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In PART 1: INTRODUCTION & OVERVIEW... I'll explain the #DeepState #NWO corruption @POTUS is fighting.

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Or check my Moments:…
2/60-Before we begin, pls note... the #Globalist #Cabal has unlimited resources to hide their crimes. 🦹‍♂️💸🦹‍♀️

They also use disinformation to mislead & divide us. 🤹‍♂️🎭🤹‍♀️

This leads to MANY different opinions, about the #NWO's origins, methods & motives. 🤔😬😵

So... 🧐👇
3/60-Furthermore... I'm no expert on #Globalist #NWO corruption, so I won't ask you to agree w/all my theories. I'll just ask you to:

Keep an open-mind 🤔

Check the info provided 📔📽️

Do your own research 🤓

Ask yourself how many "coincidences", you're willing to accept? 🤨
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1/ THIS WAS JUST CONFIRMED BY MY SOURCE TOO!! This is #JFK’s 70 year old plan unfolding... in addition to this I have been informed that the New Treasury’s are located on a Native American Tribes Sovereign Land!!!! #NESARA @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #QAnon
2/ Yesterday @realDonaldTrump gave written notice to Congress Under “IMMIGRATION” - This is huge!!! THIS IS EXACTLY HOW #JFK designed it... KEY WORDS: “INTERNATIONAL PEACEKEEPING”, “MILITARY ACTIONS” “GUANTANAMO BAY”
#QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn…
3/ This is a List of #JFK EO’s - They were designed to protect US Citizens THANKS TO OBAMAS 2012 Legislative #16Yearplan changes @realDonaldTrump will NOW BE ABLE TO USE THEIR OWN LAWS TO ARREST US, DEEP STATE CITIZENS!!! @GenFlynn #QAnon
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"I can't say #LBJ knew about #JFK's murder before the #Assassination but evidence@#MilitaryTribunals proves he knew #Conspiracy shortly after at least"--TH
* Yo @Tom_Heneghan: Suggest this 1987 video #MDB says #LBJ knew before:

1987 #MadeleineDuncanBrown{#MDB} talks about her long-time lover #LBJ & "#LBJ@#Murchison's meeting before & after #JFK murder"

* Yo @Tom_Heneghan: Suggest this 1987 video #MDB says #LBJ knew before:

1987 #MadeleineDuncanBrown{#MDB} talks about her long-time lover #LBJ & "#LBJ@#Murchison's meeting before & after #JFK murder"

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1. New #QAnon drop:
"It's time to return publicly."
"We never left.
2. #QAnon:

"Optics are important." Are
"Stealth bombers silent?"

3. #QAnon: Mueller probe was designed as "blockade" for the corrupt Dems, #Spygate, #U1. But, #Q now suggests that the probe conclusion is coming,
"[-30]". Q reminds us to re-read his prior drops (here) on what the Mueller probe was designed to do:
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Contrary to popular [belief], “Drones” are not a concept of modern military technology...

Remote control aircraft date back to World War II — Operation Aphrodite

#QAnon #WWG1WGA…
2) “Of 14 missions flown, none resulted in the successful destruction of a target. Many aircraft lost control and crashed or were shot down by flak, and many pilots were killed.”

B-17s were packed w/ explosives as payload, intended to take out heavily fortified targets.

3) “Aphrodite, BQ-7, BQ-8”
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How could Obamas father been born in a country that did not yet Exist? Kenya Formed Dec 12 1963.
So Where was Obama really born? Indonesia.
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Hagman Report interviews Christopher Fulton, friend of. JFK JR, custodian of secret docs of JFK secretary and author of THE INHERITANCE, discusses how entire family knew they were at war with the Military Industrial Complex and how they lived in fear they would...

all be assassinated. He confirm’s that GEORGE Magazine was created specifically to expose JFK killers and conspirators.

Some revelations:
• Trump lent help to exposure back to 1977

• Bobby Kennedy had US Marshals protect him because he didn't trust CIA or FBI

• Some Secret Service agents gathered Dallas shooting evidence and gave to Bobby Kennedy knowing it was domestic coup

• Bobby/JFK knew there was A CIA plan for a false flag assassination against them

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1. Follow me down this rabbit hole. Games R Fun!

After seeing the picture of the cover of the National Examiner, we all know its full of codes, 555 Popcorn, 18 y/o etc! So I decided to look into Audrey Hepburn and the PRIVATE WORLD!
2. Did you know that JFK dated Hepburn while he was still an unmarried Senator? Their relationship was neither scandalous nor serious. Roman Holiday (1953) starring Audrey Hepburn was said to have been one of JFK’s favorite movies.
3. Roman Holiday (1953)
English Ordinal 9 + Reverse Ordinal 9 = 18 = R
Full Redaction 9 + Reverse Full Reduction 9 = 18 = R
1953 = 18 = R
53 reversed is 35 = JFK
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#QAnon and it’s #wikiLEAKS👌🏼
When I see people still debating if #QAnon is a real person...🤦‍♂️

It then becomes a spectacle of ignorance and a testimony of messages getting lost in the noise..
At what point did #QAnon a supposed single person or small group of people become collective thought leaders. Why? 🤔
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Thread for 01.23.2019!!
#QAnon #WRWYPresidentTrump #BuildAWallAndCrimeWillFall @realDonaldTrump
President Trump’s Tweets
1. 7:48:55 EST
2. 7:57:29 EST [9] min Delta
3. 7:59:50 EST [2] min Delta
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #WRWYPresidentTrump #BuildAWallAndCrimeWillFall @realDonaldTrump
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Anon letter to the DS

We understand many of you are being blackmailed and have no choice but to fight this being exposed. It is too late, you will suffer the consequences of your actions. Nobody will be able to save you, not Soros, not Hillary, not Moloch, not even Satan himself
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@realDonaldTrump it's now on 32 day of Government shutdown.. isn't it time to FIRE NancyPelosi? & have her arrested for attempt 1.17.19 with the BOMBER? Why was she escaping? I remember this happened with #JFK .. CRIMINALS MUST PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES!
Anon letter to the DS

We understand many of you are being blackmailed and have no choice but to fight this being exposed. It is too late, you will suffer the consequences of your actions. Nobody will be able to save you, not Soros, not Hillary, not Moloch, not even Satan himself
@JudgeJeanine RIPS Nancy a New one!!
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#FakeNewsMedia pushes it.
All hate Groups and ties
Black Panthers
and more
Hillary Clinton kisses Dragon KKK leader Robert Byrd. Snopes a fake website endorsed by elites and tech companies as factual website has lawsuits upon them. They are white racist mean people. White Supremacy words come, antisemitism n more
Dec 24 1865
In Pulaski, Tennessee, a group of Confederate veterans convenes to form a secret society that they christen the “Ku Klux Klan.” The KKK rapidly grew from a secret social fraternity to a paramilitary force.....…
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Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Movement #Jews and #Blacks marched arm & arm. Jews were earliest supporters of #UrbanLeague, #ILGWU organized too. #AmericanJewishCommittee, #AmericanJewishCongress & #ADL were central in the fight (1 #MLKDay…
#Jews made substantial financial contributions to many civil rights organizations including: #NAACP, #UrbsnLeague, #CongressofRacialEquality, & #StudentNonViolentCoordinatingCommittee (2) #MLKDay #MLK #MLKJr
50% of #CivilRights attorneys were #Jews & 50% of whites who went to Mississippi in 1964 were Jews who went to challenge #JimCrowLaws. Clark's study relied upon by the USSCt in Brown v Bd of Education case was paid for by #AmericanJewishCommittee #MLKDay (3)
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@POTUS just said:


Are you going to be
#PlayedByPAYtriots ? 💵

I don’t think so.
#WWG1GWA 🇺🇸🙏⚖️♥️
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(1) Conservatives had better wake up quickly.

Join a #TrumpTrain,
Follow and RT!
Would you like to be a conductor!

These are all part of massive #PSYOP to get you to do NOTHING!
(2) When conservatives had "control" over the congress and the house - under .@realDonaldTrump what was accomplished?

Next to nothing.

Pretending that #QAnon is going to ride in on a white horse - or even "better" - #JFK Jr who has been working as #USSS "undercover."
(3) WWG1WGA AKA "Where We Go One, We Go All?"

That does not sound like independent thinking to me.

Sounds like the description of a "flock" (We Go All) of sheep.

Goats are independent - and stray off on their own. Sheep move together like a torrent after a rainfall.
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Trump on John Kennedy:

"He's very deceiving"

"I thought she was talking about the other John Kennedy"

"I don't know if you know what this means: Oxford..."

Search for "JFK Oxford" - Many results of an "Oxford comma" meme using JFK

Trump twitter typo - COMMA?

#Qclues #Qanon
Speech about John Kennedy by @realDonaldTrump

"And we didn't get killed, did we John?"

"The waters of the United States..."

Plane crash

Watch the water - Q

#Qclues #JFK #JFKJr #JFKJrLives #Qanon #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #TheStorm #TrustThePlan #Q17
Speech about Senator Kennedy

Trump mentions "the other John Kennedy"

Asks if we know what Oxford means

Search "JFK Oxford" - COMMA meme about JFK?

The day after Trump deletes & retweets to add a COMMA

Twitter typos = No accident

Multiple meanings

#Qclues #Qanon #JFK #Qarmy
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Unlike past administrations, when @realDonaldTrump talks about thousands of dollars worth of fast food, it isn't code for anything other than fast food

#Qanon #Qclues #Qarmy #GreatAwakening #TheGreatAwakening #TheStorm
I bet @realDonaldTrump was cheap and didn't even match obama's $65,000 worth of hotdogs / pizza. Didn't even fly them in all the way from Chicago either! What an awful president...

#Qclues #Qanon #GreatAwakening #TheGreatAwakening #Qarmy #WWG1WGA #ThesePeopleAreSick #TheStorm #Q
Once again @realDonaldTrump has baited his haters into discovering more info on the real issues...

Very stable genius.

#Qclues #Qanon #MAGA #TRUMP #ThesePeopleAreSick #MEGA #PresidentHamburglar #PresidentHamburgler #Qarmy #WWG1WGA #TheStorm #TheGreatAwakening #GreatAwakening #Q
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Ok I just finished my last #Audible #Audiobook. Time to trade them all in and get new ones. For my personal record I am going to tweet all the book, that I have listened to in the last few months. Ok here we go.
Learned more about #JFK than I have in my life. I really enjoyed this one. It's long, but for someone like me that didn't live through that time period, it was good at giving a sense of just how close we came to nuclear war and how JFK avoided it.…
Another President I knew barely anything about, #LBJ. This book was really good too. I will probably listen to it again because I would like to be able to retain and repeat some of the stories that prove how corrupt #LBJ (and the Democrats) were.…
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Still happening in Streets 50 years later #JFK died #MLK died because of prejudices. That #FakeNews pushes on weak minded fools. #Democrats pull same crap like @SenWarren pushes upon. #Welfare
@BarackObama created #BLM help of Jesse J. & otr hateful 🤡s
we all bleed red 🇺🇸🇺🇸🚨
Watch Video
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Muse is a famous Alt-Rock band from the UK.

Many of their lyrics suggest they are awake to the Cabal and they have been doing their part to expose it.

Their album 'Drones' released in 2015 is perhaps the most powerful political statement in music history.
I'm very aware of controlled opposition and Muse could be, but their lyrics are very intriguing.

The lyrics of this album seems to be an attempt to expose CIA brutality and the Globalist agenda. It looks like they were even exposing MK ultra.

JFK's speech is also mentioned.
Track 1: 'Dead Inside'

Opening Song.

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