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24 Feb
Enabling supporting and providing cover for #TigrayGenocide
Connecting the dots. @antonioguterres has been a major obstacle for Tigray in the UNSC. Guterres is apparently connected to @AnaMartinsGomes who is connected to @EthzemaLeader, a founder of @ESATtv 1/11
@ESATtv is a hate media founded with funding from Eritrea and peaches Tigray extermination. @BronwynBruton of @AtlanticCouncil is a lobbyist for the Eritrean regime. Recently she appeared with Gizaw of ESAT, endorsing #TigrayGenocide. How do we explain all these? 2/11
Ana Gomes has been involved in anti-Tigray activities since 2005 supporting Berhanu Nega (@EthzemaLeader) who was a leader of an anti-Tigray party, CUD, which campaigned "Tigrayan property to city hall, Tigrayans to Mekelle". Anna and Berhanu have been very close ever since. 3/11
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27 Dec 20
The Mai Kadra Massacre 1/4 Thread
I have found evidence that Eritrean soldiers pretending Tigrayans massacred Amharas. These Eritrean soldiers were stationed in the newly established command in Bahirdar in the pretext of helping establish the command.
The goal was to galvanize Amhara support for the war on Tigray. It was indeed seized as planed for galvanizing support for the war. After that, Amhara militia who were fed the news of the massacre came charging and wiped Tigrayans out from Mai Kadra and other places. 2/4
Then to give weight to the narrative, a quick work was done for an Amhara @amnesty contact, @NetsanetDBelay, to produce a report. Again another Amhara @DanielBekele, an in-law of @NetsanetDBelay, was made to produce the same report in the name of @EthioHRC. 3/4
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7 Nov 20
Why the #WaronTigrai is to exterminate the #Tigray|an people. It is a war on the multi-national federal order and elections. But it is also to exterminate Tigraians.
#SayNo2WarOnTigray #SayNo2CivilWarInEthiopia #AbiyMustGo @NobelPrize @AbiyAhmedAli #USElectionResults2020
Genocide against Tigraians is ripe in Ethiopia. There is a long history of hate preaching against Tigraians. There is a huge Amharic literature likening Tigraians to the jews of Germany and calls for "Ethiopians" to take lessons from "Nazi heroic extermination techniques".
Abiy Ahmed is in the network of people that call for the extermination of Tigraians, ala the jews of Germany. It is important to remember that Abiy Ahmed's media, ESAT, called "the 95% of Ethiopians to exterminate the 5% [Tigraians]".
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6 Nov 20
A War to Exterminate the Tigraian People #Tigray
The @NobelPrize recipient @AbiyAhmedAli junta's and Isaias' war on Tigrai is to exterminate the #Tigraian people and it is on all fronts. Abiy Ahmed has shut down the internet, telephone and electric lines to Tigrai.
Roads have been blocked since he came to power. He has denied Tigrai locust-fighting and Covid-19 protection tools and funds, and cut budget and safety-net funds. That is to starve and kill as many Tigraians as possible.
Now, Abiy Ahmed is air bombing Mekelle. He has dispatched a human-wave of Amhara militias to Western Tigrai on the promise that they will be given Tigraian lands.
He has expelled Tigraians from any Ethiopian institutions. 3
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