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The #CIA suggested killing innocent civilians in #OperationNorthwoods to start a war. When #JFK said "HELL NO" they shot and killed him in broad daylight on national television. His brother, the AG, was assassinated five years later. In 2016 The CIA along with the FBI shut down…… Image
K. T. McFarland, a former Deputy National Security Advisor, says the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA will rig the 2024 U.S. presidential election, following their success in rigging 2016 and 2020, because they won't allow any candidate to win that would hold them accountable.
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Who’s going to tell him the CIA can’t be fixed?

His father and uncle held the same erroneous belief. (As they both found out, the Agency is violently resistant to reform!)

#JFK #RFK #RFKJr #Kennedy
He gets it, and yet still doesn’t completely get it….

Waking up from a decades-long slumber is hard.
I’ve watched #RFKJr’s evolution carefully over the past 16 years.

As I explained to @MGKrupa recently, he found the red pill a very difficult one to swallow. (Understandably.)

Maybe he only took half and saved the other half for later?…
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Do you agree or disagree with Ambassador Chip Bohlen’s statement that #Russia was unwilling to be a good neighbor in the global community after #WWII?

Did the Soviets start the #ColdWar, as Bohlen claimed?

Or was the West the aggressor?

Please comment below 👇🏼 Image
Declassified documents I’ve seen from both British and American intelligence indicate that WE were the aggressors.

OPERATION UNTHINKABLE shows us that even before the war was over, in April 1945, the Cold War had already begun — and Winston Churchill started it. Not Stalin!
Link to the declassified documents from the UK National Archives:
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Ms. Fitts, if you are reading this, I truly adore you. You are the epitome of 'cooler heads will prevail'. I can safely say this was my favorite testimony of the entire National Citizens Inquiry.


Ms. Fitts being sworn in.

Mr. Buckley reading off Ms. Fitts' bonafides.
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🧵A Good Book. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States of America (2006)… So is... Conspirators Hierarchy, The Committee of 300 #WEF ImageImage
Can you imagine an all powerful group that knows no national boundaries, set itself above the laws of ALL countries, one that controls every aspect of politics, religion, commerce & industry, banking, insurance, mining, the drug trade, the petroleum industry.... #WEF
"A group answerable to no one but its members?.......To the vast majority of us, such a group would appear to be beyond the realms of possibilities and capabilities of any given organization. If that is what you believe, then you are in the majority. #WEF #JFK
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The autopsy report of #JFK DOES NOT show 2 bullet wounds in his back that appear in autopsy photographs
The Warren Commission published its report with a FALSE autopsy report as evidence
cc: @elonmusk… ImageImageImageImage
Steven F. Wilson worked in Texas School Book Depository on 3rd floor watching the motorcade of President Kennedy from window.
His statement:
• Shots identified as NOT coming from 3 floors above in the building
• Shots came from FRONT OF MOTORCADE
#RFKJr2024 ImageImageImage
The evidence given by Steven F. Wilson, as it appeared in the Warren Commission...
#RFKJr Image
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In the period 1948-1990, the CIA created paramilitary groups in #NATO countries that perpetrated terrorist attacks against their own population, and were subsequently blamed on leftists/communists.
As we know, US/NATO always take care of their "allies"🧵…
These organizations were created, funded and trained by the CIA as part of #OperationGladio. The terrorist attacks were ordered planned and executed at the behest of the Agency and was part of a "Strategy of Tension".
These secret armies operated in the following countries:
Europe finds out. This is the reaction of a Greek member of the European parliament in a relevant discussion. Image
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In his 1961 Inaugural Address, President Kennedy called the nuclear era he presided over the world’s “hour of maximum danger” — and he meant those words.

We never thought we would actually face a challenge like that again in human history, but alas, here we are.
Within a year of #JFK’s Inaugural, the United States and #Russia would find themselves eyeball-to-eyeball in a tense nuclear standoff over missiles in Cuba.
During those fateful Thirteen Days in October 1962, every human on the planet feared that the world as we know it could end at any moment; destroyed within seconds by the launch of nuclear weapons by the superpowers.
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#JohnFKennedy is by far my favorite American President. My mother at nearly 11yrs old, remembered the day he died very vividly. She said it felt as though all the color in the world had faded away. 💔
My absolute favorite speech by JFK is his April 27th 1961 address at the American Newspaper Publisher Association. Most of you refer to it as the “secret society speech.” I highly recommend it to absolutely everyone. 🇺🇸
#JFK’s speeches have always been a remedy for when I feel saddened at the state of my country & my diminishing rights, but nothing rekindles the flames of Liberty quite like this speech:…
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America’s efforts to block oil & gas pipelines from #Russia date back to #JFK, who pressured #NATO allies into an embargo of the Friendship pipeline in 1962.

This 2019 Radio Free Europe article on #NordStream2’s construction is quite telling indeed……
#JFK’s 1962 embargo on oil pipes and pipeline technology marked a foundational decision that became a template for future #USSR-USA conflicts, as shown by the embargo on pipeline technologies in the early 1980s by Ronald #Reaganʼs government to halt the Trans-Siberian pipeline.
Let’s go back to the summer of 1961, when — in the words of US delegates at #NATO — the main discursive line was that European countriesʼ Soviet oil & gas trade was allegedly imperiling the security the entire Western bloc.

The Friendship pipeline was a threat, the U.S. said.
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Fun read about the #Manson murders, the ‘60s and Hollywood. Intel Agencies get plenty of space, too. There is a short section that every #JFK assassination conspiracy theorist & denier should read: the chapter on the incredible Dr. West
Dr. Louis Jolyon West has quite the Wikipedia entry. Son of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, he hustled hard to receive special Army Medical training, get to Colonel in the air force, become chair of psychiatry at University of Oklahoma……
And was involved in every major brainwashing/cult court thing in American history except the Manson trial. Dr. West was a paid CIA contractor in the MKUltra program. He received copious $ via CIA fronts. He saved correspondence.
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The late Soviet leader Mikhail #Gorbachev warned — echoing President #Eisenhower — that the “greatest danger to the world is the military industrial complex.”

The first concentration camp: #Thalerhof — where thousands of Russians (and those merely suspected of Russian allegiance) were tortured, starved, and murdered in #WWI.

My full interview with Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyanskiy @Dpol_un.

Posted in 3 parts. (See thread for links)

Part 1: End of the #ColdWar: #Reagan, #Gorbachev, Perestroika, Winds of Change, the fall of the #USSR.…
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Those who say #LBJ killed #JFK do a great disservice to both men.

Despite his youth, Kennedy was in frail health with an illness that could kill him. He chose his successor with care. Johnson was the man he selected, over many objections.

As he said himself, LBJ was HIS man.
Source: New York Times coverage of Kennedy’s announcement of VP nominee, Democratic National Convention. July 15, 1960.

Sen. Kennedy said many times throughout the primary season of 1960 that because of LBJ’s many years as Senate Majority Leader, “Lyndon Johnson is the best qualified man to run the country of all the candidates in this race, including myself.”
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If you are wondering why the @RageAgainstWar_ rally is under such intense attacks (from without and within), you need only look at #7 on our list of demands.

Pay close attention to that as you watch this @ChrisLynnHedges interview on the @KimIversenShow
Calling for the total abolishment of the CIA is noble (and needed!) but … expect the Agency to unleash hellfire against any person or organization calling for the end of their global mafia.

As sure as day follows night and night follows day…
The last president who tried to abolish the CIA got scattered to the four winds in Dallas. #JFK
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Exactly 40 years before the U.S. blew up the #Nordstream pipelines, the CIA blew up another pipeline carrying natural gas from #Russia to #Europe.

This thread is about the Trans-Siberian pipeline sabotage of 1982 -- the largest non-nuclear explosion ever on Planet Earth.
Thomas Reed, senior US national security official, claims in his book “At The Abyss” that the U.S. allowed the USSR to steal pipeline control software from a Canadian company. This software included a Trojan Horse that caused a major explosion of the Trans-Siberian gas pipeline.
The Trojan ran during a pressure test on the pipeline but doubled the usual pressure, causing a tremendous explosion.
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I definitely believe the U.S. blew up the #Nordstream pipelines, but I’m not taking Sy #Hersh’s reporting as gospel. Here’s why:

I still remember how easily taken in Hersh was by Lex Cusack and his forged #JFK papers (the source did 10 years in prison)!…
To refresh your memory of that 1997 Sy Hersh fake #JFK papers shitshow, here’s the 60 Minutes interview with his source, the fraudster Lex Cusack.

Hersh declined to be interviewed.

Hersh admitted in the Washington Post interview that he “wanted the story to be true,” and it clouded his judgement.

That’s a dangerous trap for a journalist; it’s why Hersh failed to authenticate the documents.

Of course those dollar signs in his eyes also clouded his vision
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One of the big revelations in #JFKFiles declassified in 2017:

At the time of the assassination, #Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell, brother of one-time Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Charles P. Cabell, had been a CIA asset since 1956.

This missing piece of the puzzle is HUGE.
Earle Cabell had been elected Mayor of Dallas in 1961, while actively serving as a secret CIA asset.

The Mayor’s brother Charles Cabell, was forced to resign from the CIA — along with CIA Director Allen Dulles — after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of #Cuba in 1962.
Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell oversaw arrangements for #JFK’s trip and motorcade, which took him through Dealey Plaza, a route that violated almost all standard rules for presidential safety — and where normal security safeguards were ignored.
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The Soviet #KGB and American #communists figured out the #JFKassassination a long time before the rest of us did…

Analysis of secret FBI documents declassified in 2017 under the #JFK Records Act: 🗂🗄 ⬇️ Image
On Nov. 27, 1963 Nikolai Federenko, Permanent Representative to the United Nations for USSR stated that the Soviet Union “would have preferred to have #JFK at the helm of the American government… that he tried seriously to improve relations between the US & #Russia.” @Dpol_un Image
Lee Harvey Oswald “came to the attention of the KGB when he expressed a wish to defect to the Soviet Union.

However, the KGB, after inquiry, decided he was mentally unstable and informed him he had to return to the United States.” Image
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On this #JFK Saturday, I’d like to share with you one of the weirdest pieces of Kennedy memorabilia in my collection:

The MORNING Extra edition of the Los Angeles Times for Friday, Nov. 22, 1963. 📰

Somebody goofed that headline!
Here’s the full front page:
Evidently the @latimes was in a hurry to get this Extra edition printed, and forgot to change the dateline from morning to afternoon.

#JFK was killed at 12:30 pm Dallas time (10:30 a.m. CA time), so perhaps it was a morning edition technically speaking but oh, that headline!
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In this vintage 3-hour interview with historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Special Assistant to #JFK, he makes clear that President Kennedy intended to end US involvement in the #VietnamWar
after winning re-election in 1964.

(Skip to around 17:00) 👇🏽
Schlesinger goes into more detail on Kennedy and Vietnam around 56:00 when a caller asks him to elaborate further.
Thank heavens for @cspan. In the 80s and 90s, before podcasting was a thing, this was the only place to see an in-depth, longform 3 hour interview like this one. 👏🏼
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No wonder #Ukraine has been so popular with the CIA since the 1940’s:

A perfect population to test out those secret MK-ULTRA brainwashing experiments on (among other things) !
Don’t forget that the CIA’s whole MK-ULTRA program was conceived in the warped mind of Allen Dulles — supposedly to mirror the #Communists advanced brainwashing programs.…
Of course, the CIA just had to try dosing unwitting people with LSD — “because those evil Russkies are doing it, so we must do the same!”

Were we supplying the CIA’s Banderite insurgent armies w/ a steady supply of LSD in the 50’s and 60’s, to train their minds for war w/ USSR? Image
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After his 1961 Vienna summit with Soviet premier #Khrushchev, #JFK jotted a private note to himself: 📝

“I know that there is a God and I see a storm coming. If he has a place for me I am ready.”

Kennedy and Khrushchev tried to effect peace between America and #Russia. 🇺🇸🤝🇷🇺 Image
I recently interviewed historian Jim DiEugenio (author of the new Oliver Stone documentary & book “#JFK Revisited” about Kennedy and Khrushchev’s efforts to end the #ColdWar.

This pursuit of peace likely led to both leaders’ removal from power.

In his memoirs, #Khrushchev wrote how #JFK earned his respect:

“In the final analysis, Kennedy showed himself to be sober-minded and determined to avoid war. He didn’t let himself become frightened, nor did he become reckless. He didn’t overestimate America’s might.”
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This Master Thread 🧵 is a collection of my deep dives into 20th Century HIDDEN HISTORY, sourced from declassified documents 🗄 and films 🎥 in US government archives.

#WWI #WWII #FDR #ColdWar #JFK #RFK #MLK #LBJ #JFKFiles #ColdWar #CIA #FBI #USSR #SovietUnion #Ukraine #Nazis
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In 1993, Sen. Claiborne Pell, (Senate Foreign Relations Committee) toned down the 1959 anti-#communist law.

#JFK's Secretary of State Dean Rusk described the resolution as “one of the wildest kinds of cold war kind of thing you ever seen in your life.”
Pell deleted the list of “captive nations,” some of which (“Idel-Ural”;“Cossackia”) were “invented in the Nazi propaganda ministry,” according to George Kennan, the architect of anti-Soviet “containment strategy.” Sen. Pell removed references to “Communist Russian imperialism.”
The Cold War was over, but not for all. The NCNC vigorously denounced Sen. Pell’s amendment. The organization requested Congressional hearings on “our inadequate policies in East Europe and Siberia,” apparently in order to promote the goal of breaking up the Russian Federation.
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