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When war broke out in Tigray, my kids with their father were stranded in Mekelle while I was in AA. In the morning when I woke up to the news on the internet, my then friends started calling to break the news one at a time at which point my body was shaking.1/n
I spontaneously lashed out on my Facebook wall, as if the world could hear and do something, including God! I continued receiving mixed phone calls throughout the day, some asking genuinely if I am ok while others were only prying if I knew some intel!2/n
Even if my head was imagining the worst case scenario, I stayed calm and responded all will be well soon… at least that’s what I wanted to hear for myself.
But when the radio stations started playing Tilahun Gessese famous war song ‘Ethiopia’ 3/n
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The role of @patrickwight1 (who has a Locked @Twitter account) in attacking the work and reputations of @BronwynBruton (FP scholar US) & @afitz3105 (Canadian Professor & leading scholar in Ethiopian military matters) - relentlessly over recent weeks is completely disgraceful.……
@patrickwight1 @Twitter @BronwynBruton @afitz3105 And as a thread…..

1/ The role of @patrickwight1 (who has a Locked @Twitter account) in attacking the work and reputations of @BronwynBruton (FP scholar US) & @afitz3105 (Canadian Professor & leading scholar in Ethiopian military matters) - relentlessly over recent weeks is……
2/ It is to be remembered that Wight's partner in abuse of journalistic ethics at @EthiopiaInsight is @wldavison10
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This @HolocaustMuseum hosted event was as dreadful as I feared it would be. THREAD.

Ethiopian Voices on Current Mass Atrocity Risks…
A series of diaspora information warriors/propagandists (excepting Moges who was a last minute addition to the lineup) + @wdavison10 of @crisisgroup defending on ethnic lines a cacophony of lies about the largest war of the 21st Century (in casualties civilians & combatants)
The event neatly illustrates the special circumstances of this conflict, especially wrt the sophistication of the information warfare in Western Narratives that so effectively drowned out the truth in this nightmarish conflict.
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⛓️ Let's take a deep dive into Aidstopia; in this thread we will unpack their slave origins, their Italian colonization and the current state of their failed country.

So much to unpack! 🧵
1/ First we must establish who these people are, for that we look to the Encyclopedia Britannica. We find that the word habashi means "African and Abyssinian enslaved person". When you think habashi, think slaves.
2/ In the book "The Making of Modern ethiopia, it reads "The Habashi became identical with slave (abeed), and the most despised slave at that".
"ethiopia was the favorite hunting ground of slaves to provide the insatiable need of the Arab and Ottoman worlds"
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This account of the Tigray War origins is a self serving pathetic attempt by @martinplaut to pre-empt what he well knows has already been clearly established in numerous authoritative accounts of the war.
The eyewitness accounts include two books by survivors of the shocking massacre in the night of Nov 3rd-4th 2020 when 1000s ENDF forces who had gathered in Mekelle for a handover of the Northern Command were killed. Many had their throats slit as they slept.
Six other outposts of the ENDF in Tigray Region were also scène to surprise late night murder and mayhem, including a base in Dansheha north of Gondar on the road to Humera.

People I spoke to in Alamata Raya on Nov 2O22 also provided accounts of TPLF forces deploying there.
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I’ve a younger brother diagnosed with mitral valve stenosis in #Tigray. Due to lack of proper medical attention, his medical condition is deteriorating by the day. Ever-since the decision to resume flights to #Tigray came by, I was hoping to get him out of #Tigray. @flyethiopian
To that end, I bought a flight ticket for him. Despite having a medical certificate that would justify his trip, they couldn’t let him out. He missed his flight with no fault of his. I paid a sanction fee so he can try another day. @flyethiopian
Despite successive efforts to fly to Addis so he can seek proper medical attention, he was being denied. Putting aside the unreasonable high cost to extend the validity of the ticket, he lost hope and he doesn’t want to try anymore. @flyethiopian
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This Tuesday Dec 13th, @AbiyAhmedAli will be received in the @WhiteHouse during an African Leaders Summit convened by @POTUS @JoeBiden.

Ethiopia PM Abiy's return to center stage, is more important than understood & will doubtless be controversial for he wrong reasons. THREAD Image
This thread provides additional data and context to this report, recorded in Alamata - in Raya, Tigray November 4th, 2 days after the signing of the Pretoria Peace Agreement.
The video shows my first walk through the grave site which we found at Alamata after we arrived in Tigray on Nov 3rd, on the first journalism trip to Tigray since TPLF's resumption of warfare on 24th August.

This >>… was published Nov. 13th during #COP27. Image
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This new meme on the Ethiopian conflict is being used in a somewhat perverse manner in Western Media.

The new subtext is:

“We were not paying attention but now are.”
But the attention that is being paid remains ignorant and oblivious to the most important narrative.

Namely that #TigrayGenocide was always a fiction manufactured by TPLF and embraced by Western powers in a manner which made this war infinitely worse than it ought to have been.
As a result of this continued ignorance in Western media the TPLF’s false victimisation narrative is now flourishing again under this new equally flawed perspective on the conflict.
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@EritreaNay @GualGidey @BellumPaxBR Indeed, I felt from day one there was information hidden from us on what actually happened in the first 72 hours of November 2020. US pressured Ethiopia not reveal it all. Hoe extensive was the massacres of non-Tigrayans in the ENDF ? Around 10,000 were TPLF loyalist.
@EritreaNay @GualGidey @BellumPaxBR About 5000 escaped via borders to Eritrea. So what happened to other 15,000 ? Northern Command was around 30,000 strong. This is so telling. Enough to start a Rwanda style mass killings. They completely incapable of leaning from history.

@EritreaNay @GualGidey @BellumPaxBR In an interview out few weeks ago. Tigrayan compared it as equal or worse than the Addis Ababa massacres by Mussolini Italy in 1936.…
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An essential truth about TPLF, Tigray Genocide & the Tigray war.

The PR launch of #TigrayGenocide accompanied the attack by the TPLF on Nov. 3-4 2020. It’s purpose, to manipulate Western Powers & public opinion to support a violent insurrection, a coup. And it worked.
Whilst @SecPompeo initially responded to the attack in horror on behalf of the US, the ruse worked, and as the world was distracted by the high stakes US election #TigrayGenocide exploded on social media and was swallowed without discernment by the Govt. Elect of @JoeBiden.
Everything that has happened since in Ethiopia has rested on this big lie - the most successful disinformation campaign in warfare since the fake WMDs pretext for the Iraq war in 2003.
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I expect Tigray's children, nearly all of whom will have been brought up in faith like all Ethipoians make very poor killers when deployed as child soldiers by the TPLF forces in human waves. Which may explain why so few of them are given guns.
Which reminds me how much I have become desensitised simply by observing this war.

The horrors which will emerge once the true story is told of what has happened will have an enormous impact globally.
And the fact that all of this has happened with active Western IC - including #HRW and @amnesty support for the evil that brought this about in many ways makes the Western powers failures here worse than those in Cambodia and Rwanda.
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concentration camps documented in 2021 were micro-level trials for longterm concentration camps abiy and eritrea’s afewerki have planned for tigrayans. from late 2020’s schools-turned-death-camps, pp+pfdj conducted a 2yr assessment measuring world’s outrage, support, indifference
pp+pdfj are now confident they can kill most tigrayans, put those who manage(d) to survive/resist in camps, pacify the vulnerable by weaponizing basic needs…a reality @AsstSecStateAF, @USEmbassyAddis, mengistu’s friend @antonioguterres, many at @SecBlinken authorize by inaction
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I love the sound of water and great music. They soothe my soul, and I was so excited to visit #NiagaraFalls today.

A friendly Californian guy, a Physicist by profession, I met inside a boat at Niagara falls who noticed my excitement about the waterfall sounds, shook (1/4)
my hand and asked where I am from. I said I am from Tigray. I guess I heard about it but where is Tigray located, he asked. I said Tigray is in Africa, to be precise it is located in East Africa.

We talked about the ongoing genocidal war against my people for a while (2/4)
and the complicity of the international community. He felt sad about the whole situation in Tigray, and he promised that he will read more about Tigray when he gets a chance.  (3/4)
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World attn. on #Tigray vs. #Ukraine

"While the world’s eyes are trained on the war in Ukraine and whether Vladimir Putin is unhinged enough to use nuclear weapons, another war rages mostly unseen some 3,000 miles away in Ethiopia." @chicagotribune (1/n)…
"Accurately estimating the dead while war continues is difficult, but the best estimates available suggest at least half a million people have died so far from direct violence, starvation and lack of access to health care. To put it in perspective, the United Nations " (2/n)
"estimates about 6,000 civilians have been killed in Ukraine so far, and estimates put military deaths in the tens of thousands. Even if these estimates are low, the best available numbers suggest that the scale of death in Ethiopia exceeds that in Ukraine many times over." (3/n)
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Why do @StateDept @AsstSecStateAF and @StateDeptSpox simply call directly for what is needed. A TPLF called request for a cessation of hostilities and a return to peace talks. This the only path tto stop the killing. Peace is in the TPLF's gift.
@StateDept @AsstSecStateAF @StateDeptSpox The TPLF cannot win this war of seccession, everyone knows this except the TPLF and their Egyptian allies - but nobody says it to them? Why? There is only one path to peace but even now the both-sidesism continues. This was is and always will be a war of choice started by TPLF.
Preparations are now needed by both Ethiopia and the IC for a plan to win the peace. The people of Tigray have been traumatised - they have been told daily for two years that Ethiopia wishes to kill them all - i.e. #TigrayGenocide, which is not true and never has been.
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@mvreisen 1) It looks @mvreisen is loosing it. #TPLFTerrosristGroup must have shipped her “absho” (ኣብሾ) a known local hallucinogen. In disinformation campaign on behalf of TPLF, she is denying fact admitted by #TPLF: that it preemptively started the war on 3 Nov 2020. #EritreaPrevails
@mvreisen 2) Fact: #Eritrea didn’t start z 3/11/20 war in #Ethiopia. It was z making of @mvreisen patrons: #TPLFTerrosristGroup. To z contrary it’s TPLF that attacked #Eritrea by firing rockets. Her hate of everything #Eritrean has turned her into disinformation agent. #EritreaPrevails
@mvreisen 3) Neither #PFDJ nor #Eritrea are responsible 4 any atrocities in #Tigray. #TigrayGenocide was part of the pre-planned choreography of #TPLF enablers.

If there’s anyone responsible 4 crimes against #Eritreans in #Libya it’s @mvreisen & her criminal syndicate. #EritreaPrevails
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Hi Claire, I have now re-read your report in full, incl. Footnotes and Appendices and a lot of the links.

And I thank you for your willingness to engage on this.

I will do so in the manner that you have opened this discussion. Focusing on facts.
In terms of "extending and updating" your first investigation of this took place as the war broke out and resulted in this story in the Washington Post.on
November 17th -…
And the conclusion in this initial story based on "my analysis of nearly 90,000 recent tweets, along with interviews with Ethiopia’s diaspora." Is the same as that in the final report. Namely that the SM information activity which accompanied the start of the war was "authentic."
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This tweet is from Dec 16th. TPLF have lost the war, and are now pivoting to the siege/blockade victimhood narrative which they used in the 1980s and appear to be counting on to save them again. And their secret weapon #TigrayGenocide is still there & look at the target @handles.
I had hoped we had gotten past these long dead and buried pieces of TPLF propaganda but it’s clear the weight of this false narrative bears down on Ethiopia, a narrative frame which I think @CyberAlexi @timnitGebru and @TsedaleLemma continue to hold.
/ends @threadreaderapp unroll
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Never forget this data…. From @CyberAlexi

Would love to hear a logical explanation from @timnitGebru of this doesn’t prove that there was a pre-planned cyber-disinfo campaign ready to go - for the TPLF’s pre-emotive treacherous strike against the ENDF.
Wouldn’t mind hearing @TsedaleLemma on this question too since she’s a media boss and best buddies with @timnitGebru.
For the full paper see here, it was updated and extended. But what really matters are the events at the beginning.…
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Trucks and Fuel. 🧵
The @UNOCHA has told the Ethiopian govt repeatedly that not enough fuel has been allowed into Tigray to distribute food AND ensure that trucks that enter are able to complete the roundtrip back to Afar.
First, let's look at how much fuel @UNOCHA had in stock at the beginning of the year.

As of Jan 12, 2022 “…the UN said its food partners had less than 7,000 litres of fuel left in Tigray…”
Now I will refer to @UNOCHA's Northern Ethiopia Humanitarian Update Situation Reports (available at @reliefweb). I have put some of the words in CAPS because this has been a challenging concept for the Ethiopian regime and their supporters to grasp.
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I'm done with the UN. This post makes it seem like they have brought in enough food to feed 5.9m *per month* and that 5.9M people in Tigray received food.

This directly contradicts p.3 and p.12 of the update THE UN PUT OUT TWO DAYS AGO.
Here is the update from last week, except they didn't bother to update the number of Tigrayans who received food. The last "6 wk" distribution cycle started in Oct/21. They have repeatedly said that there is no fuel to distribute food in Tigray
Also note in the update that the UN has decided to no longer publish a weekly update on their operations in Tigray but will now be folding all of Ethiopia into a single update every 2 weeks.

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I am absolutely gutted by the decision of @UNOCHA to discontinue the weekly updates. They were rarely on time, usually had some errors, but it was one publication that put a reality check on #disinformation about the #TigraySiege.
🧵/1 Image
Without this reality check, the Ethiopian regime’s disinformation goes unchallenged. Example. Last week an EU delegation was allowed to visit Tigray. They confirmed what we knew about fuel. The regime called this a MYTH.
/2… Image
This is from the final update. Since the gradual reopening of the route in April, they haven’t been able to transport enough fuel for a single month of distribution. It's not a myth. It's a genocidal siege.
/3… Image
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Please take the time to do this. These bills make @StateDept use diplomatic measures to end the impunity for human rights violations and genocide in Ethiopia.

Our status quo of protecting authoritarian regimes over the basic human rights of the people must end./1
This needs to change, right now, before it is too late to stop the #TigrayGenocide. The peace process is proceeding at a glacial pace AND humanitarian aid is on the table because the @_AfricanUnion, @UN, and @StateDept have all stuck to appeasement.

The US tolerance for genocide is a driver of genocide all over the world. Read "A Problem from Hell" by @PowerUSAID to see every case where those responsible for some of the worst atrocities of the past 50 years figured out that US backlash was not going to be an issue.
/3 Image
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The English Language translation of #TearsOfWolkayit was introduced to me on Thursday in a Twitter Space holding what felt a lot like a digital vigil in the lead up the release of the University of Gondar research.


Tears Part-1 via @YouTube
The documentary which runs to a little over an hour in its two parts is a MUST WATCH for anyone who has embraced the false #TigrayGenocide narrative which TPLF has used as cover for its insurgency in Ethiopia.

Tears Part-2
There have been extensive war crimes and ethnic cleansing committed in the territory which is wrongly called #WesternTigray in western media, a lengthy one, of the people and the culture of Amhara people of Wolkayit.
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