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Scientist-Activist. Harvard Research Associate studying Big Fossil's climate propaganda with @NaomiOreskes. MIT PhD, Cambridge BA. Author of
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5 Feb
NEW: In @nature today, my colleagues and I make the case that ending fossil fuel subsidies matters greatly, “in ways both material and political.” THREAD.

📰No pay wall:
2/n: My co-authors @SEI_Erickson, @harrovanasselt, Doug Koplow, @mlaz_sei, Peter Newell, @NaomiOreskes, & I publish this paper in response to this 2018 article by Jewell et al. that claimed emissions reductions due to cutting subsidies would be "small" ⬇️…
3/n: This stood in stark contrast to earlier research by some of us, which found that, without subsidies, HALF of the US's future oil production would be unprofitable at $50/barrel oil prices.…
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1 Dec 19
In 1977, Exxon scientist James Black warned executives of the "effect of CO2 on an interglacial scale." His knowledge of historical global temps & prediction of a "carbon dioxide induced 'super-interglacial'" (in black) was remarkably consistent w/ today's best models (red). 1/n
2/n: In @SPIEGELONLINE today, @rahmstorf discusses Exxon's early understanding of paleoclimate and its significance to ongoing climate litigation:…

3/n: Exxon's original 1977 graph is here:…
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20 Nov 19
NEW landmark @UNEP et al. report shows almost all countries' climate commitments ring hollow. While governments pledge to cut greenhouse gas *emissions*, they are simultaneously investing in fossil fuel *production* at double(!) the safe limit. THREAD.
2/n: This is cognitive dissonance on a global scale. It's like promising to go on a diet while simultaneously baking a cake.…
3/n: As @CNN observes, the climate movement's years of calls to #KeepItInTheGround are based on science, yet "many of the world's governments are not heeding [scientists'] calls."…
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5 Nov 19
"Asked to explain why Exxon’s climate-related ads are not political, @Twitter declined to comment. A Harvard researcher who studies Exxon for a living, however, did not hold back."

⬆️I chat today w/ HEATED/@emorwee.

⬇️A few follow-up thoughts...…
2/n: First, and most crucially, I declare my personal slogan henceforth to be: Not holding back since 2019™.
3/n: As I discuss with @emorwee, Mobil & ExxonMobil have pioneered issue advertising for decades, on climate change and every other topic of political concern to them. I know because I've read pretty much all of them.…
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29 Oct 19
🎙️ I was on the radio this morning @NPR @WBUR's Morning Edition with @bob_oakes, talking about how the fossil fuel industry has deceived - and is deceiving - the American people about climate change. #ExxonKnew #AmericaMisled

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28 Oct 19
Seriously @Shell_UKLtd, what the f***?

Is it any surprise the public sees climate crisis as an insurmountable problem of individual responsibility when fossil fuel co's promote unrealistic, cutesy 'alternatives' rather than, say, expansion & electrification of public transport?
@Shell_UKLtd @amywestervelt @MaryHeglar @leahstokes @KateAronoff @emorwee @NaomiOreskes @MichaelEMann @KHayhoe @billmckibben @350 Toss this onto the pile of fossil fuel industry climate propaganda targeting news and social media (scroll through threads to explore my growing compilation):…
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21 Oct 19
OUT NOW: #AmericaMisled, a new report from colleagues & I synthesizing a decade+ of research showing how the fossil fuel industry deliberately denied Americans their right to be accurately informed about climate change, & how to fight back. THREAD
2/n: The goal of this report from @mason4c, @Harvard & @BristolUni is not novel scholarship, but to raise awareness about what we know: that the fossil fuel industry has deliberately polluted the information landscape, undermining Americans' chances of a just & stable future.
3/n: Here and below are some quick takeaways from this report co-authored by @johnfocook @STWorg @NaomiOreskes @maibached & myself...
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18 Oct 19
BREAKING: Massachusetts Attorney General is poised to sue ExxonMobil for allegedly deceiving consumers about global warming, joining New York in escalating from investigation to lawsuit. 1/n #ExxonKnew…
2/n: For the most up-to-date summary of how fossil fuel interests knowingly confused the public & sabotaged policy, see last month's amicus brief by my colleagues & I supporting Maryland's climate lawsuit:
3/n: For those more visually inclined, I testified to EU Parliament about ExxonMobil's history of climate denial and delay in March. You can watch that here (scroll to bottom for video of the hearing itself):
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24 Sep 19
Next time someone trolls collective climate action with cries of hypocrisy and invocations of individual responsibility, direct them to @GretaThunberg:

“Some people say that the climate crisis is something that we all have created. But that is just a convenient lie..." 1/n
2/n: "Because if everyone is guilty then no one is to blame. And someone is to blame. Some people – some companies & some decision-makers in particular – have known exactly what priceless values they are sacrificing to continue making unimaginable amounts of money."
3/n: ⬆️ Ref (also h/t to @thelucydean @YahooFinance for giving more focus than most reports I've seen to the "fairytales of eternal economic growth" in Greta's UN speech):…
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8 Sep 19
MIT has a dirty money problem. From convicted sex-offenders, to undemocratic totalitarian governments, to climate denying/delaying fossil fuel interests & libertarian billionaires, there seems to be nobody my alma mater won't take cash from. THREAD. 1/n
2/n: I spent years alongside fellow students & faculty urging @MIT to cut ties with fossil fuel companies, only to see our appeals fall on deaf ears. Thus, revelations about MIT's alleged concealed ties to #Epstein are despicable & embarrassing, yet not altogether surprising.
3/n: MIT is a place that on the one hand condemns Saudi Arabia's human rights abuses, yet on the other can rationalize continuing to do business with both the kingdom and its government-controlled companies.……
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5 Sep 19
As if fossil fuel propaganda targeting climate journalism & social media isn't bad enough, it turns out @Google is also promoting climate denial on its apps and mobile homepage, @Zhirji28 & @RMac18 @BuzzFeedNews report. 1/n…
2/n: ⬆️ Add that to my growing, sporadic list of targeted online climate denial+delay propaganda:
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5 Sep 19
Apparently @andersoncooper #ClimateTownHall just cited my & @NaomiOreskes's peer-reviewed study showing how #ExxonKnew about the global warming dangers of its products decades ago, then turned around & orchestrated a massive disinformation campaign to mislead the public. THREAD.
2/n: First, it's pretty surreal (& brilliant!) to have @CNN suddenly covering the s*** out of the climate crisis, helping to #EndClimateSilence. Less fantastic is that it's behind a pay wall, meaning many of us (including moi) can't actually watch it.
3/n: Second, & even more surreal: Who could've imagined presidential candidates in any previous election out-bidding one another to call out the fossil fuel industry as a bad actor that must be held legally, financially, & socially accountable for their climate denial & damages?
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4 Sep 19
FILED TODAY to US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals: "As early as late 1950s...Defendants [BP et al] had knowledge of the risks associated w/ their fossil fuel products. In decades that followed, Defendants took affirmative steps to sow uncertainty...[They] should be held liable." 1/n
2/n: I'm delighted to have co-authored this amicus brief in support of the City of Baltimore's climate lawsuit against fossil fuel producers, alongside
experts @NaomiOreskes, @RBrulle, @BenFranta, @STWorg, @J_Farrell, @UCSUSA, @IGSD_DC, & @CCAN.
3/n: Short on time? Our Table of Contents offers top-line takeaways. Or read the full brief here:…
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26 Aug 19
A few hundred million $ of strategic philanthropy sure buys a nice obituary at MIT, even for arch-villains of science & democracy like Koch.

"model philanthropist"
"benefited humanity"
"son of MIT"…
MIT is among many pawns in the Koch network's "Structure of Social Change" […] and has fallen victim to what @BenFranta and I term the "fossil fuel industry's invisible colonization of academia".…
@BenFranta I just chatted to @latimes's @hiltzikm about @MIT's breathless, glowing obituary to David Koch here:
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22 Aug 19
Fossil fuel propaganda targeting climate crisis journalism & social media is unrelenting. Add to the pile this Chevron ad accompanying today's news about @JayInslee's heroic climate campaign (Debunk: Chevron's boasted "investment" in CCS constitutes ~0.1% of its total CAPEX). 1/n
2/n: Here's my sporadically growing collection of fossil fuel ads targeting climate journalism and social media:

⬆️ CAPEX data (2010-18) ref.:
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6 Aug 19
Yet another bastion of science puts the interests of Big Oil before those of scientific integrity: UK @ScienceMuseum scoffs at concerns its sponsorship deals legitimise fossil fuel industry by rattling off, erm *checks notes*, industry talking points. 1/n…
2/n: The director of @ScienceMuseum Sir Ian Blatchford argues that oil & gas companies “have the capital, geography, people & logistics to find the solutions [to climate change]." This is naive on so many levels.
3/n: First, @ScienceMuseum is legitimising fossil fuel industry's favourite false premise: that solutions to the climate crisis don't already exist. *THEY DO*. And Sir Ian knows it; just last week he wrote about how the Museum has been implementing solutions for years (bravo!).
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12 Jun 19
REVEALED: Internal memo (left) shows Mobil funded pioneering climate science in 1990s to deepen its "technical info & understanding", while simultaneously publishing climate-denying ads in @nytimes (right). As I tell @guardian, this is a "wake-up call for university leaders". 1/n 1993 Mobil internal grant recommendation form describing funding of climate science research at Lamont-Doherty lab at Columbia University. Document lists explicit Advertorial published by Mobil on op-ed page of New York Times in 1993, entitled
2/n: Mobil had inside access to climate models "that will be the basis for regulatory action". Privately self-proclaimed funding "Benefits to Mobil" such as these epitomize what @BenFranta & I term fossil fuel industry's invisible colonization of academia:…
3/n: In other words, I tell @guardian: "Fossil fuel funding is not free. When you take it, you pay with your university’s social license. You pay by helping facilitate these companies’ political and public relations tactics."…
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2 May 19
*HUGE*: Hours after UK Parliament officially declares "#ClimateEmergency", government's official advisers formally recommend legislation to "use known technologies [to] end our contribution to global warming by reducing emissions to Net Zero by 2050." 1/n…
2/n: The UK Committee on Climate Change @theCCCuk "conclude[s] that net-zero is necessary, feasible and cost-effective" "based on existing technologies."…
3/n: Off-shored emissions continue to be a major blind spot. @theCCCuk say "it is important that [the UK does] not simply off-shore emissions to other parts of the world." But does that sufficiently attend to our "common but differentiated responsibility"?…
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22 Apr 19
This is weak sauce -- an ahistorical false dichotomy. As my friends @NaomiOreskes & @MichaelEMann note in #ClimateChangeTheFacts: evidence alone has floundered in the face of 30y of climate denial & delay by fossil fuel interests & conservative ideologues. Let’s debunk. THREAD
2/n: First, @Anna_Soubry's point is ahistorical: The assertion that facts alone will win the day is contradicted by scholarship & experience, including history of climate politics, climate psychology, communication science, political science, & decades of advocacy & policymaking.
3/n: As I testified to EU Parliament last month, the fossil fuel industry has *known* the basic facts of climate science for 60 years: that its products, when used correctly, had the potential to cause catastrophic global warming.
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17 Apr 19
This is the new bar for climate storytelling ⬇️ A stunning 7-min postcard from the future to turbocharge the climate movement & #GreenNewDeal. By the unstoppable @AOC, @NaomiAKlein, @KateAronoff et al. Watch, share, act.

(My special thx & kudos for including #ExxonKnew framing)
My serious oversight for not acknowledging the *incredibly* talented artist who made this possible, @mollycrabapple. Also huge props to @theintercept for facilitating this brilliant futurism, and to everyone else involved in this project.
Including the extraordinarily talented filmmaker @avilewis!
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9 Apr 19
Exxon refused to attend EU Parliament to respond on-record to my expert testimony about their decades of climate denial & delay. Instead, they smeared me & @NaomiOreskes behind the scenes in a now-leaked letter to MEPs. So we've written to @Europarl_EN to correct the record. 1/n
3/n: Here's my op-ed in @EURACTIV today summarizing our letter to MEPs and its relevance to EU Parliament's decision this Thursday on whether to ban Exxon from lobbying:…. Direct link to letter here:….
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