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Nov 9, 2023 13 tweets 6 min read
Media shapes our perception. Hollywood does plenty of damage with their types. One type that does not damage but is steady is the Aspirational Upper Middle Class Wife. 🧵 Image Upper Middle Class is an achievable upper class slot for middle/working class members. It’s what they strive for as Upper class is out of reach or sight (thanks Paul Fussell). It’s aspirational and mass media geared towards this class and those who aspire to it uses these models
Sep 28, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read
If you’re over 30, you know Oreo cookies taste worse now. Forget that there is less filling in all Oreos. The creme filled center is significantly chalkier and worse. They changed the creme filling. It was to go kosher and end the century long blood feud with Hydrox 🧵 Image Hydrox came first, then Oreo. Oreo had superior marketing and did taste better. Why? Oreo used lard for its filling. Hydrox was kosher certified. Oreo dominated sandwich cookie demand for decades but Hydrox held on due to that tiny kosher market. That all changed in the ‘90s
Sep 23, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
@verymoisturized posted a poll asking if this ass is big. Interesting insight into cultural change and the effects of TikTok and Instagram. Voting was overwhelmingly in favor of big. Still 30% said no. Why?
Quick analysis: it has pop and is well sculpted. It’s not wide. It’s like a perfect sports booty. Combo of great genes & good workout regimen. A generation ago, the vote would have been even more in favor of saying Big. But today’s eyes are different
Aug 28, 2023 8 tweets 2 min read
Have you heard a parent complain about Boomer grandparents? It’s a common thing now. It’s bad enough that even Redditors have noticed. Image Now not all Boomers are like this. A decade ago this Boomer wrote how she didn’t care to have grandchildren, which would’ve been ahead of the Boomer curve but foreshadowed their selfish behavior.…
Mar 3, 2023 10 tweets 3 min read
With the alarmism about retirement savings, are the Boomers in bad shape? Media blurbs and surveys say yes. It’s not the entire picture and part of it is classification of retirement savings. The media push is to funnel more $ into the market for finance to scoop fees 🧵 The media paints scary pictures by saying the avg Boomer has $112K saved for retirement. Don’t take that at face value. Many have zero saved for a reason.…
Mar 2, 2023 12 tweets 5 min read
Fun read about the #Manson murders, the ‘60s and Hollywood. Intel Agencies get plenty of space, too. There is a short section that every #JFK assassination conspiracy theorist & denier should read: the chapter on the incredible Dr. West Dr. Louis Jolyon West has quite the Wikipedia entry. Son of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, he hustled hard to receive special Army Medical training, get to Colonel in the air force, become chair of psychiatry at University of Oklahoma……
Feb 15, 2023 22 tweets 9 min read
How bad is it for Catholics? How corrupt & gay is the institution? Read “In The Closet of The Vatican” to learn about an org that serves its internal gay hierarchy & leaves parishioners to suffer the consequences of bad institutional behavior. As a Catholic, it hurts to read🧵 Readers will be angry because of its implications for all abuse scandals. The author doesn’t downplay gay abuse scandals being 90% of abuse unlike American media because he is a progressive pro-gay but wants to focus on hypocrisy of gay homophobes in the church
Feb 6, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
Dune’s Butlerian Jihad is named after Samuel Butler. Not a fictional character but a real 19th century writer. Real man who in one of his books spent chapters worried about thinking machines. 🧵… Samuel Butler engaged with the Victorian changes in worldview and would be considered ahead of his time & a goof with his hodge podge of ideas. He was a lifelong bachelor and likely a closeted homosexual. His fiction sounds interesting but his nonfiction, well, no.
Jan 3, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
BAP lingo. Rivelino’s green lines. Gigachad. The deep right creates new culture. Woke has stifled mass culture. With a few years of exposure, it’s easy to see another weird right cultural product: Doja Cat. 🧵 It’s hard to believe but before systemic suppression even advertisers thought the early alt right thing was a sellable aesthetic to a broader market with discretionary income Image
May 18, 2022 10 tweets 2 min read
The centrist whataboutism or both sides crap needs to be attacked. They need to be made to feel cowardly and dumb.

The right points out the major problems in America, critiques powerful interests & dislikes our elite. The left hates the right & ‘whiteness’ 🧵 This was a steady contrast in ‘16. Trump was ‘hateful’ but read a transcript of a rally speech; he attacked corporations that don’t support workers, out of touch DC idiots, bad trade deals/econ policy & illegals. Clinton’s targets were all internal, fellow everyday Americans
Apr 18, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
Media power is in the audience and narrative crafting & promotion. It’s also in figure creation. Only 40,000 people watch Stewart but his position as a figure makes him newsworthy. He become a beacon. His words gets spread by other media 🧵 CNN has fewer and fewer viewers but their reports get picked up elsewhere since it is CNN. Other entities cite “CNN reports” to spread the message. Stewart doesn’t need viewers. He just needs to be Stewart. His old role and reputation let others amplify his message.
Apr 14, 2022 10 tweets 3 min read
People are focused on Hispanics’ low approval of Biden (red box), but take a look at the real outlier: +65 yo Americans. 🧵 Image Biden is + with +65 yos with his highest approval number of any age bracket at 48%. This is insane if you consider the race cross tabs here. Only 23% of seniors are non-white so being at 48% with seniors blows out demographic expectations.…
Mar 28, 2022 14 tweets 6 min read
Schoolteachers across America received their quarterly industry periodical. It’s race race race and the big classroom action is to combat white nationalist sources and talking points. We start with a personal essay by an activist about his journey. Entire career is race hustling Image It goes back to the ‘90s when a dozen neo-nazis marched to an event he held. He got them to chill. Note that he would not debate them and that antifa beat them after. Only when the lead baddie’s daughter cried about Sesame Street did the bad guy change his ways. #MadeForTV Image