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Worry about the planet we are leaving the next generation? We do too. As parents we advocate for climate action & want to help parents on their advocacy journey
12 Oct
Tomorrow #Ottawa City Council will be voting on a motion to support phasing out gas in #Ontario by 2030. This motion was unanimously passed by the EPWWM (Enviro) committee earlier this month. Here is our updated message to all city councillors based on the recent IESO report 1/7
Parents support a gas phase out. The IESO report actually supports a 2030 gas-phase out when you look at all the numbers. Let us explain (and if you agree, tag your city councillor) @JimWatsonOttawa @oncleanair 2/7
1. ISEO is forecasting a shortfall of carbon-free supply in 2030 of 3/10th of 1% (0.5 TWh shortfall out of total 151.66 TWh demand). They are implicitly saying we can achieve a 99.7% phase out by 2030 (pretty darn close..) 3/7
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