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This tweet does a great job capturing an extremely widespread theory of change on the part of climate activists and science communicators. It also contains a cascade of false premises, broken logic, and unrealistic expectations.

Losses from climate change have yet to outpace gains from economic growth and reduced vulnerability from improving infrastructure.…
Disasters are getting more intense, but very unevenly.

Temperature events are intensifying, but the global trend in hurricanes, floods, droughts, and tornados are flatter.…
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My latest @locusmag column is "The Swerve," a short essay about the shape that hope takes when happy endings are off the table:… 1/ A broken bridge over a mysterious chasm.
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
It's specifically about the looming environmental collapse, but it also describes my view on the polycrisis of musketfuckery, forced birth, and covid denial. 3/
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🧵La mia serie per @DomaniGiornale sul negazionismo climatico di Big Oil per ora è conclusa. Ho raccontato nello specifico i 6 attori coinvolti nell'indagine (ancora aperta) del Congresso americano sul ruolo del settore nella campagna di disinformazione sul clima. Recap qui:
Il 2021 è stato un anno fondamentale per quanto riguarda il percorso di accountability sul ruolo del settore fossile nel negazionismo climatico. Ma la strada è ancora lunga.
I dirigenti di Big Oil hanno adottato una linea comune durante l’udienza di ottobre al Congresso americano: quello di cui sono accusati non è mai accaduto, sostengono. In altre parole, oggi le aziende di combustibili fossili mentono sull’aver mentito:
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@fakedansavage I think it says that you guys are normal inasmuch as you're falling victim to the "peak indifference" trap - where it's easy to ignore the problems with something that works well but fails badly, until those failures mount to a point where you can't ignore them anymore.
@fakedansavage It's emblematic of a LOT of different kinds of problems we have. I hear you talk to people on your show all the time who suffer from this: "The good parts are good, the bad parts are really bad, and they're not getting better, but i can just ignore them, right?"
@fakedansavage And generally you tell them, no, this isn't gonna get better (thinking generically of the people in relatively new relationships where the sex isn't very good, whom you generally advise to break things off rather than get married, move in, make a baby, etc).
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This is (apparently) really happening folks. For the first time in history, CEOs of Big Oil will testify to US Congress about their multi-decade disinformation campaign to mislead the public about the climate crisis. H/t @maxinejoselow for the scoop. 1/n…
2/n: For quick context, I & @NaomiOreskes wrote last year about why "it is our opinion that holding the fossil fuel industry accountable would be one of the most impactful ways for Congress – & governments around the world – to combat the climate crisis."…
3/n: Last week I reiterated that point to @bbcworldservice's #TheClimateQuestion as part of a discussion about the latest evidence of Big Oil's malfeasance:
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Do you ever get the feeling that we've been talking about climate change for most of your lifetime?

Well we have. And the failure to tackle climate change over the last several decades is not an accident.

Quick trip through some history:
Climate change science has a surprisingly long history. Chaps with fine moustaches like Svante Arrhenius and T. C. Chamberlin were calculating the effects of CO2 on surface temperatures (the greenhouse effect) in the 1890's 🤯 ImageImage
Skip forwards to the late 50s and oceanographer Roger Revelle calculated that oceans would not absorb the CO2 emitted from burning fossil fuels.
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The House Oversight Committee has called on major fossil fuel company CEOs and lobbying groups to appear before Congress on 10/28 & answer for their #ClimateDisinformation campaigns. They have until 9/23 to confirm. RT this thread to keep the pressure on.
.@Chevron CEO Michael Wirth must commit NOW to appearing before Congress. It’s time to answer for Big Oil’s decades of #ClimateDeception.
.@exxonmobil CEO Darren Woods must commit NOW to appearing before Congress. It’s time to answer for Big Oil’s decades of deception. #ExxonKnew #MakeThemPay.
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The IPCC news this morning should surprise no one. I am scared, and angry. But I refuse to give up. You can't give up either. We're all in this together.

But first, we've got to be honest about the facts, and clear-eyed about how and why have failed thus far. Thread:
1/ In my adult lifetime, we have gone from global political consensuses to address planet-level risks (the Montreal protocol / ozone depletion) to politicization and obfuscation of climate change to hoping the next election will change things to "oops it's too late."
2/ There is only one uncertainty. And it's on us.…
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Facebook acquired a company called Crowdtangle in 2016; it makes a social media analytics tool that the press has used to monitor subject-matter trends on Facebook, especially in the runup to the 2020 elections.

Facebook just gutted Crowtangle.…

1/ The Facebook '1 Hacker Way' sign, before it sit the Three Wi
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Crowdtangle had operated as a semiautonomous unit within Facebook, primarily used by media companies to track the social media performance of their stories. A turning point came when the @nytimes's @kevinroose figured out how to rank posts that included links to the real web.

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50 years ago, @exxonmobil's scientists warned that continued use of fossil fuels would render our planet uninhabitable by humans. Exxon's response? They buried the reports and embarked on a disinformation campaign modeled on the tobacco industry's cancer denial.


1/ A screengrab of Unearthed's covert video of Exxonmobil lobby
That campaign continues, even as floods-of-the-century crop up every month or two, as thousand-year heatwaves strike again and again, as wildfires stain our skies the color of blood and zoonitic plagues shut down all activity for years at a time.

Exxon, of course, claims that they're good corporate citizens, committed to preserving the habitability of the only known planet in the entire universe capable of supporting our species.

It's a total lie.

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"Corruption" conjures images of bags of cash changing hands in deserted parking garages, but I'd like to propose a simple and concrete definition that goes beyond that: "Corruption" is when something bad happens because its harms are diffused and its gains are concentrated.

1/ A Gilded Age antitrust cartoon depicting the Senate chamber,
If you'd like an unrolled version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:…

Here's what I mean. West Virginia is known as coal country, but coal is actually a small, dwindling industry in WV; WV's biggest industry is chemical processing, dominated by Dow - chem processing, like many industries, is heavily concentrated into a few global monopolies.

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For those claiming yesterday's (genuinely brilliant) Exxon/Chevron shareholder climate victories are an argument against fossil fuel divestment, remember that shareholder engagement with Big Oil achieved precisely nothing for 25 years. 1/n…
2/n: Then divestment came along. As did #KeepItInTheGround & #Blockadia. As did grassroots organizing @350, @sunrisemvmt, @ExtinctionR, @GretaThunberg @Fridays4future et al. As did a collapsing climate & shifting energy econ. As did #ExxonKnew…
3/n: (@_aploy and I wrote about those dynamics in @sciam ⬆️.)

Only after all that - i.e. now - have shareholders made progress. This isn't an argument against shareholder activism per se; indeed, divestment campaigns generally propose an explicit "grace period" for engagement.
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When powerful people and organizations design images of the future, they are desiging a future for themselves. In that process, they leave the rest of humanity with a future that looks more like what I would call an “undesigned negative image” of those designed futures.

This thread builds on things I’ve argued before but has been sparked by this great essay by @mockitecture (via @nils_gilman):

“If companies control the image of the future, then they control the future itself, and can control the infrastructure.”…
When I teach courses on design futures, and specifically when I use the slightly stronger phrase in Spanish “diseño de futuros” (i.e. "design of futures"), I always put forward an idea that often encounters some pushback but is perfectly captured in the quote above by Shaw.
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The third stage of grief is bargaining. When the climate emergency hove into sight, we started with denial (Exxon's criminal suppression of its own research on the looming crisis #ExxonKnew).

From there, it was onto anger: slurs like "treehugger" and performative Drill-Baby-Drill-style incursions into protected lands.

But now we're into bargaining: can't we please keep the rapacious, immoral system that jeopardized our planet and species?

In other words: carbon offsets.

Rather than punishing firms and executives who sacrificed our planet and species for their short-term gains, we'll just give them a path to realizing even handsomer rewards for not murdering us all.

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@totozanzibar @lara_eck @EcocideLaw @StopptOekozid @StoppOekozid Wie passt CO2-Preis zu @EcocideLaw @StoppOekozid, wenn man vorher Ökozid & Mord legalisiert👉die Rechte daran meistbietend verhökert?

Kriminalisierung, auch der früheren Täter #Exxonknew, schafft Klarheit in gesellschaftl. akzeptierter Moral. Es ist ein Bollwerk gegen🌍Barbarei
@totozanzibar @lara_eck @EcocideLaw @StopptOekozid @StoppOekozid CO2-Preis ist unter-debattiert.
Wir werden mit der Einordnung von Wetterkatastrophen+Leid hadern. Wir werden uns auch selbst schuldig fühlen.
👉Emotionaler Ertaubung
👉schwächelndem Klimaschutz
👉weniger Empathie 👉weniger Solidarität 👉Barbarei.
Moral MUSS ne Chance behalten
@totozanzibar @lara_eck @EcocideLaw @StopptOekozid @StoppOekozid Das Verhökern von Mordrechten ist moralisch verwerflich. Auch macht es wg der Winzigkeit des Restbudgets zeitl. keinen Sinn, jetzt noch für globalen CO2Preis Werbung zu machen wie Edenhofer kürzlich. Aber Mr. No-Bremse will wohl eh 2˚, nicht well below 2˚?
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Martin Hultman finds 4 kinds of #ClimateChange denial:
1. Organized: groups that spread and support misinformation
2. Party political-ideological: political parties
3. Response: decisions incompatible with claimed climate goals
4. Everyday: ppl know but don't act.
Very relevant research questions from Martin Hultman. Focus on three key actors in #ClimateChange denial: extractive industries (since 1960), conservative think tanks (1989-), and right-wing nationalism (2008-). @GeoffreySupran, @BenFranta are you in touch with Martin?
Depressingly long history of #ClimateChange denial from Martin Hultman. Glaring gap between knowledge and action- partly explained by deliberate misinformation campaigns, as illustrated with #ExxonKnew tactics to delegitimize science, greenwash & mislead the public.
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TODAY, in our peer-reviewed follow-up analysis putting to bed ExxonMobil's attacks on our work, I & @NaomiOreskes delineate "three distinct ways in which the data demonstrate [they] misled the public" about climate change:

Let me count the ways...THREAD
2/n: TLDR:

Both Exxon & Mobil variously engaged in both climate science & in climate denial, & continued to do so after they merged to become ExxonMobil.

"We now conclude with even greater confidence that Exxon, Mobil, & ExxonMobil Corp misled the public about climate change."
3/n: WAY1⃣: "From a statistical standpoint it is essentially certain" that "Exxon+ExxonMobil's private+academic documents predominantly acknowledge" climate science while ExxonMobil's ads "overwhelmingly promote doubt".

"This unambiguously reaffirms our original conclusion."
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ExxonMobil just attacked our 2017 research study, in which I and @NaomiOreskes showed they misled the public about climate change.

Here's our peer-reviewed response:

2/n: We find that ExxonMobil's critiques, penned by company VP Vijay Swarup, "are misleading & incorrect."

Ironically, "thanks in part to his feedback, we can now conclude with even greater confidence that Exxon, Mobil, & ExxonMobil Corp have all misled the public."
3/n: As @NaomiOreskes and I summarise in The Guardian today:

"ExxonMobil is swinging for a way to discredit the work that demonstrates what they have done. Alas, it is a swing and a miss."…
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Charleston, South Carolina just became the first city in the US South to take fossil fuel companies to court for their role in climate change. #MakePollutersPay…
Under current trajectory, over 1,600 homes in Charleston are at risk for chronic flooding in the next 25 years and over 7,000 are at risk by the end of the century. Residents shouldn’t be on the hook for the costs of climate change while Big Oil profits.…
Charleston is a clear example of how BIPOC communities are hurt first and worst by climate change – with a proportion of Black residents 3x the national average, Charleston needs protection from the harms of fossil fuel pollution. #MakePollutersPay
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In 24hrs #HurricaneLaura is going to tear through the worlds second largest petrochemical complex. More than 750K ppl have thankfully evacuated but imagine #Laura's high wind & 10-15ft storm surges striking these.

Haunting @propublica photo essay.… Image
Energy industry prepare for #HurricaneLaura strike by halting operations in Texas/Louisiana coast. "Oil producers...evacuated 310 offshore facilities and shut 1.56 million barrels per day of crude output, 84% of Gulf of Mexico’s offshore production"#Laura… ImageImage
Hurricane #Laura pointed at Port Arthur, home to the largest US gas refinery. Enticed by cheap Fracked gas, worlds chemical companies (Germany's BASF+France'sTotal, S Afr's Sasol...) set up shop there.… Image
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Ein #Thread über Untergangsglaube in der Klimabewegung, speziell über die Schrift Deep Adaptation, die besonders in #XR-Kreisen weit verbreitet ist.
Vielen Dank an @TEGNicholas. Mit seiner Einwilligung habe ich sein engl. Original ins Deutsche übersetzt:
Wir befinden uns in einer Klimakrise, dürfen aber nicht in Untergangsstimmung verfallen.

@GalenHall4, @ColleenBSchmid1 und ich erklären, warum ökologischer Untergangsglaube nie die richtige Philosophie ist.…
Insbesondere betrachten wir das verhängnisvollste Beispiel für den Untergangsglauben einer Bewegung, der @GalenHall4 und ich angehören: die schädigende Wirkung von Jem Bendells @Deepadaptation Agenda auf @ExtinctionR .
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We are in a climate crisis, but must not give in to doomism.

@GalenHall4, @ColleenBSchmid1 and I explain why environmental doomism is never the right philosophy.…

In particular we look at the most pernicious example of doomism within a movement @GalenHall4 and I are members of: the damaging effect of Jem Bendell’s @deepadaptation agenda on @ExtinctionR .

The original Deep Adaptation paper has been downloaded 100’s of thousands of times, and Bendell contributed a chapter to the Extinction Rebellion handbook, and has spoken for the movement many other times.

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Confession o'clock! Then back to work.

First, the scene. A Eurostar waiting room in London, where I can confirm that @BP_plc 's giant advert buy is still in full swing, with lovely pictures of wind & sun. Why no crispy Koalas, BP, why? So photogenic. 1/…
Next, the confession.

My anti-capitalism is evidence-based.

That's it. That's the confession.

I used to be, until very recently, quite agnostic about it. I mean, I was a socialist and all, but not an anti-capitalist socialist per se.
It's through exploring the links between our economic structures and environmental degradation that I finally understood that, hey-hey, ho-ho, fossil capitalism has got to go. Hey-hey, hi-hi, with eco-socialism we won't fry! (etc.) 3/…
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In 1977, Exxon scientist James Black warned executives of the "effect of CO2 on an interglacial scale." His knowledge of historical global temps & prediction of a "carbon dioxide induced 'super-interglacial'" (in black) was remarkably consistent w/ today's best models (red). 1/n
2/n: In @SPIEGELONLINE today, @rahmstorf discusses Exxon's early understanding of paleoclimate and its significance to ongoing climate litigation:…

3/n: Exxon's original 1977 graph is here:…
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