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Cyberbullying is a serious issue on social media. The fact that actual doctors on #MedTwitter can do this so viciously, even asking others to commit suicide and donate their organs to them for medical study, is outrageous. If doctors can do this, imagine what others can do. Stop.
These same doctors even form immature hashtags calling it an “honor” to be blocked by the very people they’re asking to commit suicide or wishing grievous harm. They even joke about putting it on their resume. This is a serious violation of the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm.”
Physicians are supposed to be role models for healing and self care. They are supposed to teach others how cyberbullying is so inhumane and violent. But by becoming the worst cyberbullies themselves, many #MedTwitter doctors have stained their profession and become real monsters.
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1/ #MedEdMethodsMonday #MorningReport edition ends this week with:

Tip 7-Abandon Objectives PRN
Tip 8-Consolidate Learning

#MedEd #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #FacDev #MedEdPearls #ChiefResidents ImageImage
2/ Tip 7 - Abandon Objectives

The chief resident has started on time, asked questions, engaged learners, embraced silence, managed faculty, modeled humility...

Then says:

“Okay. We have 5 minutes left. Let’s quickly talk about this slide...”

😱🤯 Image
3/ Abandon Objectives - Ever fill a water balloon?

Ever try to get the water balloon super juicy by trying to squeeze in that last drop of water and then have the whole thing sadly explode?

Teaching is like that.

Try to cram in too much knowledge and you risk losing it all.
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The lack of gender equity & diversity in academia is extremely apparent at graduation, when primarily white male admin bestow well-wishes onto the next gen of health professionals.

Representation matters.
Seeing mentors who look like you matters.

People care. LONG THREAD

Three weeks ago, I tweeted that I wanted to create a library of words of wisdom from #MedTwitter to bestow upon the class of 2020, whose last months at school have been rough.

@drjessigold proposed creating a video mashup. 35 people personally msged me wanting to help.
That's when @RakheeBhayaniMD said we should do this. And believed in us from the start.

Three students: @NicoleBKatz @ZarinIRahman @SarahJo_nearMD immediately reached out. We are from different schools. We have the same goal: WE WANT DIVERSE SPEAKERS to honor STEM grads.

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Correspondence justifying ICMR's guideline for using #HCQ for prophylaxis in healthcare workers, in @TheLancet by AIIMS medicine department. My first thought: "They're the experts, so there must be some good science behind it!" To convince myself, I dig a little deeper
Ref 4: open-label, non-randomized trial. 26 received HCQ (but 6 lost to follow up), 16 controls. Adjusted for age and sex. NO DATA ON CO-MORBIDITIES. Result-HCQ led to significant reduction of viral carriage ar D6. Azithromycin if added more efficient.…
Counter-evidence: study published in @TheLancet two days back. 671 hospital, 6 continents. 81k control group. 3k received HCQ, 6k HCQ + Azithro. Controlled for comorbidities. HCQ and HCQ + Azithro independently associated w/ inc risk of mortality and ventricular arrhythmia.
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1/13 #FOAMed #MedTwitter

Everything I've learnt about living and beyond #cancer research (#lwbc) over the last 3⃣ years in this 8⃣ minute video! #survonc #survivorship in primary care covering:

➡️ Research
➡️ Policy
➡️ Practice
➡️ Future Directions


I wrote a couple of articles in:

@BJGPjournal 🔗:…

@CHematology 🔗:…

👆🏽 But summarised the content in the video above 👆🏽


🤔 What is "living with and beyond cancer" or #cancer #survivorship#survonc #lwbc

The definition depends on who you talk to! Is it at diagnosis, at the start of treatment or after treatment has finished?


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After expressing outrage at how cyberbullies drove Hana Kimura to suicide, Damon Salvadore, a video editor and journalist, posts a defamatory article falsely accusing me of sexual assault from The Verge. This is inhumane, unjust, and violent. Especially since I am 100% innocent.
The Verge articles occupies the top spot in a Google search of my name. This is despite the fact that multiple reporters from The Washington Post and even the Duke Chronicle interviewed the accuser and determined her story was false to the point they refused to publish anything.
We cannot live in a society where baseless accusations without evidence can destroy someone’s life. Even after presenting The Verge with text messages, voicemails, police reports, court judgements proving my innocence, they refused to take any exculpatory evidence into account.
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Alright #MedTwitter you asked, therefore you shall receive. Find below the results of me sifting through all of the replies and quoted retweets to the HP House poll that were visible to me.

Total N=1282!
First, we'll do each HP Houses.

Note: If a House had no self proclaimed members of a specific specialty, that specialty was not included in its graph.
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#NeuromuscularQandA! Questions you always wanted to ask your friendly #neuromuscular doc. #neurology #medtwitter #MedEd #medstudent #neurologyresident Short answers only. Join me in discussing/learning/educating with #passion and #humor @WNGtweets @somedocs @ContinuumAAN
Q: What gives doc? Patient took the prednisone for #myastheniagravis and got worse. Is it a wonky batch?
A: Sometimes you get worse before you get better. 20 percent of #myastheniagravis patients get weaker in 2 weeks after starting steroids. Be careful if they have bulbar or respiratory symptoms - you don’t wanna have a #myastheniccrisis on your hands. @MyastheniaOrg
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Residency Interview, Circa 1995

Him: “You say here in your #PERSONALSTATEMENT ‘Research is the linchpin of a thriving academic medical center.’”
Me: *smug smile*
Him: “Tell me what you meant by that.”
Me: 😳

Rut roh.

Real talk? I just wanted to use the word “linchpin.”
Also? I thought it would sound smart. (Spoiler alert: I didn't match there.)😂

Hand over heart—that EXACT sentence was in my PS for residency. That moment (which DID happen) was mortifying. But I LOVE that it did. Why? Because it serves as a #PSfail cautionary tale.

Mmm hmm
I know a LOT of folks on #medtwitter are thinking about writing a #personalstatement right now. After the great #linchpin debacle of '95, I've learned to LOVE the PS process.


So who's ready to cook up a yummy, winning P.S. with ingredients already found in your kitchen?
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Now online @bmj_latest! #COVID19 outcomes & risks @nyulangone among 5,279 patients (2,741 hospitalized). Thread with details and some special twitter bonus content. @petrillimd @jones_prof @WhiteCoatLuke @Cerf_MD @Francois1Fritz…
Those of you who saw our previous preprint: this version is substantially altered – updated data, comprehensive follow up, new analyses. E.g., 94% of the hospitalized patients have been discharged or died, giving us robust estimates of final outcomes. Some highlights follow.
Context: we include all patients testing positive for #COVID19 between March 1 and April 8, with follow up (in the paper) through May 5 (and here in this thread, through this morning!). We restrict to those positive before April 9 to ensure adequate follow up for outcomes.
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1/n. How has transmission varied after the (world's largest) lockdown in India? When should we exit the lockdown and how do we do it safely?
Read on as we explore these questions and more in our latest #COVIDー19 study from #AIIMS & #IISER #MedTwitter
📌… Image
📌significant transmission drop after #lockdownindia, but Rt as of 22 Apr still above 1
📌smaller and later #secondwave if (regional) lockdowns relaxed farther after peak has passed
📌expanded #testing an effective exit strategy, will influence degree of return to normalcy Image
some observations from the study-
📌Contagion seeding
here is a fig showing how COVID-19 was seeded in India by imported cases (✈️~550 cases; stage1) in March. Imported cases started dropping a day after flight ban, however local transmission had begun and kept growing (stage2) ImageImage
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#NeuromuscularQandA! Questions you always wanted to ask your friendly #neuromuscular doc. #neurology #medtwitter #MedEd #medstudent #neurologyresident Short answers only. Join me in discussing/learning/educating with #passion and #humor @WNGtweets @AANEMorg @CambridgeMedsoc
Q: What gives doc. Got a #myastheniagravis patient. The repetitive stimulations are positive but the AchR antibody ain’t. Ain’t MG an #autoimmune thing?
A: AChR Ab ain’t the only fish in the sea.Try Musk antibody -positive in 40% AChR Ab negative patients. If negative, the waiting game - 20% AChR Ab negative patients seroconvert in a year. Still negative? Ab are teeny tiny and sensitivity of lab testing determines what we see.
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A question a day! Questions you always wanted to ask your friendly #neuromuscular doc. #neurology #medtwitter #MedEd #medstudent #neurologyresident Short answers only. Join me in discussing/learning/educating with #passion and #humor @WNGtweets @AANEMorg @AANMember
More on #myastheniagravis we are #onaroll Q: Doc doc. The single fiber EMG is positive for this patient. Ain’t got nothing else. He’s weak so he’s got #myastheniagravis. Right? Right?
A: Congratulations, padawan. The most sensitive #neuromuscular test, you have. #myastheniagravis, it could be. #ALS, it could be. #myositis, it could be. Any disease which affects #muscle, #nerve or #NMJ, it could be. Seek to find what ye are looking for. #Yoda
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A question a day! Questions you always wanted to ask your friendly #neuromuscular doc. #neurology #medtwitter #MedEd #medstudent #neurologyresident Short answers only. Join me in discussing/learning/educating with #passion and #humor @WNGtweets @AANEMorg @AANMember
Let’s do more on #myastheniagravis. Q: Doc doc. Patient’s AchR antibodies are super sky high. It’s a crisis! She’s a crisis! We are a crisis!
A: Ain’t no mountain high enough. Them antibody titers don’t correlate with severity or response to treatment - they are good for diagnosis is all. #allornone
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Feels so good to be back to #Neurology. Today I had the pleasure to give #Neurologymorningreport on Necrotizing Autoimmune Myopathy #NAM. #MedTwitter follow below a few pearls I shared with the team @ErsidaBuraniqi @nzalewski2. THREAD.
#NAM is an autoimmune myopathy characterized by severe proximal weakness, myofiber necrosis with minimal or no inflammatory infiltrates on muscle biopsy, and infrequent extra-muscular involvement.
- Usually presents with subacute/chronic severe proximal weakness. Neck weakness is common and dysphagia occurs in aproximately 1/3

- EMG shows proximal myopathy with fibrillation potentials

- CK is usually markedly elevated (in the thousands range)
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In honor of @AaronLBerkowitz let’s do a #neuromuscular Q and A on #footdrop, short answers only. #neurology #neurologyresident #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter join me in discussing/learning/educating with #humor and #passion @WNGtweets @AANEMorg @AANMember
Q: What gives doc. Patient’s got a foot drop. What’s the cause of the flop flop flop?
A: Nerve or muscle? #EDB - hypertrophy in myopathy/atrophy in neuropathy. Peroneal nerve or more? #ankleinversion - unaffected if only peroneal. L5 radiculopathy? #hipabduction -affected in L5 radiculopathy. Want more? Checkout @AaronLBerkowitz for more cool #swag
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What's the deal with ... Gilbert's syndrome?

Unconjugated bilirubin deserves its own #tweetorial

🟨Is it bad or...PLOT TWIST...good!?
🟨What to do about it?
🏆The most 🍌🍌trials ever conducted

#livertwitter #meded #MedTwitter

What is Gilbert's?

1⃣Healthy person gets labs. Bili 2.4, >80% indirect
2⃣Student studies all🌙, forgets 2 eat.
In AM,👀slightly 🟨

Turns out:
👉3% of🌎has bili>1.4mg/dL (fig1)

Many things⬆️indirect bili:
👉Only 1⃣ makes bili⬆️w/fasting (Fig2)



Who?1⃣Described c1901. Hilarious paper
(🙏google translate, my🇨🇦franglish education)
Why?2⃣Familial⬇️UDPGT protein
(the thing that 'conjugates' bili)
Why?3⃣Base pair insertion in UGT1A1 promoter
(#TATAbox, the gene that makes UDPGT)

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Bonus question! Questions you always wanted to ask your friendly #neuromuscular doc. #neurology #medtwitter #MedEd #neurology #medstudent #neurologyresident Short answers only. Join me in discussing/learning/educating with #passion and #humor @WNGtweets @AANEMorg @AANMember
Q: What up doc. We sent for the AchR antibodies for this #myastheniagravis suspect patient and they came back #positive. Still need the repetitive nerve stimulations to confirm diagnosis?
A: Ye already have the answer ye seek. #RNS less sensitive than AChR antibody testing for #myastheniagravis. #RNS positive in only 50-70 percent generalized MG and 30-50 percent ocular MG. A yes is a yes and 2 yesses ain’t yesser. Less is more #mariekondo
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A question a day! Questions you always wanted to ask your friendly #neuromuscular doc. #neurology #medtwitter #MedEd #neurology #medstudent #neurologyresident Short answers only. Join me in discussing/learning/educating with #passion and #humor @WNGtweets @AANEMorg @AANMember
Q: What up doc. My patient has ocular #myastheniagravis for 3 years now. Why hasn’t he got weakness in his arms and legs and breathing and everything?
A: Luck be a lady. 85 percent of ocular MG generalize and most do so within 2 years of onset. So now you know, after 2 years - look in the eyes - that’s where the answers lie.
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Currently here and hoping to livetweet as much as I can. Discussing interferon-mediated disease and what role these pathways may play in #COVID19.
In SAVI and CANDLE syndrome, which are mediated by the interferon pathway, Jak inhibitors help inhibit the positive feedback loop.
How do we think about the pernio-like lesions associated with #COVID19? Note, we are still trying to establish the causal relationship. But this @JAADjournals paper had some interesting thoughts:…
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Does this sound familiar? In 1918 the "Spanish flu" Pandemic hit the world amid WWI. The global losses caused by the pandemic far exceeded those of the war. The economy froze, meetings were banned and the healthcare system was overwhelmed. #Pandemic Newspaper scrapbook from 1918 Chicago Eagle, March 1919The Su, October 1918The Washington times, October 1918The Post, October 1918
Hospitals suffered doctor and nurse shortages, many sacrificed their lives on the frontlines. The post, October 1918The New York Herald, January 1919
Many denied the epidemic existed and some came up with None-scientific remedies for it! Some blamed it on the enemies (Germany at the time). The Rock Island Argus, July 1918The Washington times, Oct 1918
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Launching a question a day! Questions you always wanted to ask your friendly #neuromuscular doc. #medtwitter #MedEd #medstudent #neurologyresident Short answers only. Join me in discussing/learning/educating with #passion and #humor @WNGtweets @AANEMorg @AANMember
Q: What gives doc? Why do you order AchR binding, blocking AND modulating antibodies for #myastheniagravis? Can’t you just choose one?
A: We just like more data. Just kidding. If you have to choose one, take the AchR binding antibodies - they are the most sensitive - positive in 70 percent of generalized #myastheniagravis and 50 percent of ocular. Other 2 Ab are useful if present when the AchR binding Ab ain’t
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My take on POTUS and his announcement that he's taking prophylactic #Hydroxychloroquine :

We have no idea if he is actually taking it. His track record for truth telling is...well...nil. We can speculate on why he would say it though...

Regardless, 2 points:
#Hydroxychloroquine is a life-saving drug that is prescribed by many doctors for many different patients who actually need it for serious illness.

In #dermatology, we are very, very familiar, and comfortable, with this drug.
Does it have potentially deadly side effects?
Does nearly every drug?
Yes. Including tylenol and ibuprofen.

The conversation around HCQ muddies up the waters around the actual benefits of this drug for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases (ie, lupus).
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Recently, I had the opportunity to help create some LGBTQ curriculum for the @harvardmed derm program with @EricaDommasch and @DrKlintPeebles. Since I've been getting some questions about the topic, I figured I'd make a tweetorial 🧵

#MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #DermTwitter
This will focus on the derm issues that the transgender community may face. Some disclaimers to start with: just as gender identity exists on a spectrum, these manifestations may present in a variety of gender identities and should be considered as such. 2/
Additionally, for the ease of organization, they are presented in “transmasculine” and “transfeminine” categories, but these conditions are not necessarily exclusive to any one gender identity. So let's begin with derm conditions affecting transmasculine persons... 3/
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