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Opinions are personal. Mutual respect for all Religion/Nation/Race/Gender/Ethnicity #Ganita Professional.
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Sep 25, 2023 45 tweets 10 min read
Thanks to ICP for publishing my essay on integral decision-making.

Learning how Dharma civilization uniquely overcomes #fragility is valuable today for decolonizing the thought process that shapes our lifestyle, planning, and leadership decisions. The opposite of #fragility is not robustness, and the neologism of #antifragility also falls short. The opposite of fragility is integrality. #Purna Image
Dec 29, 2022 38 tweets 27 min read
Thanks ICP for publishing this essay on #Ritamic Decision Policy. Into year-3 of this series, this post summarizes manthan, research and study of the Vedic origins of sustainable decision policy and strategy, with contemporary examples all can relate to. Post focuses on sustainable policy to make not one, but a series of interconnected decisions over time.

Can ideas of Vedanta be applied here?
short ans: Y.

Content is of interest to those making gov or private policy, designers, startups, #Ganita/stem students, young parents.
Oct 29, 2022 5 tweets 1 min read
silly to label soc. media algorithms as "AI"- then weather forecast is way more qualified to be called "AI" as it does what 1000s people together cannot do.

power is about very specific type of data, its access and ownership. python lib is full of algorithms for anyone to use. beware of AI, not because of its power and precision and it some "mass control tool", but its noisy, random behavior in the real world. CCP uses facial recognition etc. to target its own people because they do not need to care about collateral damage to innocent citizens.
Oct 21, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
AI effectively automates the mundane and routine but not the exception, especially the exceptional exception. Latter requires the Consciousness of human beings. today's AI is exactly like Rahul Gandhi. It appears to do a lot of things, makes opaque overseas trips, gets plenty of press, and is always the future choice that is ready to take over.
Dec 30, 2021 34 tweets 18 min read… #Decoloniality- a relatively new western movement used to drive BLM politics, support Khalistani infiltration of Punjab farmer protests, pseudo-dalit caste activism, fan #Hinduphobia and self-loathing by deleting adhyatma, yoga, dharma. #BreakingIndia 2.0. western academia projects like #Decoloniality are rooted in materialism, focus on outer transformation.

Dharmic movements reject sacred v secular partition. Outer progress reflects inner transformation via embodied knowing.

first & foremost, Bharat is an #adhyatmic civilization