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🧵The recent controversy of @TomGardner18, @TheEconomist reporter (now fired) who censored @MLInstitute publication on z suffering of #Tigrayans under TPLF rule, is not an isolated incident

#omission of facts has been another dimension of western media backing pro-TPLF narrative
The most notable/earliest evidence of this was z western media censorship of the @UNEthiopia crisis when African employees of the UN were fired by @DrTedros after they complained about @DrTedros's role in fixing @UNOCHA data & silencing reports of health infra destruction by TPLF
Another case of #omission was ignoring reports by civil society & health workers in Amhara/Afar regions (that uncovered mass destruction/atrocities committed by TPLF

In contrast, every claim by any doctor or "source" in Tigray is reported by western media…
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The English Language translation of #TearsOfWolkayit was introduced to me on Thursday in a Twitter Space holding what felt a lot like a digital vigil in the lead up the release of the University of Gondar research.


Tears Part-1 via @YouTube
The documentary which runs to a little over an hour in its two parts is a MUST WATCH for anyone who has embraced the false #TigrayGenocide narrative which TPLF has used as cover for its insurgency in Ethiopia.

Tears Part-2
There have been extensive war crimes and ethnic cleansing committed in the territory which is wrongly called #WesternTigray in western media, a lengthy one, of the people and the culture of Amhara people of Wolkayit.
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Dear @twittersafety I don’t know whether this is real or not, but I do know it is suddenly being shared by a known TPLF disinformation account as news is breaking about mass graves being found in Welkaite (aka Western Tigray).
One of the replies says this is a video of military training which seems possible, but the video cold literally he from anywhere, and when it comes to misusing images and videos of atrocities, starving children and dead bodies TPLF’s disinformation army are the experts.
I appreciate @twittersafety that you are currently focussed Ukraine but it’s worth noting that the death toll in the Ethiopian war started by the TPLF on U.S. election night last year - civilian and military - is much higher than that yet experienced in Ukraine.
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While the focus is on #Putin's #UkrainianGenocide, let's not forget about #Xi's #UyghurGenocide and his support for Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Myanmar junta, MBS, and other tyrants. Xi Jinping is the world's #1 advocate for #HumanRightsViolations.…
The #UyghurGenocide includes "internment, forced abortion, forced sterilization, forced birth control, forced labor, torture, brainwashing, rape, and gang rape" as policy. No one deserves to be subject to such grave #HumanRightsViolations. Xi ruined #HongKong. #Taiwan isn't safe.
Xi believes #China needs to be strong to avoid the trauma it inhereted from the "Century of Humiliation" at the hands of Western colonial powers and Japan. But in asserting China's strength, Xi sides with the worst of tyrants and crushes those who believe in #HumanRights.
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🧵Videos by popular artists, government officials, priests and Amhara elites advocating for the annihilation of Tigrayas.
1. #Debebe_Eshetu (Artist): Let us annihilate the day time hyenas and sanctify ourselves. We will be blessed if we exterminate the Tigrayans.
2. #Andargachew_Tsige: Ethiopian-Born UK citizen telling government forces: "I am telling you the truth; we must be really brutal to the Tigrayans; we must annihilate them entirely with cruelty."
@DavidAltonHL @helenhayes_ @10DowningStreet
3. Elias Wendimu, #Tsehay_printing CEO
Putting the #Tigrayans into concentration camps are acceptable act of responsible govt. For example, the US incarcerated Iraqis and Japanese throughout the US-Iraq war and the Second World War respectively.
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As Jan. 2022 draws to a close, we focus on the #Irob minority of #Tigray. Jan. 7 was the 1️⃣ year anniversary of the #IrobMassacre by 🇪🇷 forces in which at least 72 people were killed as they celebrated Christmas.

More on the massacre while under 🇪🇷 occupation since Nov. 2020👇🏾
Without electricity, telecommunication services, the internet & access to most of the district, Irob remains largely cut off from the rest of the world. But we know the #Irob continue to face an existential threat under #Eritrea|n occupation. 
#IrobMassacre #AllowAccessToTigray
We honor all the victims of the #IrobMassacre, known and yet to be accounted for. We also honor and remember those who were kidnapped during #Eritrea’s last occupation of #Irob (1998-2000) who are never forgotten.
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Whether intentionally/coincidentally or by “following the thread” the timing of @wfp’s statement (supported by a UN media briefing) and the publication of an @ap report about health issues in Tigray off of an Ethiopia Insight article submitted from Tigray appear coordinated.
And this activity is coinciding with a new burst of #tigraygenocide #hashtag activity. All of which coincides with a expanded TPLF offensive against Afar during which it appears they have occupied Ab’ala, and as a result ensured that the Semera-Mekelle aid corridor is closed.
This is a pattern of information support activity for TPLF activity which has been seen over and over again since TPLF rejected the GOE’s humanitarian ceasefire on June 28th.

This instance also coincides with questionable activity by @WHO’s electoral board r.e. @DrTedros
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Ethiopian fascism at its climax stage!

The demonisation & dehumanisation of ethnic #Tigrayans have been conducted publicly by Ethiopian journalists, politicians, public figures, activists, & genocide apologist & paid sympathisers of the Ethiopian regime.

Here I provide tangible evidence to support my claim.

Alemneh Wasa of zehabesha is a journalist by profession and has been at the core of the anti-#Tigrayan movement, especially, for the past 15 months.

Pan-Africanists should #KnowMore before saying #NoMore!

@HabenGirma Image

An English translation to his bio on his @Twitter account:

<<This holy country Ethiopia is in trouble today due to her traitor children. The treasonous are unapologetically doing their best to destroy her. Beloved Ethiopians, I will do all I can in the battlefield of ...>>
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Thread: Why Africans/blacks & the world should care for #Tigray, an African & world civilization & stand against #Tigraygenocide. Tigray is a unique civilization (one of the four great powers of the ancient world) that has always been humane & welcoming to all people.1/n
Early on, it accepted judaism and because of that connection, Aksum is still considered the place where the Ark of the convent is housed. 2/n…
Tigrayans (also called Aksum, ancient capital of Tigray) invented the Ge'ez letters which are now used for the writing of many African languages including Amharic, Tigrinya, Guragigna, Tigre, etc. They fused Brana and their writing system and spreed literature. 3/n
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Today’s War Update from @xotrinx, this and other sources are suggesting that the vast bulk of TPLF forces have been pushed out of Amhara.

Afar forces also claimed a victory against the TPLF today. ?
This source, Egyptian based by my understanding , is suggesting the same thing.
And even @CrisisGroup is reporting TPLF’s defeat, though they call it a withdrawal like TPLF does.
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Now this is a great tweet.

What is it you ask?

Well it’s a TPLF information officer explaining that the TPLF have taken over Ethiopia’s largest military command the day after President Trump publicly suggested Egypt might need to bomb the #GERD in a televised press conf.
Eight days later in a treacherous attack, soldiers loyal to the TPLF launched a coordinated surprise attack on five military bases killing 1000s of their colleagues.
While @SecPompeo acknowledged this the day after, on Election Day in the US. The @nytimes still remains skeptical about the origins of the war, claiming that @AbiyAhmedAli really started the war just last week >>… ImageImage
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The Director General of @WHO is once again abusing his position as a high UN Official to promote the interests of his former TPLF comrades, turned insurgents in their efforts to resurrect an over used misinformation operation focussed on the Tekeze River, for military purposes.
Since the beginning of this war in November 2020 the TPLF has been seeking to open an arms supply route from Sudan through Humera to provide materiel and fresh troops for TPLF's armed forces.
Refugee camps in Sudan have also been used to treat injured TPLF fighters, who have subsequently been caught with IDs fighting in Amhara, and to provide refuge - at the beginning of the war - to perpetrators of the Mai Kadra massacre where est. 1500+ civilians were killed.
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#TigrayGenocide is trending on the eve of tomorrow's @UN_HRC meeting, and the top tweet is a brand new report from the @washingtonpost which appears to back up the new @Amnesty / @HRW report that dropped today.

Oddly the tweet from @maxbearak doesn't contain the hashtag.
The report has been retweeted 43 times since publication 2 hours ago. Ten of those postings contain the hashtag. It appears the @Twitter algorithm has picked up @maxbearak's tweet via association with the hashtag.…
Its a fairly long and comprehensive article based on interviews with refugees in Sudan - and unlike the Amnesty / HRW report contains comment from an Amhara official.
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Exposing Alex De Waal of @WorldPeaceFdtn

How Alex De Waal was involved in shaping the narrative of #RwandaGenocide and its resemblance with what he is doing in Ethiopia's conflict.
1. Alex de Waal and Rakiya Omaar co-founded a London based rights group called "African Rights"and wrote a 750 pages book called "Death, Despair and Defiance" showing the Hutu-on-Tutsi violence which was published just weeks after the Rwandan genocide ended.
2. African Rights was endorsed and funded by the RPF (the current ruling party)
..which raises the question "Is Alex de Waal getting paid by TPLF?".
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With all due respect, you are only hearing the POV of the genocidal Ethiopian government. The #NoMore movement isn’t really about combatting imperialism. It’s about restoring the imperialism that frames Amhara culture as the dominant culture and all others as inferior.

The #NoMore supporters wish to bring back kind of imperialism that Africans have been taught to praise, led by violent monarchs such as Emperor Haile Selassie & Emperor Menelik

Multinational federalism allowed Ethiopians to be educated & served in their own languages for the first time. Ethiopia is a country with 80+ ethnic groups and when the EPRDF came to power in 1991, most Ethiopians (who lived in rural areas far from the centre) ...

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I watched 'Taking Stock of U.S. Policy on Ethiopia: A Conversation with Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman' #USPolicyEthiopia
I put my reactions to the ambassador's points here as a Tigrayan. My thread will focus both on the spirit of his messages and on particular points 1/n
1) I understood that the US still sees Abiy as salvageable and as having the mandate to rule Ethiopia. The ambassador said the US wants to revitalize Abiy's "economic and job creation agenda". This is deeply disturbing to me and tells me Us interests override even genocide . 2/n
The spirit of the ambassador's message is that the atrocities committed on Tigray are not problems of themselves, but only to the extent they jeopardize US business and geopolitical interests in the Horn. 3/n
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What exactly is the US alarmed about? That TDF/TPLF finally puts an end to #TigrayGenocide committed by US ally Abiy Ahmed in #Ethiopia? When has the US and the West ever done something to stop genocide? Some history that doesn't square well 🧵1/8
Remember that the Rwandan genocide was not stopped by external intervention. Western troops pulled out! The Rwandan genocide also didn't just magically stop. The only reason the slaughter ended was because of the military victory by the Rwandan Patriotic Front: Tutsi rebels! 2/8
Most likely that's still better than in Bosnia, where Western troops handed civilians to their murderers of the Serbian Army in Srebrenica. Ok, you might think that's a bit harsh because how about the Holocaust after all? Surely, the US & its allies liberated Nazi Germany. 3/8
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For the people who are busy conjuring conspiracies about how #TigrayGenocide appeared so soon after Nov 4 2020 —

In 2018, these TV personalities were very clear about the horrifying implications of "የቀን ጅብ" as dehumanizing language (~48m)


Anybody who has studied language and violence understands this: dehumanizing language is an early indicator of oncoming violence.

And any sane and historically literate person would have seen what was coming as soon as it was obvious that "የቀን ጅብ" would go unchecked.

Yes, the folks on the TV show were too cautious how they tiptoe around stating the obvious; and their criticism is a little too lukewarm for my liking, especially about Abiy's መደመር garbage and his rabid cult following.

Anyway, spare an hour and watch the full video.
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What was discussed at #FiLiA2021 🧵👇

How important music is to women in Iran (a place where women can be arrested for dancing)

How to bridge the divide between younger & older feminists

How to help in the fight to get prostitution charges expunged from women’s…
… criminal records

What we can do to help women fleeing the #TigrayGenocide

How women from all political parties can support each other to make sure women are included in policy & law

The onslaught of abuse women politicians face & how we can fight back & demand better…
…from tech companies that allow abuse to flourish on social media

Femicide in Russia, India & Zimbabwe - & how we can help each other across the globe to fight the murder of women and girls from cradle to grave

What is happening to lesbian woman in Block 13 …
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Dear #Tegaru friends,
I wanted to say how inspiring you are in the face of untold horrors. Every day, I see the depair and the tragedy; but more visceral than that is your strength and your courage. I am humbled to stand with you and for all of the kindness you have shown me./1
I don’t know your pain firsthand. From Tegaru friends online and off, I have heard so many stories without endings.

That’s what gets me in the throat. Right now, almost every story about Tigray with an ending is tragic. Hope seems to only live alongside fear in the unknown./2
I’m not Tegaru. I’m not married to a Tegaru. I’m not a secret TPLF agent. I’m not being paid by anyone to speak out against #TigrayGenocide.

I'm just a researcher, who happened to be focused on Ethiopia in 2020. As a researcher, I can't be silent./3
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1/#UNSC (Quick🧵)
Summary: Everyone is shocked.
@antonioguterres, the US, Ireland, et al, are shocked about the obstruction of life-saving humanitarian aid during a famine.

Ethiopia, Russia, et al, are shocked that this is a matter of concern to anyone outside of Ethiopia.
2/Please let this conclude the phase of the international response to #TigrayGenocide where everyone talks about their feelings.

I'm attacking the diplomats, I know that they are only messengers. But the time to talk is over, now its time to #StopTigrayGenocide.
3/All of the positions expressed are entrenched. Russia and China are pretty wedded to their definition of sovereignty and Ethiopia gave absolutely no signal that they will allow food, fuel, and meds to Tigray.

#TigrayCantWait for these positions to change, people are dying.
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1/#UNSCActNow (🧵)
Yohannes is absolutely right. #UNSC Res. 2417 (2018) very clearly applies to the current #TigrayFamine.

If all of the meetings and statements are necessary, we cannot let Tigrayans starve to death while elites get their act together.…
2/It is understandable that the UN needs time to build consensus, debate, or investigate. But they waited too long to start.

Now #TigrayCantWait, unless a humanitarian pipeline is secured. Drastic, temporary measures must be taken if diplomacy needs time to work.
3/The 5.2M+ who are impacted by the #TigrayFamine and need aid have hard deadlines for:
🗓️When they starve to death
🗓️When their children develop lifelong health issues
🗓️When they lose the milk to nurse their babies

Sustained access to food is the only way to buy time.
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1/ @wdavison10’s favorite trope is his claim that he is an ‘Independent Analyst’ of all things #Ethiopian. So much so that he DM’d me following my previous thread👇 on him, saying that it was full of errors & inaccuracies.
I took his outrage seriously and asked @Kings_of_Nile to undertake a network analysis of Mr. @wdavison10's twitter outputs and interactions. If truly independent his network would have reasonably proportional representation from both camps. This is what we have uncovered!
2/ @wdavison’s twitter community is a virtual who is who of #InformationLaundering & #DisinformationRecycling. He virtually occupies the same space as @ZekuZelalem and their next door neighbors are @RAbdiAnalyst & @reda_getachew. Image
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Thread 🧵

The 10 stages of #TigrayGenocide through media - from hate speech to incitement to genocide


Stage 1: Classification - There’s a division of ‘us’ & ‘them’
#Abiy constructed rhetoric of “Us” vers. “Them” which became visible during the #TigrayGenocide. Z perception of “us” versus “them” was transmitted for decades & became institutionalized in Nov.


After z so-called attack on the NC & #MaikdraMassacre #TPLF was portrayed as enemies on media & #WarOnTigray justified.

Us: unity, save Ethiopia, #EthiopiaPrevails
Them: junta, criminal clique, terrorists, breast biter


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