and downs.
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Big new development today: the Core wallet just added support for Ethereum, Avalanche Subnets, and all EVM-compatible chains.

This now makes @coreapp, in my opinion, the best wallet for managing assets across multiple chains.…
Core offers instant asset swaps, secure bridging technology to move across networks, and an easy on-ramp from fiat to crypto. Core has this and a lot more.
While the web3 vision is compelling, the web3 reality has been that the user experience is abysmal. This has made it difficult for all but the most sophisticated users to participate in DeFi, NFTs, and web3 in general. Core addresses this problem.
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Qu'est-ce que LayerZero ?
LayerZero cherche à apporter une solution à l'un des problèmes les plus urgents auxquels la technologie blockchain est confrontée aujourd'hui : l'interopérabilité.
Il s'agit d'un protocole d'interopérabilité qui utilise une technique inédite pour faciliter la connexion de différents réseaux blockchain entre eux.
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Delta neutral protocols might be the next big thing in DeFi.

Everyone is already going crazy about the cashflow assets (e.g., $JOE, $GMX, $SNX), so Δ-neutrality makes sense as the next step.
But first, what exactly is the delta (Δ) neutral position?

In simple terms, it is a strategy that combines multiple long and short positions so that the net change of its value is zero in all market conditions inside a certain range.
Let's say Alice holds $100 worth of $AVAX. If the price of AVAX increases by 5%, Alice makes $5. If it decreases by 10% - Alice loses $10.

To hedge against price decreases, Alice can short $100 worth of $AVAX through the perpetual exchange.
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[1/26] I was listening to @RyanSAdams and @TrustlessState on a past @BanklessHQ (I’m a huge fan) podcast episode on #TheMerge & #Ethereum

Sentiments are bullish on $ETH. But does on-chain reflects so? Lets use @nansen_ai smart money and other tools to evaluate 🧵👇👇👇
[2/26] Before that, here are what I’ll cover:

- On chain analysis with Nansen
- Fundamental analysis
- Tokenomics
- Developer activity
- Narrative of #Ethereum
- Summary
[3/26] Lets kick things off using @nansen_ai, $WETH is the undisputed fave token of smart money by far at 60% of their holdings with a clear accumulation uptrend spike from mid Apr onwards
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When @Platypusdefi gauges finally get released, 3,000,000 $PTP tokens will be up for grabs each month.

That's $450,000 worth of emissions available for protocols looking to deepen their liquidity.

Therefore, one of the most important questions here is: "who'll participate?".
So let us speculate a bit on what might be in store for $vePTP governance.

It's too early to make any concrete claims, as we are yet to get official docs on gauges, but assuming they'll work the same way $veCRV does, it becomes possible to make some predictions:
$USDT and $USDC certainly won't be interested in any governance for apparent reasons.

$DAI is pretty much the same: they aren't really known for participating in bribing/governance even on Curve.
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1/ The latest @spencernoon newsletter is full of great insight on L1s adoption.

For example,

guess which #blockchain had the most Daily Active Addresses in the past 12 months?

Vote before finding out below 👇
#ethereum, #BSC, #Polygon or #Solana
2/ Just in case you peeped before voting, first consider the protocol revenue.

In the past year #ethereum was an absolute leader with $10b in revenue followed by:

#BSC - $883M
#Avalanche - $129M
#Solana - $43.3M
#Polygon - $24.1M

!BSC generated more fees than #BTC! Image
3/ So you might assume that #ethereum had the most daily active addresses.

But no.

#BSC typically had >80% more DAA than $ETH.

Only #Solana boasted with a comparable number of active addresses.

@cz_binance is up to something here 👀 Image
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1/ 👊🦄 #1inchWeeklyRecap #24

🔄 Updates, News and Integrations :

💬 The 1inch Labs invites you to participate in an online interview:…

📱 #Fantom Network is now supported in @DCENTWALLETS built-in SWAP Service powered by #1inch

#DeFi #crypto
2/ 🗓 Events:

💻 @EnormousRage, Backend Team Lead at #1inch, held the workshop ‘Deep dive into 1inch Swap and Limit order API’ at @EthCCHack 2022 on July 23

🇰🇷 @deacix, co-founder of 1inch, will be sharing his insights about finance on #blockchain at the 2022 @kbwofficial
3/ 🏆 Milestones achieved (1/2):

🔥 #1inch hit 8M in total number of swaps on the @0xPolygon network

🧡 1inch entered @BSCNews' top of gainers on #BNBChain in the last 24 hours
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Last month there was an interesting DAO proposal on @LidoFinance by @_skozin. The crux of the proposal argues for introducing a Dual Governance scheme, in which $stETH holders will also be granted governing power in addition to $LDO holders.…
In my latest blog, I explore how the Dual Governance scheme resembles the structure of a #bicameral legislature (with specific reference to the U.S. Congress) and inherits the spirit of check and balance to address moral hazards.
Many parallels between #dual #governance and #bicameralism can be observed: both seek to mitigate the principal-agent problem through better alignment of interests and both seek to limit the power of the governing body by introducing elements of checks and balances.
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/1 The #crypto projects that keep innovating in this bear market are here to stay. 🚀

If you're looking for interesting projects that continued to evolve, this thread is for you!

Here are my favorite #DeFi projects based on their recent progress 🧵 👇 Image
/2 @traderjoe_xyz - the biggest #DEX on #Avalanche

There isn't any DEX project that progressed as much as Trader Joe in 2022.

Here are their most important recent achievements:
- a brand new innovative launchpad
- Tokenomics Overhaul
- a new NFT Marketplace Image
@traderjoe_xyz The team stated that they are working now at DEX V2, which will be a new type of AMM.

They didn't give us many details about it, but I promise to keep you updated on the latest news regarding DEX V2.

Here's an in-depth thread about Trader Joe:
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We are now going through a very defining period in the history of blockchains

where the era of monolithic blockchains is ending and

the era of modular blockchains is starting

marking the first step towards mass adoption!

🧵 A thread on Consensus mechanisms: 👇 Image
Since the inception of #Bitcoin,

the blockchain industry only had monolithic blockchains

where one #blockchain is designed to not outsource components to external networks

and is burdened with too many tasks to perform Image
In a monolithic #blockchain

The #consensus & execution functions are bundled into one layer

And a smart contract is then built on this bundled layer

The users are bound within one execution environment

This limits the potential to optimize & specialize for specific use cases
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Free mint has been the new trend in #NFT space recently, users have an opportunity to own NFT without paying money (of course you have to pay the fee network to mint).

#AvaxholicAnalytics #AVAXDT #CSSADT #NFTCommunity #NFTMarketplace FREE MINT NFT LANDSCAPE ON AVALANCHE  Free mint has been the
It also has a couple of different things compared to other NFTs on the market out there: they don't have any roadmap or paper hands.

The trend is going hyped on #Avalanche, which started by the launch of Smol Joe on Joepegs, to now it reached more than 10K AVAX in total volume.
Besides that, Kalao - one of the top-tier #NFTMarketplace on Avalanche also joined the game. Kalao develops Dutch Auctions and Free Mint to help NFT project launch. Ryu is one of the notable projects that has the attention of the community and becomes top trending on Kalao.
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#Avalanche Foundation has just updated the technical features by releasing Subnet EVM V0.2.5. So what are the new things in this update? 👇

#AvaxholicInsights #AVAXDT #CSSADT #Crypto #cryptocurrency WHAT'S NEW IN SUBNET EVM V0.2.5?   #Avalanche Foundation has
Avalanche deeply understands the pain of subnet developers that are coming from the world of smart contract development, coordinating a network upgrade is a new and unfamiliar challenge.
To resolve the problem, Avalanche introduced FeeConfigManager to help project builders easier to update the dynamic fee parameters.
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🧵 Scalability has long been a topic of intense debate in this field. Discussions about monolithic versus modular blockchains, horizontal versus vertical scaling, have long been the focus of community communication.

#AvaxholicInsights COMPARISON BETWEEN MODULAR BLOCKCHAINS  🧵 Scalability has
In this post, we will compare and analyse popular modular blockchains through five key parameters:
- Consensus
- Finality
- Decentralization (Validators)
- Interoperability
- Speed/ Capacity

#AvaxholicInsights In this post, we will compare and analyse popular modular bl

- Avalanche: @avalancheavax is a #blockchain ecosystem validated by groups of nodes called subnets. Subnets are free to choose their own consensus mechanism. 🔺
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$AVAX is one of my favorite coins and I think it will hit 3 digits again one day. This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the House of Avalanche where I was able to fully immerse myself in the $Avax ecosystem and learn a lot. (1/25)
This is a thread on $Avax and my key takeaways from this weekend!

Starting with what is Avalanche?

- Avalanche is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality, (2/25)
and has the most validators securing its activity of any proof-of-stake protocol. Avalanche is blazingly fast, low cost, and green. So what is $Avax? (3/25)
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@avalancheavax was built to address issues of scalability prevalent in top protocols. And, with rapid popularity, Avalanche moved a step ahead to cater to its ballooning users by introducing Avalanche Subnets.

What is it?

How does it work?

Let’s Dive in👇🧵 Image

Before we dive into #subnets
Let’s first understand Avalanche.

#Avalanche is a Proof-of-Stake smart contract platform for #dApps powered by the snowman consensus protocol with near-instant transaction finality. It has been the most successful EVM chain after #BSC. Image

@avalancheavax launched its mainnet in Sept 2020 & Avalanche Rush - a Liquidity incentive Program in Aug 2021. This was a huge success & led to many #dApps migrating & bringing a lot of capital onto the platform.
Total Value Locked had reached $24B at its peak. Image
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HOTTEST NEWS: Gamestar+ partners with Avalanche, bringing the family game night to this blockchain. 🤩

Details below 👇

#AvaxholicBrief #AVAXDT #CSSADT #Avalanche #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #CryptoNews

Join our Discord: HOTTEST NEWS:  Gamestar+ pa...
🔺 @IAmSteveHarvey, celebrity host of "Family Feud" is making his #Blockchain start in the world of play-and-earn gaming.

He is a founding partner of streaming platform @gamestarplus and announced a multimillion-dollar partnership with blockchain developer @avalabsofficial.
We will see many popular TV game shows like @FamilyFeud, @Jeopardy, @WheelofFortune, and @dealornodeal on #Avalanche #Blockchain. 😊
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1) Various blockchains (#Ethereum, #Avalanche, #Cosmos, #Polkadot, etc.) use a "central thingy with a bunch of sub-thingies around it" model, for the sake of scalability.

They're not all equally secure, though.

Let me try to differentiate the good approaches from the bad ones.
2) (I should also mention that another intended purpose of this model, besides scalability, is allowing more flexibility/experimentation/sovereignty in the sub-thingies, which is cool too.)
3) Ethereum has two such scalability strategies on its roadmap: layer2s and sharding. Both of these have the advantage that the central thingy has a single set of validators that secures all of the sub-thingies, and the system's security *scales* with the number of validators.
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Hey everyone!

The 14th issue of the 'Caesar Daily' is ready, I hope you will love it😍

What is covered in today's issue?

1- News🗞️
2- Threads and Reads🧵📰
3- Watch🎬
4- Avalanche Special🔺

@circlepay has released their breakdown of the #USDC reserve assets!

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1/ $GMX and $GLP mechanism are so delicate that some new people might be confused, but fret not! we're here to help you summarize them with #QuickBites.

2/ If $GMX is you betting on the growth of @GMX_IO growth, $GLP enables you to become the house against the traders.

#GMX #GLP #Perpetual #Futures #Derivatives #Arbitrum #Avalanche #AVAX #Ethereum #ETH
3/ $GMX and $GLP together they make an amazing compounding flywheel as the value accrues and vested overtime.
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Governance is a crucial component of #Decentralization

This is something that #Bitcoin & #Ethreum conveniently ignore

But, #Cardano is built based on 1st principles & governance is a key focus of development

Here is a thread on Governance, Voltair era & Project Catalyst🧵👇
Like the way, democracy unshackled regular citizens to grab power from the feudal lords

#Bitcoin was the 1st movement

Enabling regular citizens to grab power from the flawed financial institutions

To create a fair, transparent & inclusive financial system

To bank the unbanked
But #Bitcoin has a fundamental flaw, which #Ethereum inherited

"Lack of Governance"

This lack of governance resulted in major community splits

Ethereum & Ethereum Classic as a result of a hack in 2016

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash over the debate of the network's scalability in 2017
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Qui sont-ils?
Que se passe-t-il?
Qui est affecté par cette chute?
Quelle est la suite?
Quelles sont les conséquences de cette chute?

Un long 🧵 pour tout comprendre

C’est parti.
Comme d’habitude, toutes les sources seront citées à la fin de ce thread dans un Google doc
Le partage est fortement apprécié pour le travail fourni pour vous éclairer de la meilleure manière possible
Les retweets, follows et likes sont la meilleure manière de nous soutenir
3AC est un hedge fund Singapourien fondé par @zhusu et @KyleLDavies
Le but d’un hedge fund crypto est d’investir dans des pépites, projets early stage et donc réaliser un bénéfice sur l’investissement
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