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Jan 13
I've just retweeted a catalogue of Rishi Sunak content so that you can all see that the man's hands are FILTHY!

Do NOT let him use Boris Johnson's scandal to portray himself as clean.

(See the tweets below this one on my page.) Rishi Sunak is a multi-millionaire who has ALWAYS voted to make poor people poorer.
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Jan 11
Right now, right-wing journalists and papers are trying to pretend they didn't spend the last 6 year telling people to trust Boris Johnson with the country's future. 😬
#DowningStreetParties Don't mind me, I'm just harvesting for later...
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Jan 9
Any time Boris Johnson throws the "You never believed in Brexit" line at Keir Starmer, the reply is simple: "In 2011 you said Single Market membership was responsible for London's prosperity. In 2013 you said "I'd vote to stay in the Single Market." Then you supported Leaving it and it made you PM.
You don't believe in Brexit. You believe in power at the expense of the British people."
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Jan 7
The Colston verdict was justice in the face of injustice. The law needs changing!

Today on @LBC with @toryboypierce. Only a Ratio Decidendi (core point) of a judge's judgement can set binding precedent.

So the ideal would be for a Supreme Court judge to rule that it can't be a crime to remove a statue erected to honour someone who committed crimes against humanity IF due process has failed.
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Jan 5
You know Chris Evans' character in Don't Look Up?
(Took 'middle ground' between there is & isn't an asteroid which pleases/helps nobody)

Someone just called him "centrist" & I realised the same applied to those who pushed a 'Soft Brexit' Leavers hated.
The irony BLEW MY MIND!🤣 Credit: @HammettVictoria
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Jan 4
Can the people defending Keir Starmer's "Make Brexit Work" please THINK!

What happens in an election?

Johnson will demand specifics.
Starmer will admit that he means following EU rules.
Johnson: 'That's not Brexit, that's giving up our sovereignty.'
Starmer will have no answer! COMPARE THAT WITH THIS:

If I see British people suffering from Brexit, I will negotiate with the EU to help protect them.

How does Johnson arguing against that without admitting that Brexit is damaging the national interest?
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Jan 4
Dear @Keir_Starmer,

Not only is it dishonest to Leavers & Remainers to say "make Brexit work" when you mean copy EU rules to protect the economy,

But you can't out-Brexit Boris Johnson!
You KNOW he'll just say: ''Keir Starmer can't make Brexit work as he never believed in it!'' It's BAD STRATEGY, Keir Starmer!

Unless you commit to the idea your job is to limit the damage of Brexit, then you'll continue to be judged on how enthusiastic you are about Brexit being this bright shining opportunity...

And Boris Johnson wins that game EVERY SINGLE TIME!
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Jan 3
Remoaners, Enemies of the People, Remain-Ultras, anti-democrats, sore losers...

All words used to describe people who predicted the suffering we see Brexit inflicting on people now, and refused to compromise in their opposition to it.

Maybe now we can just call them patriots? The fact that after all the damage below, "FPBE" is still used to describe thosw who were 'too panicky about stopping Brexit', blows my mind.

@OBR_UK says Brexit is harming our economy twice as much as a pandemic that crippled the planet!
Panic Justified!
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Dec 31, 2021
If I help create the next ISIS by destabilising an entire region under false pretences, can I get a knighthood too?
theguardian.com/politics/2021/… To those commenting,

You can talk about all the good he did, as much as you want, but if someone in your family was one of the innocent civilians who died in the Iraq War or from the resulting instability... Seeing him granted our country's highest honour, might sting a little.
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Dec 27, 2021
Today is International #EpidemicPreparedness Day!

In 2016 the NHS failed a pandemic test.
Tories then spent most of our resources on portaloos etc and pursuing a No-Deal Brexit the NHS said would make pandemics worse, and we ended up with the worst excess death rate in Europe.👍🏿 Source 1
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Dec 24, 2021
🥊 Boris Johnson VS Brexit Reality 🥊

Let's compare what Boris Johnson said about his deal when he presented it last Christmas Eve, with what the British people have experienced in the year since. patreon.com/femi_sorry
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Dec 19, 2021
Hi @wesstreeting,

I love you, but you MUST stop referring to a progressive alliance as 'backroom deals which the public won't like'.

You should be openly telling people Labour wants to revolutionise politics by making their votes matter and that an alliance is the only way. Corbyn campaigned against a 2nd referendum for 3 years, then acted surprised when he couldn't win an election on a referendum manifesto.

You'll spend 2 years opposing an electoral pact based on electoral reform, then you'll blame the Dems for not trusting you with a pact.🤭🙄
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Dec 16, 2021
Chris Whitty: People who try to blame lockdowns for the delays to NHS treatments like cancer 'have no understanding of health at all' and are inverting reality for their own political agenda.

@wallaceme @JuliaHB1 @CPhilpOfficial @Montie
He's talking about you lot. That means Tory MP Chris Philp has no understanding of health but tried to manipulate people's cancer in order to further endanger their lives, for his own political agenda.
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Dec 9, 2021
Michael Portillo got double-jabbed, went out and caught Covid, then went on national TV to tell people that because vaccines don't make you IMMUNE, then it's reasonable not to take them.


#BBCqt newscientist.com/article/229425…
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Nov 29, 2021
You don't get to complain about Labour having a Shadow Cabinet that's on the 'wrong side of the Left' if you haven't been putting maximum effort into scrapping our two-party electoral system.

If you want a specific type of Left-wing party, YOU NEED PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION! Simply put:

If you're constantly complaining about the divisions of Centrism vs Socialism then, whether you accept it or not, you believe Labour should be two different parties, but that only works under a fair voting system.

So what have you done to get Labour to support one?
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Nov 19, 2021
Andrew Marr is leaving the BBC.
Thanks for helping to make UK politics so toxic. 👍🏿
#Marr @AndrewMarr9 A number of people are accusing me of selective editing. So here's the full clip.

Andrew Marr refers to the above as "a few thoughts of my own".
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Nov 18, 2021
Jordan Peterson is on #BBCqt tonight.

Get ready to agree with almost everything he says, but be aware that he will subtly and intelligently slip in 5% that is society-breakingly evil. Jordan Peterson narrative:
Politicians can't be expected to know everything about everything; we just need them to say sorry when they get things wrong.

They're meant to use their civil service experts. They could have checked BEFORE they wrote their HS2 manifesto!
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Oct 28, 2021
Can we PLEASE recognise that it's not OK for the government to pursue policies which their civil service experts say will be hugely damaging to the country.

The civil service are the government's experts. Boris Johnson studied Greek poetry! HE DOESN'T KNOW BETTER!! The Government's experts came to the conclusion that pursuing Brexit would hurt the people of this country, NO MATTER WHAT DEAL THEY NEGOTIATED.

That was what informed their decisions!

So by pursuing Brexit, they have been INTENTIONALLY hurting the UK.
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Oct 19, 2021
Dear @GMB_union & @the_tuc,

Tories have been in power for 46 of the last 76 years, despite the majority voting Left-of-Tory in all but 3 elections since WW2.

So FPTP is OBJECTIVELY worse for your members. You will answer to them when the Tories win again.

WORK WITH @Labour4PR! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

That means supporting FPTP and expecting Labour governments to be in power long-term, when FPTP is statistically proven to benefit the Tories, is insane.
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Oct 17, 2021
Boris Johnson: 'The best way to ensure every MPs IS properly safe is to get Brexit done'.

Translation: Follow my political agenda or you may die.

...which is the attitude behind every political assassination ever committed... promoted by the most powerful man in the country. If someone came to your workplace and told you the best way to ensure your family is safe is to vote for x, you'd call the police!!

The fact some people seem to think mentioning that our Prime Minister knowingly used death threats, is just "political point scoring" terrifies me.
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Oct 12, 2021
I'm catching up on the full Lord Frost speech now. I'm 2 minutes in and I'm already really embarrassed.
It's like he's literally trying to buy time by talking about any random historical anecdote that pops into his head! Oh my god!
Lord Frost opened his speech by basically telling the EU: We don't negotiate based on reason. We're just angry.
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