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Aug 30, 2022 19 tweets 24 min read
Tips and Tricks about Calcium and Coronary CT.

First of all: do not be scared about calcium.
- Calcium is par of the disease you are studying
- Calcium is significant information
- Calcium is not just a number (is a pattern, a phenotype, a study of the patient).

1 Coronary calcifications, then, are meaningful information. Describe them and use them to create the map for the CTA both imaging-wise and reporting-wise.

E.g.: a dominant pattern of calcifications is already pointing towards a therapeutic orientation.

Mar 5, 2022 13 tweets 28 min read
The DISCHARGE trial in online on the NEJM and it confirms what we all experience every day using CCT in a proper manner. CCT is safer, reliable and allows better management of stable patients with suspected obstructive CAD as compared to invasive strategy. The main observation that comes to my mind however is still the very low prevalence of patients with obstructive CAD (25%) in both arms (CT and ICA). This is well known from previous studies and it is related to the selection criteria adopted for referral, partly.
Mar 3, 2022 7 tweets 22 min read