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30 Jul
This is why Boris Johnson's government can't handle racism ⬇️
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14 Jul
I get why the Big Brexiteers are against making #facemasks mandatory...
Binding yourself to rules made collectively for the common good at the expense of selfish exceptionalism is so off-brand for them.
I mean, these are the same people who think the visual appearance of a PassPort is more important than the ports it lets you pass.
So OF COURSE they think seeing someone's smile (visual well-being) is more important than them actually being healthy.
These are the same people who made up things the EU was supposedly about to force us to do despite clear evidence they were lying.
So OF COURSE they would say a #facemask is the first step toward permanent facial sneeze catchers.🙄
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11 Jul
Right-Wing dictionary:

Anti-Racism = Racism
Equality = Oppression
Caring about others = Snowflake
Caring about working class = Communism
Thinking immoral people shouldn't be role models = Cancel Culture
This is my favourite example of that first one:
Other versions include the "Laurence Fox special".
Everyone has privileges that help them in their society.
E.g. My parental/financial support, nationality, sex etc... All give me advantages.
Denying your privileges exist means you want to maintain them. i.e You're Anti-equality.
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10 Jun
20 Days to Avoid No-Deal - THREAD

The deadline to request an extension to the Brexit transition period is 30 June. Otherwise, if we don't agree a deal by 31 October, it's No-Deal on December 31.

So here are 20 reasons to #ExtendTheTransition, one on each day we have left.
2⃣0⃣ Days to avoid No-Deal

▪️ 1/2 UK fish is sold tariff-free to EU
▪️ WTO rules force EU to put tariffs on UK fish
▪️ That puts UK fish at a disadvantage against EU countries, including Norway who have a deal

seafish.org/media/publicat… Image
1⃣9⃣ Days to avoid No-Deal

The doctors you've been clapping every Thursday (@TheBMA) warned us 2 years ago that No-Deal Brexit would make us more vulnerable to pandemics.
So with a possible 2nd wave coming, maybe now's not the time?

independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-n… Image
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5 Jun
Michel Barnier is giving a Brexit update.
Switch to English. It's a button at the bottom of the screen.
Michel Barnier: There has been no significant progress
Michel Barnier: The UK wants fishing to be done by annual review. EU says no.
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3 Jun
By saying that most people aren't racist and that "everybody's lives matter", in response to protests against a racist killing, Boris Johnson secured the racist vote, by belittling the racism problem.

By immediately adding "black lives matter" he covered himself for moderates.
To those defending Johnson, saying that "everybody's lives matter" was meant in relation to social distancing.

A) He said "everybody's lives matter BUT we have to fight the virus too". So by "everybody's lives matter", he was referring to the George Floyd issue, not Coronavirus.
B) Your argument is based on the idea that Boris Johnson chose to twist the rallying cry of black people who are trying to save themselves from being murdered, just to get people off his doorstep at Downing Street.
Not a good look.
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3 Jun
Nissan's Chief Operating Officer, Ashwani Gupta, explains that despite Nissan's recent moves, under a No-Deal Brexit (most likely outcome), the Sunderland Plant, on which 34,000 jobs depend, will be unsustainable.

He's saying this 2 June 2020.
Deadline to avoid No-Deal: 30 June.
Hey @afneil,
Tell me... Is Nissan's Global Chief Operating Officer explaining that the most likely outcome of Brexit would cause Sunderland to shut down, on the 2nd of June 2020, recent and un-"anonymous" enough?
Or do I need to find someone higher up?
Hey, @Mikeroft_holmes, I appreciate the support at the time when I was getting piled, but as you can see...
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1 Jun
To clarify...
Even if there is any truth to what he's saying, the man who's responsible for Labour's failure to get rid of antisemitism, should NOT be the one spearheading the criticisms of the organisation investigating Labour's failure to get rid of antisemitism!
Am I wrong?!
So the fact that he is... And that some people can't see that, if anything, this only further confirms his guilt... Astonishes me!
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1 Jun
I've weaned myself off putting sugar in my tea for about a year, but on 4 hours sleep, waiting to debate with Piers and Susanna... I'm officially off that wagon.
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31 May
I'm on @GMB at 06:50am-ish discussing George Floyd and the absolute hospital fire that is America right now.
From the UNITED KINGDOM government's own website
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31 May
"Why don't you condemn the looting?"
I'm sat here a phone in one hand, PS4 controller in the other in a nice apartment, watching people trapped in poverty partly because the police are harassing, brutalising & killing them.
To claim moral superiority would be morally abhorrent.
My philosophy on civil unrest, non-violence, and rioting is never going to stray far from Martin Luther King.
#Riots2020 #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
There is a difference between condoning someone's actions and refusing to condemn them due to the empathy for the adversity they face.
There is a difference between having empathy for someone's course of action and thinking they're doing the best thing to improve the situation.
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28 May
Tell me this doesn't translate to:
"Yeah we've killed thousands of people... Get over it."
#BBCqt @Helen_Whately
BTW, Helen Whately is the one who had the most patronising reaction I've ever seen after someone suggested giving power to people outside of London.
I mean... I don't want to say Priti Patel, Helen Whately and Jacob Rees Mogg were bred from the same soulless void but... that amount of contempt for normal people... I need to believe it's rare.
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27 May
Was Emily Maitlis biased on BBC Newsnight? Let's go line-by-line. THREAD @Maitlis

"Dominic Cummings broke the rules." The rules say not to leave home if you have symptoms FOR ANY REASON. With exceptions ONLY if that's impossible. But at no point did he require childcare.
Emily Maitlis: "The county can see that and it's shocked the government cannot"
This is shown in every piece of polling that has been done. Including that of the pro-government Daily Mail.
Emily Maitlis: "The longer ministers and PM tell us he worked within them, the more angry the response to this scandal is likely to be."
Logical analysis of the previous sentence.
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26 May
It's rare that a government statement can be directly translated to "I've got a nanny. F**k off!"
#DailyBriefingUK @MattHancock
Good question, btw, @Peston.
The comments below that video are so massively varied:
Half the comments think I'm praising Hancock for shutting @peston down.
The other half knows that I'm pointing out that "Look how privileged I am with my live-in nanny. How DARE you question me, peasant!" isn't a good look.
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25 May
The government said not to move to 2nd homes BECAUSE it would put pressure on less urban health services. (Evidence in thread below)
So by moving from London to Durham (where he admits using their health services) #DominicCummings broke both the letter AND the purpose of the law.
Evidence in no particular order:

Conservative ex minister telling people to stop cumming from London because it would hurt their ability to care for the vulnerable.
Another Conservative MP in March telling people that they shouldn't go to their second homes because if they travel with the disease they're spreading it.
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25 May
Can someone tell me which car can drive 520 miles without the driver needing to touch a petrol pump, because I want it!
#DominicCummings #CumGate
It's my understanding that Cummings drives a range rover. So while it's been fun watching the literally thousands of comments suggesting more fuel-efficient cars...
Also, for any of your arguments to work, his car would need to be already basically dripping with petrol the moment he realised his wife had symptoms.
And why would it? Unless he was planning a trip?🤔😅
Honestly I'm just messing. This is nothing compared to his blind test drive.
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24 May
Watch the full version! It's even better!!
Anyone else paused it at the graph they used?
Good job @larryandpaul! 🤣
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24 May
1⃣ Get elected by dissing experts
2⃣ Ignore expert advice to increase PPE (2016) & test capacity
3⃣ Experts advise based on availability: Lower quality PPE, excluding taste-loss symptom, stopping tracing
4⃣ When 1000s die, say you followed the science- blame experts again!
Proof the EXPERTS warned us that we didn't have enough PPE for a pandemic FOUR YEARS before coronavirus:

Proof the @WHO said to prioritise that testing/tracing but we stopped it:

This government is going to hugely damage faith in experts AGAIN by blaming 1000s of avoidable deaths on the scientists whose hands were tied by the lack of testing capacity, PPE & NHS staff, all of which was CAUSED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

@AfuaHirsch nailed a few examples.
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23 May
Yes, I AM seeing the story about the second trip Cummings took to Durham, but be careful with it. If he didn't have symptoms it's a weaker accusation, so be careful not to merge the 2.
Instead use the second trip as evidence that the first one was simply social not essential.
I say this because the fact that Mr Herd Immunity knowingly carried the virus across most of England, means he intentionally risked lives in every service station & supermarket that he otherwise wouldn't have visited.

In my view, an argument that powerful should not be diluted.
But this isn't something we should fight over. It's just my personal strategy.
I like my strongest arguments like I like my symptomatic political advisers: Isolated.
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23 May
If Number 10 does sack Dominic Cummings, they won't need to look far for a new government spin doctor.
"She's not biased"
Saying Labour having a published Brexit policy (2nd ref) but a leader who hid his own views was a BIGGER scandal than the Tories hiding their ACTUAL Brexit policy.

And who can forget #PunchGate.
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23 May
By trying to justify Dominic Cummings' decision to travel across the country while he had coronavirus symptoms the government is undermining national respect for lock-down rules.
i.e. They're choosing to protect one of their own, at the expense of public safety.
N.B. THAT's the worst part of the story. Far worse than one man's actions.
The government has made this much worse by telling people it's OK to leave your house, jump in your car, visit family and stay in another address while you're showing Coronavirus symptoms.
But hey...
Telling people that something THEY want to do is in line with what our NHS needs, even when they know that it will cause catastrophic damage to public health, purely to protect their own selfish political interests...

...Pretty standard for this bunch!
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